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January 25, 2024 5 mins
Kayla from Farmington went on a great first date. They went to dinner and had drinks. She hasn't heard from him since the date and wants to know why she's being ghosted.
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All right, we're in Farmington.Kayla's on the line wants and to watch

he's getting ghosted after a great firstdate. Good morning, Kayla, Good
morning. Well, welcome to theshow. Welcome to second date update.
Obviously, we're going to try toget you answers and find out why you're
getting ghosted. But tell us aboutthis great first date. Yeah, I
went out with a cute guy.We got hibachi. It was really nice.
We had a really good conversation.Okay, he paid for everything.

He was super sweet, and soI sent him a text thanking him for
the date. And I'm getting ghostedand I don't want I want to know
why you guys didn't have hibachi Britneyspears as a hibachi chef, dude,
because that would scare the hell outof me. No, okay, no,
we did that, all right,all right. I have a question.

When they like squirted the sak inyour mouth, did you like only
do a reasonable amount or did youreally go hard? Because I have a
friend who can like really go hardwith the saki, and it's a little
disturbing. I can not go hard. Okay, excellent, all right,
Well, anyway, all right,Cayla, it sounds like a good day.
The producer says, the hot guyyou're talking about, his name is
Nick, and I think we're justgonna givehim a call and find out why

you're getting ghosted. It sounds likea pretty normal date, haibachi, good
conversation. You reach out to himand you get ghosted. We're gonna get
the answers. Are you ready,Kayla? Yes, I am completely ghosted.
Okay, you're gonna be on.Hold Kayla listening in. We're gonna
call him. Hold on about She'sfun, I think, but uh,

you know what, I'm really goodat catching the vegetables in my mouth,
Like I really pride myself on that. Not shocking. I bet you could
catch you with your hand too.Good morning. Is this Nick? Nick?
Hey Nick, it's Courtney. HeyNick, it's Walmart Jeff. Hey
Nick, it's Savannah. We're callingfrom Kiss ninety five seven. I gotta
let you know you're on the radiothis morning. Oh okay, what's going

on y'all? All right, welllisten, welcome the show. Nick.
You run something called Second Date Update. Somebody goes on a first date and
they really have a great time,and they'd like to see the person again,
but they get ghosted, they callus and we find out why they're
getting ghosted, and you are ghostinga miss Kayla. Okay, so let
me just start off. Wait,Nick, Yeah, I want to start

off by saying, she said you'retotally hot and she had a great time
you took her to Habachi. Shesaid it was fun and she really wants
to see you again. I mean, well, I feel the exacted way.
She is like super hot, andyou know, I like thought the
date started off really great too,but I didn't think she was into me.

Like, she spent most of thenight talking to the couple that was
right next to us, so Ithought she was just trying to avoid be
a goulk off. Wait wait waitwait wait wait wait, okay, let
me get this straight. You thoughtshe was hot too, but she spent
the entire night talking to the couplenext to you, obviously at the table
about you they sit. I mean, you're right, you could be sitting

with a whole other family. Yeah, we were sitting with like multiple couples,
and okay, I just did.I didn't think she was in to
be at all because the entire night, like we'd say, like a couple
things to each other, and thenshe would turn and ask them a question,
and I just I was like,Okay, clearly she's just here for
a free meal. I guess shedoesn't like them. Okay, all right,
listen, if I were to tellyou, Nick that she really does

like you and wants to see youagain, you know what the heck,
let's bring around, let her tellyou, Let her tell you herself,
Kayla, you there, Yes,I am. So what do you have
to say about this? He saysyou spent the whole night talking to the
other couple. He didn't feel likeyou were into him at all. Oh
gosh, I don't mean to dothat, Nick. I'm just I'm really

shy and like, you're really cute. I guess I was chatting them up
a little longer than I realized.It's just it's less stressful. I'm not
trying to impress them, you know. I mean that makes thanks today,
And I mean, look, Igot to be honest, I was really
disappointed too. You were so beautiful, Kayla, and I was really excited

for a date and I was prettydisappointed. So I'm all in for a
second date. I think this soundsaw well, Nick. If it makes
you feel any better. The daythat I met my husband, we literally
did not speak to each other becausewe were so nervous. Can you understand?
I totally get it. It's likethe most awkward feeling ever. Well,

I'm getting excited for this second date, and I got a lot of
great ideas too. Okay, allright, are you so, Kayla?
Are we on? Is there goingto be a second date? And if
there is, I'm going to payfor it? Oh well, if he's
asking, I'm going, oh yes, nice, yeah, because I clearly
heard you ask, Nick. Ohyeah, I am asking. This literally

just took the dark cloud away fromthe sky and I am super smiling in
the all right, now, allright, you don't need to get that
cheesy brother, Alright, I loveit. All right, So Kayla,
Nick, you guys are gonna goin a second date. Let's make it
somewhere where you can actually sit downand talk to each other. I'm going
to pick up the tab and Ihope you keep us posted. Both of

you keep us posted. Okay,Well, do
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