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June 6, 2024 64 mins
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Oh man, I'm all teared upnow. That song throws you a curveball.
Well yeah, I mean you didn'tthink I was really gonna play a
sensitive song. I should have beenbetter, but it started off so sweet.
It started off so sweet, andthen all of a sudden, Sam,
all of a sudden it turns bowish. Yeah Lynch sick, son of

a bitch, but I love him. His damn funny. He's been here
a couple of times. He hadn'tseen him in a while. Oh man,
Yes, a little song for Father'sDay. And guess what this may
come as a surprise. I havea whole bunch more. Of course,
we'll be playing next week while we'reat the Blood Dry. I got several

stuff for you, and we gotstuff for you today. We have tickets
to see Deep Purple with Yes,that's August nineteenth at Dicky's Arena, and
it being fun with music game.Sometimes we do a movie theme, but
today we're gonna do a TV ThingsCool themed to a TV show. You
tell me the TV show, youwin the tickets. Yes, it's just
that a right, And we alsohave tickets to the bow and then bashing

the ticket window at eight forty ifyou don't have to do anything, just
start smiling and die. That's right, That's how that works. Okay,
So you're saying, hey bo,hey bo, what are we celebrating today?
What are we celebrating today? Boy? Bookends in stereo. Well,
it's D Day, that's right.The Allies code named their amphibious invasion of

Normandy Operation Overlord and placed General DwightD. Eisenhower in charge of it January
nineteen forty four. The invasion becameknown as D Day, which happened eighty
years ago today. Can you believeit? And you know who was there?
If you don't, you will findout later. Yes, of course,
this is a sacred event. BoRobert, nothing sacred here. It's

driving Movie Day. Oh cool.We celebrated on the anniversary of the opening
the first patented drive in movie theaterJune sixth, nineteen thirty three, and
was named park in Theaters instead ofdrive in Theaters. It was in Pennsauken
Township, close to Camden, NewJersey. I remember going to the Astro
drive in and oak Cliff, andthere was one on Central. I went

to see Inframan there a long time. I planted to the apes. The
first one at a drive in theaterin San Antonio when I sat wearing my
footy pajamas. And of course therewas the Navero drive in in course of
Canada, which we used to sneakinto. All this isn't there one still
just south of town like forty fiveseventy five Innis. I passed by it

all the time, only one Iknow. They used to show dirty movies
and then they had to put upa big giant wall because people were stopping
on the highway watching the dirty movie. Geronimo Drive in southern Arizona. Pink
Floyd the wall. In high school, I'll look out, that's my memory.
National Higher Education Day. Yes,kids go to college after high school

so you don't end up being adisc jockey. National Yo Yo Day.
Today's the birthday of Donald F.Duncan Senior, the entrepreneur who credited with
bringing the yo yo to prominence.Variation of the yo yo have been around
since the time of ancient Greece,where they were mount out of water metal.
Later on they became a martial artsweapon. But wop in the here

really? Yes? Sam National MoonshineDay. Moonshine also known as wide latinin
hooch, mountain dew rot, gut, firewaterskopop, and Tennessee white whiskey,
as it's a highproof distilled spirit thatis illegally made in its truest form.
It's often about one hundred and fiftyproof. That means it's seventy five percent
alcohol by volume, and it's nasty. It'll get you tore up from the

floor of yees. Although it isillegal to make moonshine at home, we
still celebrated today anyway, National EyewearDay, because I don't know how some
of you can wear contact lenses.It makes my eyes water just thinking about
it. It's National cheer o Day, Oh yeah, and National Apple Sauce
Cape Day. I do like thattalking about desserts starting to make us sweet

hunger. Okay, it is timefor sports of all sorts coming up in
just a few some really bizarre stuffon the Freaking Fool File mash up time
will be after that. And Igot a song about someone that you all
know. Some of you love her, some of you hate her. Yes,
Yes, I think I know whoMiss bad built beach bleach blonde,

bad built, butch body. Yes. Oh, it's hysterical. Yes her
that that bitch. Do the boardextreme for the Joe. Yes, ready,
yes, we are ready. Ohwe're going to talk to the voice
of the Dallas Mavericks, Chuck Cooperstein, because that game is to night time.

Hooray for Hollywell Dallas. What wasClassic Rock lone star ninety two to
five? It is six point thirtyand you know what that means, Miss
Timers. Sports of all sorts broughtto you by the will Height Law Firm
injury lawyers. Go to willheightwins dotcom. Well it's all now. Oh
yeah, Game one of the NBAFinals when the Mavericks take on the Boston

Celtics in the Finals tonight, afamiliar face will be on the floor.
Remember this guy, Chris STAPs porzingasman who missed the previous two playoff series
with a right calf strain all buthe's expected to play in Game one.
Orzingi's played for the Mavericks from twentynineteen to twenty twenty two before the Latvian
big guy was traded to the WashingtonWizards. Now he's suiting up for the

Celtics. The mass traded for himas he was recovering from the torn acl
now injuries also hampered his time inDallas, never playing more than fifty seven
games in a season. Much hasbeen made of the relationship between Porzingis and
Mavericks star Luka Donci, who,after an unceremonious end to porzingis Dallas tenure,

former Mavericks player Chandler Parsons remember him, he was on the championship Dean
why they got rid of them?I don't know. He went on a
show, a TV sports show andmentioned that Luca didn't like playing with Porzingis,
but Lucas said that wasn't true.Who you're gonna believe really, don't
mean squat now is. Game onebetween the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics

will tip off tonight at seven thirtyon Channel eighth. I can't wait.
Yeah, Lucas said he's never evenspoken to Chandler Parsons. Really yeah,
he says, I don't know theguy that was in the press conference that
he had before game one. Well, if you'll notice, if you noticed
on first break Thursday, Anna andI are wearing as much Mad's gear as
he can and some positive vibes.Absolutely and Dallas Mavericks fans bow are gonna

be loud and proud rooting on theteam from the American Airline Center tonight.
We mentioned this yesterday. While Gamesone and two are going to be in
Boston, a watch party is beingheld at the Double AC for the first
game of the NBA Finals. Fansare going to be able to watch the
game on the Giant Jumbo Tron.There's also going to be face painting,
free giveaways, and more to goalong with all the rowdiness. Tickets cost

ten dollars in all proceeds are goingto go to the MAVs Foundation. Parking
for the event is free. Doorswill open at seven for the seven thirty
game. Watch party will also beheld on Sunday for Game two. You
might want to get there early soyou can get a good seat because they're
all general admission tickets, no reserve, no reserve. This is so cool.
As Anna was telling us about thiswatching event, Fox four was promoting

it live on TV. It's I'mwatching it copycats and they'll be overload.
There'll be something going on out therein Victory Plaza two. You get that.
Oh yeah, there's already Victory Plazaactivity out there. Paige ellen Burger
and the cheerleaders are going now overto the NHL. They're going to do
something a little bit different this yearfor the Stanley Cup. For those who
have a certain disability. They're goingto air an alternate Stanley Cup Final broadcast

for the deaf community. The NHLhas paired with p XP and they're going
to produce the first of its kindalternate broadcasts of the Skinton Stanley Cup Final
in American Sign Language. They're callingit NHL in ASL. It's going to
be available on the digital platforms ofESPN Plus and it will feature Deaf broadcasters
providing real time play by play coverageand color commentary in sign language during each

game between the Florida Panthers and theEdmonton Oilers. The puck drops for Game
one Saturday, seven o'clock right,and as both the NHL and NBA postseasons
reach their final stages, Dallas MayorEric Johnson is happily sitting at an unofficial
two and one record against mayors ofopposing team cities. He makes bets with

them. Yeah. The Mavericks arecontinuing their historic playoff run as they prepare
to face the Celtics in the NBAFinals Game one tonight. Previously, the
MAVs played against the Minnesota Timber inthe Western Conference Finals and defeated them four
games to one. Johnson made abet with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. Frey
agreed to the bet and will soonbe sending over some dancing bear chocolates to

Mayor Johnson. Apparently dancing bear chocolatesare a big deal in Minnesolta. Well,
that's such a lame I know itis. On the NHL side,
Johnson and the mayor of Denver,Mike Johnson, who two Johnson's going at
it, agreed to a belt bucklebeat. Remember we were talking about that.
Yeah, say belt buckle bat threetimes real fast. See what happens.

That'll be The was the second roundof the NHL Playoffs, and the
Stars ultimately defeated the Avalanche four gamesto two. Unfortunately, johnson to win
streak ended when the Stars lost tothe Lands and Oilers in the Western Conference
Finals, and now Johnson must senda video of himself cheering on the Oilers
in the Stanley Cup Final wearing oneof their jerseys. On May thirty first,

after the MAVs secured their spot inthe NBA Finals. Johnson offered up
yet another friendly wager to the Mayorof Boston, Michelle Wu. She has
yet to respond. Hmmmm. Isshe not certain about her team's ability?
I don't know. Good news,the Rangers avoided a sweep beating Detroit last
night at the Shed. Texas righthander Jose ou Daniel had a perfect game

through six innings, retiring the firstfifteen batters before Detroit call up Justin Henry
Molloy homered for his first major leaguehit, but despite that home run,
the Rangers beat the Tigers nine toone last night. Ass Well, Joonaheim
and Josh Smith both had three hitswith a homer and two RBIs for the
Rangers, who salvaged the finale ofthe three game series against Detroit. The

bad news, though, just asthings were looking up for the Rangers on
the injury front, there was anotherone to report. Both Rangers shortstop Corey
seeger Oh pulled up short of firstbase after an RBI single in the second
inning of the last of the gamelast night with the left hamstring tightness.
Trainers and manager Bruce Bochi quickly wentout to check on seagre and he was

replaced by utility man Ezekiel Durand.After the game, Corey Seger said he
feels fine. The team is hopingthat after a day's rest today, he's
gonna feel better. Next up forthe Rangers, they're going to face the
San Francisco Giants at the Shed tomorrownight. With right hander Michael Lorenzen on
the mound for the Rangers. Giantswill start logan Web. It's gonna be
Texas manager Bruce Bochi's first Arlington gameagainst the franchise and Giants, which he

led to three World Series titles.Now, the first pitch tomorrow night will
be at seven oh five. Ohyang Hell. I'll tell you what.
One of my favorite things to dowhen we're facing the super hot months in
North Texas here is start talking aboutwhat's going to happen in the winter months
and when it starts to cool down. That helps me. I hope it

helps you guys too. So let'slook at December. Let's look at this
brand new configuration of the twelve teamcollege football Playoff that's coming up. This
is the first year that they've setit up this way, and it's going
to begin on December twentieth and includewith a title game one month later in
Atlanta. Now, the four firstround games are going to be December twentieth
and twenty first. ABC and ESPNwill do the Friday and Saturday night games.

TNT will air the December twenty firstafternoon games. Those games will go
up against a pair of NFL games, with Houston and Kansas City at noon
Baltimore Pittsburgh three thirty that day.The first the four first round games will
be played on college campuses. Thatannouncement will come December eighth. Exactly who's
going to be gone down. TNThas a pair of games through a sub

license with ESPN now the semifinals,so those are at the Orange Bowl January
ninth and the Cotton Bowl on Januarytenth. Mark that date. Both have
six thirty pm start times. Forthe championship game takes place on January twentieth
in the atl ESPN will announce itsschedule for most of the bowl games sometimes
today, and ESPN has plans toair the quarterfinals, semifinals, and also

the College Football Playoff Championship, bringingon college football. Yeah, you know,
it's about three months away, butI can't wait. Then there's tennis
player Stefanos Tispos, which sounded likepispas. Yeah. He took issue with
two time Grand Slam champion Carlos Alcarez'sstyle of play during their quarterfinal match at

the French Open on Tuesday, promptinghim to make his case with the chair
umpire. That's the guy that theyalways bitch to when they think something is
bad. Upset Well Tipasa, finalistin the twenty twenty one French Open,
approached the umpire after losing a tiebreaker in the second set to complain about
Alcarez's extended grunts every time he hitthe tennis. After hitting the ball into

the net, Tispos suggested that theumpire should stop that noise that was distracting
him and affecting his game. Hiscomplaints were met with booze from the crowd,
but it wouldn't be the last timehe raised the issue. This post
approached the chair umpire again after Alcareztook a commanding two set lead. Alcarez
would eventually win the quarterfinal match inthree sets. Yeah, I know it's

it's probably distracting when a male tennisplayer does it, but think about what
a female tennis player does. Yeah, sounds a little erotic kind of I'm

just saying, all right, getready because the freaking pool file is coming
up next. On the ball andThem Joe Dallas Forwar's classic rock lone Star
ninety two five, Speaking of toush, I proved once again that female tennis
players grunning isn't so bad. They'rehot and when they swing, they love

to get loud. They're women tennisplayers. And you can listen in live
at one nine hundred Hot Grunts.Whether you're into singles or doubles, you
can be there a special ball boyat one nine hundred Hot Grunts. Call

now and work on your forehand whilethese hardcourt, hard bodies serve up the
hottest grunts. Is it out oris it in? One phone number?
Is all you need? One ninehundred hot grunts? Ooh, that was
right on the sweet spot. Nowonder you'd like to watch women's tennis?

Yeah, by god, coming up. It's match up time. But now
it's time for the freaking full file. Here's a seventy nine year old man
who underwent a series of cosmetic procedureto make himself look young, found himself
unable to fully close his eyes andhaving to take them shut at night.
He has to put tape over hiseyes so he can go to sleep.

Pete Broadhurst decided to go under theknife after the mother of his two children
allegedly broke up with him because hesaid he was ugly. A dental procedure
he had done earlier had left himwith puffy hamster cheeks, so he decided
to get those fixed and smooth outsome of the wrinkles on his face as
well. He ended up paying aboutseventeen thousand dollars for a neck lift,

a rhinoplasty for his nose, anda surgical procedure that improves the appearance of
his eyelids, known as a bluffferroplasty. But despite being discharged from the
hospital soon after the nine hour procedure, he immediately knew something was wrong,
said, I look like I'd beenbeaten up. It was horrendous. I
couldn't close my eyes, he said. The day after surgery, I wished

I'd never gone. Pete surgeon arrangedfor a free corrective surgery at another hospital
or a skin graft to help theskin in his cheeks meet his eyelids.
The operation took another four hours,but he's still unable to close his eyes
completely down. Unfortunately, all privatehospitals and clinics in the UK have refused
to operate on him again, asfurther surgery could cause his vision problems to

worsen and they don't want to bea part of maybe a lawsuit. Yeah,
I can hear that. Oh okay, you think that's bad. I'm
gonna do you one better, BoRoberts. Oh yeah. A bangledeshy woman
who lived with constant pain in herabdomen for over twenty years was shocked to
discover why she'd been hurting for solong. Fifty five year old by Chenna
Gattun had been living with constant abdominalpain ever since undergoing a gallstone removal operation

back in two thousand and two.I'm alreaty starting to hurt that After spending
her life savings on the operation,the woman was discharged from the clinic with
a prescription, but within a coupleof days she started experiencing intense pain in
her stomach area. She went backto the clinic, but her surgeon dismissed
her concern saying the pain was normaland that she shouldn't worry. He was
wrong, and he wasn't the onlyone either, Because the abdominal pain persisted.

She then went from one doctor toanother doctor to another, but all
she received were prescription medications to easethe pain. Unfortunately, her abdominal pain
recently became unbearable. This time,she finally underwent an abdominal X ray,
which revealed a pair of surgical scissorsthat had been left in her abdomen from

her gall bladder removal surgery over twentyyears ago. Twenty years she had done.
Yes, Oh my god, Luckilyshe had this surgical tool removed.
They cut it out and now sheis pain free. Oooh what they do
with the scissors? Rinse them off? They're still good. Yeah, there

you go. Oh Florida. Wheredo you find these characters? Oh?
Yeah, in America, that's right. Most criminals may think about breaking out
of jail. Joseph Leedy of Floridais not like most criminals. He's a
forty year old man and he marchesto the beat of a dumber drummer like
that. On Monday, he brokein into jail, into jail by deliberately

driving his car into the lobby ofthe Martin County Jail in Florida, dressed
only in women's blouse and no pantsare underwear? Oh good again, this
is Florida. Leady got out ofhis car and poured motor oil all over
the lobby floor of the jail.He said he wanted to set the floor

on fire because he came there tokill police and he wanted to see them
burn without his pants on. Yeah, with no pants and a woman's blouse
on. You don't mess with firewhen you got no pants. He wasn't
done yet though. After the motoroil, he reached into the back seat,
grabbed a sack filled with black rubbersnakes, threw them all over the
floor and said the devil made medo it, and proclaimed Satan and was

going to turn those rubber snakes intoreal snakes and have them attack every cop
in the building. Leedy is nowcharged with four counts of aggravated assault on
a law enforcement officer. He alsoaccount of criminal mischief. He was sent
to a hospital for a mental healthevaluation, A big one, I hope,
and according to his actions, Ithink they already knew this fool was

absolutely crazy. He was crazy,Thank you. Florida. Well, here
is one way to leave a Yelpreview. A man has been caught on
close circuit TV taking a dump forforty minutes outside the front entrance of a
closed camping supply store in the UK. For yes, the story is called
the Little Movers. I don't knowwhy the campings obliged dore would be called

little Movers, but he would dropa deuce, walk around in the parking
lot a while until he felt theurge again, and then he cracked another
one. Oh man. They havedubbed him the diss Dumper. He was
filmed by the store's motion triggered camerasearly a week ago today, dropping trou
in front of all who happened tobe walking by. Since the place wasn't

open yet, people would walk byand go, don't look over there,
don't know, no, kids,don't look, non't look. The store's
staff discovered the mess near the maingate when they arrived at work that morning
and quickly reviewed the footage. TheLittle Mover shop posted on Facebook comically addressing
the culprit and suggest he used theirfacilities next time. Yeah. Despite the

incident, the store did not reportit to the police and continued business as
usual after they cleaned up the guysdropping it's gonna saying little doggie bags.
I don't know. Did he havea bad experience in there? Some had
a hole in it? Show youreleasing the brown trout back in in the

stream. That's it, that's allall right. Mash up time coming up
from the Ball of Them show.Deep Purple has a new album coming out
julyne nineteenth, and if you wantto hear their new music live, stand
by for your chance to win ticketsto see Deep Purple and Yes Monday,
August nineteenth at Dickey's Arena. Nexthour, We're gonna do it fun with
music day. So bo is gonnahave you guess a TV theme song.

That's at seven fifty right here onthe Bow and Them show on Dallas sport
Worth's Classic Rock lone Star ninety twofive? Goodbye Dallas? What was Classic
Rock lone Star ninety two five?Mash up time? Okay, American woman,
what could we mash that up with? Hmm? How about Earth Wind

and Fire? Are you serious?Oh? Come on, it's going to
work, Hide and watch. Stayaway from me, American woman, Mama,

let me be look, I needa man, Donald, I don't
want to see your face no more, and I'm not important things to do
spend my time growing al with you, no said straight away. American woman.
Listen what I say, shouldn't misterthe man who are should see for

American woman, you cannot pay fromme, Am a good woman, Mama,
let me feed me. Look atthe man. The cat don't want
to see you're a share no morecolor. God, it's gonna hit that
time. It's smoking. Somebody else'sthe woman, I said, cann'y American

woman, This moss said, nomatter who you are, should see the

two of me? What you Americasaid? Get away? American woman.

You listen what I'll say. Mydog don't want to see your face no
more. I don't need no hormachines. I don't need your ghetto scenes.
Mona night's kind of hit the Times'talk on someone else's eyes. Now,
woman Catt'll be from me, Americanwoman, mother, let me fee

go go away. You gotta getaway. I'm gonna gona go. I'm
gonna leave, am gonna leave you. No come for me. I'm no

cut for you. Gonna help youright and tell you what I'm going up
to. You know I'm gonna leave. You know I'm gonna You're not gonna
I'm gonna leave. Good buy Americanwoman, good Bye American chick, good

Bye American brod American warmer. Itold you will work. Yeah, I
tell you I will work. Ilove it. Hell Yeahnte Home Home?
Which one of you sneak the ballsong? Hey you did it? I
did not. I didn't know oneof you did it. You know,

no Boston will be played while theNBA Finals are going on with the Mavericks.
Okay, don't try to get DnDallas fort Worth's classic rock lone Star
ninety two to five. Do youknow realize that the summer of sixty nine
would be fifty five years ago?Oh? Wow, good lord damn coming
up? We have tickets to gosee Deep Purple with Yes, that's August

nineteenth at Dicky's Arena. That's atseven fifty. And since it's Fun with
Music Day, you have to identifya TV theme and I'll give you a
hint. It's from the eighties.Okay, Okay, but I gotta say
we missed an important birthday a weekago today, the fiftieth birthday of Marjorie
Trader, I mean Marjorie Taylor Green. How did we miss that? Listen,

this bitch ain't right. She isunhinged, loves to run her mouth
and be confrontational to everyone who doesn'twith her, and she kind of looks
like somebody who trans from woman toman or vice versa. And they stopped
halfway through. She recently went offon doctor Fauci. Oh yeah she did,

saying he wasn't a doctor and heshould be thrown in prison. I
don't even know what she was bringingin in her own Speaker of the House
doesn't like her. Yeah, andthen that run in with Democratic Congresswoman Jasmine
Crockett, who's from North Texas.He represents us here. Yeah. Well,
it just so happens that the musicalGrease is playing live on stage at
Casamanana in Fort Worth through June ninth. Now you're saying, hey bo,

hey bo, what does that haveto do with mitched, bleached blonde,
bed built butch bodies. Well,it has to do with the guy some
of you may know named Randy Rainbow. Oh, Randy Rainbow is a very
gay, very funny guy who doesparody videos. And I found out Rainbow
is actually his last name, itreally is. That's his name is Randy

Stewart Rainbow, though it was madeup. He's all over YouTube with these
videos. He's made one about herthat is based on a song from Grease,
and it starts out like he's doinga sixty minutes interview with the Okay,
listen and enjoy. It's rare fora member of the House of Representatives

to become nationally well known, unless, of course, that member is a
fucking lunatic, like my next guest, Marjorie Taylor Green, or MTG as
she more commonly refers to herself whenshe can't remember her full name. We
told Marjorie I was Leslie Stall andsat down with her earlier this week.
You have become known in Washington foryour offensive style, and I don't just

mean those shoes. Can't you fightfor what you believe in without all of
the insulting, personal attacks and spittingWell, I would ask the same question
to the other side, because allthey've done is insult me NonStop since I've
been here, Leslie. They callme racist, they call me anti semitic,
transphoba q, clown, insurrectionist,science denial, bleach, blonde,

bad built butch body. I alsohave pretty much a plain speaking style.
You don't seem to let your criticsbother you, and I say, brava.
I don't let name calling bother meor fin me. I just don't.
Well, I applaud you. Idon't believe anyone deserves to be mocked
or insulted, no matter how bigotedor reprehensible they themselves may be. Yeah,
except for sometimes. Okay, I'mEMPTTG wowsy, let's stupidy trashy al

L cane math readers, bill,Oh well, i'm EMTG watch it.
Hey, I'm that Cray made myhome and Crooks great, all crack queens
with books, but love the cakecake got no bud like chance because anti

trans If you're black, aren't youash shopcast? Nohing hate them brows mom
from my street, all along,Bosta cappin your friend. We all want
a unified party. No no,no, no, Miss Lauren Bo you
wone out Fox news me. Ohbrains, ain't my curse. I'm like

rump with a purse, but worsesome MG everybody tg racy started a fringe,
but boats up to you one thewhole damn g hopen brget on a

bag a smita my cues from queand on I on hair Bleach. I'll
just landscreach im pitch till that it'sgone, ain't god Bola Korma. I'm
just ignorre on wen they say Marchsimple zone because I get my kicks posting

my Jursday picks and saying a blackclown Marjorie's crazy mgloing why to Frissy,
got no class? I'm ronic andcrass, true well, proplane all I
too is complaining just hot that salad? Oh yes, I'm a tges.

I'm dear miss off on tg yebleach blind bat Bilt butch body yep,
Dallas? What was classic rock?Lone Star ninety two five? I've always
said that first Zeppelin album is hardto be head, doesn't it? Wa?

Okay, we told you at thebeginning the show that today is the
eightieth anniversary of D Day. AndI pose the question, you know who
was there, don't you? Oh? Yeah, Well in case you don't,
here's who was there in m Ihear I have a relative in their
family, A lied like a dog, not talking about once in a while,
talking about it all the time.He didn't even believe they were a

relative to get all paperwork on ithad an uncle like this. His name
was Benford Smith Wilson. We callhim Uncle b S. Uncle bs,
where were you? June sixth,nineteen forty four Junior, sixth, nineteen
forty four mattel detector salesman d Day, Normandy French staring the beach at four

in the morning, black sucks andsandals hopping a gay glass blower named Jean
for a friendship. Brace Letty droppedout of a parispeedos earlier that evening.
I look out in the ocean.One hundred thousand surfers come running at me
with tom hanks and munch of greenugly witch suits, that gunge and a

hand enough luggage to keep a teamof bell hops busy for about a month.
A bullet from a sand dune partsmy hair. Jean takes shrepmell in
behind end. I drag him toa suntan lotion stand, wrap his button
the beach towel tournique. My gottencounters beeping like a dope dealer. The
crack cows picnic, I said Jean. With as many bullets in the beach,

forget about that bracelet Heys was thereand you knew he would be.
Oh yeah. Now it's time onceagain for the educational poll of the show,
this time for did you know?Yeah, we got some facts that
you probably didn't know, but I'mfixing to tell you. Do you know

what the official sport of Texas isrodeo? No, rodeo makes sense.
The official sport of the state ofMaryland is jousting. That's what I said.
That's like medieval times exactly. Didyou Moses? You know the guy
from the Bible? Charles Heston playedhim? Moses was married. Yes,

his wife's name was Zippora. Andcan't you just hear Now we've been monitoring
in that better for forty years long. Don't you stop and asked for direction
for a chain? Damn? Didyou know about twenty five million dollars is
spent every year in Las Vegas onlap dances? Lap dance? I ain't
even talking about gambling. I'm talkinglap dance, the other kind of slot

machine. Yes, I except youcan't in search your ATM carden. It's
like, damon, did you knowif you add up the numbers one plus
two plus three plus four plus fiveand so on, all the way to
one hundred. The total is fiftyto fifty? Are you serious? Did

you calculator? You don't believe that? Going to do it right now?
Did you know moriphine addiction was firstcalled soldiers disease. That's because the Civil
War produced over four hundred thousand morphineaddicts when the war was over. Because
they thought if you injected it,it wouldn't go through the through the digestive

system, and therefore you wouldn't getaddicted. They was wrong. They was
wrong. Did you know no speciesof wild plant produces a flower that is
absolutely black, and none has beencreated artificially. Did you know ninety percent
of people attacked by sharks lived totell about it. They walk with a
limp or have a chunk out oftheir arm, but they live to tell

about it. Did you know whenplaying poker you have a one in five
hundred chance of drawing a flush.The chance of drawing a royal flush is
one and six hundred and fifty thousandULLs. Wouldn't count on it there.
Did you know the whistle of theblue whale is the loudest sound produced by
an animal one hundred and eighty eightdecibel. Wow. Wow, that's pretty

loud. Did you know each ofa space shuttle's rocket boosters burned five tons
of repellent a second? Crazy?Did you also know? I know O.
MTV didn't play videos anymore, butyou know what the number one most
aired video in the history of MTVwas no Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.

Good guess look at the brain onAnna bed. Damn that video did
play a lot of every five minutesit was on. And did you know
here's a strange coincidence. Twin boyswere separated at birth after they were put
up for adoption. The parents ofboth boys never knew each other and never
met Each twin was told he hada brother, but didn't know the brother's

name. Forty years later, onetwin named James decided to track down his
brother. After a long search,he found his brother and found out that
his brother's adopted parents also called theirtwo twin sons James. Wow. Even
though the two James has never met. They both went into law enforcement.
They both had excellent skills in carpentryand drawing. They both married a woman

named Linda. They both had sonsand named them James Allen both twins were
divorced and remarried a woman named Betty. Lastly, they both owned a dog
named Toy whoa after forty years apart. Neither could believe these astonishing coincidence,
and frankly, neither do I know. Get ready tickets to see these guys

next on the Bow and Them show, Yes, Dallas. What was classic
rocke loone star ninety two five PerfectStrangers? What a great Deep Purple album?
Oh? God? Instead, thatwas Richie's last one, wasn't it?
No? I think he was onone more and more after this one.
I can't remember the name of itwas, but that is Richie Blackmore

and killing it. Some people saidthat Richie was a little littleman a hole,
but he was talented. He's outthere. Okay, So Deep Purple
is coming with Yes what a billthat is? That is August nineteenth at
Dickey's Arena, And we have ticketsto give away to you right now.

The number call to one four oreight one seven seven eight seven one nine
two five. Here's what we're gonnado. I mentioned this earlier, since
it's fun with Music Day, We'regoing to do music opening theme from a
famous TV show and you said,it's from the eighties. From the eighties.
Okay, this TV show is fromthe eighties. If you can tell
me what TV show this is,I will give you the deep purple tickets

two one four or eight one sevenseven eight seven one ninety five. Tell
me the name of this TV showfrom the eighties. So you're going,
oh, wait, my badness.Anna Belle usually gets these. It's ringing
a bell, yeah, big times. The guy that started this show was

on another famous TV show in thesixty Okay, I'll let it play a
while. Hold on, take aguess, write it down, write it
down. He's stumping. I gotyour my daughter this song. Oh,

I know that. I know thatif I gave a hint, it would
give it away. Yeah. Letme let me take a call. Go
on them, show tell me whatTV show that is? What is it?
Is it? TJ Hooper? No? Oh guy, yeah, hannibell.

Guy got going them show tell bing? Then show tell me what TV
that? Tell me what TV themethat is? Matt Lock, matt that
glory right, matt Lock. Nicejob. I was gonna say Grandpa Simpson
loved this show, but then hewas always talking about Look, you're starting

Andy Griffin. Very good. Whoredid the when they redid the deal with
the don not with the ruler whenhe's attacking him. They redid that whole
thing from and dead. I forgotabout that. Who is this? Dennis?
Hang on, Dennis, we gotdeep purple tickets for you. Don't
you go away? Okay, thankyou? All right, way to go,

Dennis. They're doing an update tomatt Lock. Oh really, yes,
they are with Kathy from h Yeah, Kathy Lee Crossby. No,
no, no, no, thatwould be good though, happy bits that
debates. Oh no, she's gonnabe matt Lock. Yes, yes,
you heard about that. That's crazy, all right? Coming up the voice

of the Dallas Mavericks, Chuck CooperStein on the bow Ends end show.
Hey give me the ben dot com. Bowen thenbashes two weeks from tomorrow,
and we want you to join us. So stand by for your chance to
win tickets to see six and ForeignerJune twenty first, Dozeci's Pavinion Pavilion.
We're gonna give them away in thelone Star ticket window at eight forty right

here on Dallas fort Worth's Classic rocklone Star ninety two to five Dallas fort
Worths Classic Rock Lone Star ninety twoto five. You can smell the excitement
of the game one of the NBAFinals tonight in Boston with the MAVs.
Let's call the voice of the DallasMavericks Chuck Cooperstein Coop. Coop then talked

to Coop in a while he waitingon it. Yeah, yeah, hey,
there would this be the voice ofthe Dallas Mavericks Chuck Cooperstein. Wow,
you know, only grab me atthe big moment. This is how
you love me, right exactly.It's been a while, Coop. What
you've been up to lately? Oh? I think watching a championship level basketball

team. Oh yeah, we madeit, We made it. It's the
show the NBA Finals. First questionis what do the MAVs need to watch
out for with the Celtics during theseries. Pretty much everything. There's a
reason why they won sixty four gamesand they were seven games better than every
other team in the league this year. They're a really well balanced team.

They've got everybody who can shoot threepointers, and they can guard people,
and you know, I think justhow they handle all the three points shooting
from Boston. I think it's goingto be a huge part of the series.
Can they somewhat limit that, You'renot going to eliminate it, but
just somewhat limited And if they cando that, it gives them a heck
of a chance to win. Coop. What do you think Jason Kidd is

telling his players ahead of Game one? Enjoy it because you never know if
going to get back here. Jasonwas lucky enough to play it in it
three times, twice with the Netsand once with the Mavericks, and he
was an assistant coach with the Lakerswhen they won in twenty twenty. He's

seen it all and I think hiscalm is really important here because there's every
reason in the world to get hypedup for something that you know is the
most hypable event in all of basketball. But he's just such a calming influence
on this team that I think they'regoing to follow his lead. How loud
are the boos going to be whenKyrie Irving touches the ball in Boston?

What's the decibel level? The highestpossible decibel level? As he was described
by Dan Shaughnessy in The Boston Globeas the godfather of villains in Boston,
there's no one who is apparently onthe Kyrie level. And frankly, Kyrie

has not played well against the Celticsever since he stepped on the Leprechaun.
I was gonna ask about that,Yeah, the Leprecaun. Yeah, the
twenty twenty one playoff series with theNets, he stepped on the Leprechaun.
He scored thirty nine that night,they won. They then won the next
game the Nets did to win theseries. But since then, basically since

the twenty two season, in thelast three years, he is zero to
ten against the Celtics, including theplayoffs, and he really hasn't played well.
But I think this is a differentKyrie. If you watch him and
you listen to him, he reallydoes seem to be as at peace with
himself as at any time in hislife. And I guess if you're going

to go in there and just geta decibel level of one to twenty thrown
at you, you might as wellbe at beats with yourself. Yeah.
Hey, so do you think thatChristoph persingas he says he's going to be
ready tonight to play against his oldteam, the Mavericks, hope he's still
hobbling. I know me too,But do you think he is one hundred
percent Well, i'll tell you what, Given what he said yesterday, or

at least not even what he said, but how he said it, I'm
not sure that he is. Andthat's something that the Mavericks need to check
out here early in the game.They've got to find a way to get
porzingis involved in some defensive actions tosee just what type of lateral movement he
has. Now, we sure hopeLuca is going to be on point tonight
and through all the games in theseries, because when he gets hot,

he's hard to stop. Yeah,like impossible, flammable like we saw in
the first quarter of Game five,and that you generally look, that's how
Luca plays. Usually, he's likethe opening act of a Fourth of July
fireworks display. You know, hejust goes off and does that and then
he lets Kyrie go and finish games. You know, we'll see how that

all plays out. But you wouldimagine with a week off and they've had
some practice, but you know,at this time of the year, it's
really hard to practice hard and teand you don't want to practice hard.
But he's had that much time off, and also, you know, with
the schedule of the games being whatit is, with every game having at

least two days off between games exceptfor between games three and four, he's
gonna be able to play a lotof minutes. And look, if he's
not as good as he certainly canbe, if he plays, you know,
with tentativeness and whatever, then thatthat's obviously a problem. But I
just don't see that from him.I see these are the moments that he's

been groomed for from the time hewas fifteen years old. And let's see
it all play out now. Andall the other Mavericks seem to play better
when lucas playing like Luca. Yeah, and we will see tonight game one
in Boston. Coop, has beena while. Thanks for talking to us
and be loud and proud when you'recalling the game tonight. Well, you
know, call again. I mean, don't wait until game one of the

NBA Finals to let me hear fromyou. Oh okay, oh yeah,
we'll call you again. Okay.The voice of the Dallas Mavericks, Chuck
Cooper, said, body, thanks, Chuck. Yeah, we hadn't talked
to Coop in a while. Weneed to stay in touch with him doing
this series absolutely the coop the showGalla Forest Classic Rock lone star ninety two.

Got Ao brought up a point aboutStevie Nicks. Tell him what you
said? Well, I just sawthe social media clip version of this last
night scrolling for the first time.But it was a clip from a TV
show from a while back. Andhere's the main character, thin pretty girl
with short hair, and she's abig Stevie Nicks fan. And she hears,
excuse me, I think I'm inthe right place. Hi, my

name is Stevie Nicks. And sheturns around and goes and faints. Was
that Callista Flockhart? Yeaheal because it'sset in Boston. Oh, I'll tell
you what My bad, My bad. Okay, Here it is summer,

and if you got a pool,you get annoyed by people that just want
to come over for your chance tolet them swim in the pool. Yeah,
I got the answer, tig ofeveryone else always coming over to your
house just because you have a pool. Yes, how can I get my
pool bag with your very own IPand my pool signs simably place? You're
large, impossible to miss IP andmy pool sign right next to your pool?

What amazingly, everyone will suddenly feela need to go home. I
gotta go bye shout, leaving youwith a pool free of unwanted guests.
Wow. Thanks IP and my poolsign. Now I can have my pool
all to my cell canon. Don'tput up with unwanted pool guests. Get
the patented new IP and my poolsign. The IP and my Pool sign

from the makers of That's not aTUTSI roll floating in the deep end,
So baby Ruth. I always thinkthat that scene in Caddyshat Phil Murray's cleaning
out the pool. They thought itwas a turd and it was a baby.
Well, well well. Residents inDallas and Kaufman Counties impacted by last

week severe weather are now able toapply for help from FEMA. The disaster
declaration is for damage done by storms, straight line winds, tornadoes, and
flooding, and currently covers nine NorthTexas counties. Funding from FEMA's Individual Assistance
Program helps residents cover expenses like temporaryhousing, emergency home repairs, property losses,

and medical, dental, and funeralexpenses caused by the disaster. Go
online to Disaster Assistance dot gub orcall the FEMA helpline at eight hundred sixty
one thirty three sixty two. That'seight hundred sixty one thirty three sixty two
between six am and ten pm.Deadline to apply is July sixteenth. And
I feel sorry because I think theremight be a few more people that still

don't have power. Yeah, alot, quite a few. Texas couple
bo got the shock of their lifeafter a giraffe picked up their toddler mid
air Saturday. The Totin family wasat the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in glen
Rose. Always a good time therewhere visitors, of course, can experience
a drive through safari and feed giraffes. When two year old Paisley Tote reached

out to feed one, a giraffeopened wide and hoisted her up. The
giraffe Patty's eye on the bag offood in Paisley's hand. Now her shirt
got caught in the crossfire, andup she went, and then the dropped
her right in the mother's arms.The animal wasn't gonna try to eat the
kid, because they don't just dothat now that they're very friendly, and
I know because I'm a Toys rUs kid. Paisley, her parents said,

was not particularly impressed or scared bythe incident, not until she spotted
the gift shop and wanted a toygiraffe, which her parents bought for her.
The video has gone viral, andif you haven't seen it yet,
we have it up on the Bowand Them show page at lone star ninety
two five dot com. Yeah.I saw the video on Inside Edition.
Yeah, it was cute, kindof scary, Yes, it was.

Luckily she only went a foot ortwo up in the air. It could
have been really bad. TJX Companies. This is a retail owner and they
have decided to take drastic and moreexpensive measures to try and thwart shoplifting in
the modern day. It's yeah.Yeah. TJ Max, Marshals, and
Home Goods are all owned by TJXCompanies. I love Home Goods especially.

I think Walmart should take some cuesfrom their idea. They want to put
body cameras on all their employees.That's how bad it's getting with shoplifting nowadays.
Everything's locked up now. Yeah.Yeah. Over the past year,
the company started using body cameras incertain stores, and it looks like they're
going to expand. The cameras arewarned specifically by loss prevention associates. They
are trained on how to use thecameras effectively, and the footage's only shared

upon request by law enforcement or inresponse to a subpoena. According to a
spokesperson for TJX, when somebody comesin, it's almost like a de escalation
where people are less likely to dosomething when they're being videotaped. TJX finance
chief John Klinger told analysts during anearnings call in May, you might want
to keep that in mind in caseyou might be thinking about getting a five

finger discount at one of them.Yeah, stor she'll be doing that well.
When news came out of Red Lobster'spotential demise following its bankruptcy filing,
rap Lengend Flave of Flame stepped upto support his beloved seafood chain. On
Monday, Flave shared on social mediathat he had visited a Red Lobster location
and ordered everything on the menu didfor him. He wanted to save his

famous loving Cheddar biscuits. Oh yeah. His generous gesture comes weeks after the
popular dining chain file for Chapter elevenbankruptcy, meaning little Loyal customers were worried
about its future. Despite the filing, Red Lobster, which has been around
for fifty six years, recently reassuredits fans that they're not going anywhere.

Despite the bankruptcy, Red Lobster saysabout six hundred restaurants will continue to operate
those some have been closed, butthat's what happened. And we may complain
about how expensive stuff is, butwe're not giving up on our beloved fast
food. Here are the top tenrestaurants by sales. Number one McDonald's,

followed by Starbucks, Chick fil A, Taco Bell, Wendy's at number five,
Duncan at six, Burger Kings,Subway, Chipotle, and Dominoes.
Beyond the top ten, Panera Breadis eleventh, followed by Panda Express,
Pizza Hut, Sonic Drive In,and Popeye's Chicken. We love the convenience
of a drive Yeah, and Ilove the Chickens. No Boat Jangles in

their sorry boat. They're trying,They're trying, coming up. We have
tickets to the bow and then bashingthe ticket window. Hang on, start
smiling and dieing. Honey Dallas FortWorst Classic Rock lone Star ninety two to
five. Yes, who is openingfor Deep Purple yeah, we'll have more
tickets to that tomorrow. I rememberseeing, Yes, they open for Jeth

row to Oh that's a good nightat Dallas Memorial Auditorium. They weren't even
headliners yet. I remember being atthat show and I say, you buying
for the dam Goose and the ticketsonly cost you what eight bucks? It
wasn't even that, it was likefive. Oh wow. This was early
seventies, the good old day,a good old day. Now people are

just they're priced out of tickets.Yep. Concert tickets are ridiculously priced.
That's why it's so awesome that wegive them away exactly exactly. It's like
second mortgage stuff for some of thesebigger stars. Right now, it's very,
very expensive. I know, twothousand dollars to see Taylor Swift.
I don't think what was the storyyou told us bo about how people were

going to Europe to see her andit was costed it was less. Yeah,
it's cheaper to fly to Europe tosee her and spend what maybe one
hundred dollars on a ticket, Yeah, and then airfare and your hotel accommodation.
Still cheaper than buying concert tickets inthe US. Right as well,
make it a road trip. CONTswrong Live Nation. When are you all
trying to pull? Very well?Right? Kind of getting scrutinized on that.

Okay, who want our tickets tothe Bowl? And then Bash coming
up? Janet Watts from Redo isgonna be joining using tomorrow, right,
Dan, Tomorrow is Friday Day?Hell yeah? And guess who we got
on the show. Carlos Santana.Carlos is coming August fifteenth at Dicky's Arena.
I'm sure he wants to talk aboutthat. And we're still not gonna

play any Boston. Still not playingBoston if you're a Boston fan, Sorry,
not while the NBA Finals are goingon. Okay, thank god,
Tomorrow's Friday. Ready for it?Okay, it's back the Lone Star bringing
the weekend party hosted by Jeff kIt's back tomorrow, happening at Rock and

Tacos in North Richland Hills. Jeff'sgonna be broadcasting live from three to seven
at Rock and Taco's grand opening atfifty two to nine. Roofs Drive come
out and play Lone Star band Bingoand more fun games to win Lone Star
goodies. That's tomorrow afternoon with ourown JEFFK and lone Star ninety two to
five. Lone Star ninety two fiveReo Speedwagon take me home. I've got

the runs. I like to surpriseyou sometimes. Annabelle ruined. I'm gonna
ruin a lot more. I'll tellyou that right now, because that's how
I roll. See, we geta little jicky because it's the day before
Friday, that's a little And startingon Monday, the Blood Drive. Our
first stop is it, Billy Bob, So come on by and hang with

us and give some blood. Willyou come on? A lot of people
have already made appointments, so good. Appreciate you doing that. Okay,
time wasters, we got them outthe yin yang. Don't we out the
ying yang and the ging yank.Oh yeah, one's one way and one's
the other way. That's all right. So if you head over to lone

Star ninety two five dot com andyou check out the bow and then show
page right now, this is whatwe have for you today. When Kiss
brought their end of the Road tourto a closed last December in New York,
they revealed that they were going tocontinue touring, but as avatars,
you remember that. Oh yes,and everybody's going to what come. Yeah.
So the video that they showed atMadison Square Garden, it raised a

lot of eyebrows because the avatars lookedreally cheap. It looked like a really
bad video game, and Paul Stanleytook note. As he recently explained,
George Lucas is involved with the avatarsand the people involved with it are really
incredible, and the idea is notto do a kiss concert. We want

to create something that's a go toand a mussy for everybody. It's kiss
and circusola and everything you can imagineon steroids. It will really cross that
bridge of what's real and what's not. Well, you better make sure the
avatars look pretty close to you people, what you have. The show expected

to open in twenty twenty seven,and it's being produced by the same people
behind the Abba Voyage show in Londonwhich sold out for like three years in
a row. Abba Voyage. Yes, it's havatars of Abba. And even
Pete Townsend is looking at the whodoing this? Of course, Roger Daltrey
says, no way, We'll keepyou posting. We've got the whole story

and also the cheap ass video ofthe avatars that they revealed last December.
That video and the entire interview thathe did with Alison Haggendorf, won't page,
won't y'all learn to play dance?And Queen be like the Abba Avatar
Abatars? I like that. DeepPurple have released a second song, Pictures
of You. It's off their upcomingnew album, He Equals One that's going

to be out July nineteenth. We'vegot the video to Pictures of You up
on our page. And recently wetold you about Bruce Springsteen having to cancel
all these shows in Europe because ofvocal issues. Well that didn't stop his
fans in Marseille, Milan and Pragueall taking to the streets to do their
own little Bruce Springsteen tribute shows.And so Bruce took to social media to

thank his fans and also to showsome of the videos of them doing these
little pop ups. So if youwant to check that out, that's up
on our page. Rod Stewart hasposted a video of him and his son
Liam, who just got married,making a martini, a rock star martini,
So if you want to learn howto do that, you can check
that out on Rock Star Martin.It's using Rod Stewart's whiskey. Oh,

so he's killing two birds with onestone. He's promoting his son as a
bartender and he's promoting his whiskey.And David Lee Roth continues to crank out
songs. For the second time intwo months. He's put out a cover.
This time it's a cover of Tommytwo tones eight, six, seven
through five three oh nine? Howmany? How many times does he go?

Wow? It's pretty funny, it'spretty funny. And finally, we
talked about this earlier bo and it'sthe Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. That video
of the giraffe, Yeah, grabbingthat toddler and lifting the toddler up and
then throwing it in the mom's arms. If you have not seen this video,
you can check it out right nowon our page. We have the

video up on Long Star ninety twoto five dot com. Damn Son,
not so fast, you'll be aheadache. Make my fingers hurt just thinking
about turn my fingers. Man.Well, that's that's how Stevie did it.
Yeah. Well, we're sort ofat the end of the week because

tomorrow is Fridday. Hey, we'vegot Carlos Santana on the show Money.
He's coming to town August fifteenth atDicky's Arena, and I put a little
something together for Pat Sajack for hislast His last show is tomorrow. It's
the end of an arabo, Robertit is. He holds the record for

the longest running host of a gameshow. These our past Bob Barker a
couple of years ago. Wow.And it'll be your last shot at least
for a while, to win apair of tickets to see Deep Purple and
Yes, Dickie's Arena on Monday.Dickie's Arena, by the way, is
where Carlos Santana will be playing Fatand more tickets to the Bowl and than
Bash starring Stixon Foreigner. That's Friday. That's let's see two weeks from tomorrow

at that said dose Eki's Pavilion.And that should be fun because after tomorrow
we start the Blood Dry. We'llbe broadcasting at various places. Let's see
Monday, is it Billy Bob's Texas. That's right, they'll be historic Fort
Worth Stockyards, Pinstack. That's onTuesday. That's in Irving Striking Reel,

which is in Garland, Garland.Yeah, I remember these places. Give
me the vin dot Com North OriginalHills and the u TX Event Center credit
Union Texas Events Center. I rememberlast year when we kept hearing those pinging
sounds. That was at Penstack inGarlands. Is that what that was?
Remember? We kept going, whatthe hell is that? It was the

video games? Oh yeah, andwe thought, oh my god, our
equipment. If he's gonna blow uplike casino noises. Yes, And Saturday
at Nebraska Furniture Mark in Grenscape upnext Star after show decompression session, we'll
talk about whatever pops into our feeblelittle heads, the Mavericks, Yes,

Mavericks, speaking of I have alittle Maverick surprise for the both of you.
I got little gifts oh real forGame three. I did not know,
but you were gonna like your giftanyway, I promise. All right,
all right, So Game one istonight. We just talked to the
voice of the Dallas Mavericks, ChuckCooperstein earlier here on the show, and
I'm sure Old Coop is gonna bebringing the heat on the brawl cast.

Yeah, so we'll go on theafter show, and before we go,
let's all say it together, gonow, Chick that Celtic sam do it to it
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