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April 4, 2024 5 mins
Taylor went on a great first date but now she's being ghosted. A friend set them up and she had a blast on the date. She wants to know why she's being ghosted. 
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All right, it's spring. Loveis in the air, and I hope
we can make a connection. Timefor second date update in Southington, Taylor's
on the line. Good morning,Taylor, good horny. Ooh, I
hope we can make a love connectionfor you. I'm all about the love
second date update. Obviously, youwent on a first date and now you're
getting ghosted and you need answers.So you need to tell me about this

great first date. Yeah. SoI went out with this guy and her
friend set us up, so youknow, there was already a familiarity.
There wasn't like I met him ona dating app or whatever. And so
we went to this really fun Mexicanrestaurant and I thought we had a really
really great connection. Reached out tohim the next day and then I'm not

really sure why, but he isghosting me. Okay, the producer says,
the guy's name is Dan, andis it one of your friends set
you up with him? Yeah.Yeah, one of my friends knows Dan
and set me up with him.Okay, Okay, good, Okay,
that's what I was wondering. Andso now you're getting ghosted and I'm not
sure why. Okay, let meask, because my friends and I have

frequented many a Mexican restaurant. Youguys didn't do like the tequila mouth shots,
right, because maybe that's not likea first date activity tequila mouth shot?
What is a tequila mouth shot?Yeah, there's like some Mexican restaurants
had a literally poor shot at tequilastraight in your mouth. What. No,
we did not do that. Butthat's hilarious because things get one.

Did you do any did you doany body shots? No? I feel
like if we did, that wouldhave gotten me a second date. I
think, yes, it's true,that's true. That's true. All right,
so this is what we're gonna do. Let's just jump right into it.
Because she doesn't understand why she's gettingghosted. I get it. It's
clear. We're gonna call up Danand we're gonna ask him about the date.
You're gonna be listening in at anypoint if you want to approach him

or say something, go ahead,Okay, okay, all right, hold
on, we're gonna call Taylor's dateDan. We'll do it next. All
right, we're moments away, weare back. We're in something ten second
date update Taylor's the line we're aboutready to call her date Dan. But
basically, Taylor, you said youand Dan went to a Mexican restaurant,
had Margarita's great conversation. You've reachedout to him and you're getting ghosted,
and that's about it. Yeah,all right, I want to get some

answers for you. Hold on,you'll be listening in hold on, We're
gonna call him, Savannah. Areyou doing mouth shans? No? Literally,
when I was in college, therewas a Mexican russaurant here a school
that if it was your birthday,take me there, girl, Take me
there. They'll smack us, they'llslap us some brew on you, pour
some tequila in your mouth. Wo'dbe good to go. Perfect. Oh
my god, it's my dream.Hello. Hi is Dan there? Yes,

this is Dan. Hey Dan,it's Courtney Dan, It's Walmart.
Jeff up, Dan, it's Savannah. Yes, you're on the radio.
You're on Kiss ninety five seven thismorning, Dan. Hi, I love
I love always getting the reaction onholl Why why why on the air?
Dan? You're on You're on theradio for second Date Update, And it
means that you use somebody went ona great first date. They're getting ghosted.

They call us to get answers,and we need answers from you this
morning. Dan. Okay, allright, well let me tell you.
Taylor called us Sweetheart Tailor and shesays, you guys went out Mexican restaurant,
great conversation. She felt like youguys had a connection, but you're
ghosting her and she was just wonderingwhy. Yeah. I mean we did

have a great time. She wasreally nice, really sweet. We did
talk a while. Okay, it'sfun, but like after we were on
our second round of drinks, shejust would not stop talking about wanting to
have kids. It was just Iwant a baby, and I want to
have three kids, and I wantto be a mom, and like she

was telling about the name she hadpicked out for her kids. It was
too much, just all about babiesand wanting to have kids. I am
not looking to have kids for severalyears. So yeah, that was a
lot. Yeah it's Taylor. Hi, Hi, Taylor. I just I

just wanted to say, like,I am sorry for all the baby talk.
I think it was the tequila talking. And I mean, you know,
obviously like I do want to bea mom, but you know,
I think like because I had acouple of drinks, like I just you
know, that was what was onmy mind, gotcha. Yeah, I

did have a good time, butthe baby talk was definitely a little unsettling.
I mean, I can understand thatmy friends have nicknamed me tequila Courtney.
That's why I don't drink it anymorebecause, in fact, Walmart Jeff
came up with that name. Alittle bit into tequila. I don't know
what I'm going to talk about.It can come out a left field.
I could talk about babies too.I mean, I understand how that could
be, like, you know,frightening for Dan. And I mean,

but it's not something you always do, right, Taylor. I mean,
at least I don't think so.I hope not. I think it was
just this date and you know,the drinks had me feeling a little you
know, yeah, why not?I get it. So so here let
me ask this question, then,Dan, you, before you told us

about the baby talk, thought shewas sweet. You know, you had
a good time until the baby talk. Would you guys consider going on a
second date no tequila baby talk.We'll call it no tequila tailor. Yeah.
Yeah, I can be open toa second date as long as we
can. We can save this andsave the baby talk. Yeah, definitely,
I think I can definitely do that, no baby talk. Okay,

well, I'm loving this. Thisis what we're gonna do. Then,
Dan and Taylor, we're gonna pickup the tab for the second date.
You guys go on the second date, do whatever you want. We're gonna
pay the bill, but you gottacall us with an update and let us
know how the second date went.Okay, okay, that sounds great.
Thanks. Oh my god, I'mloving this. I'm gonna put you both
on hold so you can discuss yoursecond date. Okay, all right,
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