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June 21, 2024 7 mins
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It's the after show decompression session doingwhat they do best, clapping their gums.
An exhausting show today, I know, but so much fun just like
yesterday. Kind Yeah, This ClarBrothers are great. John Reep's great,
killed it. This Sclar Brothers area trip too. Man. We've got

we've got replays of these comedy visitsthat we've been having in the last couple
of days going up on the Boneand Them Show podcast page. By the
way. You can hear them onthe Facebook live replays now, and you
can also hear them on the fullshow replace. But specifically, if you
want to jump right to our funniesthat have come in this week, those
are going up as well. Clubman, what a crazy two weeks.

You haven't slowed down the Blood Drivelast week and now the after Blood Drive
shows yep, which are just asscrambly as the ones for the Blood Drive
exactly ramping up to bat. Wewill be on vacation week from today June
twenty eighth. We have the dayoff and then we're off that fourth of
July week, so we get torest up, sleep in. Yeah,

and don't forget everybody this coming Thursday, and a got a birth. We
found all of the blow up StevePerry sex dolls we could find. You
have got him. Got him atgood pounds per square inch for you,
so you can pound it all youwant to. Let's see who the Hello

Von Dame show. Hey, Ijust want to let y'all know it does
not tell you what color hair yougot on your driver's lisses. What's wrong
with y'all? I'm gonna say,wait a minute, I'm gonna look at
my damn driver's license because I don'tthink it says that. It says I
not. It tells you your heartand the color of your eyes. I

could have sworn, don't say adamn thing about hair. You're right,
baby, you are absolutely right.How about uh are you a redhead?
I am not. I'm a blonde. But send me some pre tickets here.
Why don't you just show up witha red hat on it? Maybe
you think that's how he gets awaywith that because he always mentions it every

time on the show. That's it, that's it, sneaky s o.
B He is messing with eye Tyler. Do you think he's pulling one over
on it? He's busting I'm ontelling him that I'm on tell him that
tomorrow night. I want to say, Yeah, you cannot get anything by
a woman. Don't even try.I know I learned that a long time

ago. Listen, y'all. I'mfrom Tyler, Texas. I listened to
y'all our heart. Y'all are amazing. You make my day all day every
day. Oh, you're the onethat's amazing because we need to force people
to listen. And you're the onethat's got the biggest brain out of all
of this. We haven't caught thatonce. You figured it out for Johnson

done that before? Yes, I'msure he has. Oh he mentions it
every time he's come in. Wellwait, I'm all mention that to him.
You see the mark you go.You finally caught on. See that's
a ginger for you. I heardthey were evil. Well what what is
your name? My name is BonnieReeves. And believe it or not,

I want tickets. And went andseen Stevie Niggs kustanding. See we are
the giving radio station, aren't we. Yeah, we're gonna be on with
Jeff k today like five o'clock hour. I think, Yeah, it was
a great concert. She is amazinglooking I hope, I look that good

at seventy, and doesn't she stillsound great? She founds she did when
she was, you know, ayoung, a youngster. I know she
was awesome. It was, itwas, It was a great concert.
I love this now. Were youat Winds Star at Lucas Oil Live?
I was, And then I hadto go over there and gamble and lost

two hundred dollars, So that wasan expensive concert for you. Then the
tickets were free, but the gamblingwas two bills, so you broke even,
You broke yet I did break even? Yes, I did she bring
out her music her voice coach tosing leather and lace on stage. If

she did, I was at thebathroom. Yeah, when you when you
gotta go, you gotta go?Yeah, yes, And I got two
T shirts. So I really didcome out of loser that night a winter
too, Bonnie. Thanks, thanksfor calling me, dear, call anytime
you want to. I will,and thank you all for answering. And
y'all have a wonderful weekend and havefun tonight. You got it, Bye,

Bonnie Sweet. I was in therest root probably yeah. When she
was at at and T Stadium withBilly Joel, she brought out her voice
coach who's from Arizona, Hispanic guy, and he sounded awesome, and they
did leather and lace. It wasbeautiful. It was awesome. What a

cool job that must be. Hey, what do you do for a living?
Oh, I'm Stevie Nick's voice coach. I go on tour with her
and I just sort of sit aroundand have fun until it's time for her
to warm up her vocal No,he said, I'm Stevie Nickson's voice.
Yeah, he had a great voice. But it just goes to show you
that even these great singers, theyhave to continue to work their pipes well

because the voice is just like amuscle. If you don't use it,
it gets soft. That's right.You gotta warm up the drummers vocal cords
mostly. Yeah, of course,I don't know when I'm gonna get my
legs back in shape, but I'mgonna try it. I got it.
I think you're gonna get around justfine tonight. But I want to remind
everybody two things about this evening.Number One, here's the times real quick,

and we'll post him up as well. Five thirty Gates, thirty John
Waite seven thirty sticks, nine toten foreigner, and please prepare for hot
weather. All right. Hydrating doesn'tmean guzzling forty eight ounces of draft beer.
No, that doesn't hydrate. Yougotta get some water down. You
go get some water, get someshade, and if you want to be
extra cool, you come hang outwith us to Now, the good news

is by the time Sticks takes thestage, it's going to be in the
upper eighties. It's going to bedand cast your eyes towards the skies and
check out that cool moon that we'regetting tonight for the very moon eight o
eight that's what you said, Okay, eight Central. Especially the people that
are on the lawn, man,they're gonna be able to see it big
time. Oh no, look atcool moon upper Oh we missed the show.

Shit, Okay, now we haveto cut this short because we have
to get a nap, because thisis going to be a blistering show.
We all got to run home andthen we're going to turn around and run
all the way back downtown and we'regonna hustle it for you tonight. This
is going to be a great night. Last year we didn't have a bash,
I know, so it's extra specialto us this evening. Yeah,
to have it back. We didhave lover Boy and Foreigner. That was

fun last year. Yeah, thatwas good, but it was super hot
because it was like latter part ofJuly. It was a scorch or.
This is gonna be much better weather. Yeah. Okay, hope to see
you out as the Bash tonight.If not, we'll see you back on
the show Enough show on Monday.We'll have Judas Priest tick in and a
morning wake up slot. Yes,thanks for tuning in. Bye,
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