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March 7, 2024 7 mins
Ben from Bloomfield went on a great first date. They hit up West Hartford Center for dinner and drinks. Ben hasn't heard from his date since and he wants to know why he's being ghosted.
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All right, you guys, we'regoing to Bloomfield second date. Update.
Ben is on the line. He'sgetting ghosted and we're going to try to
find out why. Good morning,Ben, Hey, good morning guys.
How are we feeling good? Thatwere good? We're good, We're good.
Listen. I hear you went ona great, great first day with
a girl named Sarah, and Iwant to hear all about the date so
we can find out while you're gettingghosted. Yeah, I mean, oh

my gosh, I can't even like, oh god, I just feel like
I had a great time with thisgirl, right like, all right,
so yeah, so I went onthis date with this girl. Her name
is Sarah, right, so shewas in West harp We went to West
Harford. Was like, that's todinner, right like, we're just like
got some It was just like agreat night though I don't know that.
I feel like we really kind ofclose. We're just having a good conversation
and I like kind of flew by, like I don't know you doing just
felt really good and I just Ijust I just definitely want to do that

again. I want to see heragain. But she kind of hit me
back. I'm getting nothing out ofher, and I don't know what's help
to do because I just I feellike we had a great night, had
a great date. So you hither up and she didn't hit you back.
Yes, we had a great time. And then I hit her up
the next day. I just wantedto text and just kind of see,
you know, how she's feeling andstuff, and maybe get a vibe for
a second date. And I justnever got a tip back. She hit
me back with nothing. So Ijust I don't know. When you say

you guys had good conversation, wasit a good back and forth or do
you feel like you did a lotof the talking. I mean I felt
like there was back and forth.I didn't feel like I noticed me like
leading the conversation too heavy. Imean there was. I don't know.
I mean, I feel like Ilet a lot of it, but it
was. It was just a goodtime. Everything went well. It was
really good. It was a goodnight. And I just I definitely don't

understand because I feel like there wasthe back and forth. It was a
good night and nothing nothing is happeningout of it. Don't don't know where
a lot of talking. I thinkI know, all right, So listen,
Ben, I'm gonna I'm gonna putyou on hold. We're gonna call
up Sarah. We're gonna ask herwhat she thought about the date. I'm
just gonna ask her to be honestand tell us why she's ghosting you.
Are you ready to find out why? Yes? Please? Absolutely? Just

a lot. I'm exhausted listening tohim. She had to go home after
that nap that date and take anap. What oh, I'm gonna see
when he breathes, mm hmm.Hello, Hi, is Sarah there?
This is Hey Sarah. It's Courtney. Hey, Sarah's Walmart Jeff. What's

up, Sarah? At Savannah.We're coming from kissing. You're on the
radio. Hey, you're on theradio this morning, Sarah. Oh,
okay, all right, what's goingon? I'm gonna fill you in.
We do something called second date update, where if you go on a first
date but you get ghosted and youdon't get a second date, and you
really want answers, you call us. And so that's why we're calling you

this morning, Sarah, trying toget some answers for a guy named Ben.
Oh Ben, Yeah, wow,right out the gate, coming in
hot well, Sarah, Ben toldus that the date was fantastic and he
felt a connection, great conversation.He reached out to you, and you're

ghosting him. So he's a he'sa loser. That's awfully harsh. Look
he lied about having a job.I didn't ask what specifically, but he
lives with his mom and he playedvideo games all day. Wait. Wait,
so he doesn't have a job,as far as I can tell,

not really. Does he at leastlike have his own apartment in the basement
or is it like a bedroom situation. It's a bedroom situation. Oh okay,
I'm gotta bring him on. He'sactually listening in, Sarah, Ben,
are you there? Did you lieabout your job? Then? Okay,
Look I'm not unemployed. Okay,yeah, living with my you know,
I'm a twitch streamer. I streamonline, Like that's how I make

my money. That is my job. This isn't an issue with me,
you know, loser playing video gamesat home. This is me. This
is like, I'm a winning dude. I make money playing video games.
That's like once in a lifetime stuff. Like, you know, dude,
just doing what I do for aliving eight hours a day. I get
a live stream going there's thousands ofpeople watching me do my thing like I'm
popular. I'm making it happen outhere. I can't then I don't have

a job. That's insane. Allright, hold on, Okay, So
I get so, Sarah, Idon't know if are you understanding the Sarah?
He says he's making money streaming videogames in his mom's house, in
his childhood bedroom. Look, it'svideo games. You really can't be making
that much. The thing is,I'm not a loser, bro, Like
I just made two hundred and fiftydollars yesterday. Were eating a bowl of

mustard. That's what I did liveon stream, Like guys gave me to
do that. That's not losing stuff. I don't think there's anything luver about
that. I ate a bowl ofFrankship for three hundred dollars. Who's doing
that? That's winner? It's winter. That does not sound like a winner
to me. Wow, very interesting, Ben, very interesting. So so
Sarah, Now that Ben has describedto you what he does, like eats

a bowl of mustard and plays avideo game against three hundred dollars, are
you interested? Like? If youwant to go in a second day and
I'll pick up the tab and payfor it. No, I'm sorry,
that's no, that's just so grossto me. I don't understand how you
could be making money off of that, especially enough to get out of your

mom's house. Clearly you're not makingenough. I mean, yo, she
got good internet? Why would Ileave? Do you get help? Do
you get health benefit? I mean? Or is it just is this just
what you do? I am soconfused. I mean no, I don't
get like insurance or anything like thatout of it. But like, but

I mean I don't need health benefits. I'm so healthy. You were to
say, I ate a bowl ofmustard yesterday, I mean good health.
Wait, so do you like takebreaks from gaming? Or like does your
mom bring you up snacks? Shesometimes brings me up snacks, but like
that, come on, that's sometimesshe can't hear me shout at her to
bring me to snacks, so likeI have to go get it myself.

But like most of the time shebrings me snacks coming, so like there's
no reason for me to leave.Like it's it's a good system. We
got. Let's all help pay bills, I help, hey writ and stuff.
Like I gave her twenty five bucksthe other night for the internet bills,
so like I'm paying, I'm helpful, and like this is crazy to
me, looks like I just Idon't understand how you're judging how I make
my money, Like it doesn't evenmatter. At the end of the date,
I need took you out on thedate and we sot a great time.

Ben. Can I just tell youyou live in the dream of every
guy out there right now, becauseI would love to stay at home and
play video games all day and you'remaking money. No, see what I'm
saying. Thank you brothers, stickup for it. Because that's the thing
is that I'm out here doing somethingspecial and I feel good about it.
And I don't know if Sarah theyknew it or not, but I mean,
I like what I do for aliving and I got no problems with
it, all right, Can Ijust can we just get I want to

reel it in just to Chad Benas long as really, at the end
of the day, if you're doingsomething that makes you happy, that's all
that's important. And Sarah, itdoesn't sound like it's a love match for
you. I get that as well, and I appreciate you being honest.
Sarah, and telling us why you'reghosting them. Yeah, I'm sorry.
I just I can't deal with that. I need someone who's a little more

mature than that. Well, listen, keep us said Sarah on your search
for love, and you too aswell. Okay, Ben, all right,
Thanks guys, I appreciate you
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