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May 9, 2024 7 mins
Megan from Torrington went on a great first date. They went to a brewery and had an awesome time. She thought they made a connection but she hasn't heard from him since. She wants to know why she's being ghosted. 
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Where do they go on a seconddate or what must be the last time

they ever talked? And kiss inthe morning. Second date updates, I'm
kiss ninety five seven. Oh Ilove second date update. I love making
like a connection for two people.Megan's on the line in Torington and obviously
went on a great first date.Now she's getting ghost Did you guys want
to help her out? Yeah?Let's do it? Why not? All
right? Morning Megan Man? Pleasedo I need it? Well, that's

what we're here for. So tellus about this great first date you had.
Okay, So I went out withthe sad n you Austin. We
went to a brewery and like,we have a really great time. Like
the conversation was rolling, there werelots of laught, like we really connected,
we have a lot of things incommon. It was just magical.
Honestly, it was so nice.Like I was like, this is so

great, and I like texted himlater like thanks for the date. It
was amazing. You know, Ilove to do it again, Like I
mean I was you know, Iwasn't like, hey, when are you
free again? But I was likeI would like to do this. You
know. It was a not sosubtle hint right, hey, and nothing
crickets. What's not even like ayeah, you're welcome. It was great

like not nothing nothing. I gota quick question for you. Did you
guys happen to play like cornhole orany long games while you were there?
No? No, we just wejust chatted like we you know, we
had had a few drinks and wejust like we talked like for the longest
time. All Right, I've hada question. I've got a question for
Savannah. Why would cornhole or along long games to get ghost because just

a couple of weeks ago we hadthe over competitive girl. I don't play
games with people in the beginning becauseI am a little competitive. So so
no, I'm that crazy until alittle later. All Right, we're going
to call up Austin. We're gonnaask him to tell us about the day,
and if you're ready to get someanswers, we're going to make it

happen. Yeah, I just Ireally have been racking my brain. I
can't figure out what. Okay,Well, we're gonna we're gonna get the
answers. You're gonna be listening inand you can feel free to jump in
at any time. We're gonna callMeghan's date. Austin will do that.
Next a love story Corney and Kissin the morning. Second Date Update.
I'm Kiss ninety five seven. Allright, we're back. We're in Torrington.

It is second Date Update. Megan'son the line. We're like moments
away from calling her date Austin.Meghan, you said you guys went to
a brewery, had an absolutely agreat time and you felt a connection.
And basically you're just getting ghosted Andit doesn't make any sense to me because
it was a great time, likea great time. All Right, I'm
gonna put you on holder. We'regonna call him. Hold on, man's

got a great memory. I totallyforgot about the competitive check. Well,
you know, I'm just trying tosave everybody time and effort. Know what
the problem is, Pelly, WalmarJeff would appreciate that. He doesn't appreciate
it. I checked out a longtime ago. Excellent. Hello, Hi
is Austin there. Hey Austin,it's Courtney Austin. It's Walmart, Juff

Austin, it's Savannah. What's up. You're on the radio. Kiss ninety
five seven, Good morning? Okay, Well wow, all right, well,
listen, this is why we're calling. I know it's a little shocking,
but you're on something called second DateUpdate. It's a feature we have
where if somebody goes on a firstdate and it's fabulous, but they get
ghosted after that and they want answers, we try to get the answers.
Okay, so what so you're askingme about my date? Yes, exactly,

Austin. Megan called us. Hopefullyyou remember this date. She told
us that you guys went to abrewery, great conversation, had a lot
in common. She told us shereached out you after the date, like
suggesting a second date, and you'repretty much ghosting hers, and we just
want to know why. Yeah.No, we uh we get a great

date. We definitely did. Okay, I think I think we're hitting it
off pretty well. It's just yeah, she really, you know, she
is really. Uh. About anhour in, she just started to cry
like a lot, like usually justlike crying and crying and crying. Wait
wait wait, wait, wait,wait wait wait. I got to back
up for a second. Austin,the date was great, you said,
she's a not great person. Butthen somewhere in the beginning of the day,

she starts crying. Yeah, exactly, Yes, who was she crying
about? She was crying about hercat, the death of her cat.
Oh my gosh. Yeah, itwas just a little uncomfortable. And I
don't you know, I don't reallydo well with emotional women. Oh that's
like jest. Yeah, same here, Like Corney will cry in the studio

every now and again, and I'lltell her to take it outside. I
don't need to be seeing that.But I mean, if her cat just
died, I mean I could seecrying over that. You are heartless,
Like what kind of you? Obviouslymust not be an animal lover, because
like, I'm so sorry that Igot emotional about my dead cat and that
you couldn't handle that. Now that'syour date, Megan Austin, she's on

the line too. Wa, Megan'son here too. Well you didn't have
feelings? Hey, that's me.Well, you know, your cat did
die six years ago, so thatpain, that pain never goes away.
Like he was my bait, likehe was my child. I would I
would have killed a stranger to protecthim. Okay, your cat died six

years ago, Meghan? Or aresix months? Or was it six years?
It was? It was six yearsago, but it was the six
year anniversary of my cat happening away, So it wasn't just like an out
of the blue thing. It waslike, oh my goodness, I realized
what day it was, and Ijust missed. Are you calling right now?
She's Cryingnules. He was my bestfriend. Okay, all right,

but it was six years ago.At some point in time. You just
got to move on. If you'retrying to find well, bringing up your
dead cat from six years ago,it's not the way to go. Actually
hold on. Not to give Jeffcredit, but Meghan, if you knew
this was such an emotional thing foryou, why did you go on a
date on your cat's anniversary. Ididn't realize what date it was. I
had been so busy all week.I didn't get a look at the calendar.

And then I realized when I wassitting my phone down and like the
calendar up, you know, itsays what date is, and I saw
the day and then I just gotreally really stacked and it was a picture
of the cat. Okay, yeah, obviously this is very painful for you,
Megan. I'm so sorry for theloss of your fur baby, and
I feel like we just keep bringingit up. I'm a loss for words.

Austin, is there anything do youwant to add to this? So
basically, you're ghosting Megan just becauseshe was emotional over the death of her
cat. Yeah, I'm also adog guy too, so no, that's
enough for me. I'm good,thank you. He's a dog guy.

So do you currently have more cats, Megan, I'm guessing she does.
Please. I don't at the placethat I'm at the place and that doesn't
allow head okay, but I'm lookingto move, so okay, I'm hoping
I can get a new piece.Oh my gosh, I am so heartbroken
for you right now, Megan.Listen. Obviously it's not a love match.
I'm not going to offer a seconddate. Austin's a dog guy and

he's but megnet sounds like maybe maybeSavannah and I can help you. Well,
I'll do anything I can to helpyou find a new fur baby,
or find a place or talk tosomebody about the loss of your cat.
It was six years ago. I'mgonna put you on hold, Megan,
because I'll you and I will talkoff the air and see if we can't
help you work through the loss ofyour cat, Austin, thank you for

being honest and and uh, youknow, being on second date. Update
Megan hold On, Okay, holdon, thank you,
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