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May 2, 2024 7 mins
Abbie went on a date with Lorenzo. He sent an Uber Black to pick her and when she got to the restaurant he bailed and left her there. She wants to know what happened and why he left. 
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Will they go on a second dateor will must be the last time they
ever talked and kiss in the morning. Second Date Update, I'm Kiss ninety
five seven. Oh, it istime to make a love match. I'm
feeling like today Walmart Jeff on Kissninety five to seven. We're going to
bring two souls together. Now,that would be awesome, Courtney, ha
ha, you don't seem excited,but whatever. All right, Abby,

welcome to the show. Welcome tosecond date Update. I'm super excited to
find out about this great first date. Okay, So I went out with
this guy named Lorenzo and he maderestaurants at this fantastic restaurant and it was
like pretty fancy. He sent anuber black to pick me up. He
had flowers waiting when I got there, like it was what amazing wow?

But then yeah, I was likethis is happening. This is great.
And then as soon as I gotthere, he said he had to go,
and he ordered me another Uber andhe sent me home and he like
a Paul. He was like,I'm so sorry, but I have to
go. So I don't know whathappened, Like I feel like maybe there
was an emergency or something, andyou've not heard from him since. Like

that was because I like wrote tocheck in to be like, it's everything
okay, because it was so abrupt. I love how you said it was
a great first date when literally itwas just a great first car ride,
a great plan for a first Yeah, yeah, yeah, there you go.
I mean, I mean, hegets you in uber black, you
get there, there's flowers. Didyou thank him for the uber black and
the flowers? Maybe that was it? Was he expecting a thank you?

Yeah? No, I mean Ithink I did. Yeah, I was
very excited. I think it wasclear that I was like impressed. All
right, Well, listen, sincethe date probably only lasted ten minutes,
I'm guessing it was an emergency.So my plan is we're gonna call him.
You're gonna be listening in. I'mgonna ask him about the date,
and I'm going to try to getanswers out of him why he left so
abruptly. Hopefully I can get youguys a second date. Are you ready?

Yeah? Sounds good. All right, We're gonna call Abby's date Lorenzo.
We'll do that next story and Kissin the morning's second date update.
I'm kiss ninety five seven you're backand we've got Abby on the line.
Abby, basically, you told usyou went on a well is it a
first date Walmart Jeff for just thebeginning of a date? The car ride,

Yeah, like the first quarter ofa date. All right. So
Abby, it's this guy Lorenzo.He sent you an Uber black to bring
you to this really fancy restaurant thathe made reservations for. And when you
got there, he had flowers foryou. But shortly after he just said
he had to leave. Yeah,that's it. And he didn't give you
any reason. He just left him. You haven't heard from him, no,
and I'm like kind of worried,you know, like I hope he's

okay, me too, Me too. All Right, you're gonna be listening
in. I'm gonna put you onhold. We're gonna call Lorenzo. Hold
on, this is an easy one. He had an emergency. Hopefully everything's
okay. They're going to go ona second date, fall in love,
yeah, have babies, or havebabies then fall in love or however,
maybe he's a doctor. Hello.Hello, Oh is Lorenzo there. Yes,

this is Lorenzo. Hello Lorenzo.This is Courtney. Hey, dog,
what's up. It's Walmart Jeff.We're calling from Kiss ninety five to
seven. You're on the radio.Oh wonderful. I've listened to you before.
I love your show. Thank you, I appreciate it. Thanks.
You sound very formal this morning.Anyway, Lorenzo, thank you for listening.
So hopefully you know what second dateupdate is all about. That's when

somebody calls us they went on afirst date, but they get ghosted and
they want answers. So that's whatwe're calling you, Lorenzo. We want
you to tell us about this firstdate you have with a girl named Abby.
You ghosted her, I think shesaid, within ten minutes of the
date, as soon as she gotthere, and she hasn't heard from you.
We want to make sure anything's okay. Are you okay? Yes,

thinking back on it, unfortunately Abbywas just not quite up to standards.
So wait, wait, Lorenzo,So you sent her a uber black,
you gave her flowers, and youleft because she wasn't. I don't underst
stand, like up to your standards. I don't get it. Like what
I don't understand what I believe thatwhen one goes out on a date,

you know there are certain expectations ofboth people. There as the one hosting
you, there are certain expectations ofme, So you know you are correct.
I had an uber black center her, I had flowers waiting for her.
I had chosen a very nice restaurantfor the two of us to go
to. UH and she and herwisdom it chose to wear a pair of

awful robin jeans on a first dateat an upscale restaurant, and frankly,
that is something that I cannot abide. It's just awful, it's tacky,
it's the it's a very low classmentality. You go ahead a sad date

because of how I looked. Icanceled that date because at a upscale restaurant,
you chose to dress like we weregoing to McDonald's. Oh my god,
I said something was wrong. I'vebeen worried about you. I thought,
oh my you wow, wow.Look that is my book. I

obviously respect your choice to dress asyou feel, but in the social circles
that I run in, I can'tbe with that kind of that kind of
dress in a public space. Soyou want a trophy life, You just
you only you just want women tobe seen and not heard. Is that
what's going on here? Oh mygod, No, I want a woman

of quality, not somebody who thinksthat we're dressing up for a third grade
dance. Oh my god, wow, Can I just say abby? And
under normal circumstances, I would havealready hung up on Lorenzo, but I
enjoy listening to his ignorance. Forsome reason. The more you talk,
Lorenzo, Jeff, the more youtalk, it's just it's it's it's honestly

abby, laughable. And I thinkyou did. I think you dodged a
bullet. I completely agree. Ifeel like he was literally born and like,
I don't know, like you soundlike you want a nineteenth fifties housewife,
and I just can't believe that youmy good luck, I think yourself
up to the band that you should. There was a vast difference between demanding

somebody do well and demanding someone andthe fact that you can't see the difference
is that is so the reason whyI chose not to contact you again.
Okay, oh right, I'm goingto end this right now, because honestly,
it was. It was ten minutesof your time, Abbey, and
we're just going deeper and deeper inthings that he's saying that I'm just I'm

okay, Lorenzo, you were atleast honest. We wish you well look
for that whatever it is, trophywife or whatever you're looking for. Abby,
you totally dodged a bullet on thisone. I hope that the women
listening can all avoid him, nottoo because oh my god, yeah,
okay, well listen, Abby,keep us, keep us posted on everything.
And I'm so glad that you calledthis, and I'm glad we got
your answer. There you go,no sweat off your back. Thank you,
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