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April 11, 2024 8 mins
Jordan in East Hartford went on an amazing first date and really felt like it was something special! But he got ghosted... we're getting him answers!
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Are you ready Savannah for this.We're doing it without Walmart Jeff. It's
going to be amazing. Oh Ican't wait. I'm so excited. Yeah.
Second date, up date, Timeto make a love connection. We're
going to East Hartford this morning.Jordan is on the line. Obviously got
ghosted after a great first date.Let's say good morning to Jordan. Hey
Jordan, Hey guys, how areyou good day? Ah? Yeah,
we're doing good. We're minus WalmartJeff this week, so it's kind of

fun, relaxing, enjoying the enjoyingthe empty empty studio. Very cool piece.
Why yeah, it's nice, it'snice. But Jordan, listen,
we are going to help you outthis morning. Obviously, you went on
a great first date and you're gettingghosted. Our producer says, you went
on a date with a girl namedBrittany. Tell me about this date.
Oh man, the date went reallyreally well. I'm in I mean in

East Hartford, and I went out. I saved so much money to try
to really impress her and I pickedher up. I did everything I needed
to do. You know, youopen the door, all the gentlemanly stuff,
and when I or she was justshe's this total smoke show. I
mean, like heels, She's likefive foot nine, still rocking heels,

and I'm like, that's right.Absolutely be proud and tall. She's gorgeous,
which is really so well put togetherin every way, just like her
dress looks good. And then that'sher personality. It always just it was
a good time. I had agreat time, dropped her off, and
then that's so far been it,And that was that. I haven't heard

a single thing since. Oh mygod, Jordan, you literally sound like
you're in love, like we needto help. I mean I might be,
who knows. Okay, so youreally want to see Brittany again.
You thought there was a connection.Obviously you think she's beautiful, but you
felt like there was also like anemotional connection. Absolutely. Absolutely. We

had a great time. I mean, good conversation, we had a lot
of the same interests. We're bothhard working and all that good stuff.
It was Yeah, it was great. So I'm a little well thrown all
right. Did you pay for thedinner? Absolutely? Oh, okay,
paid for the dinner, opened thedoor, pulled out the chair, did
everything you know to the tee.This is very strange. So this is

what we'll do, Jordan. We'regonna call up Brittany. We're gonna ask
her to be honest, and I'mjust gonna ask her how the date was
and why she's ghosting you. Areyou ready to hear the answers? I'm
ready? All right, Well,hang tight, Jordan, we're gonna call
your day Britney. Second date updatecoming up next. All right, we're
back. We're in East Hartford tothis second date update. We've got Jordan
on the line in East Hartford.Went on a great first date with Brittany

and he's getting ghosted. Jordan.You tell you told us Brittany a was
a smoke show, so she wasbeautiful. You also had a great connection
with her, took her out todinner I think somewhere in West Hartford,
and now you're getting ghosted, right, Okay, Well you gotta find out.
You're gonna be listening in Jordan.Anytime you want to talk to Britney,
feel free. Hold on, Okay, we're gonna we're gonna call up

Brittany. Hold on, Jordan.Okay, I'm nervous for you to dial
that phone too. By the way, the phones we used in the studio
from late nineteen seven and one.I'm literally trying to figure this out right
now, I know. I'm sorry. Hopefully that works. Hi is Brittany

there? And yes speaking? HeyBrittany, it's Courtney. Hey Brittany,
it's Savannah. You're on the radio. You're on Kiss ninety five to seven
this morning. Uh did I win? What happened? You? Kind of?
You won something? You won thechance to be on second date update.

It's a feature we do where ifsomebody gets ghosted after our first date,
we try to get some answers.Oh, okay, who though,
because like I I don't know ifI go out like a lot, so
I don't know who you're calling about. Oh okay, oh right then Brittany,
Jordan called us. Jordan said,uh that he felt a great connection.

You guys went out. He tookyou to West Hardford, a beautiful
day, great connection, good conversation. But now you're ghosting them. He'd
love to see you again. Sowe just want to know how the date
was for you. Yeah, uh, the date, I guess it was
fine. But like, okay,did he tell you? Did he tell
you what kind of car he drives? No? Okay, what's up?

I have the car. All right, yeah, explain he drives the car.
That's like, well over, Ithink the car is like twenty five
years old. It's like a nineteenninety nine on dusibic. It's old.
It's dusty, it's rusty, it'sit's so dirty, like I am shock,
how very okay? What can Ijust add the Brittany, was the

date in the car? Did youhave the date inside the car? Oh?
Baby? I mean I had tosit in the car to and from
the date. Okay, Well,Jordan's on the line. Is that you
want to talk to Jordan? Isthat the one that the only reason?
Yeah? That was him? Goahead, Jordan. I mean that first
off. First off, it's atwo thousand, it's twenty four years old.

I keep it well boiled, welltaken care of, cleaned on the
inside and out. It is farfrom dusty. I don't know about you.
When I was a kid, atwenty five year old car was called
a classic. That's not it.It's a Londa Civic, especially if it's
a hundred. It's not ground intothe ground that the kit makes it look

pretty classic on it? Now,doesn't it that? My spoiler looks pretty
classic? Okay? Brittany, CanI ask what would be like an acceptable,
acceptable vehicle for you? Not nota twenty something year old Honda STIVIIC,
Okay, I'm sorry, it's justnot up to my standards. Like
I get driven and I get pickedup in cars. My uber cars like

are nicer than that. I'm sorry, I just don't have an interest.
Wow, like that your car saysa lot about you, and I just
don't think that we will like meshwell in the long run. Yeah,
that I'm hard working, and thatI'm well polished and well groomed and still
classy. It's at twenty five yearsold, but it wasn't groomed. It

certainly was, it always is.I wouldn't have picked you up. Have
you looked at yourself? I wouldn'thave picked you up in a dirty car.
I don't get the statement, butall right, I don't understand.
I just I don't understand where we'retalking about cars when we should be talking
about the date itself, and likethe conversation you guys had and the connection
you made. Yeah, Like,I gotta say, it's hard for me

to get past that, like tohave a real meaningful conversation like I feel
like I was just like in likela la land throughout the date because I
couldn't get past the fact that likeI had to fit in that Oh you
know, you know, thank youso much ladies for your for your help.
I really appreciate you that it washelping me on this. We figured

it out. I think she isa she's a snob. She's an uptight
snob that I don't have any Idon't think there's anything wrong with. Thank
you so much for trying anything,But I guess I guess this this will
be a no go because I'm notgoing to deal with something like that.
She could get plenty of nice thingsbecause I don't waste money on a five
hundred dollars a month car payment,But you want to worry about my Yeah,

I was never gonna like go outwith him. I can't. I
thought you wanted an explanation. Idefinitely don't want to move. That was
plenty and you know, good luckwith that stick falling out of your bum
of a great day. Okay,okay, all right, well there you
go. That's the end. Hejust did. We got the answers we
needed. Obviously, there's not goingto be a second date. This is

not a match whatsoever. You guysare on two totally different wavelengths. I'm
glad you were honest with us,Brittany and Jordan. I'm glad we can
help you out. Thank you guysso much. I really really do appreciate
it, all right, Jimmy,keep us all right, all right,
keep us post to Jordan on theon the dating scene. Okay, I
will. I'm gonna go take myrust bucket out for a drive.
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