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June 7, 2024 14 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, clapping their
gums. Check check check check twochick two sibilings, siblings, sibiling.
Have you ever heard anybody say thaton doing a mic check from Tom Hanks
on Saturday Night? Yeah, whenAerosmith was all no, just me.
I hear myself do it sometimes becauseI'm a goofy. Get well, who

made up sibilants? What the helldoes it mean? Hanks? Is that
a real word? Anna? Doyou know sibilants? Sibilants? I've never
used it in a sentence. Itsounds like a girl named Sybil who had
stuttering problems. I always like,go, this is a mic check,
mic check or check one two checkcheck check check Please if you grab your

crotch, that's a real mic check, like a Michael Jackson check. Yeah,
my check boy did a Mike checkearlier and he said Czechoslovakia. I
got a girlfriend who was checkers,but took her home to meet my parents.
But my parents don't accept checks.The jokes get worse, The jokes

will get worse. That's funny now, as you guys can see on camera
here if you're streaming us on theLone Star Facebook page. We got an
awful lot of Maverick's blue on thecamera. Right here, My two partners
here on the show are a big, big flag waving fans of the MAVs,
and we're all dressed up to reallyroot it on. Now, I'm

going to give you guys a littlegift, a little surprised, a surprise
you might have seen on Fox fouror w f A A this morning,
the fans that are already out androoting it on where they're gonna have the
watching party today ac and they've beenwaving these suckers around. Oh so that's

what my shirts say, right,I got that for bow Sea Fish.
Yeah, hold him up and showhim off, because we do have a
few extra these. You just mightbe able to win yourself one next week.
Yeah, move this out of theway. See yeah, matchie,

matchie, look at that. NiceThere you go. You guys can even
have an extra one if you wantto bring one to Toddring, one to
Deborah. I'll bring one to myson Clay. You like got to pray
to Saint Sebastian because man on paper, the Boston Celtics look really God,
shut your off, girl, shut. Luca brings it like I think he

will. You know, that's onething. Luca didn't talk any trash about
the Boston Celtics. He said theyare a good team. There's a reason
that they are where they're at,and he goes, we have to play
very hard to beat them. Andwho's this player that supposedly he has a
stick up his ass about and hedidn't have steps christ As Prezingis? Kiss

Kis asked Prezingis and he says,he's never even talked to the guy.
No, not chrisp. So therewas a guy that Bo talked about.
Yeah, who was that? Thatwas super early this morning. Yeah,
there's an excell one for Todd orsomebody if you want. Who was the
guy it used to be with theMAVs. It just doesn't whoever. It

was Chandler. So he said thatthere was bad blood between Luca and Persingas,
and Luca was asked about it inthe presser and he said, no,
I've never even talked to that guy. I barely know him and who
he is. Maybe he just didn'twant to start a ship storm. I
don't know. And does that soundlike a typical Luca behavior to you?

At all. It doesn't say hedoesn't hit me as the kind of guy
who starts a rivalry and you know, has a problem with somebody. He
seems like the kind of dude thatjust I don't know the court when they
were playing the Timmer holes, Yeahthat's different. Who's a crybaby now?
Mother? Yeah, he gets intothe guard. Even if you didn't hear

it, you knew exactly what hesaid. Oh yeah, And I'm not
even a lip reader, and Iknew what he said. You know what,
though, I love that he's thatfired up because so many times I'm
not going to name any names,but there are certain athletes in North Texas
that when they lose, are notfired up, are not depressed. They'll

go, oh, well, I'mnot going to say, I'm not going
to mention it. And then youknow it's just like, oh well,
next game whatever. Oh man,you gotta get pissed off. Yes,
thank you. Yeah. Coop talkedabout that when we had him on the
air this morning. He talked abouthow Luca gets into that zone where once
he gets going and once he catchesfire. It was very much like a

fire, you can't just put itout right away. I do want to
get this T shirt for boseephist thoughit's like, who's a cry baby now,
motherfucker? And and then in Sloveniait means that's a good game.
Did you grab any MAVs championship gearthe other day when we were talking about

it going on sale? That's whatthis is, Okay, Yeah, yeah,
those are super cool. I wantedto get you guys Boston towels instead
of MAVs towels, and then Ithought maybe we can all like blow a
snot into one or wipe our asswith it or something like that. There's
no Boston towels around good, andthere's not gonna be any Boston on this
show either. I am not playinga single Boston song. Bo has gone

full rebel and refused to play BostonBoston's band. So what are you gonna
do if Boston wins this set?Out forbid? Got yourt your mom?
Don't curse it, all right,I'm not gonna do that. Don't curse
it, and don't start talking abouta victory parade for the because that's what
Laura Miller did and she ruined allthat. Oh hell, Laura Miller was

our former mayor. Just like Iremember twenty eleven bow and Jim at hard
Rock Cafe for for the parade.Yeah, okay, let me see who's
on the phone here, Hold on, hello, Bowe and them show.
I forgot to ask you something.What would that be, Matt? First
of all, do you guys notlike Cooper's barbecue with the stark judge?

It's okay, Railheads much better,much better. Railhead got a line of
people outside early in the day,don't they. It's okay, you know,
and riskys is okay too, Butrailhead Hannah, Yes, Anna,
I bet you prefer railhead. Babydamn youtubeck dirt to me. Don't get

him started. I know. Idon't get him start create a monster.
It's probably too late. There's probablyalready a monster in his pants. It's
just my brother. Let's talk mybrother. You could be you could be.
No, no, no, notat all. Uh. The other

question was, do you guys stillwant me to bring you is the doctor
Pepper and Pickle or are we overthat? Oh? Yeah, I actually
try that. Okay, Okay,Well, don't do it beforehand. Let
me let me bring let me bringthem, we'll do them together. Bring
it out, bring it out toone of the blood drives, and they
said that it has to be theSonic pickle. It can't be just any
pickle. Yeah, no, it'sgot to be the Sonic pickles. What

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna havethem give me the pickles separately, Okay,
and then and then we'll go aheadand put no, actually they should
sit a while, they should sityeah, but yeah, but no,
no, but don't don't do itbeforehand. Let me let me bring them
out to you. We want tosee what the big dill is. Oh

that was funny. Oh goodness.I think Matt actually has an underlying agenda
here, Eric. I think whatMatt really wants to do is just finally
be able to say that he hasslipped Anna a pickle. Ah, how
do you guys do this? Soseriously, we're talking innocent little and you

guys automatically go to the dark sidethat so frequently, Well, because we
know Anna doesn't get upset about dickjokes like some women do. But I
remember when Anna used to fill inback in the day when Jimmy was still
there. Sometimes, you know,Jimmy would be out or Randy be out,
Anna would come in and fill in, and everybody was on their best

behavior. I used to have anaunt that was a nun. She was
a nun from the time she wasseventeen years old. I remember her wearing
her full habit. We used tocall it the penguin suit, and everybody
was on their best behavior whenever AuntJoan the nun came to town, and
she was always at Sunday dinner.And that's the way it was over there
with you guys, with Anna nownow of the crew that she's got me.

Yes, yes, it's both likea microchip that's giving an error.
Something like that is contagious. Howcome I'm the one that always gets blamed.
Your creativity in your sense of humoris very contagious, especially in the
same room. It's because Bo doesn'tsay it like lasciviously. No, no,
Bo. It's just like we're guyshanging out, you know, blow

me. I mean, hey,hey, yeah, he's not Harvey.
Weinsteaining it up here. It's justjokes. It's like, you know,
you can have a hug and it'sa nice hug and then there's the bad
touch hug. Yeah, and youcan tell the different the reach the grass

on the hook. That's a badhug, the type of hug where he's
gonna poke a hole in something.Huh Yeah, sooner or later, Fabric
is gonna wear a thin have agreat gig. Okay, So I'll see
what the blood drive next week becauseI know I won't be able to talk
to you. Which one are youcoming to? When? Can we expect?
Doctor Pepper and Pipers Alan, Everybody'scoming to Allan. Jenny is even

going to. Jinny's going to beout there, he was nice, ye,
yeah, And I think our boyDean Lewis is coming to Yeah,
I see, we hinted it thisyesterday. Bo's working on some special people
to come out and sit with usand be on the air a little bit.
And I guess there's a couple strongpossibilities We've got Monday flow, Hernandez
the comedian and Moonshine will be outat Mini Bob's with us, and then

Raj Sharma, our good friend thecomedian, will be out with us on
Tuesday and Irving Yeah, looking forwardto it. So all is Friday,
right? Yeah? I am goingto donate blood on Friday at the Allen
event setter than two if Matt ifyou want to join me at the same
time. First time I ever donatedblood was at Allen Event Center Bowe and
Jim Blood Drive two years ago andyou scream so loud they changed the name

of the Allen. Hey, ifyou came down the IC you so many
snacks, my god. But yeah, you guys next week we'll come on
out. Man. For everybody thinkingabout donating blood, I wanted to remind

you that, especially in short supplyis oh negative right now, which is
my blood type? Let me seewho's on here? Hello boy, them
show hey on Monday. Where areyou'all going to be with blood? Right?
Billy Bob's Texas? Out of BillyBob's. And four is that I
live on the other side of course, canund brown Tool Texas? That's a

little far you live that far?Damn well? I mean when are you
all going to be on this sideof the of the of the Uhlan or
Garland would be closest to you,Yeah, Garland, Garland, Pinstack right,
yeah, Penstock Garland. And thatis is Lost Colinas striking real reel

in Garland. And that's Wednesday,right bo, Yeah, striking reel,
Wednesday, striking reel Garland, Texas. How about that, brother time I
six. When the show's on,we'll be broadcasting out there. Come on
out. I'll bring you out somedonuts and some whiskey and we'll we'll get
some blood. Hell yeah, weain't the whiskey. Leave the donuts.

This is hag This is Merle.Merle. How you doing gay walking around
pretty good? Yeah? Yeah itis. I'm trying. I'm doing my
best. You could see for tenI'll y'all Wednesday, all right, come
on out, man, bye seeMerle let me back. It goes Merle

Haggard. Everybody. Okay, Soit's Saint Sebastian, right, Yes,
that's the correct one. Pray toSaint Sebastian. You can almost hear it
now, you guys. I did. Speaking of Coop, I can hear
that super excited, amped up onehundred miles an hour Coop voice when the
MAVs are kicking ass and maybe theycome through and become victorious. Right in
the last second you ever heard,you ever heard Coop voice, just a

total flip out victory before. Ohyeah, yeah, man, it makes
it gives you goose bumps. It'sreally cool to have him on the show.
He's real passionate about it. Yessee, he's been calling games for
the mass for years and years allaround the country. Dude to follow him
on Facebook and it's like, Hey, it's Coop and I'm sitting in a
really badass restaurant in New York Cityand I'm eating lobster, and then he's

in New Orleans and I'm getting laidand I don't know at all. He'll
be doing it in Boston here tonight. Yeah, he'll be back here.
Let's see. Monday is when we'reI think Tuesday. So Sunday is game
two? Are you sure? BecauseI think I think Saturday is gamed looking
see checking Sunday is game two?Oh? Is it? Yeah? And

then uh, Tuesday, I thinkis game three here? Okay, Okay,
that could be wrong. Oh,hell, will figure it out.
We'll figure that town's gonna be nuttingnext week. Okay, gotta go,
got work to do. Guys.We'll see you tomorrow for the Friday Show.
Keep it between the dishes. Yeah, they yelled like
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