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January 18, 2024 6 mins
Hannah from Eat Windsor went on a great first date and now she's being ghosted. She wants to find out why the guy she went out with is avoiding her.
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Oh, are you guys ready?Are you ready for a lid a second
date? Update? Action? Absolutely? All right. We're in East Windsor
this morning, Hannah's on the line. Hannah went on a great first date
with Josh. She's getting ghosted.I hope we can make a love match.
Good morning, Hannah, Hi,good morning. I hope we can
help you out. Tell me aboutthis great first date with a guy named

Josh. Oh my gosh. Well, Josh is such a sweetheart. We
met for a happy hour and wejust had the best date. Really.
I mean, he's one of thoseguys that the conversation just never ends,
like we were talking, time justflew and he's so handsome. Yeah,

you felt a connection? Mm hmm. Okay, did you reach out to
him and thank him for the dateor anything? Have you heard from him?
What's happening? Yeah? I textedhim afterwards because I was so thrilled,
Like I was like I finally foundsomeone that's really sweet and great,
and I just I got ghosted,like he didn't respond back to me or
anything, and I'm so confused.So yeah, I just I need little

clarity here. M Okay, Now, are you like completely ghosted? Like
did he block you on social mediaor just he's just not answering you.
He didn't block me, but Imean, come on, like he has
his phone on him all the timeduring the date, you know, it
was on the table next to him, So I don't see why you couldn't
respond to me. Very interesting,This is interesting. I think we should
just call him and ask him.Sounds like a good date, Yeah,

I think so. M h allright, Hannah, we're gonna call up
Josh and we're just gonna ask himto tell us about the date. We're
gonna ask him why he's ghosting you. If you're ready to get the answers,
we're ready to make the call.Yeah, I'm ready, Jeff.
Jeff is looking at me like he'sabout to say something. Well, I
could come up with a reason,don't you know it, don't know.
I was just thinking in my head, Courtney, they went out for happy
hour. I was trying to figureout if the Harp in East Windsor was

still open, because that was ago to place for me when I was
all right entertaining the ladies. Allright, stop, all right, all
right? Actually think it might stillbe open. Yeah, but I used
to go to the harp a lottoo. All right, anyway, Hannah,
we're gonna call Josh. Hang tight. I heard of that place.
Uh u on the size of thepolice, Oh she is very small.

Yeah, cheap drinks with an ATMmachine in the back. If you need
money, I think they only tookcash cash on. Hi is Josh there?
Oh? Yeah, this is heyJosh. It's Courtney. Hey,
it's Walmart chef. Hey Josh,it's Savannah and we're calling from Kiss ninety
five to seven. Yeah, you'reon the radio this morning, Josh.
Okay, listen. We do somethingcalled second date update. If you go

on a first date and it's awesomeand you want a second date, but
you get ghosted, call us andwe get the answers, and that's why
we're calling you this morning. Ohokay, all right. So Hannah called
us. She said, you guyswent oh somewhere for happy hour. Yeah,
so you remember this date? Okay, Well listen, Josh. She
told us. The conversation flowed.It was natural that she was like felt

a connection. She's reached out toyou and you're completely ghostinger. Is there
a reason you're not like returning hercall or her text? Well, I
mean, the date was good,but I'm justsarily not interested. Okay,
So all right, no connection oryou just didn't feel like okay, yeah,
no connection, not a match,but you know, well okay,

so she's not your type? Yeahreally yeah definitely not. Okay, oh
definitely not. So do you wantto elaborate, like definitely not like what
she is? Like wait, wellall right, so on the date she
told me and like she made anew year resolution or a pact or something,

okay to herself that she's gonna goall natural. What does that mean?
No longer like not shave anything.Just be like, oh not shave,
Yeah, it's all natural. Okay, all right, so you know,
do what she wants. But forme, that's a match. So

the fact that she's not going toshave her legs or under arms or whatever,
that's you're like the all right,I'm good, we're not going to
go in the second day. Yeah, I'm good. Definitely, So let's
not beat around the bush any longer. This that's a deal breaker for you,
like Harry, uh yeah, yeah, I mean, can we could
do what they want? I mean, but I personally, I just it's

just not I'm not into that.All right, can I bring Hannah on?
She's on Hannah. Hi, Soyeah, I'm so confused, Like
this is why you haven't been talkingto me since our date, the fact
that I want to have body hair. That's yeah exactly. I mean you
could do, you could do whateveryou like. I just it's just for

me. It's just not you know, sorry, no, no, that's
I mean, that's crazy. Comeon, we live in the twenty first
century. Like a lot of peopledon't shave. I mean, you just
have to be more open minded.Okay, this is so common in Europe.
It's not just a new idea.Like a lot of people don't do

this, don't shave. Have youever Have you ever been to Europe?
No, I haven't been, butI mean, like, I just I
know that that's what they do there, Okay, because I've been to Europe
and I've been with Europeans and okay, they're ah yeah, I mean that's
a stereotype that none of them shaved. Yeah, I've been with you know,

many Europeans a shave. Yeah,Hannah, I gotta I got a
backup, Josh on this one.My husband's European and the women definitely shave
all right, Can we not trashHannah just because she doesn't want to shave.
Listen, you got I like alot of hair, you know,
good dat? No, I'm married, okay, Hannah, I'm just I'm

still in shock. But okay,you know whatever, that's fine. I
can find somebody or that it's justin me and that doesn't care about these
type of trivial things. Well,since Savannah's husband is European and he's now
living here, he might be ableto hook you up with a European man
and maybe it be. I mean, I don't know that would be an
option, all right, I meanI don't know if all European men want
to harry a woman. I meanthat it's I get it. I get

it, we get it. Hannahgets it. If she doesn't want to
shave, wants to be all naturaland it's not something you vibe with.
That's totally cool. And I'm sureyou guys will. I wish you both
luck, you know in your datingventures. Yeah. Thanks, cool
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