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June 24, 2024 10 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, flapping their
gums. Okay, I'm to shakeoff the show right now and get into
the after show. Oh it wassuch a Monday for me. I'm so
tired. I'm always just I'm justnot worth a shit. I just felt
like I had a good night's sleep, but I'm just like not running on

all too absolutely impress me. Wehad a busy week at Blood Drive.
We had a busy week ramping upto bash Knight. Then we had bash
Knight. Oh yeah. Then Iget a text from Bo that went to
Anna and I going, hey,you guys want to go out and see
John Reevedus company. I'm like,where are you guys getting the energy for
this? It was so worth it. Saturday night was fun at Hyenas.

So tell me about this guy whoopened up. You were raving about him
early this morning. Name was CJ. I can't remember CJ. Landry.
He's from Louisiana, And right offthe bat, he he just killed it,
didn't he bother? Oh yeah hedid. Plus he said he's from
Homa. I know exactly where Homa, Louisiana is. It was just so
funny. He had everybody in stitches. And I think he lives here,

doesn't he He lives in Austin.Oh that's right, he said he lived
in Austin, but he comes herea lot, so we'll try to get
him on the show. He was, he was great. Homah. It
sounds like it's short for Oklahoma.Yeah, what was it? You used
to have a character from Homa ora Colorada. There was a woman that
worked for us in New Orleans andshe was from Homa and her name was

Aloma, so we called her Alomafrom Homa, and then later on it
graduated into Aloma from Homa with thestrange aroma. Then finally I came to
Aloma from Homa with the strange aroma. Won't you take that stink up to
Oklahoma? Of course, she thoughtit was great. She just loves it.

Sounds like a good T shirt inthere. So yeah. So I
showed up on Friday at the Bashand you guys were back doing a Foreigner
Q and A at the time,and there's this big group of young people
standing in front of our broadcast tent. They've all got white shirts and black
bottom pieces on, and it turnsout they are the student choir from Grand

Prairie ISD, and there they were. So I took advantage of it and
just like we're doing right now,through them on a Facebook live stream,
and we all jumped in there andwe let them perform for us. What
was so nice about having them performis they were kind of bummed because last
year, if you remember bo,they sang Africa by Toto in its entirety

before Foreigner took the stage, andthey were part of the whole Grammy Education
Foundation and they get a check tokind of like promote arts and education,
and they were bummed because this timearound they were only going to sing back
up to Foreigner. They weren't goingto be on stage know what Love Is?

Yeah, which they like knocked itout of the ballpark, but they
were kind of bummed. And youknow, when we told them that they
were going to be on Facebook live, their teacher, the choir director,
I think her name was Michelle Michelle. Yeah. So Michelle was like,
oh my gosh, we want todo this. We want to sing the
whole song. And they had beenpracticing it hoping that they'd be able to

do it on stage, so itwasn't wasted time. For the kids,
and they were awesome. They wereawesome, and they were suffering because before
we bothered him to get on thelive stream with us. They're standing out
there in the heat, no shadeor anything, and they're getting their whole
orientation from the too manager. Okay, you guys are going to stand next
to each other, and you're gonnabe one arm length apart, you understand,

And when I point to you,that's when you start seeing that's right.
And then when you walk off,you're gonna walk off on a single
final line. He's giving them allthese instructions and you can see the beads
sweat rolling down these poor kids.And then they finally get done, and
what we turn around and grab themgo don't go anywhere yet, stay out
there in the sun. Wat youon. Especially their choir director Michelle.

There was one kid in there,a little girl and just a stick.
She couldn't have weighed more than seventyfive pounds looking at her, but she
had the cool vocal parts and Iwant to know what love is. She
got to do that voice that comesout, you know, like a gospel
singer, kind of comes out abovethe whole choir and do that part,

so we caught her on camera too. You can still see all this.
Just scroll back on the Lone StarFacebook page to Friday and you'll see our
video. It starts with Jeff kjumping on the radio and then we swing
the camera around to Bow and Annaand the chorus and they were awesome,
they really were. And you knowthey're saying Africa by Toto and then they
took the stage with Foreigner towards theend of the show to do I want

to know what love is. Let'ssee who's calling? Yes for a grand
hello, bone them show. Yeah, I got a little bummed out.
I wasn't able to make it tothe bad Why weren't you there? All
right? So, I mean it'sgonna sound like bullshit to you guys,
but it's the God's hon his truth, because it's for God's on his truth.

But all this rain that we got, you know, a couple of
months ago, it put everybody uphere way back, and they all wanted
to try to I mean seven ofthem wanted to try to catch up.
So I had seven contractors on sevendays on Saturday, and so I knew

after the bash and then hanging outwith the crew afterwards and all of that.
I was just gonna be too whippedbecause I'm like bo, I'm an
old man, but he's aging alot better than I. They got me
on, they got me on alot more medications and drugs, and they
got that old boy on and I'mstill I'm still trying to negotiate with it.

You know, I'm navigating what affectsme, how and when and all
of that good stuff. So ratherthan got to take care of yourself,
take care number one. So youwere acting like an adult, is what
you're telling us. I don't knowthat I want to admit that to you
guys. Yeah, exactly, You'llnever want you'll never want to hang out

with me again. But yeah,I had I had made plans, and
I literally right up to the lastminute, I'm thinking to myself, you
know, I you know, Ijust know how I'm going to feel the
next day. And it was itwas hot that Saturday, and I just
said, you know what, thesmart play here. But I heard all
had a great time. We wereall in rere form and hopefully hopefully next

year, I'll it'll be it'll be, you know, on a night that
if I'm even around by then ifI'm even still around, you will be
yeah. Oh for god, Idon't know, I don't know, but
anyway, I just wanted to apologizefor not being there, and we will
definitely see you again. And I'msure there are other rascules that have some

stories. So I'm gonna let youyeah, and we will talk to you
later on. Have a wonderful day. I Matt, you're miss goes back
to cat. He couldn't make it, but we understand. Yeah, absolutely,
because he was gonna take Suzanne becauseSuzanne had been having car proms.
Suzanne looked great, Diane Shelley,everybody and Eddie Delaware, Tracy the balloon

lady in a while, and thenAlexis Curtis, a young girl. She
looks so, she's beautiful, younggirl, and she gives me this friendship
bracelet. I felt like I wasat a table concert. I was just
like, just so impressed with her, uh and her family, her entire
family. I thought that she waswith her grandfather as her uncle, but

she lives with her grandmother. Justa really really nice group of people.
Let's see who else we got here? Hello, bowing them show well.
I would have been there, butsomebody forgot to put me on the wheel
call. What what Daryl? Didyou go up there and and you weren't
on will call? No, Ididn't know. I didn't go oh emailed
and said, well, I beon low call. I wasn't going to

go up there and just stand thereat we'll call. What they forgot me?
No, I wasn't going to dothat. I think we had you
down. I thought you were goingto hook them up with tickets. Now
we passed it on. Yeah,I passed it on to the old department
down the hall down there. I'llhave to find out what happened there.
Give them a special thank you forme, snake, if it makes you
feel any better. I was noton the will call either, and was

supposed to be. So there Iam part of the morning show and I'm
standing out there by the gate havingto make phone call after phone call,
uh to get myself in because Igave my tickets away to somebody. They
and and here's the thing. Iwas stuck outside when Foreigner was doing their
Q and A inside, And therules were if you were going to go
to the foreigner Q and A,you got to shut your phone off.

You can't have your phone out.Yeah, so I'm trying to call Zach.
I'm trying to call a few differentpeople, and they all were following
the rules. So yeah, therewere snags and missus Bow had a little
bit of a problem, uh downloadingcheek downloading too. Yeah, because the
cellular was so overloaded out there withthe big crowd, she couldn't pull her

tickets down onto her phone to getin. So we had to deal with
that. There was all kinds ofsnags in the machine. Steve wouldn't there's
you. Yeah, that's all right, we'll hook you up next time.
So have you picked today when Ican bring a few animals to the studio.
We wait until we get back fromvacation. Yeah. Yeah, we're

on the cruise for this week becausewe're fixing to be on BA can be
a busy week this week as wetry to get ready for vacation. We'll
be off on Friday and then we'llbe off all next week when we get
back. Yeah, reach out tous and we'll pick a day. Sounds
good, all right there, Darryl, like National Serpent Day or something like

that. I'll say what I alwayssay at the end of my show,
remember to break for snakes. Andremember, if I don't make it home,
I will make the news. Allright, dear, we'll talk to
you later. Man. Alright,okay, I'm ready for an Okay,
yeah, yeah, we're a littlecrispy, y'all. Everybody, all the

rascules that showed up. It wasgreat. When I was walking out,
a friend of mine ghost, Ireally like the air freshener here in the
yard, in the lawn seats area. Because people are sparking up, I
go mora burning rope. Rope.All right, right, jo your naps,

y'all. We will see you tomorrow. Bye bye.
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