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June 17, 2024 7 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, glabbing their
gums. Warming here, it's alittle bit balmy, if you'll pardon the
expression, fall me or ballsy.Don't know if it's because I've been cleaning
out this file cabinet or what toget the camera over there. Let's look

at Jim's old corner, Jimmy's corner. Actually, Jimmy rarely ever used anything
over there. Those books have beenhere forever. I cleaned out everything that
was behind the kiss cutout. Therewas so much crap behind the kiss cutout.

Then I cleaned out this. It'scompletely empty and this is locked.
Huh okay, So whoever's corner thatwas over there, Randy's corner, Jim's
corner, whatever it was. Randyhad his own room. Yeah, Randy
had his own room. But ifit wasn't jim stuff, I'm like to
turn you to Pross. There wasa little bit of everything in there,

and I found a couple of thingsfrom Ted McKay. Wow, a lot
of paper plates, napkins, trashbags. We're in touch with Ted.
We could give him this stuff.What we're doing is we're going to make
that Bo's corner now, and Bois going to be doing his preparation,
which normally takes place about six milesdown or I think we're going to do

it from over here. And Idon't mind working in the studio. I
mean working here anyway, as longis it damn air conditioning's working right,
Yeah, okay here, our versaviceisall right, So we're gonna leave.
We don't want it too much tocrowd out our guest MIC for when we
have a guest in here. That'strue. And I think what they can

do is they can use that monitorthat's there already and put your keyboard and
your PC in there. I thinkwe'll be just fine, aren't you glad
you joined us today for the behindthe scenes logistics and technical work that goes
into h TV and Hoarders. Forsome reason, they have to completely gut

the whole goddamn station. Yeah,everything, everything on this third floor,
my office is from way over thereis moving in here. I didn't ask
for it too, but I canwork with it. Yeah, you're not
even going to recognize that whole wallwhere your office is. It's a lot
less walking for you right now,not that you're getting fantastic at walking again.

But it's going to be a loteasier for you once we get all
the dust settlement in here, whichwe are asking and begging for it to
be ready very early tomorrow morning forBow to come in and do what Bo
does. Did it No, Ithink it just slept. Yeah, he's
got it back open over there.So yeah, they are break room,

which we've talked about several times onthe after show here is completely gone.
It does not exist anymore. Theyhave completely flattened it. They're making it
smaller. It's going to be smaller. It's going to be smaller, and
there's going to be more people hereon the same floor. Like nonetheless,
like a quarter of it is beingturned into like little offices, like more

like closets than offices. Though,I'm going to miss the breakroom being the
way it was because it had likethis whole one wall that was sort of
like being in a diner, wasn'tit. You could sit down, there
was tables, you know, youcould get in big screen TV in there
to watch the news on. Andyeah, I'm going to miss that spot.
That was a nice little hang butlittle like the old breakroom. Do

you remember the old breakroom. Ican't remember it. Yeah, one end
of the building to the other.It was huge and then they made it
smaller. Okay, Well, there'sa lot of things I'm seeing here as
far as them redoing the third floorhere where we are, or it's a
lot cooler, like the view outof those front windows over there. Has

a lot to do with just theaesthetics of this place. Now it's it's
groovy. There's more sunlight coming in, there's less just you know, walls.
You know, it's gonna be nicewhen it's all done. It is
hard to work though, in thatcubicle world. Yeah, you know,
people start joking around and you're tryingto get a job done, and you're

working on your computer and you hearpeople, yeah, and they're talking real
loud on the phone, and youcan't hear your phone call and you can't
hear your brain. Yes, ofcourse my brain lies to me, so
I try not to listen to itmost of the Yes, does it tell
you? I can't tell you becauseI don't know if he's lying or not.
Hey, you know one thing weforgot to mention in our last break

Yes, go MAVs. Yeah,Oh my god, I still think the
Celtics tanked Friday night so they couldwin in front of their home crowd.
I have to agree, because thereis no way that they would be that
bad. Yeah, just all ofa sudden, we just kicked a living
shit out of him and almost setrecords doing it. It was crazy.

It seems like a really ballsy move. There's so much on the line for
both the Celtics and the MAVs.You think that to pull a move like
that just to be cocky and go, we're gonna let him win because we
want to finish up at home.Well, but I understand that line of
thinking. Why would you want towin here when your hometown crowd, you
want to win at home. Canyou imagine pulling some shit like that in

the NBA and then it turns outthat's the reason you didn't win the series
after all. Yeah, that wouldmake me very happy. That would be
fun. See what if I'm wrongand the MAVs just suddenly woke up,
Yeah on Friday, MAVs in seven? Is it possible? I don't know,
But Kyrie has always had a toughtime there in Boston because he stepped

on the Leprechaun. Oh my god. So the next game is what is
windy tonight? Is it tonight?Yes? Started to lose track over the
weekend. Game time is tonight.Yeah, So the MAVs could be going
on to Game six, which wouldbe here on Wednesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Yeah, and then or their seasonis over if they lose tonight.
Let's just hope for the best andpare for the worst. That's all we
can do. Yeah. Well,okay, well talk about in the morning.
Yeah, you know, we kindof got to cut this short.
We've got to bow up so thatwe can get it bow up. So

yeah, it's time to cow bowup and get bows stuff from down the
hall and bring it on down hereso that we can get him settled in
for very early tomorrow. Well,they've got to clean all this ship out
first. You need all that stuffout of the Yes, damn right,
and that too, and all thatship. It's like CDs because I have
a few well, I have afew boxes and stuff, and there's no

room as long as that goofy basketballhoop that we had in here and never
play anymore. We can put somestuff in the old Randy went over there
on the other side of the glass. All right, well we're gonna give
it hell. I guess we're gettingstarted now, huh, I guess.
So we'll see you tomorrow. Thisis gonna suck, but we'll see
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