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June 7, 2024 7 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, clapping their
gums. Oh we're back, howyou do Alekazam? See, you didn't
know what my T shirt was heretoday? I swore it's at Oklahoma City
and there I am on the They'reacting like an idiot. No Central City
Running Club? All right? Isthat Corsicana? No Central City? Superman

has Metropolis? Yes, Batman watchesover Gotham. Barry Allen, the Flash,
The Flash watches over Central Now,if you were a Big Bang Theory
fan, you would know because SheldonCooper always wears his Flash t sh okay
inga, it's not Flash Gordon,it's Flash that slash. That's DC Comics.

Oh, DC comic, No shitokay. And a lot of those
people with DC and Marvel are intown this weekend for fan X Dallas looks.
Oh it is Shatner is ninety whatninety one ninety town today? That's
right? Make some bank and Ithink it's worth the money to stand in

that line and get a quick meetand greet with him and a photos,
start a conversation with him, beprepared to stay there wise, Yeah,
really, he likes to talk whenhe's in the mood. When he's not
in the mood, he tries tobrush you off. Here, let me
sign this kid, get the fuckinghim. He calls a lot because he
always has projects, whether it's aspoken word album, a book, or

whatever. The blues album where meand Jimmy gave him a blues name.
What was it again? Uh?Sleepy Willie Hooker? Yes, because he
did those commercials about sleep Let mesee who's on the phone here. Just
to be safe, bowing them shoewhat you own? Hey man, I'm

trying to donate some blood. That'swhat I'm what I'm proud. Okay,
no problem. Well where you allat today? Well, we're not out
today Monday. Starting on Monday,will be at Billy Bob's Texas. Why
where do you live. I'll bein Miami Monday. Well when you're gonna

get back from Miama, Well,I get back that Miami and then I
go to Ty going back. Ido that every week, and I'm back
on Friday and Saturday. Son ofa bit. Okay, Well, if
you're back home Friday and Saturday,you can join us Friday at the Texas
Trust See You Theater in Allen whatis changed again? Texas Theater. Yes,

they change it too much. Imean Texas Trust is Grand Prairie see
u t X is basically the AllenEvents Center. How's Allen Texas for you
on Friday? That's good? Comeon out, well we will see you
Friday. What's your name, sir? Out? My name is Larry Watching,
Larry Watson. Yeah. When youhear from Skinner you want to hear,

I guarantee you. I mean we'llhave some skinnered for you all boss.
You'll have a good day if youwant to. I'm gonna sit down
and donate blood on Friday myself,right around ten am. So if you
want to join me, that's fine. Okay, and you are Hey go
dal that's al Hey, okay,I think I made you. I think
I met you up bear In uhright down, Power Sports, Davis Black

and Gold, Harley, Yeah,Ren's Place. Yeah, I want I
got I got bow and ma'am takeus to well Hell. Yeah all right
then awesome, we'll see you twicethis month. Yeah, we're gonna party,
yes, ma'am Harley, all right, we'll see thank you. Larry.

There, We've got you know,getting all these direct messages from so
many of the rascuals who have signedup for their appointments, so I'm so
excited. Say yeah, Carter Bloodcaredot Org is where people go if they
want to make their appointment online inadvance, right, Yes, Okay,
there you go. It's as simpleas that. So if you've got a
dilemma like Larry just had, youcan go ahead and make your plans now,

even though the blood drive starts onMonday. Okay, Yeah, we're
going to try to break records thisweek, you know during the blood drive.
Yeah, we want to get asmany people to donate as possible.
And it's so easy. I hadnever donated blood my whole fifty six year
old life until a year before last. Hanging out with Bow and jim in

Ellen. That's what we're there for. It's easy peasy, you guys.
Jimmy is going to stop by onFriday over at Allen. Well, Friday
is going to be nuts, man, We're gonna have all kinds of people
running around. Yeah, Dean Lewisis going to join us, Harry Watson's
going to join us. Also inthe voice of the Dallas Mavericks, Chuck

Cooperstein coming out. He is joiningus on Tuesday, so we'll talk about
Game two and what's coming up onGame three between the Boston Celtics and the
Mavericks. He'll join usd eight amhour on Tuesday at Pinstack Pinstacks real close,
so it's going to be easy peasyfor him. We've reached out to
do so. Hopefully Deus can joinus as well. Do we'll see how

it all works out. Yes,absolutely exciting. All right, Well,
we're still packing up stuff both proverbiallyand physically to get ready to go on
the road for a whole week.But we're going to be here very early
in the morning Monday to do thelast of it. And ma'am, we're
going to have a party just allweekend long. And then, of course,
once we get through Blood Tribe timeand break new donation records, we're
ramping up for Bash time. I'mgoing to be hanging out with the giraffes

tomorrow at the Fort Worth Zoo.It's a Raphael's fifth birthday party, my
great nephew, my favorite little guy. I'm so excited. Y'all. Put
on a parachute before you get nearthose giraffes. Okay, they're very friendly.
We just won't, you know,have food wrapped around us like that
poor little toddler that was at FossilRim. She probably went when she was

picked up. It was just alittle bit. He grabbed her and then
he dropped her in a mom's armsand he wasn't reaching for her, he
was trying to get at the bagof giraft food she was holding. Yeah,
and they have changed the rules atfossil rooms. So if you go
to Glen Rose now you can't haveany children or people in the back of
a pickup truck. Yeah. Openair is not a good idea. Get
inside a cab of a vehicle andthen you're safe and you can have a

You grew up here, bo,do you remember Lying Country Safari? Yeah,
that was so much fun and grandPrayer huh right off of I thirty.
That was on I thirty when theystill had the toll way, when
it was called let's see, itwas told Turnpike, Turnpike, dallas't or
Turnpike. Yeah. In fact,the place where the Rangers played used to

be called Turnpike Stadium when the Rangersfirst got here in seventy two. Stadium
turn Bike, Middle North Texas history, right, god, you sweet sweet,
all right, I'll gotta get backinto the Randy room, Okay,
stacking up in there. Yeah,we're gonna cut it short, but join
us Monday Billy Bob's Texas in theFort Worth Stockyards and all the other locations.
Please pinstack striking reel, gimme thewin dot com SeeU Texas Event Center

and also Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday. Yeah, Grandscape on Saturday, a
week from Saturday, because we'll makeit worth your while because we got goodies
for it, and you might geta thousand bucks okay, and we couldn't
use one thousand dollars heel year yeahhe'l ye, thank you. Yeah,
you could buy like a half ofa concert ticket with that, Yeah,
half of a Taylor Swift concert ticket, half the seats. Yeah, what

a bargain for me. All right, take it easy. We'll see you
on Monday at the Blood Drive.Okay, alright,
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