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June 7, 2024 68 mins
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Alright, let's get this over withtime to play basketball. Four more whims
to take home the lotry O'Brien trophy. Ow Horford with the first bucket,
gets Holidays, gets inside, reversepacks it in. Just took his time,
don't you stubble stolen by White Whiteright with Jones lays it up and

in scoop lay up. No goodour Horford right place, right time.
Holiday a three pointer. He's indouble figures pounds. It comes up short.
Cornet with a Chippenham's tatum. I'ma strong, finish slow meat.
Borzingis puts it head, it stops. Porzingis looking at that for everywhere.

The Tatum with the rebound, Porzingiscuts to the basket and the flushing round
gets into paytent. Holiday Tatum wideopen three pointer. It's good. So
is this? Why don't you havesome of this right now? We'll just
put it in. This is noweight right wins from Boston in these playoffs.
They're thirteen to two. A greatteam effort at both hands, the

return of Christops for singles, thehuge impact. Nothing is over until we
decided this was it over. Whenthe German's bomb Pearl Harner Hell no German,
Big Daddy's rolling hey over. Now, that's why they're going. Gets
tough. Yeah yeah, nyac atough get going. Who's with me?

Where's the spirit? Where's the cuts? Huh? Well, just tech from
the lid nott me. I'm notgonna take this. Hudo's Ryan psychotic,
but absolutely right, we gotta takethese bastards. Yeah, you tell them

this. I think we have togo all out. I think this situation
absolutely requires a really feudal and stupidgesture be done on somebody's part. We're
just the guys to do it.Stupid. Okay, it's the only game

war I know. But still,that first quarter everything was painful. You
know, it ain't over. Ihad planned to stay up and watch the
whole game, but when it washalftime, I was like, after the
first quarter, I was like,I'm gonna go to sleep. Hopefully I'll
wake up to good news. ButI didn't, well see because because I

have asked Google, and so Iwas afraid when I when I got up
this morning, Okay, Google,who won between the man is in the
sale thing? The man's lost ascore of that eighteen points? Oh yeah,
that her That's not a way tostart out an NBA Final in game
one, just the first game,didn't Coop say that Bazinga per Zingle,

whatever his name is, that hewouldn't be one hundred percent? Oh yeah,
it looked like he was. Yeah, it sure did. Let's call
him Bazinga from now on. Ilove that. That's what Bo and Jim
used to call How about it,the fungus can call him fungus just killed

Chris Crap, So sad well.Game two is Sunday. Sunday, another
time where we got to get upand go to work and we have to
wake up even earlier on Monday becausewe're gonna be in Fort Worth at the

Blood Drive. Oh god, sorry, Bo, we have to get here.
We just don't just walk in hereand do this show. This show
has a lot of preparation to it. I know it doesn't sound like it
sometimes, especially these two characters oncamera. I thought I was a badass
coming in it for something. Mygod, they've been here for days and
about the time I get here,not really day, It just seems like

days. For exaggerating. But well, it's not the way we wanted to
start out the NBA Finals, butit is what it is till it ain't
no more. And we're not doneyet. No, we're not sure.
Hope we can win Sunday. Thislit a fire under Luca and Kyrie.
Kyrie had a bad game last night, he did, so I think this

is gonna light the fire. It'slike, hey, we need to step
it up. Well, we certainlyhope. So now we're pissed. Yes,
yeah, we're pissed. Now,now you're going down. Now you've
gone and done it. It's Fridayand we're celebrating Boon Days in Daniel Boone
on today's date. In seventeen sixtynine, Daniel Boone supposedly set his sights

on the land that would eventually becomeKentucky, but the story of him killing
a bear with his bare hands mayor may not be true. Daniel Boone
was a man you know who youknow who played Daniel Boone on the TV
show I can't remember fest Parker.Oh Parker was on sixty VCR Day.
Nobody uses those anymore. I stillhave one. Hiaware prototypes and early versions

were made in the fifties and theycost thousands of dollars. Today. They
gathered dust in somebody's garage no,I've got one just in case. It's
also Trial Technology Day because of technology, we have no use for those vc
are we don't. It's June bug. It's National June Bug Day. I
was a wild kid. My parentshad a bright porch light on the front

porch, and I would go outwith one of my mom's spatualists and swap
the june bugs out of the air, kill them like I was beyond beyond
borg serving a tennis ball. Youever stick your head out of the winter
of a car and swallow one?No? No, I've swallowed the moth
while riding my bicycle. Lit there'sa bug in the studio. Okay,

it's time for a snack. It'sNational fish and Chips Day. Okay,
high five the kid working the drivethrough at Long John Silver's. Come on,
National Chocolate ice Cream Day. Thefirst print advertisement for chocolate ice cream
in the US appeared in New YorkCity in seventeen seventy seven. Andrew Jackson
is the guy that was responsible forbringing ice cream over here from France.

Thanks Thank Chocolate is the second mostpopular ice cream flavor after vanilla. And
it's also a special day today.Yeah, because it is national Donut Day.
Oh that's right, and we're goingto have some donuts delivered to or
something. This day was created tohonor the lassies, donut girls or donut

dollies who served donuts the servicemen inEurope during World War One, or as
Homer Simpson might, donuts. Isthere anything they can't do? So we'll
celebrate that. We'll talk about sportsof all sorts as much as it's going
to hurt. But we got agood freaking fool file and a special tribute

to Pat Say Jack we're gonna doon his last day. And don't forget
Deep Purple and Yes tickets at sevenfifty Yes and at eight forty tickets to
bow and then bash Friday two weeksfrom today. They'll get ready to morning
Stretch Dallas, What Worth Classic Rockmone Star ninety two five Sticks with Foreigner

two weeks from today at Dosequi's Pavilionfor boweing them back. Oh Partach gonna
be fun. But now it's timefor sports of all sorts. Brought to
you by the Will Height Law Firm. Injury lawyers go to Willhightwinds dot com.
I sure hope that emotional tribute toformer Celtic Bill Walton given give them

some mojo last night. Jalen Brownscored twenty two points, Chris krat Bazinga
added twenty in his first game inmore than a month, and the Celtics
powered past the Mavericks one to oh, seven to eighty nine last night ou
in Game one of the NBA Finals, Derek White finished with fifteen points for
Boston, which led by twenty ninepoints in the first half. That was

horrible. That what I'm saying,It's time for me to Brombly go to
ban Here. He connected on sixteenthree pointers in the start of the Celtics
quest for an eighteenth NBA title,which we're going to try and prevent.
Dallas cut the deficit to eight pointsin the third quarter, but Boston pulled
away again. Made the night evenworse for the MAVs was the fact that

six Celtics finished in double figures.Yeah, Luka Dunchit led MAVs with thirty
points. PJ. Washington added fourteenand eight rebounds, but Dallas couldn't find
defensive consistency beyond that, totally justnine assists on its thirty five field goals
for the game. Game two willbe Sunday night in Boston, tip off
at seven o'clock. Game through threewill be here at the American Airline Center

next Wednesday. In Game four willbe a week from today at the Double
AC. Dallas's Reunion Tower will beshowing support for the MAVs throughout the NBA
Finals. On game days, theball will light up with a gold MAVs
light show. Yay cool. Isure hope it helps, because it's sure
as hell didn't help last night.Can yeah exactly? Hey? The mayor
of Boston finally responded to the mayorof Dallas. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced a friendlybet on the NBA Finals between the Dallas
Mavericks and the Boston Celtics before Gameone last night. The mayors agreed through
social media to send the other someof their city's most well known food if
their team loses. Now, ifthe Mavericks win, Mayor Wu will send
Mayor Johnson chowder and lobster from LegalSeafoods. Oh, by the way,

that's d chowde Loudsta from Legal Seafoodsand dessert from Sweet Tease Bakery in Boston.
If the Celtics win Black Mayor woPecan Lodge Barbecue from Mayor Johnson.
Now, as we mentioned yesterday,Mayor Johnson is no stranger to sports bets.
He won dancing bear chocolate from MinneapolisMayor Jacob Fray when the MAVs beat

the timber Wolves. He also wona Colorado Belt bucker buckle from Denver Mayor
Mike Johnston when the Dallas Stars beatthe Colorado Avalanche because there's no belt buckles
in Texas. No, I don'tsee you one. But Johnson lost a
bet with Edmonton Mayor amar Jeet sohe and now he is going to have
to make a video of himself cheeringfor the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup

Finals in an Edmonton Jersey. Ohoh, he's gonna get a rash.
You just know it makes my skincrawl. Yeah, skin call well.
Artist Drake may be a big Toronto, Canada rapper and by default maybe a
Raptors fan, but he's putting hisweight behind the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA
Finals. He took to Instagram witha photo of a bet slip where he

allegedly put a half a million dollarson the Mavericks. Whoa Celtics. Yeah?
Half a mill baby, Damn yeah, got it. He's got it
to burn, I guess, andhe could win a chunk too. If
the MAVs win, Drake would winone point three seven five million dollars.
What a hole. The Slip alsoshot him, showed him betting another half

a million on the Edmonton Oilers towin the Stanley Cup. He says,
Dallas, because I'm a Texan,oilers are self explanatory, he wrote on
Instagram. The Texas reference. Bythe way, that's because Drake recently dropped
fifteen million dollars on a new ranchin Brenham, Texas. Brenham, Texas
used to have to stop there,wouldn't I grandfather and Dad would take us

to Aggie games because my grandfather hadan old Aggie buddy that he went to
school with. And we had juststayed there for an hour. He was
on Dallas. Cowboys head coach MikeMcCarthy needed just five words to sum up
his feelings on star wide receiver CeedeeLamb skipping the voluntary portion of the team's
off season program. He said,CD's not here today. So that's what

he told reporters during a press conferencewhen asked if the team expected Ceede Lamb
to be with a team. Lambhas stayed away from the Cowboys off season
program amidstalled contract negotiations with a teamset to count seventeen point nine million dollars
against the cap on the fifth yearoption of his rookie contract. Lamb is
looking for a new deal and hisprice tag has likely skyrocketed after the Minnesota

Vikings signed Justin Jefferson to a contractextension that completely reset the market. The
Vikings signed Jefferson to a four year, one hundred and forty million dollar contract
extension mother averaging thirty five million peryear. Ceed Lamb thinks he's worth at
least that or more, Okay,crazy money. Last season, Lamb caught

a hundred and thirty five passes forone thousand and sev seven hundred and forty
nine yards with twelve touchdown passes,signaling that he is eligible for a new
deal and now is the ideal timefor him to cash in because of this
Jefferson deal. Oh yes, there'strouble, Brewin Tuble Brewinger sure is hey.
All eyes today are on the statusof reigning World Series MVP Corey Seger,

will he be able to start tonightwhen the Texas Rangers opened a three
game series against the San Francisco Giantsat Globelife Field. Now Cory Seger extended
his career best on base streak totwenty eight games with a second inning single
off left handed Joey wentz And Wednesdayafternoons nine to one victory over Detroit.
But Seeger grabbed the back of hisleft hamstring right after as he was getting

ready to run first base and leftthe game. Seeger, who missed all
but the final three games, isspring training after offseason surgery to repair a
sports hernia, has had issues withthat left hamstring in the past. Four
time All Star missed thirty one gameswith a left hamstring string in April of
twenty twenty three. If you remember, he also missed a month in two
thousand nineteen while with the Los AngelesDodgers with another left hamstring injury. Oh

Now, the injury comes at avery delicate time for the defending World Series
champions. Texas. Right now isin second place in the American League West,
four and a half games behind theSeattle Mariners. First pitch tonight seven
oh five, as Rangers manager BruceBochie faces off against his former club,
which he led to three World Seriestitles in thirteen seasons. See the Rangers.

Hey, they're great, then theystart sucking. Then they stuck for
a while, then they're great again. Yeah, started talking for a while,
as long as they're great in Septemberand October. Hey, you go,
that's what I'm talking ying Yang.Well, our neighbors up in Oklahoma,
bo I, notice you're sporting someOklahoma colors this morning. Well,
it's a Flash the Flash. Ohokay, it says said Oklahoma City,
says Central City Running Club, LikeI'm going to do some running. Have

you been jogging? Damn Well,no, I hope not. This is
established nineteen forty because that's when BarryAllen The Flash made his comic book.
Game had nothing to do with Oklahoma. Okay, up in Oklahoma. College
sports has another reason to celebrate,and at the chagrin of the Texas team
against So we're talking about the women'sCollege World Series championship and Oklahoma Sooners team

up there winning their fourth straight NCAASoftball title, their eighth title overall under
coach Patty Gasso, who admittedly seemspretty damn talented. They moved into a
tie with Arizona for the second mostnational championships, behind UCLA's twelve titles.
Texas hasn't won a national title inthis category at all, not yet anyway.

The Longhorns lost to the Sooners inthe twenty two championship. This year,
Texas won the Big Twelve regular seasontitle, but Oklahoma beat the Longhorns
in the Big Twelve tournament. Bothprograms are leaving the Big Twelve for the
Southeastern Conference next season. Football,baseball, basketball, all of them balls.
The twenty twenty four Belle montch Daywill be the one hundred and fifty

six running of the last race ofthe Triple Crown, schedule for tomorrow at
five fifty pm. Television coverage willbe broadcast by a Fox and Fox Sports,
with extra coverage by Fox Sports oneand Fox Sports two and presented by
New York Racing Association bets. Theystart coverage in like noon, yeah,
and try to fill all this timebefore the race comes on. The race

will be shorter than the traditional mileand a half running, It's just a
mile and a quarter. The favoriteis Sierra Leone at nine to five odds.
Who follows the winners of the firsttwo jewels of the Triple Crown Kentucky
w Winter Mystic Band at five toone, and the winner of the Preakness
Sees the Gray at eight to one. Is it true that they're not playing
at Belmont they're playing in Saratoga becauseapparently they're fixing Belmont up. Yeah,

they've got to do some work onit. Yes, so huh. And
if you like to hit golf ballsand eat and get drunk, A new
Top Golf location is coming to GrandPrairie. Yes. Good entertainment venue will
be golf games and food and drink. Will open next to a newly constructed
Bass Pro shop and Andretti's Indoor Kartingon State Highway one sixty one in the
Epic Central Entertainment District. It's expectedto break ground this fall and open in

twenty twenty five, a courting toGrand Prairie officials. Top Golf, which
is headquartered in Dallas, already hasmultiple locations, including ones in Dallas,
the Colony Allen, and Fort Worth. The one hundred and seventy two acre
Epic Central Entertainment District also features chickenand pickle pickleball, restaurant for an indoor
water park, restaurants, hotels,and more. Top Golf has twelve locations

in Texas and about one hundred locationsall around the world on Earth, according
to their website. Okay, getready because the freaking full File is next
on the pull in Them Show Dallas, fort Worths Classic Rock Colune Star ninety
two five Tom Sawyer. That isRush and coming up, we say goodbye

to Pat say Jack. Put togethera special little deal and yes it will
include food. The time Jimmy andI made Pat say Jack cuss, he
enjoyed it too. We played thaton Tuesday. Somebody requested it, but
I put together a little thing forhim, and Vana and Vanna gave a
little tearful goodbye. Yes, Yes, Okay, time for the freaking fool
file and we start with a freakingfool file update. Remember the guy from

Michigan who was seen driving in azoom meeting with a judge and was seen
by the judge during a court hearingabout the driver's suspended license. Yes,
and he said are you driving well? Earlier this week, it was reported
that Corey Harris's license had been reinstated, but the paperwork never reached the office

of the Michigan Secretary of State.Then on Wednesday, a new bombshell dropped
when Judge Cedric Simpson revealed in courtthat Harris has never had a driver's license
ever in his life in Michigan orany of the other forty nine states or
commonwealths that make up this country.The joke, and he was still driving
around like nothing. No, don'tyou need a driver's license with your picture

on it to be able to buystuff? Sometimes? Yes? Yes,
Well, it seems that the liftedsuspension never went into effect because Harris never
paid a license clearance fee to thecourt. Don't you think you would do
that if that's all you had todo to get your driver's license? Then
he lied about having one. Yes, he says he was never told to

pay a fee two years ago,and he only received clearance paperwork this year.
Yeah, nice excuse, Bud Harris. And Harris also blamed the course
in the state for not correcting thepaperwork, even though it was his fault,
rather than taking the steps to gethis license two years ago. That,
of course, pissed off the judgeeven more. The next court hearing

for Harris will be on August seventh, and Harris is hoping that the judge
won't be Judge Cedric Simpson, becauseif so, he's gonna have his ass
in a sling. You do realizeit, none of this would have come
to light had he just zoomed infrom home. Yeah, why did you
do it while you were driving whenyour case is about a suspended driver's license?

Dumb as Hey, here's another caseof driving with a suspended license.
If you're going to break the lawor have intentions of doing anything on savory,
it pays to help yourself out andobey simple traffic laws. In Pensacola,
Florida, Highway patrol troopers pulled overRonald Lee Murray, Junior after they
saw him following a dump truck tooclosely on the Interstate Now. After running

to check on him, the copsfound out that Murray was a convicted felon
with multiple convictions. He was drivingwith a suspended license, and not only
that, but he's also carrying awhole bunch of handguns and lots of ammunition.
It also didn't help the fact thatMurray had anti Semitic memorabilia on the
inside and the outside of his vehicle, including items adorned with swastikas. Sounds

like a lovely fellow. He'd previouslybeen convicted of criminal mischief in Orlando as
part of a group called Order ofthe Black Sun, a group of cues
just spreading hate in the Orlando area. Now reportedly, Murray was released in
Orlando on just five hundred dollars bond, but this time in Pensacola, the
bond has been set at twenty sixthousand dollars and he is still in custody.

Uh huh, well, let's keephim there for a while. Let's
keep him locked up. Okay,Good old Florida. The Pinnacle the example
of prime mental health. Right,Nobody does it better. In Florida and
Seminole County, a man has declaredwar on what he's labeling big Brother,
but basically the law. It's himagainst the law when it comes to license

plate readers. He didn't like lawenforcement having the ability and the technology to
be able to surveil him and others, and he went out and started destroying
license plate readers. He did awhole bunch of them. They're basically cameras
that know how to capture that datareally well. He didn't get all of
them. He was eventually caught byone of these cameras destroying license plate reading

cameras. Thirty five year old EricFiedler is in a lot of trouble.
He was arrested last weekend twenty twocounts of property damage along with theft and
burglary. They started noticing missing camerason the sixth of this month, I'm
sorry May six, and about aweek and a half later, eight more
went offline. So they're going whatthe hell over at the law offices and
investigators reviewed surveillance footage and saw aHonda minivan in the area and a man

on a bicycle near the cameras.Last Saturday, police deployed a chopper to
track the minivan. They watched itas it went to six locations where cameras
were. They saw Fielder take abicycle out of the vehicle, right up
to the camera locations and start dismantlingthe readers using a drill, so then

he was following to his residence.He was placed under arrest and they learned
that just days before he had startedremoving the equipment. He was interviewed by
local news reporters about the license platereaders and bitched about them to the news
and how much he hated the invasionof privacy. Uh huh, so that
pretty much ties him to it.Yeah, evidence for the case. How

about yet another Florida story. OhJesus Christ. A Florida man is facing
multiple charges after a chaotic incident ata Palm Bay church. Timothy Bornman allegedly
broke into the church, causing overten thousand dollars in damages with a sledge
hammer. When police arrived, hewas shouting profanities while holding one of those

metal Stanley cups that everybody's trying toget their hands on. Well Bornman then
threatened one officer and attempted to busthim upside the head with that Stanley cup,
though the officer dodged it. Aftera brief struggle, Bornman was tased
and he was arrested. He claimedthe church had stolen from him because he
gave money every Sunday during the offeringwhen they passed the plate around for donations,

and his prayer hasn't yet been answered, so he decided to tear up
the church. He wants his moneyback. He now faces charges including burglary,
criminal mischief of a place of worship, battery on a law enforcement officer,
and resisting arrest with violence. Sowhat was it that he'd been praying
for that he didn't get to winmillions of dollars in the lottery? Oh?

Jo, join the class. God, you said, I ain't got
time for y'all. Y'all on yourown on the lottery, that's all I'm
saying. Hey want to score freetickets to see Deep Purple and Yes when
they come to Dicky's Arena in FortWorth August nineteenth, we'll stand by.
Coming up next hour at seven fifty, we have your chance to win those
tickets right here on the Bow andThem show on Dallas Fort Worth's Classic Rock

Lone Star ninety two to five,Dallas Horse Classic Rock Loan Star ninety two
five, The Go in Them Showcreating mass hysteria. I'd rather it be
mass hysterical, but you get whatyou get, that's right. And it's
Friday, yeah, your weekend.Yeah? Oh thank goodness, we kind
of forgot it was Friday for asecond. Now. I want to hug

you both. I was thinking aboutFriday all day yesterday, don't you know
well. Today is the last showfor Pat say Jack on Wheel of Fortune,
and I did not see this,but yesterday Vana White on the show
did kind of a moving tribute toPat say Jack. I've edited it down
because she went on for like twominutes, but this is pretty heartfelt.

Listen to this. I don't knowhow to put into words what these past
forty one years have meant to me. Eight thousand episodes went by like that.
When I first started, I wasso green. You made me so
comfortable and made me so confident.Pat, you made me who I am.
You really did. As the yearshave gone by, we've grown up

on television, but we've also sharedso much more behind the scenes. You're
like a brother to me, andI consider you a true lifelong friend who
I will always adore. I loveyou, Pat, blow a little kiss.
I totally cried when I saw that. And then the pictures of Pat
say Jack. He was so soyoung, and then Banna, she looks

the same person. You know,they both kind of do. I was
gonna say, Pat, he lookslike Pat. Well, when they showed
early pictures of the two of them, he looked like a little kid.
Yeah, that was forty one yearsago. Wow, yeah, they've been
together as long as you and Jimmywere together. Well, Jory forty two
years Je, take that page out. Pat, Jimmy and I had a

chance to interview Pat say Jack becausehim and Vanna came to town. They
were in Grand Prairie and they weretaping some episodes of Wheel of Fortune.
Well, uh, Jimmy and Idid an interview with Pat Sajack and we
played this on Tuesday because somebody requestedit. We got Pat say Jack to
cuss. So I put together alittle thing for Pat and Vanna that you

might enjoy. And yes it doesinclude Pat say Jack cussing. Here you
go. All right, Peter,you made it to the bonus round.
Congratulations, thanks Regis. Okay,the category is Actor and Show, so
we need five consonants sand a vowokay, mm Z, four Q,

another Q, A third Q andthe batman shymble. Okay, no help
there. Fifteen seconds if you wantto take a shot at it, talk
it out? Is it? AlexCarris in Webster, I don't believe it.
Oh my god, I just tooka shot in the dick. Holy

crap. Have you ever had todo an edit on the show, like
somebody cussed when they hit bankrupt orsomething. We have, Yeah, occasionally
words slip. We had one slipout recently, probably somebody in Dallas here.
Yeah, I mean it was abenigna. We're like mother father faster.

Yeah, you'll you'll take that out, won't you. No. I
don't know if it's true or not, but somebody said that you owned some
radio stations. I actually do owna couple of stations in Maryland where we
live actually most of the year.Well, you know, if we ever
find job, we're gonna call slipJack of ale By. We see from
your shopping now we're a live hI owned two very small and very low

paying, I might add. Oh, I thought it'd be perfect for you.
Well, Pat, it's great tomeet. Well, I was afraid
you guys are gonna read me intoit all. But if I didn't have
a good time Pat and say jackyBy, talent turned out tomorrows right in

the butt. No, okay,Pat, I'm gonna solve it. Stops
here so close the answer is thebuck stops here. I think I better
solve it, Pat Goose, noteven close of the draw of the Irish

be a lady tonight shoes in thesaddle again in the box? Made the
be with you? Get me astick for an aeroplane. Got to get
on the Wheel of Fortune game.I just got to win. Spind the
wheel again. Ovanna, big mea letter bankrupt? What do you mean

bank I don't care how much moneyI got to spend? Can't toulu get
pat said Jack again? Won't throwin the tower? Still lie by your
hours? Ovanna, big me aletter? Hey man, what do you
mean there's no handing phone? Banna, pick me a letter? No one
does it any better? I dreamabout you, Evanna? Is that an

all over ten or what? Vanna? I don't understand why you make one
hundred grand? Not for me tosay anyway. Get me a ticket for
a narrow plane. Gonna be youngthe Wheel of Fortune game. I just
got to win. Spin the wheelagain. Vanna, pick me a letter,

go, Bana, look at it? All right, hey, get
out of my face. Mack.Is that a too bay? Hey?
They're knowing that word is a lowwriter? All right? My forget the
letter man. I'm like, Banna, why are you beautiful? Middy?
Got me a ticket for aneroplane?All right, I'm on the wheel of
fortune game. I just love thatsound. I'm in the bonus round.

Hey, Banna, pick me aletter, lose a turn, Hey man,
lose day banda beat me a letter? No one does it any better?
I dream about you? Right?That isn't all over? Ten,
Banna. I don't mean to stare, but are you wearing underwear? Not
for me to say anyway. Idon't care how much money I got to

spend. Can't stand to look catpassage jack again. Won't throw in the
towel. Still lie by your bowels. O, Banna pick me a letter,
please, Banna, pick me aletter. All right, I'm ready
to big baby A CD E FG A J j K. I'm gonna
pick you d w X y D. That's your governor, all right.

I take the sofa, the blender, the microwave, the refrigerator. Man,
by what do you mean five hundreddollars for I'm black and white?
Five in portable? TV? Saidyou got ripped off man, my brother,
and not forget up for your ownsales. Give me the money.
Not by the TV, he said, Man, all right, I got
the moaby them show. I can'thelp myself. Ballace Moors Classic Rock lone

Star ninety two five coming up.We're gonna give away those deep purple and
Yes tickets at seven fifty. Thenabout thirty minutes from now, we're gonna
talk to Carlos. That's awesome hecoming to town. Yere. I always
liked him, loved him all theseyears. Okay, Uh, after this
guy heard about the Boston cream Pie, he wanted to bitch a little go
ahead. They was down almost thirtypoints. They brought that back to eight

points, and then they let himgo back up. Yeah, I know,
I know, I'm talk for sure. There for a little bit,
it was all right, it's allset up effect you to come back,
but it didn't happen. But welllet's hope it happens from now on.
Okay, Yeah, it was terrible. They was hitting too many threes.
It was like but Deuce was sayingthe other day, say, man,

they hit threes all day long,and they back to what they was doing
hitting. Well, it is whatit is. That's all I can say.
Game one, game, well wegot we got six more, got
four gamest six that night. Bad. Yeah, I have a good day.
I hope we can win it infour more. Yes, that's how
it goes. Let's get it overwith. Yes, Okay, it's Friday,

it's the beginning of the weekend,and you know there's a lot going
on this weekend, just like everyweekend here round Dallas forward. So it's
time for Hey, up, whatwhat's happening? I am so glad you
asked. There are so many thingsgoing on. So the World Series champion
Texas Rangers kick off a three gameseries tonight at globelif Field against the San

Francisco Giants. First pitch tonight atseven o five. Tomorrow's game is going
to be at three to oh five, and then on Sunday it's a twelve
oh five start at the Shed.Now, Sunday, the American Airline Center
will be jumping for a Texas sizedwatch party for Game two of the NBA
Finals featuring our Dallas Mavericks versus theBoston Celtics. Boston holds a one to

nothing lead. Tickets for the watchparty at the Double AC costs ten dollars,
with all proceeds going to the MAVsFoundation, which helps our community.
Tip Off Sunday night is at seven. Get there early since all seats are
general admission. There are going tobe plenty of celebrity sightings in Dallas this
weekend. Bo Fan Expo Dallas,the largest sci fi, horror, anime,

and gaming event in Texas, istaking place this weekend at the Kay
Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Among thecelebrities that you can see William Shatner,
Marissa Tomay, Susan Sarandon, GinaDavis. That's just to name a few.
Yes, but no car going offa cliff. The fan Expo kicks

off today and runs through Sunday.Like music to check out this weekend at
Dicky's Arena and Fort Worth. Tonight, it's Dirk's Bentley and Concert at the
Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. Therock band Vampire Weekend Place tonight, and
one of our favorite tribute bands,Back in Black, the ac DC Tribute.
They'll be at Lava Cantina and TheColony tomorrow night. At the Kessler

Theater in Dallas. Tonight, it'sthe Texas Blues Guitar Summit. This is
gonna be so cool. Special guestsinclude Terra Plain Rounders Comedy this weekend,
Punky Johnson from Saturday Night Live,she's at Hyenas in Dallas tonight and tomorrow.
We wanted to get her in studio, but she's not arriving until this
afternoon. Jo Yeah. Jimmy Fila, the New York cab driver turned stand

up comic, is at the Majestic. Nate Jackson is there tomorrow night with
his super funny World tour. Ifyou miss him Saturday, he'll play Hyena's
Dallas Sunday night, Texas trust SeeYouth Theater Tomorrow night. Mexican comedian Franco
Eskamia bringing his Ladies Man Tour toNorth Texas. If you love, just
Salza dance Tomorrow night at Vitruvian Parkin Data, Dallas, the VI Trouvian

Salsa Festival. Actually that's not inDallas, that's Addison. That's considered Addison.
Havanna and our going to be playingthere at the Truvian Park. Such
a great venue. Who doesn't liketo salsa dance? I know? Aren't
you like a world compell You knowit even with toe up legs? Watch
this Animal Lovers tomorrow and Historic DowntownCarrollton. It's Pause on the Square nine

am to noon. Fun for thewhole family, so bring out your four
legged friends. It's a free event. They're gonna have free pet portraits.
Also a pet adoption event taking placeFort Worth. The Original Gun Show happening
tomorrow and Sunday at will Rogers andTheater. Lovers your last weekend to see
Hamilton at the Windspear Opera House inDallas running through Sunday, Casa Minyana and

Fort Worth. You talked about thisyesterday. The musical Grease now through Sunday,
and that is just some of whatis going on this weekend. Bags,
welcomee, I Love Her Madly andthe rest. Yeldo Dallas Wawer's classic
rocker Lone Star ninety two five.Okay, we have a pair of tickets

to Deep Purple with Yes. Thatshow is August nineteenth at Dickey's Arena.
Now that's like I said, thatis a great bill for us old farts,
Deep Purple and Yes, but it'sa Monday night. I know it,
man, I'm gonna do. Imight have to bite the bullet on
this one. Dude. I wasthinking the same thing, man, But

then again, I go, Idon't know. I know it's in Fort
Worth. So by the time youeven get back home. Uh, I'm
never gonna get to see Deep Purplein my life. That's the thing.
These these concerts during the week,we really can't go to it because most
go on. We got to behere. It's in August twentieth, the
federal holiday. Hey, it's NationalBanana Pudding Day and everybody gets today off.

Yes, it's National scratcher Cod's Dayand all the men get to day.
Yeah, okay, so we haveto see Deep Purple. And yes,
and we're gonna play fraction the Flickersbecause you know, I was watching
these celebrations of Normandy yesterday and Ithought, we haven't done fraction flickers all

week long. We usually do iton Monday, but we didn't do it
this week. So we're gonna doit. And yes, it is a
war movie. Of course, it'sa war movie. Okay, I'm going
to play a trailer of a warmovie, and I have taken out all
the clues that would have given itaway. You tell me what war movie
this is, and I'll give youthe Deep Purple and yes, tickets ready

all right here where you go.One of the most ambitious undertakings since All
Quiet on the Western Front and gonewith the wind comes to the screen.
It's cast of stars represents the toptalent of four countries and has never been
equaled in size and importance in thehistory of the industry except of court battles.

The only road the Germans can unitsto drive against our northern flank.
But it has to be taken.That's why I gave you the job.
Man, come on generalizing. OurAllied naval forces supported by strong air forces,
began landing Allied armies this morning onthe northern coast of France. In

size, in school, in suspense, in dramatic intensity, I'm paralleled in
screen history the day that changed theworld. Okay, So that should have
given you a hint right there atthe very end. Yeah, that it
was about D Day. And there'snot that many movies about D Day.
No, okay, So two onefour or eight one seven, seventy seven,

one nine, two five, Youtell me what movie that is,
and I will give you the deeppurple and yes, tickets. This is
gonna be easy. Somebody's got toboning them show. Okay, what war
movie was that? The Magnificence,No, the Magnificent seven is a Western
man. Yeah, it's not awar movie. Boning them, Show what
war movie? Okay, boning them? Show what war movie was that?

Uh, Brave Heart, Brave Heart, Well that was a war movie,
but it's war. Brave Heart wasnot at D days way before way,
this is about D Day, whichwas the anniversary he was yesterday. Boning
them. Show tell me what warmovie that was? Oh, no,

thank you for calling. No Elvisstay dead. Okay, that guy calls
all the time. Boning them.Show tell me what war movie that was?
No, Midway, I told youit's about D Day. D Day
Midway it was about the Japanese bombingPearl Harbor and then we had to hit
them back, boning them. Showtell me what war movie that was about

D Day? The Longest the LongestDay, great movie. I mean,
there were so many stars in that. John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert
Mitcham, Sean Connor, Hey,Paul Anka, George Siegel, Paul Anka.
Yeah, Red Buttons. I rememberRed Buttons in the movie where where
he's stuck on the on the churchsteeple and a German shoots him in the

foot and the bells make him godeath. Oh I love that movie.
Who is this? You turn yourradio down? Please okay by now,
well, whoever you are, holdon just a minute. Can't follow instructions,
but he won anyway. Congratulations,all right, coming up mister Carlos

Santana. Next on the Ball andThem Show, and stay with us because
next hour, not only Carlos Santana, we have your chance to win tickets
to the Bowl and Them Bash featuringStixon Foreigner. That's at eight forty and
tonight, don't forget a very specialiHeartRadio album release party with John bon Jovi
presented by Hulu. Listen to anexclusive interview with John bon Jovi and hear

music from their new album Forever,which is out today. That's coming up
tonight at seven right here on LongStar ninety two five Dallas fort Wors Classic
Rock Own Star ninety two to five. You know, we still have a
pair of Boe and Them Bash ticketsthat is a week or two weeks from
today at Dosequi's Pavilion starring Styx andForeigner. And of course Carlos Santana's coming

to town. We've got him onthe phone and his manager said he's calling
from his kitchen, so it's probablygoing to sound like he's calling from an
empty gymnasium. That's okay. Goodmorning, Carlos, Good morning. How
are you, sir? I gotto say you have been a part of
my life for a long time.As a matter of fact, I was
just thinking back when I moved backhere in nineteen eighty two. You are

my first in studio interview and I'msitting there there, girls, and Tenna's
sitting right across from Oh, it'sbeen a while since then, but I'm
glad you're still touring. I'm verygrateful. This long life in many adventures
is such a gift, such ablessing, because you learned how to articulate,
You know how to become more compassionate, considerate, and more gentle.

Well, Carlos Santana is pausing hisresidency at the House of Blues in Las
Vegas to be here on August fifteenthat Dicky's Arena. And like I say,
I'm glad you're still touring. AndI got to ask, how's miss
Cindy. You called us right whenyou two first got married a long time
ago. Thank you for asking.My wife is to goddess. When she
played drums. A lot of menare scared because she has the four things,

dedication, devotion, diet, anddiscipline like a world class athlete.
So when she played, we canpay close to three hours and a half
and she's fresh and vibrant. Alot of people would pass out. But
you have to have discipline and dedication, devotion and diet to achieve that kind
of energy. And as you said, once, love, devotion and Surrender.

I remember that album too. Thatwas a spiritual path that I embraced
around nineteen seventy two. I stillhave it as a matter of fact,
Well, thank you. It remindsme when I look at it and when
I hear it that I needed spiritualdiscipline because everyone around me was odeine on
this or that, you know,And I said, I don't want to
know myself or anything. I wantedto become better. So my interviot told

me, you need to read aboutEastern philosophy, and you need to learn
how to meditate, and you needto change your diet and so okay,
and it was pretty intern, kindof like Jonn West Point or the Marines.
By where I am right now.Is help me a lot, because
a lot of people my age,they don't look like I do, you
know, they already look like theyspent and beat up. I look like

I still got enough in the tentto go ten more laps. I know
you talk about that in the documentaryCarlos, which is now on Amazon Prime.
How weird was it for you,Carlos to see your life story unfold
like that in the documentary. Thankyou for asking that, you know,
I felt really grateful because I requestedand requested and requested three things I wanted

to have say so, not none. It's a control freak, but it's
important to me that I have abeginning, middle, and end because more
the documentaries and a lot of stuffthat I see, they're like visdom mentality
people, you know, all Podo, I hope he dies, you know,
because he's suffering so much, youknow. And I said, I
don't want my BacT to be likethat. I wanted to make my mother
proud of everything that she taught me. I wanted to mention my sisters and

brothers, and I wanted to letthe world know that I am composite of
those that I love, from MilesDavis to gutopoent It to Baby King,
you know, I am all ofthem that I love. So I got
a chance to get what I wantedfrom this documentary. It's very positive that
documentary. There's no car chase andbombs and anything like that. You know,

it's just a for real life.But it's very powerful because it has
genuineness, authenticity, and it's notshallow or hollow. It's pretty profound when
you are able to maintain a paceto play music to bring hope and courage,
and that's what the movie is about. Well, isn't there another documentary
about you called Carlos the Santana Journey, which I think is coming out in

September, That was called The ActuallySide, No One Watch Out. I
wanted kidding. I don't know whatthat was gonna be, but you gotta
have a sense of humor. Ohyeah, you mentioned Miles Davis, and
you and I talked about this lasttime about how we're both huge Miles Davis

fans. What are your two topfavorite Miles Davis albums? Sketches of Pain,
Bitches Brew Kind of Blue, EspeciallySketches of Pain. More babies have
been made to Sketches of Fain Fightthan any other music in the planet.
When you play Skins of Spain,immediately your whole chromosomes and your molecules and

everything going into that place like oh, it's time to make a baby.
Because it's that kind of music.It's very romantic. I remember Santana's first
album cover. That was the coolestcover, the way it was made.
Whose idea was that it was agentleman named Lee Conklin. It was working
for Bill Grahm at that time.It was actually a poster with Santana,

Steppenwolf and the Staples singers, andso I said, you know, when
we create our first album, that'sgot to be the cover. So we
did. We grab that and wegot permission. The music goes right with
that painting that it does. Soyou're coming to Dickie's Arena in Fort Worth
August fifteenth. You have said overand over and over in past interviews that

you are not ready to retire.Don't you ever get burnt out from playing
all the time and touring all thetime. I don't know those words burned
out, you know. I thinkpeople who get burned out they spend too
much time in their brain and intheir minds. I spend more time in
my heart. So like a child, I wake up every day Thursday,
per adventure. You know, sometimesyou have to say it spiritually horny yea,

I love it and it's good.You just got to bless it,
you know, bless all that energy. So I'm hoping when Santana comes here,
you might play a couple of oldgems for us old DJs to go
wow. I hadn't heard that inforever. Yeah, we'll play yesterday to
band tomorrow. I asked my bandspecifically because there's a few musicians in my
band who are probably more Santana thanI could ever be. You know,

we gotta play this sona, well, we gotta play that sona. We
gotta be say okay, And becauseI trust them, I allow for them
to make a set that's with you. We are conscious to please as many
people as possible. The main mealis like Madia, did I met you?
Woman? Smooth? You know,there's certain self. There are big
singles, so people got to hearthat, but they also have to hear
the other music that we played.Well. We're looking forward to Carlos Santana

bring this band here August fifteenth atDickie's Arena. Always a pleasure to talk
to you and stay healthy, mygood man, Thank you, you too,
stay precious, but I just haveto do that. It gets good
to me. Carlos Santana once saidthat when you hit the right note on
the guitar, it's better than sex. Yeah whatever, Yeah, Carlos must

really like playing his guitar. Thenhe's feeling in. Yeah. I'm sure
you remember this song and this guysinging. Doug Ingall, the lead singer
and organist of Iron Butterfly. Thatthat lyric, you know, God of

Davida. It was supposed to bein the Garden of Eden, but they
were so stoned it came out.He passed away at the age of seventy
eight. And my mom when thatalbum came out, she used to play
that to wake me and my brotherup in the Morrow. She would crank
it up. And that was thefirst drum solo that I ever really heard

on a rock alt. Did youhate this song when you were a kid?
Oh? No, oh no,I love this song? Yeah.
And Nancy was a cool mo.Yeah, Nancy was a real cool mom.
Ask anybody in course of Kenna.Okay you that dad? Pay you
that? Hey? All five AlamoDraft House theaters in North Texas are now
closed. This broke my heart yesterdaywhen I saw it on social media.

The company that franchised at the theaterstwo is one, One is none LLC
announced yesterday that it is filing forChapter seven bankruptcy. As a result,
the Alamo draft House theaters in Richardson, Las Colinas, Lake Highlands, Dallas,
and Denton, and a location inWoodbury, Minnesota are all going to
close. Company blames it on afailure of people returning to theaters following COVID

nineteen pandemic and the writers and Actorsstrike many that hit hard. It also
blamed high franchise fees and contractual obligationsthat it says forced it to keep unprofitable
locations open. Said it was deeplysaddened by the decision to close the theaters.
Alamo's corporate office as it found therecent closures disappointing, but they added

that the closed locations could reopen soon, so oh well, keep me posted.
Yeah. I like going there andwatching a movie and drinking a beer.
I know, yeah, love themenu too. Let's go to the
Texas Panhandle where people went, Wow, what the hell this fell out of
the sky a hailstone and the TexasPanhandle hit the ground. About the size

of a pine app seen it?Oh my god? Yeah, can you
imagine if it hit a car orGod forbid? I head. Yeah,
it's a new state record if they'vegot their information right. Massive hailstones fell
in the area of Ego Park,about sixty miles south of Amarillo, and
this was last Sunday. Stormchaser ValCastor found one hailstone more than seven inches

long, and the photo showed thestone next to a Monster Energy drink can
for scale. This can was aboutsix point two inches, so it dwarfed
that. If confirmed, it wouldbe the largest in Texas's state history.
The current record hailstone fell in Hondoin twenty twenty one, six point four
inches in diameter. There The largestin the US discovered in South Dakota in

twenty ten. According to the NationalCenters for Environmental Information, That sucker was
eleven inches in length and weighed nearlytwo pounds. That will kill a fool,
possibly mess up a car engine.Yes. The heaviest tailstones on record
Bangladesh two point twenty five pounds innineteen eighty six, according to the Guinness
Book of World Records. Thoughts you'dlike to know? Thank you very much.

Well, let's talk about horny cicadas. Oh, let's a sexually transmitted
disease that is said to turn cicadasinto zombies and cause their genitals to fall
off. This sounds like one ofyour nineteen fifty sci fi No no,
no no. It has been detectedin southern parts of Illinois and is spreading
throughout the Midwest. The fungal infectiontargets only the thirteen and seventeen year periodical

cicadas. This year's Cicada Geddon isbrought to us by one each of Breod
thirteen, which is primariy on Illinois, Iowa in Wisconsin, and Brood nineteen,
which extends south and east from there. Birds that eat these infected cicadas
get high like an acid trip.Oh no, wow, sheep, cheep

man wow. The white fungus takesover the male cicadas and causes their gonads
to turn and torn off their body. Oh my god. The chalky spores
that are released by the fungus arespread to other nearby cicadas, infecting more
and more and more. The fungusalso takes over the way cicadas behave,
even though their reproductive parts have beenreplaced by fungus. They are driven to

bang any cicada racing God use asecondom yes, so horny zombie cicadas could
be headed our way. That's horribleboy. John Lennon and his wife Yogo
Ono's New York City loft is onthe market for the first time more than
fifty years. The two story Lostylebuilding at four ninety six Brone Street was
purchased by the duo in nineteen seventyone, not long after the Beatles broke

up and John Lennon released the songImagine. At the time, Lennon was
eager to break free from the Beatlesand make a name for himself as a
solo artist with You'll Go Buy aSide. While the couple only live there
until nineteen seventy three, the buildinghas often been used as a workplace for
them throughout the years. Located inManhattan's Soho neighborhood, the Broom Street loft

features gallery like ground for space withfourteen point four foot ceilings, an open
kitchen and the bedroom loft. Andit's only five and a half million dollars.
Oh that's it. As Don Henleyonce said, how bad do you
want it? And Southwest Airlines hasup the price range of certain travel options
that allow passengers to board planes fastand get a choice of the seat they

want. Carrier quietly increased the crossthe cost of upgraded boarding services and early
check in, and they've raised abunch of fees. But upgrades are only
available twenty four hours ahead of theflight. Oh no, I wonder how
they're going to handle this. Readyto make your travel experience one you'll never
forget, then book your flight withSouthwest Airlines and enjoy one of our many
new perks. We're now offering earlyboarding for an additional seventy five dollars.

Wait, I want to bring morethan one carry on, You've got it
for an addition one hundred fifty dollarsper carry out. But I wants a
met your leg room. Then youcan upgrade to a seat with all sorts
of space for an additional three hundreddollars per like. This is ridiculous,
And we're now offering our no delayguarantee where you're planing is guaranteed to leave
on time for an additional six hundreddollars. And an on time departure is
not guaranteed. Oh, come on, Southwest Airlines. You asked for it.

We listen. Time to play basketball. Four more wins to take home
the lotry O'Brien trophy. Now offerwith the first bucket. Holidays gets inside,
reverse packs it in. This tookhis time. Daunt its double stolen
by White White right with Jones laysit up and in scoop lay up,

No good our Horford right place,right time, Holiday a three pointer.
He's in double figures. Houser comesup short cornet with a chip Statum on
a strong finish. Me porzingis potsahead, pressed up Porsingers knocking them down
from everywhere. Chadum with a rebound. More Singers cuts to the basket,

m a flush round gets in thepaint. Holiday Chatum wide open three pointer.
It's gun and now let'll just putit in. This is now eight
straight wins from Boston in these playoffs. They're thirteen and two. A great
key effort at both ends. Thereturn of christops for the Singer's a huge

impact. Nothing is over until wedecided it is. Was it over?
When the German's bond pro Homer Hello, Sheerman figure outed, he's rolling and
he over now because when they're going, gets tough. Okay, come on,

a tough get gun. Who wasme? Where's the spirit? Where's
the cuts? We'll just take thatfrom the God, not me. I'm
not gonna take this. It's rightpsychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta

take these bastards in this case.I think we have to go all out.
I think this situation absolutely requires areally futile and stupid gesture be done
on somebody's part. We're just theguys to do it. Let's do it,

Yeah, let's do it. Yeah, it's only one game. It's
only one game. Boy, asHeart says, even it up on Sunday,
Dude, boy, that was kindof an ass whooping. It was
ugly. Yes, it was veryYeah, okay, who want to our

take us to the bow and thenman naven Kirk, whaty? Congratulations David,
David, wait to go? That'srun, way to go. Run.
You know, this is our lastshow this week because next week we're
going to be out on location forthe Blood Drive. The Blood Drive trail
starts Monday morning, very early.We'll be it Billy Bob's, Texas in
the historic Ford War Stockyards and youcan come and hang out with us.

Donate a pint of blood, getyourself a T shirt, and have yourself
a snack because they always have somegood and everybody who signs up to donate
is going to be eligible for thatthousand dollars from give me the Vin dot
com. That's pretty awesome, that'sright. And we've got a funny person
stopping by on Monday, don't we. Yeah, Flovernander's comedian. He's from
North Texas. He's going to bejoining us on Monday. About that,

and of course it'll be Father's Dayweek. Yes, I got a bunch
of Father's Day crap to play foryou, including the infamous dad call.
We'll do that for the Monday morningwake up slap, because that's where I
pretended to be this this woman's fatherwho is going to kick the guy's ass
for sleeping weather. It's old.I mean, that's like twenty years old.

Cool. Oh yeah, the fakenames that you come up with for
your wake up slash, Well,I had to use the guy's real name
because, because you know, tomake sure that I should probably bleep it
out. She couldn't recognize it wasn'ther dad, No, she knew she's
the one that's set. Oh okay, to the guys. She set it
up. I didn't use it forthe guy. Oh it'll be a classic

and I got a bunch of Father'sDay stuff we'll play for you as well,
So don't oversleep and come by andjoin it. And if you need
a good excuse to leave work earlytoday in the North Richland Hills area,
how about this the return of theBringing the Weekend party with lone Star ninety
two to five joined JEFFK today fromthree pm to seven pm at Rock and
Tacos as they celebrate their grand openingat fifty two oh nine roof snow Dry.

Jeff's gonna have lots of lone Stargoodies to give away with loans,
star band trivia and more fun games. It all kicks off at three this
afternoon with JEFFK and lone Star ninetytwo to five Dallas host classic rock lone
Star ninety two to five. Everyday in this show is a land of
confusion. Oh yeah, but somehowwe manage to persevere and make it to

the end of the week. Now, remember do not oversleep on Monday so
you can join us at the LoneStar Annual Summer Blood Drive will be at
Billy Bob's Texas in the historic FortWorth Stockyards. Hang out with us,
Donate a pint of blood, getthe brand new styling and Profiling T shirt
too, and everybody who donates isgonna be qualified to get one thousand dollars

from give me the ven dot comdollar. Yeah, we're paying you to
give us a blood. My goodness, well somebody is. I'm keeping my
thousand dollars. Okay, let's talktime wasters here, because we're gonna waste
some time here because it's Friday.You don't want to start work right away,
do you. Well, we've gotsome good things up on the bow
and them show page two at longStar ninety two to five dot com.
So Eric Clapton has been talking aboutretiring since the late nineties, but we

see how that's worked out, right, He's still touring now. In an
interview with the Real Music Observer,Eric Clapton, who is seventy nine,
says he told a fellow member ofAlcohol Anonymous that he's compelled to record and
perform because he loves to play music. But the guy in AA said no,
it's because of that twelfth step inAA's program. That's why he continues

to perform the Twelfth Step talks abouthaving had a spiritual awakening as the result
of the steps that are previous tothem. As a result of that,
we carried this message to alcoholics andpractice these principles in all our affairs.
He said, that's why you're doingit. You are practicing the twelve Step,

which is to carry the message ofpeace, love and understanding. That's
why I'm here. If I foundanything else to be more fascinated, I'd
have to sit down and wonder why. And he says that's not the only
reason why he continues to tour.I'm not a pulp musician. I make
money out of the concerts I do. If I stopped touring, I would

probably go broad but not quickly.So I'm kind of working because I can't
sell records. I think it's atop business now. I think he's got
enough money where he really doesn't haveto work if he doesn't want to.
He just does it because it keepshis powder dry. As they say,
Yeah, I think he really enjoysdoing what he does. His new concert
album, To Save a Child,which is streaming and available for download,

is going to be released on Julytwelfth. His new studio album, which
is titled Meanwhile, maybe out asearly as fall. So yeah, I
don't see retirement in his future.Hey, Pete Townsend releasing a massive box
set next month on CD and digitally. We have all that information up on
our page. It's going to beout July twenty six and Metallica's announced that

they're a talka Marching Band competition isgoing to return for a second year with
even more prizes for high schools andcolleges. Prizes totally nearly two hundred thousand
dollars. You can submit your entriesnow through the week of September twenty third,
and we have the video of Metallicaexplaining the whole contest up on our
page. Zz Tops Billy Gibbons featuredon Payback Time. This is the first

single off the Fabulous Thunderbirds first albumin eight years, struck Down, and
if you want to hear that song, we've got that up on our page.
Also, fog Hat, remember wetalked about how they're going to be
at the State Fair October nineteenth.They're going to be performing at the State
Fair. Well. They released avideo for Black Days and Blue Knights off
their latest album Sonic Mojo and we'vegot that song up for you to listen

to. And Stevie van zandt Disciple, a documentary on the East Street band
guitarist, actor, activist and radiohost, is going to follow up its
world premiere at the Tribeca Festival inNew York tomorrow with its debut on HBO
Max on June twenty second. We'vegot the trailer for it. It looks
pretty cool. They do interviews withBruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Bono,

Eddie Veteran, a bunch more.Finally, have you ever been around monkey's
bo like up close and personal?Not sober so? When I went to
Thailand several years ago, I wasdrinking a soda in a can and this
monkey just jumps up, grabs thesoda out of my hand and bites into

it and starts chugging it right infront of me. Really yeah, like
he was mocking me. Wow.Well, we have this video up of
this monkey and Argentina who breaks intothis guy's hotel room, runs to the
mini bar, grabs the chips andruns back out. Now, whendn't that
monkey stole your drink? Did youspank the monkey? No? You didn't

shock the monkey, No, nothank or shock nothing. I stood there
in shock for sure. But ifyou want to see this mini bar feeve
monkey, we've got the video upon the Bon and Them show page at
lone star ninety two to five dotcom. Here's one of the bands.
It's going to be at Bow andthen Bash and heard it that we get

the hell out of here because it'sFriday. Mercy. Mercy's good because see
the thing is, we got toget here extra early starting next week because
not only do we have to preparefor this piss an't show, we have
to be somewhere that's not here,which means we got to get here early.
So we got time to drive,especially on Mondays since we're going to

four or at to Billy Bob's,Texas. Right. I'm looking forward to
going to the Billy Bob South.Yeah, look forward to seeing Marty Travis,
Marty the One Man Party and maybeMiss Pam Minick will be there or
maybe Robert Gallagher, who is theKing of backstage. Yeah, he takes
care of every act that's there andanybody who's backstage. He makes sure everybody

has a good time. Institution thereat that's a cool backstage dressing room.
There isn't it. Autographs all overthe wall. Yeah. I have a
niece that is going there to seean act named let's see, uh,
Cody Wolf or something, Cody.Cody Johnson's in Arlington now Cody Jenks.
No, I don't, I'll haveto. I'll get it from Marty.

But she has never been backstage atanything, so I want to get her
back there so she can see allthe writings on the wall. Cody West
maybe, I don't know. There'sa lot of Cody's in Texas and they
have all those pictures up on thewall too. Yeah, oh yeah,
and the hand prints of everybody.It's historic, it is. I actually
go there sometimes and take pictures.I take pictures of Bobie King and Jerry

Lee Lewis's hand Prince and all thatstuff. And maybe they've never seen that
before. Put your hands in there. Yeah, after I watch the books
off the finger. That's nice ofyou. Yeah, you know, I
don't want to. That's create somebodythat's famous. Yeah, that's a great
handprints. We're very hospitable in Texaslike that, and of course we are.
That's how we roll. So BillyBob's, Texas our first place to

go for the Lone Star ninety twoto five Summer Blood Drive. Come on
out, donate a pint of bloodand you may get yourself one thousand dollars
cash from give me the ven dotcom just by donating. And everybody that
donates also gets those one of akind Lone Star Summer Blood Drive T shirts.
And they're different every year, Yesthey are. It's a special edition.

And when they run out, theygone. Remember last year at Billy
Bob's, that guy brought out allof the shirts. Yeah, Yeah,
that's wiss whisky ye does every yearand he'll probably he'll probably do it again
this year and he hangs them allup on the railing. That's right,
that's right. I remember. We'regonna have fun. So, speaking of
fun, our after show decompression sessionis next. We'll just sit here and

flap our gums for a while andsee how that wakes out, and then
we'll be back here on Monday liveat Billy Bob's, Texas and the Historic
Footwork Stockyards. So come by andsee us and join the fun all right behind
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