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June 5, 2024 67 mins
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We might it made it. Lookat you, guys, you look like
you were mauled by garbage pails.What are you doing? I found this
weird show. We'll turn it off. We got work to do. That's
what's weird. A cat shut itoff? Give me that. You're just
not doing it right. Huh.He's right, guys, We're supposed to
be working without distractions. Okay,Now, who do we have on the

line? Hey? Him? Mark? Mark? Great? And I hear
from you man, what are youdoing for a living? I'm a graphic
designer? Okay, sweet? Anduh Mark, what are you wearing?
What? And now back to thismorning segment, shorting in public. Nothing

sends the cats like the presence ofout of this world or a heart stopping
experience that defies man's imagination. HerbertWest is at the top of his class

in medical school. How can youteach such dribble? These people are here
to learn, and you're closing theirminds before they even have a chance.
He's brilliant, but a little weird. I've broken the six to twelve minute
barer conquered brain death. His experimentshave always been un orthodox. It was
dead, but lately they're getting ourfasts, and he's just made a discovery

that could wake up the dead.Berbert West has affected reanimation and dead animal
tissue. What are you thinking?How do you feel? You fifteen cecis
of re agents. Once you wakeup the dead, you've got a real

mess on your hands. Herberturn saying, of what happened, he had to
kill him. He's dead, notanymore. Herbert West brought a lot of

dead people back to life, andnot one of them showed any appreciations Reanimator.
He's too West. You'll never getcredit for my discovery. Who's going
to believe a talking head get ajob in a side It will scare you

to pieces? Okay, okay,I'm the only one in here that saw
reanimators. Oh no, I lovethem. You've never reanimators? Oh honey,
you got to see that. Myname is in the title Anna only
with one in this one that's Reanimatorstarring Jeffrey ko Ms. That's right.

And there was a sequel too,wasn't there. It was called from Beyond.
It had nothing to do really withreanime because there was a Reanimator too.
Okay, see, we should betalking about this stuff around Halloween,
But I figured, why wait?You were ready for it? Why wait?
Why? That's what I guessed themost while you were working from home,

because I like to surprise you withthese show opens that mean absolutely nothing.
But it's it's a glimpse inside thebrain of Bo Roberts, and that's
a dangerous thing to do. Ina very non boring place, we might
say, well, let's that's whata mere fork. Yeah about talking?
Hey, and it was a headthat was sitting there talking. Maybe David

Burn said, wait a minute,there's an idea for a band. Man.
Yeah, the dude in the movieMan, he invents this liquid and
it's glowing green, like a nucleargreen liquid, and he shoved it into
the back of their neck. Anddead bodies come to lie and they go,
Hi, how you doing well.They don't do that. They try
to kill you. Yeah, they'remeaner than that. So it's not a
good idea. Okay. Today isAsk Stuff day to day, where you're

gonna ask us any legitimate question andwe'll find the answer for you. And
we got some good ones on theAsk of Stuff hotline. We do two
one, four, eight, six, six eighty six hundred. We'll get
to some of those, and we'lltake a look at sports of all sorts.
Joe Pavelski is hanging it up andhe didn't get to hoist the Stanley
Cup. Breaks my heart for him. We'll talk about all that, and

then of course we got the freakingpool file as we celebrate World Environment Day,
yayay to be around of your surroundingsand do something to protect the environment.
It's also Global Running Day. Hal, no, it's gonna happen,
y'all have fun. Yeah. It'salso Hot Air Balloon Day. That's another
big hail. No Oh, I'vedone it several times. Really love it,

loved it really well. Y' allknow how much I love heights.
So I'll stay on the ground andwave at you when you're ascending into the
wild blue yonder. The best parties. When you land, they open a
bottle of champagne for you. Yeah, but then i'd have to change my
underwear that I'm listen. Y'all knowI can't stand HoTT I ain't cool with
hot time. It's Festival of PopularDelusions Day. It's celebrated on June fifth

because it was the day before DDay and the German Nazis had the delusion
that their third Reich would last onethousand years. They were wrong, as
we all know. Can you believed Day eighty years? Eighty years?
Oh my god, that is nineteenforty four, and that's tomorrow it is.
It's also National Tailor's Day. No, I'm not talking about Swifties.

It celebrates those professionals who make,alter, or repair clothes to make them
fit perfectly on their customers. Moderntailors have been around since the late eighteenth
century. Thank you Taylor's for allyou do. It's also National Attitude Day.
We hope you have a positive onetoday. National Sausage roll Day.
Oh yeah, give me some hotspicy mustard and I'm a happy made.

It is also National Veggie Burger Day. Well, now you lost me.
You lost me. Some of themare okay, those impossible, Okay,
I agree with that. I knowsome of you say it tastes exactly like
real meat, but I'm sticking tothe real deal. I'm with you,
sorry, vegans, but this willwill help eat the veggie burger. It's
National ketchup Day. Put a littlehinds on there, yeah, and maybe

you can keep it down. Ibought some Hines ketchup the other day,
and it's a new kind of itthat has pickled juice added in to the
ketchup. No, that's okay,I love that idea. It's okay.
And it's National Gingerbread Day, wellfor dessert of course, after you eat
your veggie burger or your saucy roll. Okay, Yes, it's gonna be
one of those days. And yeswe're gonna play choose your news or tickets

to see Deep Purple with Yes,August nineteenth at Dickey's Arena. Will do
that at seven point fifty. Andthere is a theme today you like themes
on Joo, you know. Andof course we'll give away some more tickets
to the Bow and then Bash Friday, June twenty first at Doseki's Pavilion starring
Stixon Foreigner. That'll be in theeight forty lone star ticket windows. Let's

see, there's one more thing wegotta do. Yeah, what is That's
right? Gotta do the morning stretYes, and I'm going to make a
declaration here today okay that some ofyou will probably agree with me on.
Okay, I'll tell you what itis later. That's why I said I'm
gonna do it later on to day. So if we're ready and all greased

up to go, have one ofthese Dallas What was classic rock lone Star
ninety two five John kV Steppenwolf,who you hardly ever see without sunglasses on.
That's just out you roll, that'strue. They shade Rescule at six
point thirty and it's time for sportsof all sorts. Dallas Stars Joe Pavelski

said he's hanging up his skate aftermore than fifteen hundred games and eighteen NHL
seasons. He told reporters he haslikely played his last game, so he's
kind of leaving the door open.Here's what he said. This was it
for me. It was known fora while. Probably I don't want to
say this is official, but theplan is not to be coming back.

The Stars lost in Game six inthe Western Conference Finals days ago to the
Edmonton Oilers, and that's what prettymuch made up his mind. Povelski said
he's gone through a lot of differentemotions since then, and he says it's
never easy on a decision like this. He plans to return home in the
offseason to decompress and work out thelogistics of his future. The sad thing

is, after eighteen seasons in theNHL, he never got to hoist the
Stanley Cuff Trophy and now that breaksmy heart for him. That's why I
was really rooting for the Stars towin it so Joe Pavelski could finally get
to do that. Poveolski has beenwith a team for five seasons and is
at the end of his contract,so he figured out that now was the
time to step down. He turnsforty next month, and that's pretty old

for an NHL player too. Hey, speaking of hockey, if the Edmonton
Oilers fan who flashed her boobs oncamera during the Oilers Stars Western Conference Finals
series last month wants another crack atthe experience, a super popular porn site
tells TMC Sports they'd be more thanhappy to give her the opportunity to do
just that. Well, they justjump at the chance. When somebody flashes

a boob, they're all over it. A representative for the porn Dude,
an adult website that snares over sixtyone million views a month, said after
seeing the woman display her assets duringthe Oiler Stars series, they want her
in front of a camera. Spokespersonsaid they believe her boobs were made for
porn, and they're offering her aplace on their famous porn dude casting set.

Of course, they're not the onlyones in the market for the women's
services cam so to, offering herup to one hundred thousand dollars to show
off her boobies. Even OnlyFans seemto encourage her to create an account on
their platform. There's only one problem. The Internet has yet to ida her.
But the Oilers did end up advancingto the Stanley Cup Finals after beating

the Stars, which means people lookingfor her could have somewhere in the area
of seven opportunities this month to findher out in public. Why don't you
do me a favor. Yes,see, if you can find a picture
of that, I'd like to judge. I'd just like to judge from my
show before I make a snap decision. You know what I mean, snap's
decision. I have a feeling there'sa whole lot of sports fans from that

area that know exactly who that girlis. Come forward, you know a
lot about her. Dallas Mavericks oneday away from their first NBA Finals game
in thirteen years, and the team'sGM is going to stick around. Nico
Harrison just signed a multi year contractextension with the Dallas Mas and has received
a great deal of credit for turningaround the mass after a disappointing season that

ended last year. He is aformer Nike executive behind the Kyrie trade,
and The's also extended the contract recentlyhead coach Jason Kidd. The NBA Championship
is about to go down against theCeltics. Game one is tomorrow night in
Boston. Now, before they boardedtheir flight to Boston yesterday, the MAVs
got hit with some tough questions aboutthe seven and three elephant in their room.

Oh, I know what you're talkingabout, So they went over that.
Christops is expected to return in theNBA Finals from a bad leg injury
that kept him out of the previoustwo rounds of the playoffs. Kyrie will
be facing his old team on theplayoff court and expecting a lot of booze
anytime he puts his hands on thatbasketball tip off tomorrow night, he's at

seven thirty. You can watch thegame on WFAA TV. That's right.
We're gonna say Chris step for Zingosthat we used to call bazinga. Yeah,
but if you want to get outof your living room and watch Game
one and Game two of the NBAFinals surrounded by thousands of maz fans.
The team announced yesterday they'll open thedoors to the American Airline Center tomorrow and
Sunday. Game one and two arebeing played in Boston, but the game

will be broadcast on the screens insidethe American Airlines Center in Dallas. Tip
Off is at seven thirty tomorrow andat seven o'clock on Sunday. You can
also watch it on Channel eight.Channel Eight's going to show It. Tickets
are ten dollars and are required toget in. Seats are general admission only
and there are no assigned seats.There is a limit of four tickets per

order, and all normal American AirlinesCenter policies about cameras, bags and all
that stuff are in force. Thereis no reserve parking available for the watch
parties. All ticket proceeds benefit theMAVs Foundation, which provides grant to nonprofit
serving women, children, and familiesand needs. Game three and Game four
will be played in Dallas on Junetwelfth and June fourteenth. In the words

of Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochi,the Rangers' bats were quiet last night.
Yes, you can chalk up anotherloss for your Texas Rangers. Detroit's Jack
Flairdy pitched five shutout innings before leavingthe game with back stiffness. Zach McKinstry
and Riley Green Homer and the DetroitTigers beat your Texas Rangers three to one

last night at Globe Live Field.Texas broke up the shutout against Tyler Holton
with two out in the ninth onEzekiel Durant's dunking single that landed between short
stop McKinstry and center fielder Green.Now Texas Corey Seeger went zero for three
last night to end a sixteen gamehitting Street, but with a sixth inning
walk, he extended his on BayStreet to a career high of twenty seven

games. Finale you this series,we'll see right hander Jose Udanya take the
mound for Texas against right hander kenamade up for Detroit. First pitch tonight
seven oh five. Can't make itout to the shed. You can catch
the game on Bally Sports Southwest TeamDetroit MLB Star sho Hey o'tani, you
guys remember this guy all the difficultieshe's had to go through. Well,

his interpreter, it paid me toHona pleaded guilty to federal charges were stealing
nearly seventeen million dollars from the DodgersStar. He changed his plea, He
changed his Here he's trying to coverhis game ambling debts and he got desperate.
Choe pled guilty yesterday, changed froma not guilty earlier. He told
the court he had fallen into majorgambling debt. Well, the only was

it was his interpreter. Yes,it was his interpreter. Excuse me.
The only thing he could think ofto do was steal money from Otani.
So Nutuara set up a bank accountfor Atani in twenty eighteen. He used
that account to play sports bets withan illegal bookmaker. He did that for
years with somebody else's money. Then, since Otani does not speak English,

Mitsuhara was able to take advantage ofhim and make payments to the people he
was indebted to without necessarily getting theproper authorization from the MLB Star. Now,
Mitcheara's sentencing hearing is set for thetwenty fifth of October. Everyone knew
he did it, so he decidedto go. When they got you by
the balls, your heart and mindwill fall. Another teenager will attempt to

make his mark on the PGA Tour. Fifteen year old Miles Russell will make
his tour debut at the Rocket MortgageClassic, Wich runs June twenty seventh through
the thirtieth at the Detroit Golf Club. Russell finished in a tie for twentieth
at the corn Ferry Tour's Suncast Classicon April twenty first. He became the
youngest player since nineteen eighty three tofinish in the top twenty five in a

corn Ferry Tour or PGA Tour event. Don't ask me what a corn Ferry
Tour is. I don't know.Russell will join sixteen year olds Chris Kim
and Blades Brown, who names theirkid Blade anyway. Teenagers will make their
PGA Tour debuts this season. Andspeaking of golf, Paul Emerson started out

the final round of the Canadian OpenGolf tournament as a fan, but spent
the middle of it as a caddyfor a moment that he'll never forget.
Really, this guy is a golfnut. The lawyer from Aurora, Ontario
in Canada, went from behind therope as a fan to carrying a bag
of Taiwan's golfer CT Pond for twoholes on June second. After Pond's professional

caddy was injured in the middle ofthe round, gets hurt. I really
don't know. Veteran caddy Mike fluffCohen could not continue the round. He
tripped and fell on the fairways ofthe third hole on Ontario's Hamilton Golf and
Country Club course. While standing nearby, Emerson said, you need a caddy,

I'll do it. He offered hisservices to carry Pound's bag and Paan
took him up on it. Nextthing he knew, Emerson was sliding an
official caddy bib over his red Master'sT shirt for a happy Gilmore moment of
going from the crowd to shouldering golfclubs for a famous golfer. The self
proclaimed golf nutt got the thrill ofa lifetime as he slipped inside the ropes

and went from spectator to caddy walkingup the fairway to the third hole.
He also popped up on the televisionbroadcast and some people saw him and recorded
it. So he goes over totheir house and watches it. Now that's
pretty cool, Hi, mom,look at me. I'm carrying golf club.
Get ready. The Freak Fool Fileis next on the bow and them

show be Afraid, be very afraid. Jalloice, what was classic rock A
lom Star ninety two five or Philcollins Man. He's not doing well health
wise the back. Yeah, it'svery frail, I know. And if
he does perform, he has tosit down. And his son is playing

drums for him. I saw apicture of him on social media just yesterday
and he's in a wheelchair. Ohreally bad. Okay, our first round
of as good stuff is coming uphere, but now it's time for the
Freaking fool File. An online shophas started selling women's worn panties, dirty
socks, and used tampons, nettingthe seller's healthy additional incomes of a lot

of money. That's gross, butyou know, like I've said before,
it doesn't matter how twisted or effedup something is, there's always some guy
going yeah, all right. Thewebsite is called Sububis, which means underwear
in Latin. Sububis means underwear andLatin, and it's founder, a thirty
two year old woman who wishes toremain anonymous, set the business up to

sell lingerie and underwear worn by variousmen and women in October of twenty twenty
one, and she's been raking itin. She also reportedly sells used bras,
socks, and shoes now. Apair of worn female panties goes for
about one hundred and twenty dollars,she's while a pair of dirty socks goes
for about forty four dollars, dependingon how much you want to spend and

how perverted you are stinking them.Where do perverts get all their money?
Guys? I don't know. Dothey get a paycheck for being a pervert?
I think so. Anonymity was notguaranteed and that put many people off
who were supplying the items. Infact, a friend of the woman reportedly
told her that she was stalked bya buyer on Instagram after selling a pair

of her used dirty panties to them. I don't know how he found out
where they came from, but theexperience reportedly scared her so much she stopped
selling these items online and washing herclothes from now for her but the founder
said that she does not want tosell her own items on the platform,
saying it would be too intimate forme. Oh, which you'll sell other

people's dirty panties and soft Yeah.The website reportedly only has male buyers at
the moment. Duh, surprise,surprise. Oh, that reminds me of
the first season of Orange is theNew Black, where one of the main
characters sells her dirty underwear oline.Algerian man was recently convicted for indecent behavior

and sentenced to two months behind barsfor hugging random people on the street.
What he said he did it tospread peace and positivity, but apparently he
was freaking people out. Mohammed Ramsey, a thirty something blogger from Algeria,
sparked outrage in his home country bybust me, a TikTok video inspired by
a popular European blogger who became famousfor social experiments like hugging random people on

the street. Only that kind ofthing is apparently frowned upon in Algeria,
and people on the street did notdig it at all. I wouldn't like
it if someone came up and triedto hug me for no reason. You
don't know what their intention is,and you don't know if they stink or
not. Yeah. Last year,a court found him not guilty on all
charges, but his case was thenreferred to the Algerian Judicial Council after prosecutors

appealed the decision, and this timehe was found guilty. Prosecutors charged Romsey
with indecent behavior for his public huggingclip and with display of indecency for another
video that featured two girls wearing shortskirts, one of which also had a
tattoo. Ohoa, no, nota tattoo. According to the court's decision,

Romsey asked to spend two months injail, and he also has to
pay a fine of five million dinars, which is equivalent of thirty seven thousand
US dollars. That's a pretty goodfine, man, I don't care how
much you got. I heard ofpeople standing out in public with a sign
that says free hugs, but neverrunning up and just helping yourself. Yeah
that's not cool. Yeah. FromAlgeria to China, a fifty six year

old man in China has been showingremarkable perseverance over the last forty years,
but it appears he's finally ready togive up on his dream. His dream
is to go to college and toactually pass the freaking entrance exam into said
college. He has failed it forthe twenty seventh time in a row.
He's a good test taker, yYeah, I mean the National College Entrance

Examination is required for all students overthere in China who want to go to
college, no matter which college theywant to go to. Liangshi took it
for the first time and he wassixteen, and he failed it. He's
fifty six now and still frustrated.He went on to take it twenty six
more times. He's still failed everytime. He recently received the score on
his latest test. He was close. You got to make a four to
fifty to pass. He made afour to twenty four. At fifty six

years old. He's going to takesome time to think about whether he wants
to keep trying or whether he wantsto give up. You know, Judge
Smiles from Caddyshack at this point wouldsay, well, the world needs ditch
diggers, so good luck to him. He's not the only one who's failed
this exam over in China, buthe's the only one who's failed it over
two dozen times. Yeah, Iguess they do need ditch diggers. Give

it up, and Elon Musk hasmade the freaking fool file. No,
okay, listen to this. Okay, he hooked up a remote Amazon tribe
to the Internet, and then thecommunity's young men got hooked on porn.
They had never seen porn before.Doesn't he know the Internet is for porn?

Yes? The mar Ubu tribe celebratedwhen they got the Tesla founder's starlink
service nine months ago, but nowthe elders say things have turned ugly,
with some men sharing explicit videos ingroup chats and displaying aggressive sexual behavior.
The women in their village aren't usedto being hit on so much by horny

young tribesmen, and it's kind offreaking them out a little bit, that
is all, but the local prostitutes, who must keep their line of work
secret from the tribal elders or they'llface punishment. But they're raking in the
dough and it's not just X ratedcontent. The elders complain that their children
are now playing violent shooter video games, chatting with strangers online, and are

addicted to their cell phones just likethe rest of the world. Still,
the tribe admits the internet connectivity hasalso been a blessing, allowing them to
reach out for help and emergencies,giving them access to educational resources and connecting
them with family far away. Welcometo the modern world, but now all
the young men in the tribe arehooked on pornography. Thanks muskie, you've

done it again. All right,Our first round of yes stuff coming up
next? Hey, can you stopBow from a grand slam? He's had
three of them coming up next hour. Choose your news with a theme for
your shot to win tickets to seeDeep Purple and Yes Monday, August nineteenth
at Dickey's Arena and fort Worth.You picked the story that Boe just made
up, and you win. That'snext hour at seven to fifty right here

on the Bow and Them Show onDallas fort Worth's classic rock lone Star ninety
two five lone Star ninety two five, Dead or alive, The show must
go on. Oh yeah's gourd'll bea lot more interesting if we were live,
don't you know? Okay? Sotoday is ask Us Stuff Day,
the day where you can ask usany legitimate question, and of course we

have the Ask of Stuff Hotline twoone, four, eight, six,
six, eighty six hundred. Wegot some good ones today. Are we
ready? You ready? And bellI am ready? All right? Everybody
here is the first question. Andthis is actually pretty interesting. Listen to
this hell, y'all. As theTV season comes to a close, I

just got the wondering, are thereany spin off of a spinoff show that
actually made it? Oh? Waita minute, All in the Family spun
off MAUD and didn't mod spin offthe Jeffery Show. Yes, so spin
off of a spinoff. We're gonnastart with Happy Days, believe it or
not. Happy Days was a spinoff of Love American Style. Yes,

I used to watch that all thetime, and it produced spinoffs like la
Vernon, Shirley More, and Mendyboth successful, and then Joni Loves Tauchi
not so successful, and Good Timeswas the spin off of Maud, which
was a spin off of All inthe Family. And then look at all
the spinoffs from NCIS and Law andOrder that were also spinoffs spin offesome spinoff?

Yes, all right, there yougo. Here's another. What happened
to the fiftieth anniversary of the WoodstockFestival? Why did it fall apart?
What happened? Why did it didnot come to fruition so to speak?
You know, that was supposed tobe big event and nothing happened. So

I'd like to know the logistics behindit and what happened. Okay, well
here's basically what happened. The organizersof Woodstock fifty announced the cancelation of the
event in a press release. Representativessaid unforeseen setbacks made it impossible to put
on a festival we imagined with agreat lineup we had booked and the social
engagement we were anticipating. I meana lot of the original performers, they

were going to have some of thosethere, they're either dead or retired,
and other bands had tours going onthat they were making money off of,
and they said, no, wejust don't have time. So that's why
there's no Woodstock fiftieth Anniversity, whichwould have been in twenty nineteen. Yes,
but there was a box set releasedby Rhino Records. Yeah, even

though they didn't have the festival.No, they even have the festival,
but they'll still give you something tobuy. Oh yeah. Right. In
the song Running with the Devil,David Lee Ross seeing about a lot love
in Korea, You've got no love, got no love in Korea? What's
Korea got to do with any Korea? That's not what he says. There

is no mention of Korea at all. In the song Running with the Devil,
it's I got no love, Nolove, you'd call real. It's
not Korea, it's you call real. Yeah, call real. You know
if I guess, if you're high. It does not sound like in Korea.
What is Korea have to do?I don't know. I thought he
was saying love you, conrio,conrio, call reel. I was high

as a high school student that Iwas hockey the bride and bride. Okay,
here's one. This is a sportsone. Why in particularly hockey and
football, the player had but thekicker or the goalkeeper when they do a
good job. What is it withthe banging of the helmets as a kicker
and the goalkeeper. Well, it'sbasically, you answered the question. It's

just a way of saying good job. Yeah, I was just to pump
up your teammates like a high fivewith the forehead. I think it's so
that they can look at each otherin the eye and say that was awesome.
Yeah. Tom Brady used to doit all the time. And also
it's just a way of saying goodjob, man, keep it up,
keep it up. See as forthat one, pretty quickly these heps.
Okay, here you go with anotherone. Yeah, I'd like to know

what's the most expensive tickets you've evergiven away? Oh, the most expensive.
We've given away a lot of ticketsover the years. But last year,
bo, remember when we gave awaythose three day VIP tickets to power
Trip in California. Oh yeah,ac DC, Guns and Roses Metallica were
all there. Well, that packagewas worth two thousand, nine hundred and

ninety nine dollars. That's a lotmost expensive tickets we ever gave away.
WHOA see, not bad because Iwas trying to think. Geez, I
don't know. Tickets are kind ofexpensive anyway, but that's right. It
was best thing in California. Acouple of hundred bucks worth of shot.
And that was just a VIP packagefor the tickets that did not include the

hotel stay and the air for allthat stuff. You had to find a
place stay and get your own it. Ye. Yeah, okay, here's
one that kind of made me laugh. I was just curious with all the
way mattresses are unfale, what's theactual price of a mattress? Yeah,
I mean they're always having a MemorialDay sale. July fourth sale. All
mattresses, there is no one sizefits all price tag for a quality mattress.

You can spend as little as twohundred and fifty dollars as much as
thirty five hundred dollars on a newbed. Some can even run as high
as eight thousand and five hundred dollarsfor a mattress. Many factors contribute to
a beds price. The mattress size, materials used, country of manufacturing,
more, and ultimately guardrails to findingthe best mattress for you are bound by

price. Because there's so much variancein price from size to size and material
to material, it can be difficultto get a basic grasp of a price
ranged you expect. For a quickestimate, it's helpful to just compare price
ranges from each category of matches.So basically there's no really set original price.
Yeah. Yeah, they's always changingthem here and they're always on sale,
yes they are, yes, yeah, all right, got time for

another one here and go ahead.Why did the cowboys change from the man
on the horse to the star ontheir helmets? And when was the day?
Do you remember that little guy onthe horse with the cowboys helmet?
Yes? That was from nineteen sixty. It was an alternative symbol. But
when you look up the original logofor the Dallas Cowboys helmet, it's always

been the star. The first andoriginal logo created for the Cowboys, designed
back in nineteen sixty when the teamfirst formed. It was a simple navy
blue star with clean lines on awhite helmet. Remember, yes, okay,
the logo was paying tribute to thecowboys home state of Texas, the
lone Star state. And then innineteen sixty four, jack Es Gridge made
a change to the logo, addingthe white border alone on the line of

the star. Oh and then andhe gave it like a three D touch.
That was in nineteen sixty four.But the cowboy on a horse carrying
a football, and the colors thatwere used were blue and white. We
all saw that logo, but itwas only used in the early sixties and
not on the helmet. Apparently.Oh interesting, see you learn something every
day up here, don't dry Absolutelywait a minute, Wait a minute,

hold it? Hold what? Ohokay? No, uhh no, no,
they played the sword verson. Iam no, I'm not playing another
Boston song until the NBA Finals areall Oh boy, not playing any song
by Boston. They can all kissmy Tom Shultz can test it first,

because I ain't playing anymore Boston.Sorry, ain't Heddn and y'all it ain't.
Now. I'm a rebel and I'llnever be any good. Okay.
If you guys think I'm gonna bethe one to jinks the Dallas Mavericks by
playing a song by Boston, youare sadly mistaken. I can do without

the band anyway. Hey, doesthis mean that you're not going to be
watching any shows that are set inBoston like Cheers Cheers? I love the
show, but I'm not gonna watchany reruns of Cheers Boston. No,
no, no, no, ithas Boston and title forget it. Yeah
No, Ally mcbeil, I knowhow much you love that one. I
never missed an episode, but I'mnot watching another rerun of Ally McBeal.

Then Boston. She's someone else's problemnow, Okay, ask the stuff day.
It's some email questions we got comingin. One was what famous band
together for the shortest time. Therehave been a lot of bands that weren't

together very long. Cream was theone that broke my heart. Yeah,
I loved they were only together threeyears. The sex Pistols hold that the
sex Pistol they were only together fortwo and a half years. Behind them
is the Jimmy Hendricks experience. Wow, the Runaways and Nirvana. Okay,
they were together for the shortest periodsof time. Nirvana was four years passed

away. That's it all right?You got another one from me? Yeah,
Rodney emailed he wants to know withall the crazy weather that we've had,
are there other planets besides Earth thathave tornadoes or thunderstorms? Got a
cool question? Is now the onlyplace is in the Solar System that might
experience true tornadoes Saturn, Saturn's largestmoon, Titan, and Jupiter. Now,

Titan is known to have intense methanethunderstorms, so I guess there's there
a lot of farting. Yeah,thunderstorms are common on Jupiter. These storms
are deep and very intense, producingpowerful lightning and hailstones of ammonia and water.
The red spot on Jupiter. That'sa continuous storm that kid and Mars

experiences dust devils miniature tornadoes that formand move across the surface of Mars.
Have you ever seen some of thoseon YouTube? They look kind of creepy
but kind of cool. Yeah,I'm fascinated. I don't know if I'm
ready to visit yet. Oh,I'm not fascinated enough to. Jimmy would
have he was. He wanted tobe the first guy to colonize Mars.

That's a son. You realize ifyou go, you ain't coming back.
Yeah, they don't have a shuttleservice to and from the Red Plan.
Here's your hat? What's your hurry? Yeah? Exactly, exactly. Uh,
here's one. Do Amish people needhorse and buggy insurance? No,
because a horse and buggy isn't motorized. Yes, bicycles. You don't really

need a driver's license or insurance.But you gotta follow the rules of the
road, don't. Those Amish buggieshave license plates on the back. That's
probably just to keep track of themif they, like, you know,
break the laws. They don't needinsurance if they're speeding. Yeah, you
know what goes clop clop clock bangclop clop clop. An Amish drive by

shooting. That's the worst joke I'veever told. All Right, Oh,
here's here's a question. We didn'tget to. This is kind of coolrel
lickety split lickety split is actually anadverb that means a great speed moving rapidly.

The origin of lickety is an extensionof lick, which means to move
quickly, to run at full speedin the lick of time, which turned
into the nick of time. Oh, okay, and split means fraction,
as in a split second. Licketysplit entered the English language in the first
half of the nineteenth century. Wow, check this out, you guys.

There's a roller derby skater here inDallas and her skate name is lickety split
tail. Those roller derby girls comeup with the greatest name. Do you
see Whippen? Did you ever seeWhippen? Yes? I love that.
Bloody Holly was one of my favorite. Okay, get ready because we got
another installment of did you know next? On the ball? And then Joel,

you know, the first time Iever heard the word kasba is in
a Pepila Kew cartoon where he says, come with me to the kasba.
I didn't know what a kasba was. Oh no, but Pepula pew.
He's not politically correct because he justadvanced himself on women. Yeah, it's

a cartoon. Okay, cartoon youcan get all said over hashtag me too.
Yeah. Coming up, we're gonnaplay h choose your news for tickets
to see Deep Purple And Yes,but now it is time to smarten you
wish Midgion, and to educate youjust a little bit. It's time for
the educational Paul of the show.It's time for war. Did you know

here's some facts you didn't know butyou soon will. For example, did
you know there is a half ofone percent chance that you're related to Ginghis
Khan? Really? Gingha's Khan bangedeverything that moved, and so he banged
so many women that there is achance you could be related to him even

to this day. Wow. Yeah, that's something to think about. Did
you know gallon for gallon black HPPrinter Inc. Is about fourteen hundred times
more expensive than crude oil? Really, Jesus ink? Did you also know
power for pound hamburger meat costs morethan a new car? Oh? Wow,

pound for pound though, you gottathink of that. Did you know
ten percent of all the photographs evertaken since photography was invented were taken in
the last twenty months. I believepeople sealthy. I don't take that tounthan
I don't take a healthy I'm gonnatake a picture with this doll over here.
I'm not food, that's right.Did you know the name Jessica,

I have a daughter named Jessica,was made up by Shakespeare for his play
The Merchant of Venice. He justmade it up. He just made it
up. Before that, there wasno Jessica, but no Jessica, just
the same the name Wendy. Nobodyever was named Wendy until Peter Pan came
in, no kidding, the firstWendy. Yes. Did you know Puerto

Rico has more American citizens than twentyone US states, but they aren't allowed
to vote in US presidential elections.Did you know the world capital of penis
in largements is Germany. About eightout of every one hundred thousand adult Germans

get the procedure. No wonder theywere so mad. Exactly in the world.
Bittler's was made crooked. That's whyhe was so pissy. Did you
know scientists have actually studied to seeif our reality is a computer program similar
to the one in the matrix.That's crazy. Now you're blowing my mind,

but I don't want to know.Well, that's what this part of
the show is for. Did youknow a snail's pace? You ever wonder
what a snail's pace is? Asnail's pace is exactly point zero zero zero
three six two zero zero five milesper hour. That's pretty slow. That's
pretty damn flow. I hope he'sright lane exactly, Galloway. Did you

know the Empire State Building gets struckby lightning about five hundred times a year
because it's so tall? Did youknow? Oh, Charlie Brown and the
Gang of Peanuts characters were first animatedin nineteen fifty seven for a Ford Fair
Lane TV commercial. It was acommercial. Did you know? And Anna,

you can attest to this. Womenalmost always turn right when they enter
a department store. That's true becausethat's where all the shoes and handbags are
a lot. Yes, yes,Did you know the white part of your
fingernail is called the luna. That'sthe one right there park with cuticle.

Yeah, that's the lunia. Didyou know in the fifteen hundreds, most
people only took a bath once ayear. They usually bathed in May.
Weddings were almost always in June,so the bride wouldn't stink so bad by
that time, in case she smelleda little ripe by then, the bride
would carry a bouquet of flowers tohide her funky smell. That's where carrying

a bouquet came from. I'll bedamn and now you know I love your
features on a shake your tree.All there you go. That was Horse
Classic Rock lone star ninety two fiveon the Boston list Bow and Them show

not playing any Boston at all,at least until after the NBA Final.
That'll teach him. Bo Roberts,My god, and in case you missed
it earlier, Bo did it.We did a bit and then Bo started
a Boston song and then he jumpedon the air and he said, no
way and the damn song off.Something inside me said, you don't want

to be the one that chinks theMavericks, do you? You better take
that Boston crap off. So Idid, so I did? And what
did he playing? Said Texas Rockand Roll David ray Vols Peter ray Valls.
Okay, so we now have ticketsto see Deep Purple with Yes August
nineteenth at Dickey's Arena. The numberrecall is two one four or eight one
seven seven eight seven one, nine, two, five, and all you

got to do win is choose yournews. Okay, five headlines. I'm
sorry, four headlines I have here. One of them is fake, one
of them I just made up outof thin air. These are headlines from
past issues of the Weekly World News. But one of them is a damn
lae. Find the fake headline andyou win the tickets to go see Deep

Purple. And yes and yes,there is a theme. Okay, what's
the theme. The theme is Adamand Eve, the first humans in the
world on Earth. Okay, Adamand Eve. These are all about Adam
and Eve. One of them isfake? Which one is it? Is
it? Headline number one. Oneof the biggest and most shocking mysteries of

the Bible finally solved. Adam andEve were time travelers. Y after nearly
thirty years of research, The Loinshocks the religious and scientific world with amazing
claim. The Garden of Eden wasa portal where the very first humans on
Earth were teleported here from the distantfuture to seed our planet. Cool.

Couldtics say he's making this incredible storyup because he's got a book coming out,
yeah? Or could it be headlinenumber two? Bible shocker Adam and
these skeletons found in Colorado, alongwith the bones of infant baby girl.
Oh, the child found nestled inEve's arms apparently died with her parents in
some sort of natural disaster, probablyan earthquake. This subject is so full

of controversy that we had to waituntil the world was ready to hear it,
says archaeologist who has stunned the worldwith his findings. Religious experts are
calling it the Genesis mystery? Orcould it be headline number three? Eccentrist
scientists claims to have proof of biblicalproportion. Adam was a caveman and Eve

was a space I dug up theirbones from where the garden Eden was,
along with pieces of a starship thatbrought Eve to Earth sixty thousand years ago,
says scientific conference in Brazil. Buthis shot colleagues feared that the professor's
lifelong search has turned the long respectedresearcher into a pea brained idiot. Or

is it headline number four? Outrageousstory from the Bible is wrong. Adam
and Eve never knew each other.In fact, they lived eighty four thousand
years apart. Oh God, thefindings of a thirteen year research project blows
the lid off the Book of Genesisthat tells the story of the first man
and woman on Earth. We comparedDNA from the fossils and modern humans and
concluded that Adam and Eve never kneweach other because they came from different times.

Study has drawn harsh criticism from theclergy. I believe it okay,
So one is the bag headline let'sreview? Is it? Headline? Number
one? One of the biggest andmost shocking mysteries of the Bible finally salved.
Adam and Eve were time travelers.Number two Bible shocker Adam and Eve's
skeletons found in Colorado with the bonesof infant baby girl. Number three Eccentric

scientists claims to have proof of Biblicalproportions. Adam was a caveman and Eve
was a space alien or Number fouroutrageous story says the Bible is wrong.
Adam and Eve never knew each other. In fact, they lived eighty four
thousand years apart. Which one doyou think is the fake head mine?
They all sound like they came fromBow's warped mine. Well, I'm gonna
say it's that would be your answer. Yes, Well, there goes my

damn you actually got that one wrong, So no grand slam for me if
you're being wrong. Damn it.Well, at least I can get a
stand up triple. Let's see twoand four or eight one seven seven eight
seven one nine two five. Youtell me the fake headline, you win
the deep purple jagts bone then Joe. Okay, which one do you think

is the fake headline? Number two? Number two? Adam and Eve skeleton
was found in Colorado, along withbones and baby infant girl. No,
that is a real headline, andthey couldn't Pranish if it weren't Ryan.
Yes, they do all the time, all right, so it's not that
one bon in them show. Whichone do you think is the fake headline?

Number two? No, we alreadygot number two. Which one?
Take another one? I'll give youanother guess. Number three. Number three
Eccentric scientists claimed to have proof ofbiblical proportion. Adam was a cave man,
he was a space alien. Youthink that was a fake one,
But no, that is a realheadline. It does sound like something you
would make up or a Star Trekepisode. Okay, so we're down to

the last two. Is the fakeheadline headline Number one biggest mysteries and shocking
mysteries of the Bible. Finally sawAdam and Eve where time travelers are Number
four, outrageous story of the Bibleis wrong. Adam and Eve never knew
each other. Let's see, Let'ssee if we can come up with a
bone of them show. All right, which headline is the fake headline?
I believe it's the first one.Number one, one of the biggest and

most shocking mysteries of the Bible.Adam and Eve were time trailers. Oh
sun of a bitch, Old damnit, you got a double, poor
bo I don't even know if thatcounts as a double. I think that's
a foul ball to left field thatnever came back. All right, ruin
my fun You got the deep purpletickets? Tell me who pray? Tell
is this? Johnny? Where areyou coming from? Johnny? Edgewood?

Johnny from Edgewood. We're gonna callyou Edward Johnny from now? Okay,
Johnny, hang on, we gotto get some information from you. Will
tell you how to get your tickets. Okay, all right, Johnny,
ruin my damn far bow. Ohwell, you win some you lose some
and some get rained out. That'sright. Hey, we aren't done giving
stuff away. Coming up next hour, we're gonna open up the lone Star

ticket window for your chance to wintickets to join us at the Gimme the
VN dot Com Bow and then Bashedbetween Sticks and Foreigner Friday, June twenty
first, at dos at dos Echi'sPavilion. If you want to go,
just keep listening to the Bow andThem show right here. Dallas Fort Worst
Classic Rock lone Star ninety two tofive Dallas Fort Worst Classic Rock lone Star

ninety two five. By the way, I was just called out for playing
Erosmith because they're from Boston, theBoston, but they're not named Boston.
Yeah, they're not named Boston.Isn't in there anywhere. Well, because
I like playing Aerosmith, I cando without playing Boston anytime. I'm just
saying, pack the con, packthe car, okay, man, I

smell leather. You know what thatmeans. It's tied up out there in
traffic, and I know you're strugglingto get to work, so it means
it's time for the Mistress of thehighways and the byways. It's time for
traffic in Bondage with Linda Lash.Come on in, Mistress, Good morning

boy, and this rain has beendriving me absolutely crazy. Call that moisterre
has shrunk my leather hands, highclothes make me a lot meaner than usual
too. Are you ready for agood lashing ball Roberts? Oh, take
that and that and you two Aoh, my arm is getting quite the workout

now, I know. Next weekis a lone star summer blood dry.
How about we draw some blood thismorning? Here you go out, that's
going to leave. Did that hurtBow a little more? We'll give him
one. Yes, I feel somuch better, so Bow. Since it's

to ask us stuff day, letme ask you this. How many dominatrixes
does it take to change a lightbulb? I don't know none her minions
to do it for that? Yes, another lashing lash for another shock?

How about this about to change thatlight bulb? Mister? All right,
let's check that drive. In fortWorth, we have a jacked off eighteen
wheelerne eighteen wheels you dare to questionyour In Bedford a truck rammed into a

tiny little car. Oh, thatis a tight bit. In Dallas,
in the mistress Master, traffic isall tied up. Someone got rear ended.
Yeah that feels oh so good.Everything tied up here in the studio

as well, isn't it? Boys? Oh yeah, yes? Wow?
Are you ready to beg for mercy? One for the road, one for
the road. I hope You're driveinto work is oh so painful. I'm
into Lash with your traffic and bondage, Linda Lash, traffic and bondage,

leaving scars on all of our torsosdoing them show Dallas Horse Classic Rock lone
Star ninety two to five. LennyKravitz, who claims he hadn't had sex
in nine years? What I thinkyou lie to the by line? I
know he is. I know helies, chasing him from all over the
world. That's right, Okay.As you know, the fourth of July

is creeping up on us, andtickets for the fortieth annual Addison Kaboom Town
go on sale today. But you'dbetter get cracking because seating is limited and
it sells out every year, doesevery single year? Packed Each year,
about a half a million spectators comehere to view the Addison Airport air Show,

followed by the twenty five minute spectacularfireworks display, which is considered one
of the best in the nations.It is it really is. Families viewing
the fireworks from Addison Circle Park willenjoy festival food, beverages, and a
fun zone area for the kiddies.The park is right next to Addison Airport
and west of the University of Texasat Dallas. However, before the fireworks,

there will be live music from oneof the hottest country dance bands in
Texas, Big City Outlaws, andtexas most popular party band Emerald City will
also perform after the fireworks, theband who works with a click track?
Yeah, they work with a clickYou ever noticed they never stop between songs.
That's because the click track just kidsso much fun. Yes they are.

If you like to dance and Idon't, but I'll watch. Don't
fret it if you have no luckclaiming a ticket. The world renowned fireworks
can be seen from just about anywherein town, with watch parties at many
of Addison's two hundred plus bars andrestaurants. A list of watch parties will
be available on their website closer tothe event. Tickets will be available to
the public at noon today at AddisonKaboomtown Dot com get him early or you'll

be out of Look well, boie, it wasn't even bring your kid to
workday, But a US congressman deliveringremarks on the house floor was upstaged by
his own six year old son.He decided to show off his funny faces.
Steve started camera cute. Oh itwas hysterical. The clip, broadcast
on c SPAN and shared to thenetwork social media channel, shows Tennessee Republican

Representative John Rose delivering remarks about formerPresident Donald Trump's recent conviction while his son
Guy sits right behind him. Now, the kid appears to spot the c
SPAN camera, and you can tellright away when he sees the camera and
he starts moving into view. Yeah, and he starts smiling real big,

before launching into a series of funnyexpressions, including staking out his tongue,
rolling his eyes, shaking his head, making hand gestures. And according to
the congressman, this is what Iget for telling my son Guy to smile
at the camera for his little brotherback home. My dad would have whooped

mile. Yeah, that's why Ididn't do it. Now, when I
was a kid, I had allthose Star Wars figures, and I had
the Millennium Falcon too. I wasa lucky boy, But the Boba Fet
that I had wasn't the Boba Fetthat's now worth a half a million dollars.
On the Boba Fet Star Wars actionfigure, the original one, the
rocket shot out and flew through theair. That turned out to be a

choking hazard, so they redid itso that the rocket only comes out on
a spring, sort of like adog's weenie when he's having a heavy duty
day, he comes out on aspring. I never knew that. You
didn't know dogs had spring. Ialmost thought it was a lipstickcase. It's
a little of both. It's alittle both. That original Boba Fett Star
Wars action figure, which was neverreleased to the public, there's only a

few of them in existence. Justsold it auction for five hundred and twenty
five thousand dollars crazy money. Yeah, there's only a couple of these things
around, and the toys will onlysurvived because someone at the toy factory rescued
them from a box of discarded toysthat were deposited there for employees to take
home. He cashed in a halfa million dollars on a freebie from touching

her. Pum boy, that's alugging man. Oh wo mane right there.
Well, guess what we got somethingelse to worry about now. Experts
say that there are flying poisonous spiders, an invasive species of venomous spider from
China that's about the size of ahuman hand. They can fly by parasaling

from their webs. That's horrible,great, I kind of have a problem
with that. Giant flying venomus spiders. Experts say the spiders made it to
the US around ten years ago onshipping containers that were delivered to Georgia.
A group of researchers says that thespiders will eventually spread across the entire country.
But at least there's some good news. Experts say the giant flying venoma

spiders have very weak venom it maymake you feel ill, and their fangs
aren't even strong enough to pierce humanskin. Yeah, but a spider the
size of a hand is scary floatingdown at you, fly towards you.
I'll give you a baseball bet,not matter a Stuart attack. That doesn't
mean you're not allowed to freak outwhen a giant venomous spider flies at your

head. Yeah, and they willsquash his ass. And we told you
about this yesterday. Pat say Jack'sfinal Wheel a Fortunate episode airs at the
end of this week after forty oneseasons. The host is stepping down from
the game show. Say Jack announcedhis retirement last year, saying the time
has come. His last show withco host Vana White, will air Friday

after a week of shows that werethemed Thanks for the memories. Sayjack began
hosting Wheel of Fortune in nineteen eightyone after serving as a meteorologist at LA's
k NBCTV. He was a weatherman. Yeah. Vana will remain on the
show, which will now be cohosted with Ryan Seacrest. Like we don't
get to see enough of Ryan Seacrestdown, poor guy, he never gets

a job. With Alex Trebek andBob Barker gone, there are no more
old time game show hosts. Therereally are, No, they're not.
I guess Drew Carey now is thelongest running one. Well, Chuck Woolery
and Bob U Banks are still alive, but they're not hosting any shows.
I don't know. There's probably PeterMarshall is still alive, I believe,

but he doesn't host. Alex Trebekand Pat Sajack once traded places on April
Fool's Day in nineteen ninety seven,Pat hosted Jeopardy and Ox Tebek hosted Wheel
of Fortune. I loved Alex Trebbett. I did too. I liked the
re animate Jeene Rayburn, Geene Rayburn, bring him back to life, the
match game. Yeah. And DickClark, he's gone, but he used

to host the one hundred thousand dollarsPyramid. Now it's Michael Strahan and Ryan
Seacrest has taken over Dick Clark production. Of course he is. And it's
several months away. But the lineupof concerts on the Chevrolet main Stage at
the State Fair of Texas has beenreleased. Yes, it includes performances by
Joe Dee, Messina, Bowling forSoup, Big Daddy, Kane, Jefferson,

Starship or whatever version is still around. I think it's a Mickey Thomas
and some dudes. Yeah, yeah, the Spin Doctors fog hat. Yes,
I think Roger Earl is the onlyoriginal. Not only that, but
the Commodores. Yeah, wait forit, the Ultimate Taylor Swift Dance Party.

Well, why would you want toshow up for that? Just thought
you'd like to know. The fairruns from September twenty seventh through October twentieth,
which is somebody's birthday, but Ican't remember any exactly. Yah.
We have tickets to the Bowing ThemBag Next on the Ball and Them showsing
Byelapors, Classic Rock Lone Star ninetytwo five, the Little Old Band from

Texas. Y'all bye, crack it. Okay, let's ask the question who
won our tickets to the Bow andThem Bash in the ticket window. I
know the answer to that one,will you now? David Turner and Rockwell.
He's working hard and driving a refusetruck out in this god awful squishy
mess today. Oh man, congratulations, Yeah, David, you deserve to

come bash it up with us ina couple of weeks. Come on out.
When is all this crappy weather gonnabe over it? It gets really
crappy, then its suns come out, oh boy, and then it gets
crappy again. It's moving out thismorning by this afternoon, lots of sunshine,
high in the low nineties. Nomention of brain at all in the
forecast to eight or tomorrow. Really, yes, I'll believe it when I

don't see it, Yeah right,because we just get dumped off what we
do mother nature crying for a weekthis crazy weather and these high winds and
lightning under and by the way,whim home. Thanks a lot to everyone
who gave us our askus stuff questionshere Today tomorrow is fun with music Day.

Yes, I'll have a mash upfor you and a couple of other
little diddies too. So don't yougo away and stick around and don't oversleep
because you're gonna miss all the fun. You don't want to do that day,
not at all. Hey, it'sback Rascules. Join JEFFK this Friday
from three to seven for the returnof the Bringing the Weekend party. Yeah,
JEFFK is gonna be broadcasting live fromRock and Tacos in North Richland Hills.

Play lone Star band Bingo, pickyour Poison trivia all to win lone
Star goodies from JEFFK. It's Rockand Taco's grand opening. They're at fifty
two oh nine roof Snow Drive.That's this Friday with our very own JEFFK
here on lone Star ninety two tofive. It just didn't seem right without

there, You're right, so Ijust had to add it in there.
Thank you both. I'm just doingmy part to help song along. You
did a great job. And we'regetting closer to Friday. That's why we're
getting Little Jicky Tomorrow. Fun withmusic day everal body, as this is
the last full week we're working untilwe start going to the Blood Drive next

week. Yeah, we'll be livestarting Monday, June tenth a Billy Bob's
in Fort Worth. That means wego get some real head barbecue at Yeah,
buddy, let's go. Don't havea problem with that at all.
And I don't have a problem withyou not getting to work. When you
get to work, you need timewasters. That's why Ao and Annabelle work
so hard to bring you something thatis entertaining. And we'll do you no

good whatsoever. Speaking of entertaining,I love this one that I found this
morning. Okay, so this isup on the Bow and Them show page
at Star ninety two five dot com. While we wait to see what becomes
of Geddy Lee and Alex Lifson playingtogether at Getty's house in Toronto. Alex
Lifson took to social media this weekto announce what's next for him, and

he does so in Spanish. Booh really. He starts off his social
media post with ola misquerios amigos,I gidos amigas. Easy for you to
see he's announcing a ten year tourof Mexican cantinas. Really, it's hysterical.
We've got the social media post.Alex is in a sombrero and he

talks about La Mammy. He's goton my sexy, exact funny son of
a gun. Maybe they should playSammy Hagars. Cowboy should have fun Sam
you'd probably give him a free meal. Yeah, so we've got that up
on our page if you want tocheck that out. And it's an exciting
announcement for collectors of music memorabilia,but for Van Halen fans, this is

a sad one. In case youhadn't heard, Alan van Halen is auctioning
off his collection of drums, touringparaphernalia and more, and what some say
is a sure sign that Alex vanHalen is just done with music. Oh
Man and van Halen basis Michael Anthonyis reacting to the news. He tells
Ultimate Guitar that it makes him sosad because it truly means that it's the

end of anything that could have beenas far as tribute shows go. For
Eddie van Halen, well, now, you could always be a disc jockey
like David Lee Ross did. Didn'tquite work out for him. You know.
Alex rarely performed without his brother Eddie, and it appears that going on
without Eddie is just too much forhim. He's still grieving his memoir Brothers

by the way, about Life withEddie is going to be out in October.
Also up on our page a newlyuncovered video of Eddie van Halen performing
with Leslie West of Mountains. Thisis like way cool. You got to
check that out. That's up onour page. The Rolling Stone broke out
two more tour debuts this week.During their tour twenty four, this time

in Orlando, Florida, they sangShe's a Rainbow off nineteen sixty Seven's their
Satanic Majesty's request. That was theiranswer to the Beatles Sergeant Patty Yeah,
and it won the fan vote.That's why they performed that. And then
they picked Dead Flowers from nineteen sevenon sticky Fingers and they did it with
AGO's favorite a Tyler Childers. Hejoined the Stones on stage because he actually

opened up for the Stones in Orlando. That's that's one of my favorite Stone
songs too. It's awesome, isn'tit perfect for an artist like Tyler.
Children got a country sound too,and I won't forget to put roses on
your grad. Yeah, we havethe videos of both those performances up.
And speaking of videos, Thin Lizziehave released their first official video for Whiskey

in the Jar, which they recordedin the early seventies. Yeah, and
we have that video up. Finally, have you seen bo that TikTok trend
where pet parents do the hands inchallenge where everybody puts their hands in and
then the dog or the cat willput their paw on their hands. Uh
huh, So it's a new TikToktrend right, Well, apparently this dog
didn't want any part of it.Oh, but the video puts the awe

in Pau as far as I'm concerned. The video has this dog instead of
putting his paw, he bites them. And he's not playfully biting. It
looks like he's upset. He's like, I want no part of this,
hungry and pissed. Yeah, checkout the video on the Bone and them
show page at lone star ninety twofive dot com. Well, hell's bells

and cockle shells. That's enough ofthis mess here for one day. Thanks
for your questions and queries on askus Stuff Day. We all learned something,
Oh he did. I can't recalla single thing we learned, but
we learned. We learned where licketysplit came from. Yes, yes we
did. And that other planets havenatural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. Yeah,

I wish this planet would stop actinglike it. We're starting to dry
up out there. Start a lotbetter. Still, have a flash sloud
warning for Denton County until ten somethingdone. It's never over until it's over.
Now. Tomorrow is fun with musicDay. Got a nice little mash
up for you and a couple ofsurprises you will not expect. And I

wouldn't tip my hand because it wouldn'tbe a surprise anymore. Now and tomorrow,
of course, big day for theDallas Mavericks. That's right, Game
one. Yeah, that's why I'mnot playing a single song by Boston on
this show. You can request itall you want, We're not gonna play
it. Oh, laugh in yourface. We're into your receiver. Now

because of Luka Danjek Are you gonnaplay My Name is Luca by Suzann Vega.
Uh No, that's a stretch.That is a stretch that would break
something. No, no, God, we used to have to listen to
that damn song. Suzanne Vega,thanks for your contribution to the psyche of

everybody around living on the second floor. For God's sake, my name is
Luca. It makes me want apuka. Okay, Our after show decompression
session is next, and we'll seewhat else we talk about because we don't
even know ourselves. So until wesee you on tomorrow, keep thinking happy

thoughts for the Mavericks because they're gonnaneed it yep, and get ready for
our after show decompression session and funwith music day tomorrow. As we get
closer to Friday, I keep betweenthe ditchy bitches. Bye to Tom.
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