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June 18, 2024 13 mins
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It's the after show decompression session doingwhat they do best, clapping their gums.
Well, all right, we areback here, we are take us
there to leave us well, whoopingman in the best way possible. Very
busy show today and a hell ofa lot of entertaining stuff. Well when
you get real busy like that,it seems to go buy faster. It

just zing's right. By What timedid you go to sleep last night?
Did you stay up for until halftimefor the MAVs game? I watched a
quarter and a half and that wasenough for me. I knew what was
going to happen. Yeah, Iknew they tanked it on purpose on Friday
so they could win in front oftheir home crowd last night. Yeah,
I stayed up till halftime and payingfor it a little bit. But I'm

glad I didn't stay up for thewhole game. Oh no, oh no.
I woke up this morning and checkedmy socials because I went to bed
like crazier earlier than I wanted to, but slept through the night. Woke
up and looked at the socials andthe first social post I saw was thanks
MAVs were a great season, andI'm like that's it. That's it,
it's over. Well, they didhave a great season, he did,

they really? Man, they werejust outmatched. Yeah, yeah, the
Celtics. They were the better team. In fact, they've been the best
team in the NBA all season long. Quite the machine, a lot of
depth to their team. They canbring people off the bench, and you
know what it throughout the finals,Luca, other than Game four, he

carried the burden. Yeah he did, He really did. And you can't
just depend on one person. Well, saw one sports report today that claims
that Luca was struggling last night.Did you see that. You don't agree
with that? No, they wereall struggling. Every time they would make
a shot. I was like,go, go go, and then they
would miss it. But then again, let's not worry because you know,

I'll hear the Stars and the masloss. We still got the Cowboys to
get us to the There's a surefirebet for you. You know, I
wouldn't even have to finish the wholesentence before this play erupted in laughter.
But it would be such a lovelysurprise if the Cowboys did just have an
awesome season and we want it alldog hadn't stopped a ship, he'd have

caught the rabbit letting that down.Your line is, if you hadn't stopped
to eat it, you'd have seenthe race. That's the comeback. That's
one named Corsicana is I'd never heardthat. Well, now you know how
to respond if somebody says that,did you know that? Ever since I

started working with you, I nolonger say of course I can, of
course, because one time I sayof course, I canna. It's all
your fault. I can't help whereI was from. What is that thing
that keeps going on? That isPC? Yeah, that's your computer over
there. We were going to haveto move you because there's this is two

cramps. Well, this is Italked to the powers of me. This
is only temporary because they're screwing upeverything. Every outside of this door,
everything is being beat up to shitso they can get it all gussied up.
Well, the thing is is thatwe used to have three floors in
this building, and then after thepandemic, they decided only one floor,

so we're on the third floor.They brought up everybody from the second floor
and from another building, so that'swhat they're doing. They're trying to make
the space friendly to everybody. Butthey're doing it in the whole building,
not just here. Well that's becauseI think they were you know, they
had remodel Envy, Model Envy.Yeah, they saw what we were doing.

They were like, well, wewant to be all Have you seen
what they're going to do on thefirst floor lobby? It's beautiful? No,
is there like photos of what it'sgoing to be nice and mod and
sleek and pretty. Are we gonnahave a little cafe down there again that
I don't know. I'll believe itwhen I see it. So we're just
day by day with this stuff.It's kind of like road construction because they

tore everything up on the first floorand then it feels like they haven't done
anything since. Right, Yeah,that's basically what it looks like. It
does. I don't see any movementas far as what they're doing on the
first floor here we you know todayup in the front of the building,
they finally put some blinds up.Yeah, but I'm gonna miss my office.

I had that office for twenty years. Change is inevitable, but they're
gonna fuck it all up. Sorry, So they are going to find you
a space space and this is justtemporary. It's just temporary. We moved
a few things out of your waythis morning, some stuff that was down
at your feet. Have you triedsitting down there again and seeing if maybe
you got a little more space tomove around? No, but I'll do

it tomorrow morning. Okay, Yes, we will be working tomorrow even though
it is Juneteenth, because you knowwhat we do. We take that day
that we work and we plug itin some words. Yeah, I'm right,
which is what we're going to dowhen it's Vaca. We're gonna take
June twenty eighth, that Friday off, and then we're gonna have the whole
week of the next July. Fourthof July. All three of us are

celebrating something very special on June twentyeighth, Anna's birthday, Hangover Day.
It's an international holiday. Yea nationalhall. That's right, it's in the
books. Can we can we putthat in for you know, what are
we celebrating today, Roberts Day?It's national Anna's birthday, hangover Day.

So make sure that you have areal good time the night before, but
get up and grind like a beastanyway at a really early hour of the
morning, and then you've done it. You've celebrated Anna, it's birthday.
Remember when you would be able togo party all night and then bounce back
immediately, And now it takes youlike a good two three days. Well,
that's because we a whole lot olderthan we used to be. Back

then. I used to do itall the time in New Orleans. I'd
stayed up all night and then I'dgo into work and just try to power
through it, then go home andcrash out. And did it in college
and then working a go to anightclub, stay out all night with my
coworkers, and then wake up,be on the air at five am.

Not a problem. When you livein a place like New Orleans, every
bar's going come on, come on, come in here, Come on,
you want to stay there long,come on, come on in here,
come over here, come drink yourfree drinks, you free your favorite bar.
If you were to go, likesay, for example, a long
weekend to New Orleans right now,which bar has to be a stop?
I don't even know which ones arestill there. A lot of the old

timer ones are still there. BigDaddy's, the Teddy bar where the legs
come out the window. I wasjust gonna say, I bet Bo would
hit Larry Flint's hustler club in thebig Come on, that was Larry flout.
There are some crab repella fash you'llneed when you walk through the door.

Call me big duddy when you're backthat. Uh tell me? You
all want to see who's on thephone? Yeah, just for shits and
somebody's listening. Hello, bowing themshow? Sorry, Sorry I hadn't turned
it off. I'm sorry about that. You gave you gave good morning everybody.

You gave me a trigger with superelastic bubble plastics yet to hear.
Yeah, here's here's Matt the cats. Did you know for the Bow and
Them shows? Okay, let's haveit. Did you know super elastic bubble
plastic was taken off of the offof the market because it caused cancer?
What caused cancer doesn't surprise me?Think of all the chemicals that were in

it. Yeah, there's there's hairsin our lungs and in our noses called
cilia. Cilia is what keeps goodthings in and bad things out. It
would eat the cilia. Actually,it would cause respiration problems. And do
you remember Bo would remember this Ao. I'm sure you do, Anna,

I don't know if you do.You remember Cox remote control gas engine gas
powered like those planes that you tied, they were on strings. Oh yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, exactlyexactly. The fuel that they used
for that was also carcinogenic, andthat's why they had to change everything to

electric. You get a Cox poweredremote control car lanes and Cox power cow
go ahead, man, god everythingCox Power, Thank you. I forgot
who the was c X You purposenot cock a doodle do anyway. But

if you could find a brand nameinsert here, car or airplane, there's
those things are worth the fortune thesedays. No, really, yeah they
did so. Wikipedia doesn't mention cancerat all with a super elastic bubble plast
No, no, you can't lookat Wikipedia. You gotta look up.
There's a oh crap, there's anews story about when it went out.

You got look, if you lookup super elastic bubble plastics. Uh cancer,
what do you call it? Notcancer? No? No, no,
no no, because that's not thefirst one. It's uh it says
cancer specifically leukemia, super elastic bubbleplash, damn dizziness. And so all
them kids on the commercial probably deadby now, well, because the main

ingredient was acetonecotone. Yeah, ohmy god. Well, then again,
we're coming from a world where Cocacola once had cocaine in it, so
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.But if you back in with the with
the super elastic, you had topour out a big old glob of it,
and then you had to roll thetube. And yeah, you had

to make sure so that if yougot too much goop on it, whenever
you took a breath in your yourmouth was always like inches away from the
tube and then you know, youwouldn't move it away because you want it,
didn't want to lose any air.And it smelled like it smelled like
airplane glue. Yeah, vapor lovedit. Yes, that was my interest.

That was my gateway to all thehard drugs that I did when I
was eight nine years old, Iswear to Godlane maybe that's why we liked
those little psychedelic bubbles so much,because we were unknowingly high when we were
making those bubbles. Well, likethe glue for my brother's model airplanes.
I used to love to make themjust because of the smell of the grid.
Did you not knowing it. Ohyeah, and mimeograph paper. Remember

that when you'd get a test itall you smelled it? Yeah? Yeah,
the purple so good. I guessI picked the wrong week to stop
sniff and glue. Yeah, that'sit. You ever see fast times at
Ridgemont High where they all get atest paper and they purple ink? Anna?
Did you know that these are safemarkers to sniff? But they now

have markers that are intentionally flavored withdifferent scents. Now you can you can
sniff a cherry scented marker or acoconut. Why would I want to sniff
that when I prefer the bad smellof the wild one? Gasoline smell this
way. When you get lung cancerfrom it and you cough up part of

your lung, it'll taste like cherry. Hey, upside gasoline and uh new
tires. Yes, I like gasolinetoo. God, who are you people?
Without knowing it? Wonderful? Havea wonderful day, and I'll see
you next day. All right,we'll see you the annual meeting cat awesome.

Okay, well we have a meeting, a meeting I just heard about
that. You know. It's like, uh, the bash and it's not
really anything. It's our tuneeenth meeting, and we need to get a game
plan together for next week because lastweek was heavy on our minds. This
week we're all about the bash.So next week is gonna come before we

know it. It's gonna be Mondaymorning again, and we're gonna go,
Okay, what do we do now. It's gonna be a tough week to
follow on it. We have plentyof time to figure that ship out between
now and that Monday. Okay.And you know that toy box is never
ending. It's kind of like SantaSack. God. The toy box today
was like a nuclear explosion. Yeah, we had some fun. I love

that Steve Vye story about it.That is hilarious. Now I've been toe
up in my day, but Ithink I would have smelled cat food before
I can eat food, cheese andmayo saying my friend, uh, Mike
Borland, May he rest in peace, bless his heart. But he was
in the military and he was stationedin Japan, and one night he and
his buddies all went partying, andit's like four o'clock in the morning and

they're selling burgers on the street inJapan, where he was based. And
he is eating this burger. Hesaid it was the best tasted burger he
ever liked. And he goes,hey, I'll have two more, and
the gun goes you like, hegoes yes, he goes he's cast is
cat bringing on? All right,Well, we gotta go. We'll see

you tomorrow for asking stuff day,all right, all right by
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