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February 22, 2024 7 mins
Dylan from Bristol went on a great first date and now he's being ghosted. He wants to fin out why his date isn't returning his calls or texts.
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All right, Well we're going toBristol to hopefully help somebody out get a

second date. Second Date Update.Dylan's on the line. Good morning,
Dylan, good morning. How areyou guys good, We're good. Welcome,
Welcome to the show. Obviously,you know Second date update. You're
getting ghosted for some reason and youwant answers. Is that the case?
No, that is totally the case. I went on a date just last
week. It went really really well. We went to like a happy hour,

We had a lot in common.We like, we watched the same
movies, even talked about maybe likegoing out and seeing one of the one
of my favorite movies that I justsaw. And it was a little weird
because tried texting her a few dayslater and I'm getting no response, and
I'm just kind of, I don'tknow, I'm a little confused because like

it went super well, so I'mjust like I kind of just want answers
a little bit, Yeah, likewhat's going on? Like why is she
not responding? Especially if the datewas so good and you felt a connection.
Sounds like a fabulous date. Yeah, No, Like I took her
in my favorite it was like itwas great, all like my normal waiters
loved her. So I'm like,I'm just really confused. See for me,

Dylan, it's that time of yearwhere I like to call it girls
hog Day, where the girl willcome out of her apartment and like after
a long winter, she'll kind oflook around and be like, Okay,
I'm not sure if I'm ready forthis, and then she'll go back to
our apartment in hibernate for another fewweeks. Yeah. No, I totally
feel you, dude. I'm like, yeah, really really confused. And

I thought I knew the situation reallywell. I told all my friends about
it at work, and it seemsthat like I don't know, I don't
know what I miss. Usually whenit comes to Womon, I know what
I'm talking about. No he doesn't, Dylan. Listen, this is what
we're gonna do. We're gonna putyou on hold. We're gonna call your
date Amber, and we're just gonnaask her to be honest if you want

answers. We're about to get him. Are you ready? Yeah, Okay,
we're gonna uh, We're gonna callDylan's date Amber. We'll do that
next. All right, We're backin Bristol. Second date, up date.
We got Dylan on the line.He took Amber out on a first
date and he's and ghosted. ButDylan, you said you had a great
time on your date and you hada connection. Yeah, no, we
totally did. That's why I'm I'mreally confused about this response. I think

it's okay, like almost out ofit's out of left field. I'm gonna
be honest. Okay, all right, Well we're gonna call her. You're
gonna be listening, and feel freeto jump in at any point. Hold
on, Dylan, got it?He sounds like they're like the coolest dude.
I know, he sounds really nice. I'm curious to shy see what
she says. Yep, Oh mygoodness. Hello, Hi is Amber.

There is this Amber? Hey Amber, It's Walmart, Jeff, it's Courtney,
and it's Savannah. How are youre calling from Kiss ninety five to
seven? Oh my god, that'sawesome. How are you guys coming on?
Yeah? Well you might not feellike it's that awesome when I tell
you why you're on the radio thismorning. You ready to find out why
you're on the radio. Oh no, well you're on second date update,

which means you my friend, mygirlfriend are ghosting somebody after a first date?
Okay, are all refresher memory.Dylan called us and he took you
on a great first date. Itook you to your his favorite restaurant.
Conversation flowed, there was some attractionbetween the two of you. He's reached

out to you, and you arelike totally ghosting, no response whatsoever for
a second date. Yeah, Idon't want to talk to him. I
don't want to see him ever again. Whoa, whoa? Can you tell
us why? Because that's not hisresp But his thought was the best date
ever? What happened? I meanthe date was the fine, honestly,
But normally I would like check outall of the guys like socials before I

go on the date, and Ijust didn't have time this time. And
so afterwards, I was like lookingat his instant and he's clearly addicted to
porn, like that's all he Allhe follows are only hand and porn accounts,
and he like comments on their postsand like every single post and he
has he has like no like regularfriends or anything on there. It's just

all porn and it's no like,there's no way I would ever fall with
him again. Wait wait, wait, like legit porn stars like OnlyFans,
models, like slutty Instagram girls,like like why are we talking to them
all of the all right? CanI just bring Dylan in? I got
a Dylan are you there? Hey? Hey, guys, are you addicted

to porn? This is basically whatAmber's saying, Dylan, that you are
a porn addict and she cannot goon another day with you. I think
this is like so crazy. I'mnot gonna lie. You don't even really
know me. And on top ofit, these are like my friends,
these are my close friends, andI'm like supporting what they're doing. So
it's like kind of disgusting that you'rejust kind of like judging them. All

right, all right, I cansee that. Wait, wait, like
how do you know them that?How did you go to high school with
cinnamon Field and sell a Star?You know? I you know, I,
I you know. I just supporttheir work and I think what they're
doing is really brave. So Idon't, you know, I don't really

I don't really love that question.Hold on, Dylan, now, by
supporting, by supporting their work,do you mean you know, like emotional
support, like you go girl,or like monetary support or have you modestly
honestly, that's a great question.I think both. Oh, I mean
what guy doesn't pay you know,twenty to thirty dollars a month for a

couple only fans accounts serious friends.No, I have a wife and I
actually have my credit cards stored ononly fans. That's can we can we
just get back to the fact thatDylan, you think that these porn stars
are your friends? Yeah, wellthey are, Okay, you hang out
with them, you go out,you spend time together or what. No,

it's like more like it is likemore of like a lecting relationship.
That's just it. That's like friendshipin twenty twenty four. You know,
that's a great point. Pay totext the note pay text a porn stars
relationships start one place and they evolved. You wouldn't know anything about that.
All right, Clearly, this isnot a match. I always offer to
send you on a second date topay for it, but I don't.

Are you feeling like you would accepthim having porn stars as best friends?
Never? All right? So nosecond date dinner? Are you okay?
I mean maybe, well, ifmaybe Cinnamon Fields wants to go on a
date with you. Maybe you shouldsend her a twenty dollars text and ask
her to go to dinner. Honestly, at this point, I think that'd
be a better shot. Well,I appreciate you all being so honest.

I wish you lucky to forget Amberour meet Marca. Our biggest singles of
that is coming up and we'd lovefor you to be there. We're going
to pack the place with tons ofbachelors on March eighth at Illicit Brewing of
Manchester. Okay, thank you,
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