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June 4, 2024 15 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, clapping their
gums. What the hell you laughingat, young lady, mister Dunwoodie,
leave mister Dunwoody alone. I justshipped my pants. And why is your
woody done, mister Dunwoodie. Well, because I have to slap the shit.
I love it to wake it up, so it's not fun Woody Dunwoodie,

we're done, Willie. Stick afork in that, Willie. He's
done. I do that sometimes.I just never said my name, mister
Dunwoodie. Oh you did in amorning wake wake up slap? Oh?
I love that one, Harlan Dunwoodie. Yes, and he gets caught in
the car wash. I have toreplay that or something so funny. Maybe

we'll do it when we're at theBlood Drive next week. Our first show
at the Blood Drive is Monday atBillet Bob's, Texas, and we're going
to have a special guest joining us. Who's yeah, comedian Flow Fernandez from
there, and you know his friend, Moonshine. He's had like two videos
that have gone over a million views. Wow, Moonshine is huge. Moonshine

Moonshine. He sounded like a goodguest for this kind of a show.
Yeah. He joined us last yearduring the Blood Drive in North Richland Hills
and he talked about how he wasat this Christian bookstore and he came across
this little puppet and he named amoonshine and the rest is history. Let
me ask you a question about BillyBob's because this is only this is only
going to be my third visit toBilly Bob's. Really, where do you

been man? Cheap trick front row? Oh my god, what a great
night. Yeah. And then secondtime, I was backline producer for the
Bowe and Them Bowe and Jim showbroadcast out there two years ago. Yeah,
I do out there. Bought y'allsome Tomali's. There's a dude that
works at Billy Bob's. He's old. I would say he's upper seventy at

least. Yes, he wears thecowboy bandana and the cowboy hat and he
kind of sits out front. He'sreal nice. Talk to everybody. Who
is that guy? Do you guysknow? Now? It depends on where
you're talking about. There's one that'sby the stage. And then you're talking
about the guy in the front.It might be Billy Minnick. He's Billy
Bob's of Billy Bob's text. Idon't think it was the Billy, but

I think it was one of theoriginal you know Westerners that brought that place
up. You're not talking about RobertGallagher who does the backstage shit, are
you, no, sweetheart? Idon't think so, because like the area
where we broadcast, it's it's likea separate venue next to the Big Billy
Bob's concert venue. Right, we'relike at the dance floor. Yeah,
the dance holl the ones he usedfor like weddings and private events and stuff.

We're in there, So it wasright outside of that room. And
nicest dude. I got him someto Molly's too. I've been trying to
remember his name for two years.Well, we'll probably have Marty Travis,
or known as Marty the One ManParty. He'll join us, so we'll
ask him. Last time we sawhim was at the Texas Rangers game when
we went with right, yes,Jimmy and I missed like four home runs

because we were in line for concessions. And you know what, I don't
think they've still put any TVs upby the concession stands, which is where
they need them. They have themat certain concession stands, but not all
of them, and it should bebecause the old stadium had them. And
you go to the American Airline Centerand no matter where you are, oh

yeah, there's a TV for youto see the game, so you don't
miss anything. You could watch allthe actual and while you're gutting your hot
dogs. And I love that aboutDosseeki's pavilion. If you have passes to
go into the ice House and drinkand party in there, you can listen
to the concert and you can watchthe concert on a screen while you're standing
in line to get your damn Yeah, but I'd still I'd still rather be

in there watching the concert. Right. Sometimes I like to go to the
ice House just a chill for awhile. Do you remember your first show
Billy Bombs that you went to BillyBobs you grew up in the air area.
Yeah, Oh geez, I haveno idea. I couldn't even gosh.
I went when I was in juniorhigh. We went as a family
to Billy Bob's just to do thebig tourist thing and it was Lynn Anderson.

Oh yeah, it was so awesome. Oh yeah, I beg your
pardon. I promise you I wouldn'tfarting. I remember that one rose.
Yeah. She also did a songcalled how Can I Unlove You? Yeah,
that was her follow up. It'sa pretty blondet that just looking up

at her stage she passed away.I always liked her. I also saw
sticks there, and you have notlived until you've seen people two stepping to
mister Roboto. Oh yeah, okay, I swear I cannot remember what first
saw the first show. I sawit Billy Bob's because I've been going there
for years and years and years.What about will Rogers Coliseum? Oh gee,

oh Rogers? That was wrestling.Heaven, wasn't it that there was?
That? That was usually the Sportatoriumin Dallas. Sometimes they've had matches
there. God, it might havebeen Alice Cooper and John Maylee. Damn,
that was seventy one or seventy.I'm shit, it runs together,

yeah, I think. God,I don't remember. Even from South Texas,
we wouldn't come up to Dallas tosee shows. Now, my brother
used to always come up to Texasjam. Oh yeah, cotton ball but
I never came up to Dallas.I always went to Austin to see shows.
Yeah, was there any any showsthat came to South Texas where you

are? Oh? Hell no.Steppenwolf step Wolf's done something. Yeah,
but it was like past their heyday, featuring original member John k and some
of his friends who played music.Yeah, I saw Steppenwolf, but I
was there to see the James Gangcalled Big Joe oss Fan, and the
Games gang opened up and I stoodup on the railing and was applauding him,

and a cop pulled me down andthrew me out. Oh no,
but I snooked my ass back in. You did. As soon as I
saw somebody open the door, Ijust slipped in right behind him, went
and watched the rest of the concert. You sly little son of a guy.
Answer for you. Oh my god, what a day. What a

day. Tomorrow's ask us stuff day, and we always learned something not some
good email questions. Our listeners areso darn smart. Yeah, yeah,
we need to get together early tomorrowmorning. And uh, well we're powwowing
about stuff for next week anyway,and starting to equip up and all that.
But we need to get together andgo through some of these. Yeah,
there's some good questions in there,but y'all keep them coming. Man

two one four eight sixty six eightysix hundred. I'm so proud of our
listeners because they've been making their appointmentswith Carter Bloodcare for the blood trying a
good deal. I'm hearing from abunch of them was like, I got
appointment for Monday for Billy Bob's.I got an appointment for Alan and good
deal. Shirt nice said. Thefirst time I ever gave blood was at
the Bow and Jim Blood Drive twoyears ago. Really yeah, Allen Texas.

And they're like, oh, aren'tyou nice. Here's a shirt,
and here's some cookies, and here'ssomething sweet, and here's some potato chips
and here's some more canes. Theynever mind I worked there. I get
my T shirt free. I don'tneed any of that stuff, but I
appreciate it, and I was happyto give blood. It was ten times
simpler than I thought it was goingto be. I should have started doing

it a long time ago. Ohyeah, very important to do, especially
during the summer or during holidays.And I saw a notice this is we
posted, We reposted all the informationabout the blood drive last night on the
Lone Star Facebook page. Caugh Herblood Care replied and they said, Hey,
thank you guys, looking forward toit. And by the way,
f YI, the type of bloodthat we're most short on right now is

oh negative, oh negative, andthat's what I got. By the way,
really do me a favorite when youget a chance, type me the
addresses of all these places, becauseI'm working on getting some people to stop
by. Absolutely. Yeah, soI can give them the address, they
can put it in their GPS andshow on up hookers. I can do
it. Bring some holes and somejunkies and let them fight it out.

It's gonna be fun. I havesteel cage matches. It's gonna be a
fun week. Next week, we'retalking about all sorts of plans to bring
you a great set of live showsfrom the road, and the three of
us are talking about plans to kindof hop in the same vehicle and ride
out there together, which means we'regoing to be here even earlier than we
normally are. Well to prep upbecause you know, we don't want to

spend our gas going out there fora station event. Yeah, we areas
they have a bunch of bunch ofvehicles we can use. It's just a
matter of are they safe. Maybewe can get the station credit card and
they can pay for gas barbecue.Well, hell yeah, you know what

they compensated the expense credit cards forthis company. Know what they're called?
What you're gonna love it? Thepea card, the peak Card's what the
expense credit cards are. Why isit called the pea card because you need
to You need to use that creditcard because they charge us. If y'all
don't expense are expenses, I'm goingto pee on everything. I don't know.

A pea card, the purchasing card. Yeah, like you go to
Golden your mama, did I needyou guys to pay for this? Let
me give you the pea card?Okay. It sounds like one of those
strips that you would pee on.See if you're pregnanty. It's like when
you have a pea coat. Yeah, you have a pea coat, not
a petticoat, a pea coat.There's a Sanford and Son episode where Lamont

had a peak. I said,Bubble said, where'd you get that?
He said, yeah, it's apea coat. Bubble goes, did you
know that when you bought it,I am I still quoting Sandford and because
you love that show man. Wecan't talk about Sanford and Son or he
Haw enough on this show. Ithink we should boost up both. He

Haw. He Haw seems to bethe same flavor of humor to me that
we get out on this show.It seems to be he hash very funny,
except without the straw hats. Yeah, we don't have straw hats in
Texas. You know, we gofor felt more so. But what are
we pimps? I know right,I don't. I don't wear cowboy hats

because I look stupid in them.That's why I don't wear when you're in
high school, nor all your friends. Even when I was in ff A,
I didn't wear a cowboy. Somany of the guys that I knew
in f f A were like,hats, just cats. What about boots,
belt buckles, six gun nothing cowboyTexas. Oh yeah, it was

okay to bring six guns to highschool back then. Now, when I
was going to high school in theRio Grand All, you could go out
to the high school parking lot andyou would see rifles. Oh yeah,
gun racks. And I also youknow that I really miss when I was
in high school and you didn't remembersomebody's name. They always had the cowboy
belt the names turn around, lookover there you yeah, Bruce nice.

They think you're checking out their buns. Get their damn name. Man out
their name. Oh those were thedays. To walk to the TV to
change the channel. Oh yeah,click click click, and if if that's
everything, If the channel changer everbroke, you had to use some pliers.

That's right, click click click,that's everything, all three channels.
You young folks, you're going tohave to google that ship because I ain't
got time to explain it to you. Now. We have so many choices
and nothing to see. Yeah,man, how much time do we spend
picking out what we're gonna watch?Because there's so many choices, even though

it's half an hour or one hourprogram, and we spend at least that
much time picking out what we're goingWell, whenever somebody on social media recommends
a show, I write it down. I was like, okay, I'll
have to change. Sometimes you'll justclick click click there is not shit,
or go through like Netflix and AmazonPrime and go through no matter what,

not not in the mood for thatnope. Oh, speaking of Netflix,
bo I sat through not the newAmerican Godzilla movie, which is also on
pay per view now, but Isat through the Japanese one, which is
called Godzilla Minus one. It's Japanesesubtitles, and it's a new Godzilla film,
but it's done very much in theold style. Like remember the old

Godzilla, how he was kind offat, he had a double chin,
and he kind of that rubbery body, and the way his his fin blades
were on the back exactly the sameas the old days. But now,
wait, you said, Claire,you said it was Japanese subtitles. Do
they speak English with Japanese? No? No, se I don't like to
read. I'm sitting there watching.I don't want to read. Sh No,

my hearing sucks anyway, I gottahave subtitles on anyway, so I
don't care. But it was decent. Now, I think you've seen the
new Godzilla movie Godzilla x Kong.No, I haven't seen that one,
but I want to see it.Okay, it's twenty five bucks to rent
it on pay per view to watchit at home right now? Twenty five
Yeah, I wonder if it's worthtwenty five bucks. To not have to

get my ass up off the US. Know he's a god Zira allay,
well, double feature, I doboth, all right, I need to
get back into bed. I amtrying desperately to beat back some sort of
cold. I have to go seedoctor Kine today. Oh, we're going
to get rid of the forest,gud I sure, hope, so run,

I'm probably about two or three weeksaway from getting totally rid of okay,
but whatever, look at it andtell me something. And then doctor
Kine were very appreciative of him takingsuch good care of you. It's his
job. Don't worry, he's gettingpaid. Bo, you've kicked ass at
this, especially if I may foryour age, your recovery. Hell,

I know right, I'm an oldbastard. I think people around Bo's age
they probably have an average of recoveringabout twice as long as BO took to
get to this point. Oh yeah, something like that. Everybody who's been
saying what great shape you were in? Are you going like ahead of the
game in physical therapy? Well yeah, I have a lot of faith in
his pedaling in rehab therapy. Wellthat's what I'm going for so I can

ride my damn bicycle again exactly.I think all the bicycling you did before
you got in the accident, Ithink it's going to benefit you, and
I did a shipload of it.Let's do a bicycle built for two.
You could just ride and then we'llpedal in the front. My god,
if you guys get in the wreck, oh my god, it looks like
big dorks, but you'll look sweetupon the seat of a b Okay,

all right, all right, we'reout of here. We'll see you tomorrow
for AFCA stuff Day. Love y'all, Polly, ask your stuff hot.
I leave you some glaces so
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