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January 5, 2024 8 mins
James in Avon went on a great first date. He had dinner and cocktails with a woman named Samantha. He said they had a great time and he can't understand why he's being ghosted.
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Ooh ah, we're going to Ohwe're going to avon this morning. You
guys nice, you can make alove connection. I think James is on
the Lawni's getting ghosted after first date. Good morning, James, Hey,
good morning, Hey, welcome tothe show. Welcome to second date update.
Obviously you know what we're all about. Yes, yeah, we're gonna

try and get some answers because Iknow you went on a great first date
and I need you to tell usabout it before we can find out why
you're getting ghosted. Tell us aboutthis first date. Sure, Well,
like you said, I thought itwas great. It was with a girl
named Samantha, and I planned anice night. We went to a fancy
Italian restaurant and you know, wehad great conversations throughout the night, and

you know, the whole thing wentgreat, you know, better than I
even thought it would. And basicallysince then, I've kind of been ghosted.
So you have no idea. Soyou felt a connection? Did you
feel like she felt a connection foryou two? Like it was mutual?
Okay, yeah, James, don'ttake this the wrong way. I know
you Samantha's and they're both high maintenance. So this actually might be a good

thing for you with her ghosting youbecause you don't want you don't want to
be with like a high maintenance woman. Why would she be high maintenance?
What makes you think she's highmaien?Her name is Samantha. I have one
friend named Samantha who's high maintenance,and then the other Samantha I know from
Sex and the City. That girlseems like she's high maidenance got am I
right? James? No, you'renot right, James. Did you get

the feeling that she was high maintenanceat all? No? I appreciate that,
but no, I did not getthat vibe whatsoever. Okay, excellent,
And so you've reached out to herand there's like you're getting ghosted.
Yeah, I mean there was alittle bit of contact like right after,
like just short and brief, butlike as far as like trying to set

up a second date. Since then, yeah, I know, it's just
kind of been nothing. Okay,that's weird. And listen, is this
we're gonna do, James, youknow, second date update. You're gonna
be on hold, You're gonna belistening, and we're gonna call Samantha your
date. We're gonna ask her aboutthe date, and I'm just gonna come
right down and say, why areyou ghosting them? What's happening? And
we're gonna ask her what the heckhas happened. Hopefully we can it's a
misunderstanding, and we can make asecond date for you, make that connection.

Okay, Okay, awesome, appreciateit, all right, James,
hang tight, we're gonna call hisdate Samantha. We'll do that next all
right, we're back. Oh mygosh, we're an avon this morning.
Second date update. James is onthe line getting ready to call his date
Samantha. Basically, James, youtook her to a nice restaurant for a
first date. You said you felta connection. Conversation was great, you

had a little bit of communication afterthe date, but as far as setting
up a second date, she's kindof ghosting you, right, So bizarre.
That's so bizarre because you have alittle bit of communication, but then
when it came to the second date, she's like not interested. So hold
on, James, we're gonna callSamantha. You're gonna be listening and feel
free to jump in whenever you want. Okay, Okay, thanks for Okay,
all right, I'm actually now I'mcraving really nice food at a nice

restaurant and a dirty Martini. Youwant to go, Savannah? Yeah?
Can we go get lunch? Areyou craving the food or the dirty Martine?
Because I think it's the dirty Martine? Shut up? Both happy tried.
January? Hello, yay me HiSamantha. H Yeah, Hi,
Samantha, it's Coordinay. Hey,Sam, it's Walmart Jeff. Hey,

what's up at Savannah? We're callingfrom Kiss ninety five to seven. I
have to let you know you're onthe radio this morning. Okay, Okay,
Well then I'll just fill you in. You're on the radio because we
do something called second Date Update.Hopefully you've heard of it. If not,
that's when somebody calls us if theygot ghosted after a first date,
like maybe they're feeling a connection andthey want to go on a second date

but they're not getting a response andthey want to know why they call us,
And so you're on second Date Updatebecause James called us. Okay,
remember your Okay, So then letme tell you what he said. Okay,
so obviously James told us it wasa great first date. You guys
went out to a nice romantic restaurant. You had a great meal. But
he also said the conversation was great. He felt like there was some flirting
going on and there was like alittle bit of a connection. He also

said that like after the date,you might have had a little bit of
conversation, like he reached out toyou and there was a little bit of
conversation. But when it came tothe second date, you know topic,
you've been completely ghosting him for asecond date. So how was this date
for you? What is going on? Yeah, well, I mean I
would say the date was mostly good. Like he suggested we go to this

like really nice restaurant, and it'ssuper easy to talk to, Like the
conversation flowed. But then when likethe check came, he said we should
split it. And the only reasonlike that kind of threw me off was
because as we were eating, hewas like, order whatever you want,

it's like a date. And Iordered a salad and a drink, and
he like ordered the lobster and waspounding three drinks. And so I don't
know, I just don't really wantto be dating like somebody who's cheap,
you know, Like so he askedme out, and I don't know the
fact that he kept saying to youknow, to me. When you go
out on a date and the guysays, I want you to order whatever

you want. This is a date, Please get the lobster, get several
drinks, and you don't he does, and then he wants you to pay
for his meal. It's that rubsme the wrong way to that's like so
rude. Wait because now you're payingfrist date. Right at that point,
I'd rather just pay for my ownmeal, right, yeah, I hit

up market grill. Samantha. Ohgosh, I dangs. Hello. So
first of all, I just wantto completely apologize because what she's saying is
one hundred percent accurate. But Ipromise you I wasn't trying to be cheap.
It's just I don't know, itwas kind of weird, like I

don't want to be like I don'tknow, some people get offended if you
try to pay the bill or likejust nowadays, like you pull out the
chair, Like I don't know,it's just kind of weird and like even
like splitting the bill, like theyou know, the surfer came over and
asked, you know, if itwas one check or two, And you
know, I said two. Ididn't mean like, you're totally right,
you only ordered a couple of things, like I should you shouldn't have had
to pay for half the bill.That's just how they did it. But

by that point everything was so awkward, so I should have spoke up or
whatever. But yeah, no,I swear I wasn't trying to be cheap
or anything like that. I wasjust you know, I don't know.
I'm sorry about that. So Samantha, do you understand what you're saying?
Okay, so you accept as youaccept his apology, and basically, James,

what you're saying is you just feellike, you know, you didn't
know what to do, like doyou pull out the chair and maybe she'll
get offended you open the door?Or do you pay them? I guess
it can get confusing. Yeah,yeah, I mean I like, as
he's explaining it, like I understanda little. Yeah. I mean I
really did enjoy like chatting and stuffwith you, James, and like,
yeah, just like that, theend part of the date was like oh

yeah, okay, all right,listen, we obviously all have different thoughts
on this. This is what Ithink we need to do. Samantha and
James, we want you to goon a second date because I think that
you both said the you know,even Samantha said the beginning of the day,
it was great. There was agood connection, great conversation. I
want you to go on a seconddate, and we will pick up the
tab Go wherever you want, dowhatever you want. But let's not make

it like around like a meal whereyou split the bill. I'm let's do
I don't know, ice skate,go for a hike, do something that
doesn't involve like bringing money into it. Let's see how it goes. What
do you guys think? Well,that sounds great to me. If Samantha's
up for it, I mean yeah, I mean you went to all this
trouble to get me on a seconddate, so let's try it. Yes,

yes, yes, he did,Samantha. All right, then that's
that's what we're gonna do. Youguys are going on a second date.
We'll pick up the tab. Ifyou end up doing something that doesn't cost
money and then you go to likelunch or something, we're going to pick
up the tabs. So don't evenlet it stress you out. Take money
out of the equation. Let's seeif there's a match. Okay, okay,
okay awesome, Thank you so much.
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