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June 17, 2024 70 mins
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One more time. Yeah, Iwant to do that three times because there's
three of us back in here inthe studio. Yes, we are back
in the studio. I didn't wantto waste the in cold Blood and Bordella

of Blood because I was going toplay that before one of our shows at
the blood drive, but we didn'tget around to it. So I didn't
want to waste it since I workedso hard to put it together for it.
Absolutely, and a big thank youto everyone who donated during our blood
drive, and a big thank youfor our sponsors Give Me the VN dot
Com and Mullen and Mullin Injury LoveFirm. Thank you. So here we

are back in our studio, whichwe haven't seen in a while. No,
well we saw it. That wasway early in the morning before we
hit the road. We would comein here and grab something. Sorry,
studio gotta go. Yep. Butwe're back in here kind of our little
home away from home, you know, because this is where we kind of
hang our head prop our feet up. Would we do a show our very

own Bordello of blood? That's right. I hate a lot of bordello,
but there's a lot of bleeding goingon here. Bleed you drive comedy here
today, emotionally bleed here man.So now that the blood drive is over,

we focus on this Friday. Ohyeah, party is the Bow and
Them Bash at dos Eki's Pavilion withsticks Forner and mister John Waite. And
we have tickets at seven fifty andat eight forty in the ticket window and
then chef okay this afternoon too.So in other words, we're gonna overflow

with tickets to the bash because wewant you to be there with us.
And since it's on a Friday,that's gonna make it even mobile. Oh
yeah, we can ponte hell yeah, very on bordello of celebration Friday night.
Well, let's see what we're celebratingtoday. We're celebrating National root Beer
Day. Oh I do like itgood root beer mug and W preferences.

Charles Hires introduced the first brand ofroot beer in eighteen seventy five, Damn
I was Always Partial to A andW, established in nineteen nineteen. A
and W started when Roy w Allenopened a roadside root beer stand in Lodi,
California. From there, Alan partneredwith Frank Wright and together they join

the name A and W. ForAllen and White, which has become synonymous
with root beer ever since. Verygood, especially if it's ice cold.
Yes, in a frosty mud.That's what I was gonna say. I'm
also very fond of Bark's root beerbecause he used to drink it a lot
when I was in New Orleans.I remember that National Ride to Work Day.
Well, I drove myself here today, so I guess I celebrated by

riding with himself. He gave mea ride on Friday. Yes, my
bar broke down. Yeah, Ido a lot of things by myself.
Oh, okay, you're going toshare. I locked the door when I
mean. It's World croc Day,not the shoes as in Crocodile Thank God.
It's global awareness campaign to highlight theplight of the endangered crocodiles and alligators

around the world. It is alsotake your cat to Work Day. Just
don't let her get too close tothat crop or that cat will be past
tense if you know what I'm saying. It is National eat your vegetables Day.
How many times did your mind youmeant it clean? Your playing?
Uh? It's also oh, youcan have dessert because this National Apple Strudle
Day if you clean your plate ofall your vegetables, Okay, you can

have dessert. And it is GlobalGarbage Man Day, the job that nobody
really wants, but some guys doit. Oh yeah, and we need
them to do it too, SoI guess we're gonna have to play that
song sometime before the show's over.Okay, stick out your can here,
come to garbage Man, because wegot to do it on Global Garbage Man.

Of course you do, and wethank all of the garbage men and
women that are servicing our community.Also, I have another little song I'm
to play here later on, butit has up to do with the thirtieth
anniversary of something, which is today. Okay, you just have to wait
and see. You have to waitand find out. Are we gonna have
a Monday morning wake up slat?Yes we do. In fact, I'm

gonna play the one with my sonwhose birthday was on Saturday. That's right.
Oh my god, this is hysterical. This is when he was twelve
years old on. I know mostof you have heard it, but it's
still kind of clever. You guyspranked him real good. Thanks for coming
along Saturday, Clay. We appreciatehanging out with you out there at NFM.
It was nice to talk to him. Yeah yeah, okay, So

Sports of All Sorts is on theway, Shall we tell him our theory?
We'll wait, We'll wait tell mytheory till later. Okay, okay,
yes, until we got the freakingfull files. So let's get started
by during the morning strafels. Yes, it is time to hit it and
get it. It's time to thatis it showtime? Oh, don't grow

on just because it's Monday. We'llget Dallas. What was classic rock lone
Star ninety two to five? Itis six thirty at his time, very
Sports of all Sorts brought you byk America Bank, and it was win
or go home. That's precisely whatwas on the minds of the Dallas Mavericks
as they put on a dominant performanceat home and Game four the NBA Finals
Friday night of the American Airlines Center. MAVs started out strong, leading thirty

four to twenty one after the firstquarter, and never looked back. They
had a twenty six point lead athalftime, which was good enough to secure
them the fourth largest first half leadin NBA Finals history. The MAVs continued
their reign of terror on the Celticsuntil the final whistle, ultimately defeating them
one twenty two to eighty four,coming close to breaking the record for the

largest margin of victory in NBA Finalshistory, which is forty two. Ultimately,
the thirty eight point differential in Friday'sgame was the third biggest blowout in
NBA Finals history. Luca was ableto drop twenty nine points alongside his co
star Kyrie Irving, who scored twentyone before the game getting pulled out of
the game because we made the namelater wrong. While the MAVs are definitely

not out of the woods yet,this game served as a much needed confidence
booster. Let's hope they can getthat Mojo Worgan again denied in Boston for
Game five. Yes, there isa watching party at the American Airline Center.
Tip Off is at PSALM thirty onChannel eight. So that thirty eight
point differential that you were just mentioningboth stands as the third largest individual game

blowout in NBA Finals history. Thetwo games ahead of this one Michael Jordan's
Chicago Bulls and third forty two pointbeat down on the Utah Jazz in Game
three of the nineteen ninety eight NBAFinals, and the Boston Celtics thirty nine
point win over the Los Angeles Lakersin Game six of the two thousand and
eight Finals even more impressive. Accordingto the ABC broadcast of the game on

Friday, the Mavericks' largest lead ofthe night, which was forty eight points,
is the largest lead in an NBAFinals game in more than fifty years.
Meanwhile, the corner three that DerekLively the Second made in the first
quarter, his first ever career makefrom behind the arc, earned the twenty
year old center the distinction of beingthe youngest player in NBA Finals history to

he hit a three pointer. Soway to go, Derek Glady. If
the Mavericks are to make history bybecoming the first team to overcome to come
back from a three to nothing seriesdeficit in NBA playoff history, they started
their journey on an appropriately historic noteon Friday night, So let's hope that

they do it again in Boston tonight. Oh right, Now, here's the
theory that I came up with.And Anna and I we kind of both
started talking about this at the BloodDrive Saturday. Yeah, I think and
some of you probably thought about thistrue, and it may be true.
I hope it's not. I thinkthat the Celtics tank that game on purpose

Friday night. They rested up,yes, so they could win in front
of their home crowd that night.And what's that called is a name for
it, especially a gentleman's suite.Gentleman, I mean, all of a
sudden, we set all these recordsin a game where we just kicked a
living snot out of them, allof a sudden, after we've been dominated
by these guys. I think that'swhat they did. But you, bastard

Jaime won it. Yet. No, they wanted to win at home with
their hometown crowd. That's what theywanted. Well, let's form to Nott's
please, let's hope. So MAVsin seven, MAVs in seven now.
After the Dallas Mavericks demolished the BostonCeltics in Game number four, some more
big news dropped on Friday night.Charles Barkley announced his retirement from NBA TV's

postgame coverage, that he would behanging it up after the twenty twenty five
season. Barkley's been a studio analystin there for TNT since two thousand and
especially a lot of fun when it'shim in shack trading. That's straight up
comedy. He's been at it sincetwo thousand and It's an Emmy Award winning
show Inside the NBA. He's goingto be missed on there. He's won

four Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding StudioAnalysts and the show has accumulated nineteen awards.
How about that. Barkley and broadcastteammates Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal,
and Kenny Smith have discussed their uncertainfuture on Popular Inside the NBA TV show
and Barkley would seemingly draw interest fromany network televising NBA, but the sixty

one year old has decided that twentyfive years is enough in the broadcasting world.
Yeah, I think he's going toretire to Galveston both Yeah, a
dirty ass waa watch down there,oil spills and whatnot. Is he going
to pass the baton, hopefully toa T and T teammate such as Vince
Carter Jamal Crawford is a possibility,And it says here, no matter what

happens, next year is going tobe my last year on television. Next
year. I'm just going to retireafter twenty five years. That's what Barkley
had to say on NBA TV.Now he's widely regarded as one of the
best power forwards in NBA history,All Star times eleven, all NBA First
Team five times, and NBA MVPin nineteen ninety three. I like his

color commentary. Oh he's great,and he's really good, so funny.
I just love to hear him saythe word terrible, terrible, terrible,
just like your Mavericks. The Edmondsand Oilers are not for their off season
to begin and the Stanley Cup Finalsheading back to Florida. The Oilers routed
to the Florida Panthers eight to onein Game four Saturday night. A voting
a sweep sounds kind of familiar.The Panthers' party will have to wait until

after a complete meltdown from the team, with many players who have never been
this close to hosting the Cup.Panthers goalie Serge Bobroski was part of that,
getting pulled five minutes into the secondperiod for allowing five goals on sixteen
shots, more than he gave upin the first three games of the series
combined. Whether It was a lastgasp effort in front of the jacked up

home crowd, hoping to see thestart of the historic comeback or breakthrough the
team was looking for. The Oilerswere dominant in every facet of a game
they needed to win and keep theirNHL season going. The odds remain long
for the Oilers, given that thenineteen forty two Toronto Maypa Leafs are the
only team to erase a three tonothing deficit at this stage of the playoffs,

and only fourteens in total have everdone it. Game five is tomorrow
night in Sunrise, Florida. TexasRangers had a tough time of it this
weekend. They were swept by theSeattle Mariners. Yesterday, they were shut
out by the Mariners five to nothingat T Mobile Park in Seattle. Texas
has now been swept three times thisseason, with the latest coming against their

American League West rivals. The Rangershave won just one of their past twelve
series in Seattle, dating back toJuly twenty nineteen, and for the second
time this season, Texas managed onlytwo hits off Seattle righty Logan Gilbert.
The Rangers are now thirty three andthirty eight, a season worst five games
below five hundred. Rangers catcher Jonahin, by the way, was able to

skip the series in Seattle. Hewas busy becoming a father for a third
time. Ahead of Father's Day,His wife Kenzie gave birth to the couple's
third child over the weekend, aboy appropriately named Champ. Isn't that the
MAVs mascot? Yes, Camp mascotup next for the Rangers. They are
back home at Globeli Field for aseries at home against the New York Mets.

First game tonight at the Shed,with right hander John Gray expected to
pitch in the opener for the Rangers, and then left handed David Peterson will
pitch for the Mets first pitch atseven oh five. Can't make it to
the game, you can always catchit on Bally Sports Southwest if you have
it. In the US Open,Bryson de Chambeau has one on Sunday for
the second time, with the bestshot of his life for another finish on

the eighteenth hole of Pinehurst number twoand that will not be forgotten. Another
heavy dose of heartache for Royal RoryMcElroy. Tough to say in six o'clock
hour that's payin right there, baby, Dave Chambo screamed as he walked up
the eighteenth Korean Payne. Stewart famouslymade a fifteen foot part putt on the
final hole in ninety nine at thefirst US Open at Pinehurst number two,

beating Phil Mickelson by one shot.Dais Shamboo becomes the second liv golf player
to win a major, followed byBrooks Kepka Kepka Kenya at the PGA Championship
last year. Well Tom Brady hasofficially returned to football in a new role.
The future Hall of Fame quarterback isnow a rookie analyst, having officially

made his debut in the Fox broadcastbooth during Sunday's United Football League Championship game.
He looked good. Brady, whowill become the network's lead NFL analyst
when the season begins in September,joined the broadcast during the second quarter of
a scoreless game between the Birmingham Stallionsand the San Antonio Bramas in Saint Louis.
The forty six year old Brady reportedlyreached a ten year, three hundred

and seventy five million dollars deal withFox in twenty twenty two before opting to
return for one final season with theBuccaneers. He will partner with play by
play commentator Kevin Burkhardt and sub planningformer tight end and Alanis analyst greg Olsen.
Brady is set to make his NFLregular season broadcasting debut September eighth,

when the Cleveland Browns host the Dallascow And Over the weekend, the Internet
went nuts over the love life offormer New England Patriots head coach and former
head coach of Brady, Bill Belichick. On Friday, TMZ reported that Belichick
has been getting romantic with a womannamed Jordan Hudson, a former competitive cheerleader.

The reason for all the attention Belichickis seventy two. She is twenty
four years old, yes, youngenough to be his granddaughter. Really made
December romance. Reportedly, the pairmet on a plane traveling from Boston to
Florida in twenty twenty one and bondedover a philosophy project the student athlete had
been working on, which, tobe fair, is how all great romances

start. The guy pretends to beinterested in what the girl is doing.
After she's doing he helped her withher home after landing, they swamped contact
information and stayed friendly over the ensuingmonths, and things went from past the
friend stage Belichick seventy two, Hudsontwenty four. You are Joe, old

dirty bastard, and I'm right behind. That's still an old dirty batters,
all right. Freaking fool file Nexton the wall with them Joels Dallas For's
classic rock lone Star ninety two five. Back on a Monday after the blood
Drive, We're cranked and raring togo. Oh yeah, and now it's

time for the freaking fool File,which is always one of the highlights of
this program. For the past fewyears, people in the Finnish city of
s Pooh, s Poo, Fengland, have been enjoying an intriguing tactic to
keep those young punks from partying ona local beach and mission everything up.
They do this by blasting classical musicfrom loud speakers and it works. Does

it really? Fact? Now?There is no scientific evidence that young people
haven't aversion to classical music, butpolice in s Pooh swear that it works,
and the fact that they've been usingthis tactic for the last six years
is testament to that. Apparently,at the end of the school year.
The beach is a popular neighborhood becomesa gathering place for these punks up to

no good, eager to party tillthey pukel pass out in the late hours
of the night, leave their trashbeer cans, and use rubbers all over
everywhere. Yeah. By the way, that's the way they talk in Finland.
That's the way they talk the southernFinland. Where are you from,
I'm from hell Sinca. Corsicana Ismis all over the world. Spoos Cops

tried multiple other methods to get thosehulums to SCRAMs heymah, but nothing made
them skidaddle like some good old Straus, Schubert and the Vivaldi. So it
works. I think it probably putsthem to sleep. That's it. Could
not party music. Yes, eh, you know, I was going to
have a good time, but nowI'm depressed. Let's get out of here.

What do you say? Listen tothis story out of the Lone Star
State. When a Texas toe companyworker discovered what appeared to be a woman's
body in the front passenger seat ofan abandoned Porsche, He dialed nine to
one one to report his concerning findthe body had been wrapped in blankets,
though hair on the head was visiblefrom outside the vehicle. When police responded

to Rai's record service invited a cityjust east of Beaumont. I'm sure you
know where. It's a very racistplace. Yeah, yeah, it does
have quite the history. So whenpolice responded, they decided to apply for
a warrant to search the vehicle,a red two thousand Porsche Boxter with Ohio
plates that had been left outside aKingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses church. Cops

noticed that the car's passenger door hadan interior padlock on it. After waiting
several hours for the warrant to besigned, they just said screw it,
entered the vehicle to determine that theywere investigating a real crime instead, the
victim in question was a real doll, a full size realistic sex toy described

as an adult novelty mannequin. Whydid I know? You were gonna say?
I had a feeling? Yeah.I think what threw them off is
that it was in front of theKingdom Hall of Jehovah's Wood disease sets.
Do they use those here in search? Yeah? To fill the pews after
finding the adult mannequin. That's whenpolice Chief Rod Carroll announced that the LifeLock

body was not a lifeless body,but in fact a doll. I wonder
if it made it to the evidenceroom. I don't know. It's probably
still there and hadn't been locked upyet. I passed that over here.
Yeah, you know, you guys, it's getting to the point now where
if I didn't hear a sex dollstory on the freaking fool file, and

at least a semi regular basis,that's starting to worry about the world.
Yeah, you know, this seemsto be a good trend going out more
and more common so from Texas toMissouri. For this one, Uh,
this Missouri woman decided to go aftera big payday in court, grabbed her
lawyer and decided to file a lawsuitagainst an auto insurance company for contracting an
STD in the back of a car. What. Yeah, did she get

it from the insurance company agent?I don't know if the agent was the
one in the back cars? Breadfor bread? No? Are you in
good hands? Are you in goodhands? How about you? Are you
in good hands? No? Thewoman claims that a sexual encounter in the
back of a twenty fourteen Hyundai Genesisvery sexy setting resulted in her contracting HPV

and as his auto insurance provider,Geico should compensate her one million dollars for
past in future medical expenses and formedical, mental and physical pain and suffering.
So Geico steps up to the oldpodium in court and says the sexually
transmitted disease did not incur in thenormal use of the automobile and the lawsuit

should be tossed, and the judgedid agree. Now, the attorney for
the lady said that under the autopolicy, bodily injury means bodily injury to
a person resulting in sickness, disease, or death. Will Guycoe's lawyers countered
and said the autopolicy does not coverliability for injury caused by the transmission of
a sexual transmitted disease on the basisthat a covered vehicle was used as a

shelter for sexual activity. The judgealso questioned whether Geyco should be liable for
every unwanted pregnancy that incurred in theback of one of his insured cars.
Now, the court has not issueda ruling just yet. Hopefully this lady
at least got a cargasm out ofit, because it looks like that's all
She go Yes, Oh sorry,honey, we've only gone so far?

How far you go in your cars? Non environment And in order to better
understand what his patients go through,doctor Feng Zu, a deputy director of
proctology department at a Shanghai hospital,recently performed a colonoscopy on himself on himself
while he was away. No,how do you do that with mirrors?

I don't know, lots of mirrors. Despite sedation being used to relieve discomfort,
having a flexible instrument about the sizeof an index finger shoved up your
poop shoot and poking around through yourcolon is not the most pleasant thing in
the world, but it is themost effective way of detecting bowel diseases like
colon can't. Yes, the processof cleaning out your colon before the procedure
is bad enough, and no onein their right mind would do the invasive

procedure unless their life dependent on it. And yet this proctologist performed it on
himself even though he didn't need to, and did it fully awake. Every
time I've done it, I tellthe doctor, knock me out and wake
me when it's Oh yeah, absolutely. Doctor Zoo became his own patient,
inserting the colonoscopy tube into his fudgetunnel, guiding it through his colon for

fifteen minutes, just to see howit feels, so he could improve his
surgical skills in order to make theprocedure more comfortable for his patient. So
he wasn't even doing it to checkhimself. No, he just wanted to
practice. Let's see what the whatthe patients feel. I might have to
try that again, so hey,ask for the anesthesia. It's a whole

lot easier. You wake up whenit's over and you don't feel nothing.
That's right. Are you ready?Then give me the ven Dot combo and
then Bash featuring Styx, Foreigner andJohn Waite coming up this Friday at Dosaki's
Pavilion, and we want you tojoin us. Listen all week at seven
fifty and eight forty in the morningand then at four forty five with Jeff
k to win your tickets. PlusWednesday through Friday at seven fifty in the

morning, you're gonna win a meetand greet with Foreigner. Thanks to Mullen
and Mullein injury law firms. Somake sure you keep listening to lone Star
ninety two five Dallas Forwards Clashic Rocklone Star ninety two five. Yes,
we are going to be bashing youall week long. We have Bash tickets
at seven fifty Bash tickets today forty. Yes, Kay hasn't been in the

afternoon about it. So we're goingto give you a chance to go and
see a show on Friday for free. And name nothing wrong with free.
It is going to be a greatshow. Sticks Foreigner and John Waite.
Yes, uh, coming up anotherinstallmative. Did you know then that that
wake up slap that I play formy son he turned thirty one. This

wake up slap was when he turnedtwelve years old. My gosh, it
is priceless. Yes it is,Yes it is. But we told you
at the beginning of the show.It is Global garbage Man Day, and
as usual, I got a songabout it. Of course you do.
Some of you have heard this before, but it's time to celebrate Global garbage
Man Day. On the Bow andThem show a song called the Garbage Man,

and I learned it. It turnedout it was an old Western swing
tune and that the Bob Willis andthose guys used to play their version of
it. But next one we've done. You want to do it? You
want to do it? Yeah,you want to do The garbage man around
and round it goes Bret's up.Some of the piano man knows where where

hell? Stick out you can't.Here come the garbage man. Walked you
hop, walked you hop. That'ssticky out your can't. And here come
the garbage man. Walked you hop, walk you hop. Don't nobody take
it out the way though daddy can't. I got a long leg mom.
She wasn't like a duck. Shedon't cook, but she loved to fixed
chicken with you went down a Sundaybrunch. That's right, jake out you

can. Here come the guyage man, walk you walk your mop. Got
another little mama with a head likea rock. She doesn't cook either,
but she's like a nice cocktail afterdriving on the expressway. Stick out you
can He'll come the guy wage man. Walk your hop, walk you hop?
Three two five and four two issix. I ain't good looking.

I got a big long line ofcredit at the Bank of North that's a
transition horse. I got it.I got check out your can, and
here come the garbage man. Listento me. Come on, Dad's insists
are out to milk the cow.Sister got a hold of the bull somehow,
Mama, Mama better run here quick. Sister got the bull right square
on them. I hear a culturalhumor always works on your show. Yeah,

absolutely, the lowest common denominator here, stick out you can. Here
come the guy witch man. Listen, Boogie will get play him finger.

Professor b Willgie taught it. Maybethey should you this one, this one
always, this one got us introuble the last time. Okay, explain
what it's supposed to supposed to say. I'm not a pheasant. I'm fired
and a little fried. I'm nota pheasant feather plucker or feather flucker's son.

Let me okay, I'll tell you. Okay, just give me one
bar Let let it go. Okay, I say, all ready ready,
I'm not a father pucker on fanaplucker. Someble I pluck feather feather till
the feather plucker. Stick out yourcan't good shop, thank you? Stick

out your can, sick drop.The goverment man said, ashes to ashes
and dust to dust, thank you, Dallas for putting up with this buss.
Here's a reminder for you, justin case, don't ever stick your
fingers away. You wouldn't pluck yourcane. Stick out you can suck the
gout that man. Stick out yourcan. Here come the garage man.
Here we go. Stick out yourcat. Here come the garbage man.

Stick out your can. Here,come to God, here, come to
go. Come to gob Amos Milburnstyle where the them shop. Dallas Horrors,
Classic Rock lone Star ninety two tofive. In the long run,
I guess in the long run,this show is not as bad for you

as like smoking cracks, but itcan cause severe brain damage. I'm just
warning you, And like I tellpeople, I've been listening to you long
time, I can't pay for anytherapy you may need later. No one
has ever had to go to rehabbecause of us. Well, no rehab,
but uh sometimes it can have lastingeffects, little drain damage. Why

say I can't pay for any Justremember I hope Bo taught you all the
lesson. You have to be carefulwith the long jump. Oh yes,
yes, that's real funny. Youknow it gets eager every time y'all bring
it up. You know more ofa high jump than a long jump though.
Oh yeah yeah. And if yougo to the bash we got tickets
in about a half hour, you'llget to see my forest gump leg brace

run run. That gets funnier everytime I hear that too, And the
term humpty dumbass. I like thatone too, So yeah, shared that
one. But now it's time tosmarten UIs mission and educate you in Iota.
It's time for the education part ofthe show. It's time for did

you know? Here's some amazing factsyou probably didn't know. For example,
did you know the critically endangered cockapoobird is a strong, pleasant smelling musty
odor, which allows predators to easilylocate it. That's why it's critically endangered

because usually mother nature gives lower lifeform something to protect from predators. Not
this bird. Mother nature has itin for this. They just have to
follow their nose to find it.That's right. Did you know if you
eat a polar bear's liver, andwho wouldn't want to do that, you
will die because humans can't handle thatmuch vitamin A oho overdose. So don't

order polar bear liver when you gosomewhere damn it. Did you know?
The male giraffe will continuously head buttthe female giraffe in the bladder until she
peas all over herself. The malegiraffe then tastes the pee of the female
giraffe to help determine whether the femaleis ovulating. Oh, she is.

It's time to get giraffe busy.That's a nasty way to find out it
is. Yes, aren't you gladyou're just humans and all you have to
do is get her liquored up.Did you know abalone's, which is a
type of snail, have five buttholes. E Why five through? I guess
in case four of them are blockedup. I don't know so well,

their nature seems to know. Didyou know banana slugs? You know,
banana slugs penises can be six toeight inches long, just as long as
the banana slug himself. Oh wow. Also, their slungs emerge from their
heads. Gives new mean to theword nickhead. After sex, banana slugs

each each other's penises. They're alsothe mascot of the University of California at
Santa Cruz. Well, I'm gladthey have a snack for after. That's
nice nasty. Did you know youcan get goosebumps even after you die?
Really, it's true. Did youknow a full head of your hair is
strong enough to support twelve tons?Yeah? I'm not going to try that.

No, I'm no no. Didyou know the blood from a human
erection is enough blood to keep threegerbils alive? Ironically? Yeah? Yes,
s you could twist it or well, never mind, they won't to
go there. Did they have blooddrives of their own? I don't know.
Yeah, three times as long apparently. Did you know the national anthem

of Greece has one hundred and fiftyeight verses? Oh? No, I
bet they never get the baseball gameto start? Man, did you know
there are more possible itinerations in agame of chess than there are atoms in
the known universe? So many differentways you can move and be different on

the board, more than their atomsknown in the whole universe. I don't
believe that. I'm gonna have tolook at That explains why I'm my dad
kick my ass at chests so manytimes. There you go, he was
in touch with the universe. Didyou know if you were to remove all
of the empty space from the atomsthat make every human up on Earth.
The entire world population would fit intoan apple. Yeah. Did you know

duck vaginas have dead ends to themwhat over time to protect them from being
raped by other ducks? I don'tknow. I think I should stay away
from the animal. You could onlygo so far. I guess. Well,
I'll give you. I'll give youa couple more here on the animal
kingdom. Did you know a mantisshrimp can swing its claws so fast that
it boils the water around it andcreates a flash of light. Damn.

Yes, they cook themselves then,I guess, so that's cool. I
like that. Did you know thatlamas are born with an extra pair of
fighting teeth that they used to biteoff other lamas testicles, making them the
only fertile male in the group.Yeah, that'll show you that is cruel.
And only Asian people have black hair. Every other supposedly black hair color

is actually really dark bronze brown.Yeah, okay, I'll find that.
Okay, I don't want to splithairs, Yeah, if you want to.
Did you know the Indonesian mimic octopuscan not only change colors, but
mimic the shapes of other animals likethe flounder, the poisonous lionfish, and
sea snakes shape shifters. He's asneaky little bastard in the Dallas Forest Classic

Rock lone Star twenty two five.Coming up, bash tickets. We're gonna
bash you all week and you're gonnahave to identify a commercial product. Okay,
I'll explain later, but you knowwhat time it is now, It
is time for the morning wake Upslap. And I play this every year
because he's mama and he turned thirtyone. This was back when Clayton was

twelve years old. That is crazy, but it's funny how he didn't listen
to you in Deborah when he waslittle. Of course not why should he.
He has plenty of time for meto brain damage him as a kid.
Yeah, you guys trying to teachhim. And Clayton at the time
was really into SpongeBob square Pants.Oh he loves it when you bring that

up. Now here you go.Today is my son's birthday. First of
all, he's a Nickelodeon Cartoon networkfreak. He's always going to their websites
registering for stuff. We get callsfrom people say, is Clayton Roberts there.
We'd like to enroll him. He'stwelve years old. See Clayton you
may remember he does the football predictions, Yeah, against Mike Dooson in football.

So he's been here. Yeah,you'll know him. Okay, Rebecca,
Yes, you got to be thelady from Nickelodeon because we're going to
tell him. I want to seeif this is a test. I want
to see if he will give acredit card number over the phone to a
complete stranger. All right, hebetter pass the test. He better passes.

Eddie ain't giving him nothing. Yeah, all right, hold on,
now you like the name I pickedout for you. That's wonderful. Now
he's not listening to the radio.Debra's out of the room. All right,
let's see Hello. Hello, canI talk to Clayton Roberts. Please,

This is Robert. This is ClaytonRoberts. I'm talking to him right
now. Oh Hi, this isMissy Muthberger from Nickelodeon. How you doing
to good? Are you enjoying yoursummer? Yes? Well, I wanted
to tell you that we've gotten alot of emails and congratulations. We selected
you as one of the boys thatwe're considering for the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie.

Are you excited? What do youmean for the new SpongeBob square Vice.
Well, we're making a new movieand we're casting for it, and
we're considering you as one of theboys for the movie. Are you serious?
I am so serious. Isn't thatgreat? Yeah? Are you excited?
But how do I know this isn'tall a trick? I guess if
you don't want to audition right nowand do something for me, I can

just call the next boy in thelist. You know, my mom's going
out in the car for something.When she gets back, I'll put her
on the phone. Okay, canyou just do something for me? I
just need you to imitate one ofyour favorite SpongeBob SquarePants characters. Could you
do that for me? Well,my favorite SpongeBob characters? Do you do
imitations? Could you imitate one ofthe characters from the show? Uh?

Hold on, I think I cankind of do Patrick's voice. Okay,
Well, could you do that forme right now? Okay, I'll try.
Good Morning Crusty Crew. Oh that'sgreat. That is so good.
Could you do that again for me? Okay, good morning crusty cruse.

That's right, that's great. Canyou do squid word? Do you know
that one? Do you how todo him? Yeah? I think so?
Okay, could you do that onetoo? No, one wouldn't want
to see yourself and gorge yourself.Oh that's great. You are so good.
You're exactly what we're looking for.All right, Well, I tell
you what I think that you aredefinitely the boy that we're looking for for

the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. It'scalled Bikini Bottoms Up. And I just
need you to go get your mom'scredit card and so we can set up
the registration fee and then you're allgood to go. There's really a new
SpongeBob movie. Yes, it's calledBikini Bottoms Up. It's SpongeBob two.
When's it coming out? Coming outnext summer? Cool? So I just

needed to go get your mom's creditcard and we're gonna sit set up the
registration fee through that, and thenyou're all good to go. Cool.
Where exactly are we going to filmthis? Like? If I sign up,
where am I gonna have to go? Okay, well, it'll be
filmed in LA But that's not aproblem right now. I mean, we'll
pay for all of that. Wejust need to get you registered. So

if you could go get the creditcard for me, please, I'll get
y'all set up. Well, canI put you on hold because I want
to go get my mom. Goget her credit card if you don't mind.
You know, I really don't knowwhere she keeps her credit cards,
so and I don't know what shecuts your purse. So okay, well
could you maybe look around the housefor a second. I'll hold on.

You've got a bunch of credit cards, which one needs to be like a
master card or a visa something likethat. Okay, but I need to
go to my mom and explain thesituation. Okay, Well tell you what.
If you can do this, thenI'm gonna have to move on to
the next boy to. You cando this for me real quick, then
I'll get y'all signed out. Okay, visa or a MasterCard. But I

don't think my mom is going tobe okay with this? All right,
Well you can square that away withher later, aren't you excitic? Clayton?
Just go get the credit card.I know, hold on, it's
on the kitchen table. On thekitchen table, Okay, Okay, I've

got a credit card book. Okay, I just need the last four numbers
on the credit card, the phonenumber, last four numbers on the credit
card. Okay, just the fourlast four ones. This cost a lot.
Yeah, no, it's a verysmall fee. Just the last four
numbers. Okay. I'm still searchingfor a visa or a master card,

that's right. Okay, But whatif she doesn't have one? Oh,
I think you'll probably be able tofind one. If not, what else
does she have that might be wemight be able to use? What do
you find in there? Okay?So far I found Wait, I tried
to the last four numbers. Four. Oh sweet minute, boy, you
know you ain't supposed to give nobodythe critic card number over the phone.

What the hell is wrong with you? Oh my god, god you know?
Oh my god, Oh my god, I can't believe my god.
Pray you you never ever ever listento me, dar when you hear home

you are so darn you don't evergive nobody a credit card number. O
my god, don't affer that youhad me going. You had me one
hundred percent. Oh, I'm gonnawhoop your tail when I get hold birthdays.

Why clay Clayton. Clayton say,I will never I will never give
a credit card number over the phonefor any reason whatever. Happy birthday son.
You now say that a SpongeBob,I don't so guilty. Yes,

but he knows not to give creditcard numbers over the Dallas Forward's classic Rock
in the Saddle again, Errol Smith, who's gonna start touring again? Even
Tyler would stop yelling at everybody.Yeah, they're coming to the American Airline
Center November ninth. And that's aSaturday. Ooh, nice little Saturday.

Yeah, Well, we got anice little Friday show this Friday at Doseqi's
Pavilion, Sticks Foreigner and John Waite. It's our Bowe and them Bash.
And I told you you would haveto identify a commercial personal product, okay.
And we told you at the veryfirst of the show that it's National

root Beer Day. So this isa root beer commercial. Okay, there's
a little hint. Ok tell methe name of this root beer? And
you got the Bash tickets two onefour or eight one seven, seven eighty
seven one nine five. Pay attention. It'd come prediction backward swim within style
America was still moving. Toby beforesome things changed, but real root beer

taste it better than happens. It'sgoing American tredition and regular died with a
one hundred percent for sweet you hadit lately. Big fans of Fomi root
beer will love our new easy tohandle two Leader plastic bottle. It's lightweight,
shadow proof too, and because twoLeaders is five percent more than a

half gallon, there's enough good oldfashioned foami root beer for the entire family
if you're willing to share it nowin lightweight two Leader plastic bottles root Beer.
No, you can't bother me.Beer lovers. Well, they're really
loving that beer. Okay, allright there it is, come on right

good? Do we mention one ofthem? Yeah? No, we did
not know. We did not.I think I got it. That is
a brand of root beer because it'sNational root Beer Day. You tell me
what it is. I'm gonna giveAnnabel. I don't know. No I
have about that one. I gotit wrong two one four or eight one
seven seven eight seven one. Itwas a popular It was very popular.

It's still on the market today.You can find it at your koger tom
thumb right now, really, ah, Annabel stump, I am. That
doesn't happen every day. Don't seeif anybody bowing them? Show tell me
what brand of root beer that ishigher Hires, No, Charles Hires,

who was the one that introduced rootbeer in eighteen seventy five. But it's
not Hires root beer. Going then, show tell me what brand of root
beer that is. I don't evencare. I just want to say hi
in morning and thank you and goodmorning to you too, sir. I'll

still see you on Friday. Comeon out, come on out right,
I'm gonna get him. Maybe hecould use a buzz instead of the buzzer
boning them, Show tell me whatbrand of root beer that is? Bark's
No, they've all been mentioned.Oh now now Anna's got it. She

got it. Oh that's a greatone, and that makes sense now that
I see the name on them.Show tell me what brand of root beer
that is. You're gonna have toget a hint. Here's your hint.
What was yesterday? Yeah? Whatwhat day was yesterday? Yesterday? And

it's not Sunday's root Beer. There'sno such brand as Sunday's root Beer?
But what day was yesterday? Okay? Okay, okay? Boning them,
show tell me what brand of rootbeer that is? How about Bark Barks,
No, yesterday was not National Barksbing. Then show bars tell me

what brand of root beer that is? Ib C. No, you have
said everyone but the right one?What was yesterday? Okay, okay,
what is bo? Uh huh bo? And them show tell me what Brandon
root beer that is? Dad's OldFashioned root that's it because yesterday was Father's

Day. But when I think beer, that's not what I think of.
I think of A and W rootbeer. Well, but that doesn't mean
that Dad's root Beer does not existin a grocery store. Sure, very
true. All right, my man, who is this? This is den
old young that's easy for you tosay. You are going to the bow

and them bash. Hold on becausewe've got to get some information from you.
Okay, already, way to go, all right, Dad's Old Fashioned
root Beer? Now I want someroot beer? Yeah I do too,
but somebody's got to make a runto the store. Hey, go and
warm your y'all want ice cream withthat? No? No, come on
now, Hey, if you haveto be at work in the eight am
hour, make sure you listen toLone Star while you work. Because at

eight forty we are going to openup the lone Star ticket window and give
away another pair of tickets to theBow and then Bash to see Stix and
Foreigner this Friday. That's coming upat eight forty right here on lone Star
ninety two to five, Dallas HorsfisiRock lone Star ninety two to five.
It's Monday. We're getting ready forthe Bash. If you didn't win Bash
tickets a while ago, we gotmore in the lone Star ticket window.

By the way, it was oneof the most Washington, most notorious live
events in the history of United Statestelevision history. And it happened on this
date thirty years ago. What wasit? Oj Simpson's low Speed brock O
Tree, Yes, thirty years Juneseventeenth, nineteen ninety four, just five

days after the murders of his exwife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron
golme I say her friend Oj wouldlead police on a ninety minute long for
suit, which ultimately ended up inhis arrest at his home in the Loudi
Don neighborhood of Brentwood, California.It is the thirtieth anniversary of the white
Ford Bronco chase which happened during theNBA Finals. Aren't we in the NBA?

This was between the Houston Rockets andthe New York Knicks. Approximately ninety
five million people watch nationwide tuned into watch the low speed chase. So
many people were glued to their televisionscreens watching the chase play out in real
time that Domino's Pizza had their busiestday ever because so many viewers were unwilling
to walk away from the live stream. They thought they might miss something if

they made dinner. Well, guesswhat I got a song about the course?
Yeahead, yes, said the Jewsmust have gone plumb local when there's
cop cars chasing the white Ford Bronco. Have you heard the story of the

lowis he's chasing the SWAT teams waitingthat Old J's placed. That story is
true. It's sad to say.I was watching the game when they cut
away. He told the LA compshe was going to give up, and
the media set up their satellite truckshad eighteen cameras at City Hall. Then
Old Jay's lawyer began to stalk.All of a sudden, in the wink

of an eye, that Bronco wasspotted on four five on CNN and the
network's three The flashing tea afs wasall you could see now. The Rockets
and Knicks were in game five whenOld Jays started that fateful drive. His
four way hazard lights were blinking andno one knew what the Jews was thinking

and used men said he'd lost hissense, said insanate, he'd be his
best defense. But they knew theshow was awfully hot, so they jocked
around for action shots. There waspsychoanalysts and personal friends, Beggar of Jus
to himself in TV copters high above, and cops in the bushes dressed like
shrub Fans were cheering from the sideof the road. One man yelling out

gold juice, goat we even signedwent al bowled in ninety five million people
tuned in, and so they tookthem Mark shot and threw him in jail,
and Time magazine thought he looked toofailed, but the network's planning a
brand news show. Cop cars chasingare white for Rocko. There you go,

people, A little musical history foryou from the Boy in Them,
Johan the Bow in Them Shot,Dallas Horse Classic rock Lone Star ninety two
five. We're gonna bash you todeath with bash blow out all week long,
and there's no purchase nesulssary because thebash is on Friday, and we
want to make sure just about asmany people as we can get tickets for

are at their service. Absolutely okay, Why did people will have to act
up on a plane? Flying isa big enough pain in the air it
is. The Federal Aviation Administration issuing a Texas woman who had to be
duct taped to her seat on anAmerican Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte.

Thirty four year old Heather Wells ofSan Antonio bit kicked and spit on staff
members about an hour into the flight. This was on July six, twenty
twenty one. Well In twenty twentytwo, the FAA find her eighty one,
nine hundred and fifty dollars in civilpenalties for the incident, and now
the FAA is suing to collect themoney because she hadn't paid a red cent.

The lawsuit said that Wells became increasinglyagitated and screamed that she wrote it
out of the plane after ordering anotherdrink. She then moved around the cabin
screen profanities and talked incoherently with passengersbefore trying to access the door to the
cutold No. When flight attendants triedto restrain this fool, Wells bit one

among the head and hit her onthe head multiple times with her fists.
The flight attendants and a passenger eventuallyrestrained her by using duct tapes and flex
cuffs. The flight continued to Charlotte, with Wells screaming at the top of
her lungs and cursing the whole restof the journey. Bitch, please,
Yeah, flying is a big enoughpaint in the ass. Sit down and

shut the hell up, and we'llall get to where we're going sooner than
later. I'll drive to Charlotte.I'll drive it. Oh, manman,
come on now. So here inNorth Texas, they are on the lookout
for a bank robber. The FBIneeds help finding the man who had a
small child with him when he robbeda bank in Fort Worth. The robbery

happened on June sixth at the FirstConvenience Bank branch in the Walmart store on
Anderson Boulevard in Fort Worth. Lawenforcement officials said the suspect handed the teller
a note demanding cash, and atthe time he was pushing a little girl
in a shopping cart. After theteller handed over the money, the suspect
pushed the child in the cart tothe exit. He then carried her out

the door and got away with anundisclosed amount of cash. The man,
who's described as a white male inhis late thirties or early forties. He
was wearing a long sleeve gray fishingshirt and khaki cargo shorts with slip on
shoes. He also had on ahat and sunglasses, and then of course
he was carrying a small child.You know, sometimes you just can't find
a babysitter. Yeah, gotta dowhat you gotta do. Anyone who has

any clue about this guy or whorecognizes him from the video is asked to
call the FBI Dallas Field Office atnine seven to two five five nine five
thousand. Well, you know,if he, like you said, you
can't find a babysitter, what areyou gonna do? Good, Lord of
money, this is another Dallas story, and this one's a little bit more
pleasant. The city of Dallas recentlyplunked down a little bit of money and

effort to launch its very own citylocal Music office to support and promote musicians
from the area. Austin has that. Yeah, Austin's got one, and
I believe it's booming too. Itstarted with efforts to get Dallas designated a
music friendly community by the Texas MusicOffice, which it is. Dallas got

the designation back in twenty twenty one. The Dallas Music Office is going to
serve as a hub for artists,venues, and music enthusiasts for education,
collaboration, and growth of our veryown Dallas and I assume Fort Worth as
well rolled in there. Our musicscene here which is strong, you guys.
They have been focused on building localpartnerships, including with local independent radio

station k x T, Dallas loveField supporting featuring local musicians on the love
Field Stage. And you also gotthe Dallas Entertainment Awards. That's a cool
function that's happening again next year.And they recognize local talent. Then they
want to give these people a littlebit of a spotlight. It is not
cheap to start your own original bandat all. The Dallas Music Office is

going to use social media for networkingpartnerships, sharing facts, et cetera,
highlighting local artists and other Initiatives inthe work include partnering with Downtown Dallas and
dart to bring live local music acrossthe city in a project conspired by New
York Cities Music under New York.I'm surprise we hadn't done this before.
Now we need to get this done. Speaking of music, country music superstar

King George Strait made history at ashow in College Station this past weekend.
Is see the video of that?Yes Wow. Texas A and M University
says one hundred and ten, ninehundred and five people showed up for the
concert at Kyle Field on Saturday.That sets the record for a ticketed US
concert that was set by The GratefulDead in nineteen seventy seven, when one

hundred and nine thoy nineteen fans attendedtheir show at Raceway Park in New Jersey.
And if they weren't tripping on acid, they were probably bored to death.
I saw The Grateful Dead one timeand I'm like, this is it.
George Strait It was listed as theKing at kyle Field. Show also
set a record for the most peopleattending an event at kyle Field, beating

out the twoenty fourteen game between theAggies and the Old miss Rebels. Texas
Governor Greg Abbott and US Senator toTed Cruz were among those in attendance,
but it still turned out to bea great show. I'm surprised those aggies
didn't go after the people on thefield. You know how they are,
Yeah, Kyle, Yeah, absolutelyno. Emergency crews in Oregon rescued thirty

people Friday after they were stuck forabout a half an hour dangling upside down
high on a ride at a centuryold amusement park. Horrible. Portland Fire
and Rescue said firefighters work with theengineers at Oaks Park to manually lower the
ride, but CRUs had been preparingto conduct a high Angel ropes rescue if
necessary. All riders were evacuated andmedically evaluated, and there were no reports

of injuries. The ride, calledAtmostphear, operates like a pendulum with a
capacity to swing riders completely upside down. And don't sit there and tell me
that this doesn't cross your mind everytime you get on a ride like that.
Oh yeah, oh me too,me too. That's scary. And
the world's only Blockbuster store left onthe planet in Bend, Oregon, Oh

no, it's happy to have theirlawan signed back after it was stole.
Okay. General manager Sandy Harding saidthe sign, which depicted a Blockbuster ticket
with a finger pointing towards the store, went missing earlier this month. Worried
that police wouldn't investigate the crime,she posted about the missing sign on their
Instagram page, hoping to get leads. The sign had sentimental value because it's

been in the same place for atleast twenty years when she first started working
at the store. Well, blockBlockbuster's very first store opened October nineteenth here
in Dallas, and somebody got agood conscience and returned the sign. Okay.
The surviving Blockbuster store in Bend,Oregon was franchise owned, and it
continues to operate today thanks to productsales. So they're still working on Thank

you. I'm still working on it. You little bastards. Get out of
my yard before I turn the hoseon the lot of you. That was
what was classic girl? Oh shutup, leave me alone. Tom d
answer, No, damn phone,not the hose, not the hose,

not the hose bowl. Speaking ofanswering the phone, who was our correct
caller to win Bash tickets for FridayShow? John Grayson and Eagle Mountain is
anything but host. He's hooked upfor Friday. As long as you do
these concerts on a Friday or Saturday, I have no problem. What's so,
It's gonna be awesome. We're gonnahave a good time. Tomorrow is

a toy box Tuesday. There's severalcelebrity birthdays we're gonna recognize, and a
couple of things that you have askedfor through email. I will get to
as many of them as I possiblycan. But you'll be interested to hearing
this, Annabelle, since you're Catholic. Pope Francis challenged leaders of the world's
wealthy democracies to human dignity, foremostin developing and using artificial intelligence. Even

he's worried about it, I can'tsay I blame him in doing so.
He became the first pope to attendthe G seven Summit, offering an ethical
take on an issue that is increasinglyon the agenda of international summits, governing
policies and corporate boards. They're comingafter our jobs, the Pope said.
Politicians must take the lead in makingAI human centric, so that human decisions

are always remain made by humans andnot machines. Amen. See he's even
seen Terminator movies. Yes, hehas, he's seen the Terminator movies.
I mean, they're gonna take over. They're gonna turn against this one day.
I'm scared Skynet, I know.But see, even the Pope knows
it. Plus the Pope has thehotline to the Big G. You know,

Oh yes he does. Big G. Tell those jerk offs they better
do something about the cartiman. Ididn't make it, so what AI doesn't
seem very godlike. It's summer inTexas, and that means mosquitoes are gonna
be wanting a piece of your subtleflesh. Researchers at the University of Washington

are studying the understanding of the feedingbehaviors of those little buzzing bastards. If
you think you are a mosquito magnet, you're probably right. Some people are
bitten way more than others. It'sa blood type thing. It's the smell
of your skin, your sweat,your breath, your carbon dioxide that we're
all admitting and actually a really strongqueue for mosquitos that it's dinner time.

And of course the clothes you're wearingthe color of the closes yes, really
the color. Mosquitos hate white andthey hate green, but they really like
red and especially black. So ifyou're out wearing red or black and you're
wondering why you're getting bit I justtold you why My entire wardrobe no same.
You better be carefully on a bell. Just some food forethought, as

we're all getting ready to be foodfor those bloodsucking little thumbvisuess can't stand them.
Tomorrow right now, Tomorrow's a toybox. Tuesday got some stuff playing
for you. But if you stillhave something that you want me to drag
out of the archives, let meknow and I'll see what I can do
for you. And if you loveyour classic rock commercial free, you've come
to the right place, because loneStar ninety two to five gives you commercial

free classic rock twice a day,Monday through Friday. We do it just
before eleven with Debbie and then againwith Jeff k just before four o'clock in
the afternoon, sixty minutes of NonStopclassic rock right here on Dallas fort Worth's
Classic Rock lone Star ninety two five. We sorry, why are you Dallas

for worst classic rock A lone Starninety two five Billy Idle, who now
realizes you can't take yourself too seriously, not at all. He's a grandpa
now, yes, yes he is. And he's doing goofy ass commercials too.
Yeah, but he's so cute.What commercial is he in? Oh,
he's in one where he's on thegolf course. I think it's a
financial institution or something. Billy Idlegolf course. Yes, and he comes

out of the fairway or something likethat. Or right, that's all right,
hang in there. Bills for workday, work day, that's what
it's for. Oh my god.Oh good? Uh speaking of work,
nobody wants to go to work assoon as you get to work, right,
So let's work on some time wastersfor you, because while I was
trying to prepare for this dumb assshow, these guys right here we're finding

time wasters so you don't have tostart to work right away. Oh,
we've had some good stuff for youtoday. Up on the Bow and Them
show page at lone star Naughty twofive dot com, Sammy Hagar is showing
off his adult toys bow Rock adulttoys. Yeah, they don't vibrate or
anything like that. Their cars,well, I guess they do vibrate if
their cars don't they Yeah, butyou can't sit on Sammy's posted a video

showing part of his car collection,which is housed in his warehouse in northern
California. One of them is innineteen sixties for Thunderbird that belonged to Ronnie
Montrose, part of Montrose. Hesays he restored the Thunderbird and one day
he's going to auction it off,with the proceeds going for suicide prevention since

Ronnie Montrose committed suicide. Oh hedid March third of twenty twelve. Another
of Haygar's cars, a red nineteenseventy two Ferrari Daytona, also had a
very famous former owner, late adultfilm star John I heard this, yes,
so check out the video. Getthe latest information on the upcoming auction

of some of Sammy's cars all upon our page. John Holmes has a
real long tailpipe, That's what Iheard. Yeah, you have to know
how to drive stick shifts to yourown stick shift. Paul McCartney and Wings
one hand Clapping album has officially beenreleased. It was released on Friday.

The original was one of the mostbootlegged live albums in history, but now
Paul McCartney has officially released it,and he's also released a video for the
song Soyly off the album, andwe have that video up for you to
check out, and a very youngPaul McCartney in that video. Bon Jovi's
record label has been accused of dupingcustomers with the new Forever album. They've

been selling signed versions of the newrelease, but fans say that the signatures
are fakes. They weren't signed bythe members of bon Jovie, they were
signed by a machine. Oh,we have the full story up. Also
a social media post from John bonJovie where it shows him signing the album
covers or the CD covers. Yes, yes, so read it if you

want. The Country Music Hall Fameand Museum in Nashville is honoring the late
Tom Petty Bow. They have adisplay highlighting Tom Petty's Southern roots and his
influence on today's country artists. Andthis display at the Country Music Hall of
Fame and Museum in Nashville is goingto be up all the way through next
summer. And speaking of Tom Petty, some of the biggest stars of country

music are paying musical tribute to himwith the album Petty Country a country music
celebration of Tom Petty and that albumis going to be out this Friday,
is it now? Yeah, Andwe have some of country music's biggest stars
singing Tom Petty songs, including Winonadoing Refugee and Chris Stapleton as well.
We've got those videos up. Finally, have you heard about the bikini Barista

in Seattle? Bikini Barista in Seattle. So it's a coffee shop. It's
a drive through coffee shop, andthis girl dresses up in a bikini to
sell coffee. I bet she sellsa lot of coffee. She sells a
lot of coffee. But she reallyupset this one customer because he was told
that he would have to pay twentytwo dollars for a cup of coffee and
a cup of water twenty two dollarsexactly. Well, he lost it and

he ends up throwing the water andthrowing the hot coffee at her, and
then she grabs a hammer and smasheshis windshield. We have the video up.
Twenty two dollars for a coffee.It is Seattle, ter it's Seattle
though, Yeah, but she's ina bikini. She'd show a little nipple
to something that might help. Well, we cost you extra. I've never

heard of a coffee shop charging morethan twenty twenty one bucks for something like
that. I got the video onthe Bow and Them show page at lone
star ninety two to five dot com. That's what they do to us around
here. Take us when we're up, take us when we're down, but
we keep coming back for more.Going away, everybody swing for the fences.

We can take it well. Notbad for starting out the week on
a Monday, as we get readyfor the bash on Friday. That's right,
seconds Pavilion, love to see youthere. Another chance to win tickets
with Jeff k at four forty fivethis afternoon. Let's see. I wonder
what we're going to do for acontest tomorrow. Maybe a toy commercial.

It is to Tuesday, yes,but also it could be like any particular
day, like today was National rootBeer Day, so you had to identify
a root beer commercial. I likehow you threw the curveball about Dad's root
beer, Dad's root Father's Father's Day. I should have thought of that.
I'm full of surprises right and left, don't you know. So we'll do

that. So I'll think of someway and you have to keep me posted
here. The last time we didchoose your news on a Wednesday, there
there was no theme. Are yousure there was no theme? And there
was no theme? No? Ithink it was Adam and Eve was the
theme, right, Lena, yournose grown? Come on, come on

tell me for true and for real? Hold on, Okay, she actually
keeps SEPs record of all this.She got the calendar. You're right,
June had a theme. We hada theme, so it will be a
non theme on Wednesday. See,we've been gone to the blood drive and
we don't know which way is upsometimes after that. That's right, we're

a little bloody worn out after allthat just a tad. It was a
labor of love. We were happyto do it. But we'll do our
actor show decompression session next. Itmay have to be a short one because
they're moving everything in here. Yeah, they're moving everything the construction to some
of the file cabinets that have beenlocked. I guess Jimmy used this one

back here. I don't think Jimmyeven had a key to Oh my gosh,
well, the top drawer is locked, but the bottom drawer was just
filled with crap open it Up's cornerover there now I clean it out,
so if you want to see what'sin there, I left you a couple
of goodies, but the rest ofit's in the trash can okay? All

right, well I'll tell you guys, what if we'll let everyone take a
peek at it during the after showstream on Facebook Live here in just a
second, Okay, I'll just putthe old camera over there and will stick
our noses in Jim's world, Jim'slittle corner over there. By dinner,
the drawer has been cleaned out,so there's nothing in there, and the
other one is locked so we can'tget into it. You're sure there's not

a dead rat from Radop so scaredthat there would be, but there wasn't.
I did find a couple of Playboymagazines, though Randy had a couple
in there too, good issues,I might say, good one. Yeah,
I can see why he hung onto him. What happened to They're
up on top of your locker whereyou're they are in case I get the

urge. All right, see onthe after show and see on the show
show tomorrow. I keep it doweenthe digit Bye,
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