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May 16, 2024 6 mins
Steph from West Hartford went on a great first date. They met up for dinner and drinks and hit it off. She's confused about why she hasn't heard back for a second date. 
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Standing by. She got ghosted afterour first date, and she really wants
to know why. We're gonna talkto her and we're gonna call her date.
Second date updates coming up next.Will they go on a second date?
Or will must be the last timethey ever talked? Kiss in the
morning. Second date update, I'mkiss ninety five seven. All right,
guys, we are going to WestHartford, not far right around the corner
from our building, West Hartford.Steph is on the line. Second date

update, cool. I hope wecan make a love connection for her.
Please, yes, Steph, areyou there? Yes, Hey, I'm
here. Welcome to the show.Step I hope we can help you out.
So obviously, Second date update,you went on a fantastic first date.
You're getting ghosted, and we're gonnaget you some answers. But tell
us about this great first date.Oh, it was so nice. So

Chris took me to like a reallycool bunch spot and if we just like
kind of really nice. He wasdressed really nice, he like looked really
cute okay, in shape okay,funny okay, and then like just the
whole time he was making me laugh, and so I just I had a
really good time, and I wasreally excited to spend more time with him

and like get to know him andstuff, and so I like I texted
him the next day telling him thatlike thought he was really handsome and now
I couldn't wait to see him again, Okay, and he ghosted me and
didn't say anything. Wow, that'svery strange because the producer told us that
you you were saying to the producerthat you guys met like out one night,

and you that's how you met him. You agreed to go to brunch
following that. So you guys,I mean, I guess it's not really
like two dates, but yeah,you felt a connection with him, Yeah,
definitely. And I also like wewere laughing the whole time, like
it felt like it was mutual,you know what I mean. Like I
was like, I can't be thiscrazy. I can't be reading into something

else. Okay, So when youguys left brunch, did he say anything
like I'd like to do this again, like stall see you next time?
Or did did you just like walkaway cold? We like gave like a
and like I gave him like akiss on the cheek and we didn't see
anything like that. I think Isaid like, I was like, oh,
I can't wait to see you againor something, okay, and he
was like yeah, and then thatwas kind of it. All right,

all right, well listen, we'regonna get to the bottom of it,
because apparently you're getting ghosted for areason. We're gonna find out what it
is. If you're ready to findout, we're ready to call, right,
I'm ready. All right, holdon, we're gonna call STEP's date
Chris, find out why she's gettingghosted. We'll do that next time.
A love story morning and Kiss inthe Morning. Second date update, I'm
kiss ninety five seven. All right, we're back where West Tartford steps on

the line. Went on a greatfirst day with this guy named Chris.
Steph. You said, you guyswent to brunch. He was I think
you said he dressed really nice,he was really good looking. You guys
had a great connection. But you'regetting ghosted. Yes, okay, I'm
surprised you if you didn't ask herhow many Bloody Mary's she had at bruncher
and I now, yeah, youknow what, I really haven't been paying
attention at all. Ah a jerk. All right, listen, hold on,

Steph, We're gonna call Chris.We're gonna ask him to be honest.
You're gonna be listening in and youcan jump in at any point to
talk to him. Okay, okay, okay, appreciate it. If you
start paying attention. Jeff, Ilike that he's well address, that's important.
Yeah. Not Walmart Chris. No, No, Chris, Chris is
well dress. No, you stillhave been choweredly three days. Sorry.

Hello, Hi, is Chris there? This is him? Hey, Chris,
it is Courtney, Chris. It'sWalmart, Jeff, Chris and Savannah.
Yeah, and we're calling from Kissninety five to seven. Hello.
Hey, hi, Hi. Well, I suppose I should tell you while
you're on the radio this morning.Okay, all right, Well, hopefully
you're familiar with the show. Ifyou are, then you're on second date.

Update. That's when somebody goes ona first date, they get ghosted,
they call us to we get answers. We're calling you, Chris,
because Steph reached out to us totell us about an incredible first state you
guys went on. Oh okay,wow, that's a little awkward. Ah.
Well, she told us you guyswent to brunch. She said you
were I think she said, welldressed and totally handsome. Great conversation,

runch was awesome. She's reached outto you. She I think, is
thinking maybe she was a little tooflirty with you when she reached out to
you to thank you for the date, because you're a ghostinger. Well,
it's not a date technically. Ithink there's a little confusion going on.
I invited her out to brunch becauseI thought we were more on the friend
type of page full disclosure. I'mactually gay, and I don't think she

picked up on that. And itwas a little awkward, I guess,
and I felt pretty bad and thatthat's why I didn't reach back out to
her. Oh oh god, Okay, So okay, I'm going to bring
it wrong. Can I bring wrong? You mind if I bring around the
line? Chris? No, that'sfine, Steph. Hi, Hi,

were you listening to what he hadto say? I was. I feel
so silly. I'm so sorry,Chris. I completely was misreading that.
But yeah, I'm sorry to putyou through that. I genuinely thought you
were so cool and I was like, oh, he's like the whole package.

But I had so much fun withyou. I mean, did you
have a good time. At leastI did. I had. I did
have a good time. It's okay. This is not the first time,
and I'm just trying. I wantedto avoid further confusion, So yeah,
I apologize. I probably should havereached out to you. Can I just
say this, you guys had agreat time together. Actually, Steph told

us Christian you made her laugh theentire time. You guys are really funny.
This is what and it doesn't haveto be a date. But usually
we offer like a second date andI pay for it. We don't even
call it a Yeah, you guyswant to get together and hang out,
go out, you know, asfriends, and have lunch on us,
We'll pick up the tab. Ohmy god. Absolutely, So are you

okay? Cool? I'm so down. That sounds so fun. Okay,
so Steph, you're up for ittoo? Yeah? Why not? All
right? Well, I hope wehelped you get your answer stuff. Chris,
thank you so much for being soopen and honest with us. Uh,
for sure, I'm sorry about theconfusion stuff. Oh my gosh,
don't even worry about it. I'msorry that I came on so strong.

All right, Well, listen,I'm gonna put you guys on hold,
because I'm paying for you guys togo out a second time and hang out
and have a good time. We'regoing to pick up the tab Okay,
yay, thank you so much.Yay.
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