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June 19, 2024 69 mins
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They're notting animals. What the hellare we doing here? Whatever is it
to make? Not a church ofthe country, who'd blame us for shooting
back the mood I'm in. Ifeel like turn around and going after him.
We never see him before knows andI cannot do a damned thing to
us. What are you trying tosay, Luke, I'm just facing facts.
Wait a minute, how much shockcan you stand? Free? Two

thousand dollars cash if you should diefrom fright while watching the Bow and Them
show together on the same program,The most Beautiful Bodies in America. Okay,
it's not that funny. You knowwhat them shot? The walking,

crawling nightmares from the pits of hell. You may think you're normal, that
you are all the products of mutations, freaks, the twisted and deformed monsters
and madmen's. We've been invaded bya pompous radio ham. This is gonna
be so hot. I'm starting tothink Operation Enduring Occupation was a bad idea.

It's time to open up a canof honesty. I'd like to share
this, man. I can't reallybelieve it happened. It happened, something
special, something else. Delinquent schoolgirlsit's key all right. Then. Notice
how tall and dark and irresistibly handsomethey are, how utterly fierce their gaze.

Girls cling to gas prices is skyrocketingeverywhere, but not at the gas
and pump gas station. Yep artprices are the lowest in town at just
four dollars per gallon. Yes,while those other guys have high gas prices,
we keep ours lower at four pointfifteen pa gallon and pass the savings
onto you. And it's not justgas. Come in for a hot cup
of coffee while you fill up yourtank for just four to twenty five pagallon.

Oh, I grab a muffin ora candy blow while you top off
your gas tank at just four fiftyfive per gallon. That's I promise to
you. I'm a busy mom who'salways on the go, and the gas
and pump gas station saves me aton of money. I fill up my
tank for just four to seventy fivea gallon, and I'm on my way.
It's nice knowing there's a place Ican still get gas for just four
ninety five a gallon. You knowyou got that right, So what are
you waiting for? This five twentyfive per gallon. Deal ink gonna last

forever. Come on down to thegas and pump gas station? What gas
is only five seventy five per gallon? See you still yeah? Oh bargain
yeah, laugh if you want to. But that's kind of how it is.
Yeah, especially before holiday weekends,that's right, because they know people
gonna be traveling on the fourth ofJuly. Get their money, concert tickets

and gasoline. Man, you betterdig deep into your pocket. Man.
It's just like, how is somebodythat really kind of is pinching pennies able
to go to concerts and even buygas for their car? Yeah, well
you can win them on the radio, stay yea, Why yes you can
because we have tickets to the Bowland then bash Hold on Friday. Have

that it's seven fifty and in theeight forty ticket window it's a bloodout sale.
Yes, sir Fyi. Every sevento fifty winner for the rest of
the week also gets to meet Foreignerat the show Friday afternoon. Ah ha,
Yes, it's going to be sticksForeigner and John Waite. Speaking of
Sticks, James Young Old Jay fromStix is on the show today. A

holler today, Hardy, it's seventhirty five. Of course, we'll do
sports of all sorts coming up thefreaking fool file, which defies any kind
of thing that says that bizarreity isn'twhat it used to be. Every day,
every day we're crazy. And it'salso ask us stuff day, where
you can ask us any question youwant. If it's a legitimate question,

then we will find the answer foryou. Fire away. It's not with
the ocean be deeper if there wereno sponges. No, what makes the
teflons to to the pan? Yeah? Why do we drive on parkways?
Park on driver? We've heard themall. We've heard them all. Or
the people that call in and theyalready know the answer and they're trying to
stump us. Yeah, that happens. This is not stump the chump.

Believe me. We'll embarrass ourselves onour own. True. Oh what are
we celebrating today? Yes, bo, what are we celebrating today? The
office is empty because it's June teenth. That's right now. For those of
you that don't know, the CivilWar ended in April of eighteen sixty five,
but or didn't reach Texas until thefollowing month, and it was not
until June that the Confederate army inthe area surrendered. Then on June nineteenth,

June teenth, Union General Gordon Grangerread General Order number three in Galveston,
Texas, which said all slaves werefree. Yeah, Galveston, they
had no earthly idea. There's abeautiful mural in Galveston in downtown that depicts
Juneteenth. Well, sometimes sometimes ittakes information to get down this far.
Even today, that's true. Andthe i'd mother of Juneteenth lives right here

in North Texas, miss openly.It's Garfield the Cat Day. June nineteenth,
nineteen ninety eight, a birthday partywas held for Garfield the Cat.
It was this twentieth anniversary of hiscomic strip Garfield made its newspaper debut June
nineteenth, nineteen seventy eight. Youknow, in the movie Garfield with Bill

Murray as Garfield, whenever he wouldburp, he goes, that's a sign
that the tank is full. That'swhere you get. And I still say
it to this day. This Lasagna, anybody, It's world Albatross Day.
I can't keep them out of mydamn yard, m damn things, or
ever where. Albatross Albatross that I'mmaking a joke because I've never even seen

one. Me neither. We're aseafaring bird, but we'll watch out for
you. It's National Pets in FilmDay. Early films may not have had
color or sound, but many featuredlive animals. In fact, in nineteen
oh five, the film's first herodog appeared and rescued by Rover, which
was a British silent movie. Whois the most famous one on film?

Rinting tin? Printing tin? Andof course Lassie on TV? Bengi Benji
Yeah, yeah, Old Yeller?Yeah, ooh, you can get old
shot. Who cried when Old Yellerdied? Yeah about it? I cried
like a baby. That's from strikes. Yeah, nobody cried when Old Yeller

died. It is a national watchday. Does anybody still wear a watch?
I don't don't know. Most peoplejust just look at their phone.
Plus you got to reach in yourpocket to get your phone with a wristwatch.
A little that have Apple watches,but they use it to check email
and oh yeah, oh yeah,take phone Callsonne the other day. Hey,

here's the news on my wrist.It's National eat an Oreo Day first
sold in nineteen twelve. On Marchsix, so why we celebrated on June
nineteenth, I don't know, NationalMartini Day. Yeah, invented by a
bartender at the Knickerbocker Hotel June nineteenth, nineteen eleven. His name was Martini
di Arma di Taggia and it's worldSauntering Day. Is sauntering the same as

gallivanting or trapsing? What time didyou come gallivanting in last night? There's
a question, Yeah, Sash,it's all the same thing. Go Marting
stretch as we get ready for hisboard of all it's so time. Well
we're rolling now now, Aret,we Dallas. What's Classic rock lone Star

ninety two five? It is sixthirty. That means it's time for sports
of all sorts, brought to youby Comerica Bank, and we have a
sports birthday. Dirt Novinsky forty sixyears old today. Congratulations Dirt. You've
been down to the Double AC andseemed that bronze statue. Yeah, it's
beautiful, cool looking man. Oneof my heroes passed away. San Francisco

Giants baseball legend Willie Mays has diedat the age of ninety three. Will
He is considered by many as oneof the greatest baseball players of all time.
Known as one of the sport's fivefive Tool Stars. That means he
had it all contact hitting, hitting, for power, speed, fielding,
and arm strength. He was knownas the say Hey Kid. Inducted into

the Baseball Hall of Fame after finishinghis twenty three year career. He was
named MVP twice, All Star twentyfour times, won twelve Golden Gloves,
named All Star MVP twice, alsowon Rookie of the Year and helped the
Giants win the nineteen fifty four WorldSeries. Prior to his time in Major

League Baseball, he was a memberof the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro
League. He also set out duringparts of nineteen fifty two campaign and the
entirety of the nineteen fifty three seasonto serve in the US Army. He
was in Korea. Yes. Hislast public statement was yesterday when he said
he was sorry he couldn't participate inthe juneteenth Game tomorrow at Rickmanfield in Birmingham,

where he played for the Black Bearonsin nineteen forty eight. That's what
was so sad is I had justseen that post from the San Francisco Chronicle
where he's quoted, and then justa few hours later they announced his death.
And you know, this would probablybe the last time I can play
this because he just passed away.But when I think of Willie Mays,
I think of this clip from myfavorite show Sanford and something that smell.

I smell? Did that? You? Yeah? That's my new cologne.
Papa is called Brute. Brute,should call it brutal. Well for your
information, Willie Mays, where isit? That's why they's looking. We
had dad centerviech you've heard that before. I forgot it. And the historic

ballpark where he played, which wasonce the home of the Fort Worth Cats,
is going to be demolished. OhMan. Yesterday Tarran Regional Water District
board of Directors voted to demolish LagraveField. In twenty nineteen, they took
control of the property, which hasbeen vacant since twenty fourteen, but I
have seen a couple of minor leaguebaseball games there. The district says that

since then they spent two hundred granda year to maintain the ballpark. The
district determined Lagrave Field is a publicsafety hazard. It's not like it's falling
down. It has been part ofthe fort Worth history for nearly a century.
The ballpark first opened in nineteen twentysix. It was originally home to
the Fort Worth Panthers, who laterbecame the fort Worth Cats. The ball

club played in the Texas League fromeighteen eighty eight to nineteen sixty four before
their revival in two thousand and two. Multiple Hall of Famers had played at
Lagrave Field, including Joe DiMaggio,Yogi Bearra Babe, Ruth Hank Aaron,
Jackie Robinson, and the now lateWillie Mays, just to name a few.
Yeah, and I saw Brian Adamsand Def Leppard play there in Yes,

Yes, Well it's gonna be onbefore you know. Very sad will
it be another sweep? Rangers fansleft Globelive Field disappointed last night after the
Rangers lost another one to the NewYork Mets. Mets first basement Pete Alonso
hit a tie breaking double in theninth inning in the Mets after their twenty
two hit outburst in that lopsided victoryMonday night against the Rangers, extended their

win streak to a season best sevengames to beat the Rangers seven to six.
Last night. The Rangers are nowa season high seven games under five
hundred, as they have lost tenof their last fourteen games. Clubhouse continues
to emphasize that there's no panic inthe room, but Rangers pitcher Michael Lorenzo
and said after the game, wehave a lot of games left, but

every game needs to be played witha sense of urgency. Yes, especially,
he says, we've been losing somuch. Yes, the Rangers try
to avoid a sweep tonight when theyface the Mets for the final game of
the three game series at Globelive Field, first pitch tonight, seven oh five.
Can't make it the game, youcan catch it on bally Sports Southwest.
Well, all right, then,well, they are an NHL team

that's a thorn in the side anda bit of a bane of our existence
as far as Dallas Stars fans go. And unfortunately the Edmonton Oilers are not
quite done yet for this. Yeah. They kicked Florida panther ass last night
five to three on the road Gamefive Stanley Cup Final, forcing a game
six after facing a three to zeroseries deficit. Edmonton opened the scoring with

the lone goal of the first period. Florida continued to be stunned from there.
Just two minutes into the second period, zat Hymen doubled the Oiler's lead
on a power play. Five minutesinto the period, Connor McDavid got involved
with a goal to log his fortiethpoint of the playoffs, and just under
two minutes after McDavid's goal, Matthewkut chuck is how you say it?

Soon time. I don't know whythe tea is in there, but it's
kut chuck. I got some phlamon my microphone, but I'm learning chuck.
Despite the goal, Edmonton kept capitalizingon power plays and Florida went with
an empty net for the last twoand a half minutes of the game.
They couldn't find the equalizer to forceovertime. Only four teams in NHL history
of overturned to three zero series deficit. Those teams are the forty two Toronto

Maple League, seventy five New YorkIslanders. I'll bet that was a sick
team, twenty ten Philadelphia Flyers,and in twenty fourteen, the LA Kings
did it. Game number six EdmontonFriday night puck at seven o'clock. All
right, Mavericks star Kyrie Irving toldfans to keep their heads up high after
that tough loss in the NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics completed the so called

Gentleman sweep on Monday night with aone oh six to eighty eight win in
Game five. Irving took the socialmedia after the loss. He said,
tribes stay together no matter what,through the ups and downs, wins and
lost, his success and failures.Keep your head up high. The mission
is bigger than us. I loveyou all. Didn't even blue kissing.
Thank you. Kyrine Kyrie, aformer Celtic, averaged just fourteen point three

points, five point six assists andtwo point six rebounds in Boston, where
he was subject to booze every timehe touched her. Yeah, and the
crowd was chanting Irving sucks or KyrieKyrie, Suckyrie sucks. This tight spike
the team four to one defeat.Irving was still positive about the mass future.
He says, failing together is notan ideal situation, but from a

leadership standpoint, going through situations likethat will motivate you beyond things you can
imagine. He said, now weknow what to expect. Kyrie, who
has played for four NFL finals teams, including one championship run with the Cleveland
Cavaliers. Said this season was specialto him. It'll have been more special
if we won. But that's okay. Yeah. Interesting. Yesterday everybody was

talking about what a class act hewas after the MAVs loss. Yeah,
yeah, Hey. The Dallas Cowboysstill haven't showed any urgency to sign Dak
Prescott and Cede Lamb to contract extensions. While the Cowboys seemingly have no plans
to lose either Dak or Lamb,they've back themselves into a corner by waiting
until the final year of their existingdeals to negotiate. As a result,

both the quarterback and wide receiver marketshave exploded. After the recent deals signed
by Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Vikingsreceiving Justin Jefferson, Prescott and Cedee Lamb
have bull justification to set their respectivebaselines at thirty to fifty five million per
year. Who dam oh, Idon't know, I don't know. You

know, Patrick Mahomes, how manySuper Bowl rings does he have? He
is not the highest paid quarterback inthe league. That title goes to Deshaun
Watson. DeShawn Watson, Yes,two hundred and thirty million guaranteed. Patrick
mahomes third on the list. He'snot even first or second. Who's second?
Second is Joe Burrow of Cincinnati.Oh okay, so that means that

Dak he wants to be the highestpaid player ever. Yeah, so two
hundred and thirty million guaranteed, Dak. You ain't shown us dick yet in
the playoffs. When you do,maybe Jerry'll talk to you about that would
make a cool T shirt that kindof showed us. Yeah. There you
go on to Portland, Oregon,my friends, watch out for the pot
smoke. I recently earned this distinctionof being the best city for naked bike

riding. Yeah, man, gudhe has a special pad down there or
something. Because of its relaxed lawsregarding public nudity and naked biking events,
Portland, Oregon has this distinction andprobably a lot of stinky bike seats.
However, just in days after beingcrowned as the best city for people who

like to bicycle in the raw,organizers of the annual Portland World Naked Bike
Ride canceled the event, saying theygot a late start on organizing in it
They're not going to be ready ontime. Maybe if they would have put
their damn drawers on and gotten towork. Yeah, you know. The
event has taken place since O four. It attracts thousands of nude bikers.
Organizers say Portland deserves the World NakedBike Ride to be done right. So

they're retrench the interesting use of wordshere, retrenching and focusing on growing our
diverse all volunteer team this year.They want the event to come back strong
in twenty twenty five. Now,in the past, the City of Portland
made a lot of extra money afterthe event was over by selling those locker
roomish smelling bicycle seats. Oh stoplying. You did that as a joke.

I know you did, all right. I just wrote out at the
bottom you tried to slip it in. That's all right, so to speak.
And a content creator has gone viralfor doing a marathon inside a taco
bell What how do you do that? A woman named Uugh Madison, Yes
her first name is really ug Ug. She walked on a treadmill for more

than ten hours to complete a marathoninside the restaurant while customers were coming in
wondering what the hell was going on. She fueled herself with water, Mountain
dew, Baja Blast, Cantina chickenbowls, and not your fries. She
says, after ten hours and threeminutes, twenty six point three fifty eight
thousand steps. I'm extremely proud tosay that I'm the first person in history

to do a marathon inside a tacoBell said ugg later on ten hours.
No, I don't want to orderanything. I just want to watch your
sweat. The freaking full file next, Hung the Ball on Them Shows,
Dallas horrorse Classic Rock lone Star ninetytwo five coming up next our first round

of Ask the Stuff questions. Butnow it's time for the freaking fool file.
Now there is a video of aFilipino mother who goes to an Internet
cafe and hand feeds her thirteen yearold son because he refuses to stop playing
games to eat. Are you serious? I mean that Reunite reignites the old

video game addiction. It's true.Yeah. Thirty seven year old Lily Beth
Marvel Lily Beth is not really aFilipino name. Kind of a course,
can I was about to say?She first noticed there was something wrong with
her son, Carlito about two yearsago, when he began staying up late
at an internet cafe near the familyhome in the Philippines. Things got progressively
worse as time went by, tothe point where the thirteen year old now

spends days on end with his eyesglued to a monitor playing his favorite Battle
Royal video game, Rules of Survival. Miss Marvel was film delivering her son's
breakfast to the internet cafe and handfeeding him while he continued to play because
he'd been playing there for over fortyeight hours. Take the video game away,

you're the parent. Yes, well, he goes to this internet cafe
and play. Why don't you stopfeeding him? If he'll gets hungry enough,
he'll stop playing, one would hope. The boys desperate parents have pulled
him out of school because he startedskipping classes to go to that internet cafe
and play video games. They aretrying to focus on managing him addiction,

but admit that it is very difficultand have pleaded online for help. Good
God, I think she's dumping inhis pants too while he's playing. Yeah,
hopefully. I guess the kid hasto be hand fed. But like
I say, he stopped feeding him, he'll get hungry or give him an
ass holpin. Yeah, he's thirteen, you're the parent, yes, right,

Come on, Yanka, not inhis ass, especially about it.
Here's a weird story. Eighteen yearold Sumaya Thomas met a guy on a
dating app, and after exchanging severaltexts with him, she agreed to meet
up with a guy in person andtold him to come by her house and
they'd go somewhere for their first day. However, she got nervous and decided
at the last moment that she wasn'tready to go out with him. But

instead of doing the right thing andjust saying, hey, I'm not up
for meeting you in person yet,she called nine to one one as he
was walking up to her door andtold police that her abusive ex boyfriend,
whose baby she was carrying, wasoutside her home threatening to hit, punch,
and stab her. Police were immediatelydispatched to her home. They saw

the guy walking away after she didn'tanswer the door, stopped him to ask
him some questions. He told policehe just started chatting with her online with
miss Thomas on the dating app.Right, he showed him the text as
proof. He denied her entire story, and police found him to be credible.
After multiple interviews with Sumaya Thomas.She finally admitted to police she made

the whole story up just to getout of meeting him. Bitch, please
right. Officers then arrested her forplacing a false nine to one one call
and falseleep reporting a crime. Okay, you are going to try to get
the guy arrested because you decided youdidn't want to go out with it.
She's crazy. That guy dodged abulley. He sure did. Thank your

lucky stars there. Yeah, y'allsee why I'm allergic to dating, not
absolutely allergic to it. Criminals,people of crime nature. I'm talking to
you now on not with admonishment,which I normally would be. These are
some notes for all of you,so please take note. If you want
to ruin a good hiding place,crime people, just bring along your smartphone
and make sure the damn ringers turnedon and you don't get busted. Sure

than hell. Deputies of the PolkCounty Shriff's Office in Flor of course,
we're on the hunt for a manwho'd been evading them for several months.
He had multiple warrants out for hisarrest final against him. The cops thought
that the first place to look forhim of his job, so they went
there. They asked his boss,and after looking for one of the guys
employers said, I thought I sawhim come in. He might just be

around here somewhere. Well. Thatunnamed feud fugitive with justice was eventually caught
by his smartphone when it started ringingas he hid in the ceiling tiles of
his workplace. Excuse, why didyou go to work in the first place
if you knew the cop was comingfor you up there with the rat and
the rat poop. When they heardthat ding, the deputies found the man

and he probably spent the next fewhours cursing the name of whoever called him
and himself und Yeah, yeah,that's something you should know if you're going
to be a criminal. Mute thephone, enjoy your sentence. Then there's
the story of Lena, a youngColombian woman involved in a relationship with seven
old pensioners has been accused of takingadvantage of the elderly men for financial gains.

Of course no. Lena has becomethe talk of the entire country after
her story went viral online. Aftera series of disappointing romantic relationships with men
her own age, which she won'treveal. By the way, the young
woman realized that she could achieve emotionaland financial stability a lot easier if she
targeted lonely old guys instead. Lenaremembered that her neighbor's elderly husband always flirted

with her, and she understood thatshe had to be a lot more desirable
to guys in their golden years withmoney, because they would give anything to
be with a woman her age,which, by the way, she won't
reveal what her age is was probablyin her third So she started spending time
in parks and other places where lonelyold men hang out, and she was

now in a relationship with seven retiredpensioners who all support her financially. Seven
elderly boyfriends, Carlos Simone Haesus,Pablo Menuel, and two more men who
didn't want to reveal their names,all know about each other and are supposedly
okay with sharing the one with eachother, all responsible for covering her expenses,

helping her with household chores like cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking,
and they compete for her affection.Describing her polyamorous arrangement as more like a
business than a romantic relationship. Lenaexplained that she rewards her boyfriends for their
generosity by sharing the bed more oftenwith those that give her more money every

month. Let me clear my thoughts. O, body'll sing Bill Belichick's girlfriend.
Yeah, I wanted to mention it, but I'm glad you did it.
Oh. I want to meet Foreignerthis Friday, and we'll keep listening.

Coming up next hour, it's chooseyour news for your chance to win
tickets to the Gimme the End dotcom Bowe and Them Bash featuring Sticks and
Foreigner this Friday until Seti's Pavilion,and every seven to fifty winner from now
until Friday we'll win a meet andgreet with Foreigner thanks to Mullen and Mullen
Injury Law Firm. That's next hourright here on the Bow and Them Show
on Dallas fort Worth's Classic Rock loneStar ninety two to five. Dallas fort

Worth's Classic Rock lone Star ninety twoto five. Did you know that today
is Anne Wilson's seventy fourth birthday.She looks awesome, she does, and
she's still saying, I don't thinkshe's ever hit a bad note in her
life. No can you. Happybirthday there, Anne. Okay, Today
Royalsday, which means it's ask usstuff Day, the day where you can

ask us any question you don't to. And we have the Aska Stuff Hotline
to one for eight six six eightysix hundred and we got some good ones
here today. Everybody ready. Ohyeah, here's the first question. I
think I got this one handled here. Where is the term white lie come
from? As if you white lie, white lie? Well, the phrase

white lie or little white lie meansthat the falsehood being told is one that
is unimportant, particularly if it ismeant to be polite or tactful. Okay,
like I told her her ass didn'tlook fat in that drift, but
it really does. That's a littlelie, because you don't want to hurt
their feelings. There is no knownorigin for the term white lie. It's
been used to signify purity, goodor harmless. Harmless meaning well, it

didn't hurt anybody, That's why Itold it. And it's supposedly hundreds of
years old. Is believed that thephrase was first used in the late seventeen
hundred. Well, as you said, purity, so white always is the
color of purity. There was apure Lie. Also refer to the Sammy
Hagar song Little White Lies that isa rocker. There you go, here's
another one. How many times asa song Gloria have been recorded? Gloria

glo r a a lot, notthe Laura Brannigan verson. Well, it
was first done by Van Morrison's bandthem, uh huh, It's been done
by The Doors, the Grateful Dead, many others. Apparently in total,
there are thirty six versions oh Gloria. Yeah, all right, that's enough.
We don't really need anyone to doanother Gloria song. Tell their Doors

and the Grateful Dead have done it, and a bunch of others, a
bunch of absolutely absolutely try this onehere. Which song has the best guitar
solo or drum solo? Any opinions? Let us know, Well, that's
that's just an opinion. Yes,okay, I don't know best guitar sol
You have to have Eruption by EddieVan Halen. That's my favorite. I

think I agree. Also, listento James Gang Live at Carnegie Hall guitar
solo that Joe Walsh does a Manafter my own heart, Bo Roberts right
here. And as far as drumsolo, the first drum solo I ever
heard that, maybe Go Damn wasin a Gotta Davida. Then along came

the Cream album Wheels of Fire,and there was Ginger Baker doing toad.
Yeah that was something, wasn't it. Then here came Carl Palmer and Neil
Peart, and when I saw themlive, they blew me away. Now
you're gonna make fun of me.But I always think of Phil Collins in
the air tonight because I do thedrum solo in my car. But it's
not really a particularly hard drum solo. I love it though. That's a

drum film. Yes, it's likea few beats. It's not a blue
bloo boo boo book. That doesnot count as a drum solo. It's
close in my car. It isokay, all right in your car and
in your opinion, which is allthat matters, isn't it? Okay?
Here's another one for you. Idon't understand this one, but I bet

Annabel can answer it. When you'recooking spaghetti, they tell you to rinse
the spaghetti to cool under cool waterto stop it from cooking, but they
don't tell you to do that withother types of pasta why is that just
wondering? Okay, why are yousupposed to rinse spaghetti with cold water after
you cook it but not other pasta? Actually you should not rinse any pasta,

spaghetti or any other type of pastaafter it's cooked. Now, some
people will do it, as hesaid, to stop the cooking process because
they want to pasta to be aldente. It's known as shocking something.
Now. Rinsing any kind of pastaremoves the starch water, and it's the
starch water that helps it here thesauce to the pasta. That's why any

true Italian cook uh huh never rinsethe pasta, spaghetti or any type of
pasta. And so there's Italian puristslistening to that concept right now. And
just face palmy, I'm not allyeah, I don't know what about being
a doing? Okay, here's oneI think I got this one here.
Okay, good morning. How we'dlike to ask how many gallons of water

or on a professional hockey floor anddid it ever have to be changed?
And it straight water? Please helpme with that, thank you. Is
it straight water? That's a goodquestion. Well, on average it is
straight water. They use water.It takes twelve thousand to fifteen thousand gallons
of water to create an NHL regulationice sheet, which is typically kept frozen

for an entire season. So no, they don't change the water for every
game because that's a waste of water. Recycle it? Why not? And
ain't nobody gonna drink it or anything? That's what you think. Well,
I can't judge nobody for what theywant to do. Okay, here's one
that kind of really has no answer, but I might have an answer for

him. You know the song,Yeah, Goodbye, yell brick Elton John,
Yeah, tell a lie about that. Back to the Hungry Old Alan
the woods, chasing the hornyback Toade. What is that's supposed to mean?
Well, I don't know if I'veseen a horny toad, but I've never
seen a horny toad. It's theroad to the Emerald City in the Land

of Oz, often referred to asa metaphor for the road that leads to
life's fantasies, of the road thatleads to life's answers. It's the road
that Dorothy and her three bizarre friendswere instructed to follow. In the nineteen
thirty nine film The Wizard of Oz. This was reportedly the first film Bernie
Taupin had ever seen and see.Because Elton would write the music and Bernie

Toplin would write the lyrics. Heconjured the imagery of the lyrics relating to
his own life as his desire toquote get back to his roots. It's
also a reference to Elton's fame andfortune, and to the contrast of Bernie
Taupin's attempts to remain low key whileElton was extravagant, like you know Elton
is. Bernie was saying that Eltonwas a horn toad. Yes he was,

if you want to put it thatway. Sure. Lone Star Dallas
wors Classic Rock lone Star ninety two. I was doing that by myself.
Okay, you can email us questionsif yon't too, because we will answer
those and take them just as seriouslyas the question that we make jokes about.

This one is from Evelyn. Shewants to know what was the first
concert we ever saw? Now?Mine was jethro Toe jethro Toe Space Opera.
They were a local Fort Worth bandand a band called Clouds, which
had the most amazing drummer I've everseen. His name was Harry Hughes.

You being a drummer, you shouldlook him up. Well, that sounds
like a good night right there.It sounds like a psychedelic knight. Was
that in Fort Worth that you saw? No? That was at State Fair
Music Hall. First time I eversmelled me and you liked it? Who's
Bernie Rope? What is that?That was? Lovely? God? That
was like seventy or seventy one.I was a young pup stood in high

school. Gosh, what was yourfirst concert? First concert was Kiss Kiss
in Houston at the Summit and Ihad to go to the restroom real bad,
and they had festival seating. Thedoors were locked, and I went
to the hotel across the street andI kind of like conned my way into
the hotel, went to the restroom, went to the gift shop, and

in locks, all four members ofkissed without makeup. Oh, and I
got to see them without their makeupbefore they used to show themselves ugly ugly
without the Simmons is huge, sotall. What was your first concert?
Technically? In my high school gymin southern Arizona, it was the Maynard
Ferguson Orchestra. Ferguson five dollars.I had to borrow two weeks of allowance

to get that. I swear toGod because concerts were five dollars back in
Yeah, but in an arena onArizona Triumph and fog Hat was my first
great contact high. By the way, fog Hat is supposed to play at
the State Fair test. Roger Earl'sthe only original one. But still it's
fog Hat. You'll get a cornydog high this time around. I always

do all right what you got in? I got an email from Justin Rodriguez
in Haltam City. He said checkingout old Looney Tunes cartoons and was wondering
if road runners can actually fly.That's a good question. Yeah, so
the roadrunner can run at speeds ofup to twenty miles per hour and actually
prefer sprinting to flying. But theywill fly to escape predators. They really

only fly when necessary. They preferto just you know, sprint. Oh
and by the way, a roadrunnercannot outrun a coyote. Coyote can go
forty three miles per hour, whereasa roadrunner can only go twenty miles per
ah. Ha, so there's somethingthe cartoons are lying to us here.
Imagine that's true. Oh, andyou can't paint something black on the side

of a mountain and able to runthrough it like the Roadrunner does. Coyote
bumps into the side of the mountain. The old fake. Hey, here's
an email from Lonnie White and Uless. What is the most covered song of
all time? Oh? Oh oh, covered song of all time? Here's
the answer, boat what is it? That distinction goes to Yesterday's birthday boy,

Paul McCartney Yesterday. His song Yesterdayis in the Guinness Book of World
Records as the most covered song ofall time. There are now estimated to
be more than three thousand versions ofthe song Wow Yesterday, Oh my god,
three thousand. Yes. I wasthinking it was like Happy Birthday.

Well, but that's sung the sameway every time. Yeah, unless you're
in TGI Friday, Happy Birthday.Okay, coming up next, you know,
we got this little thing called theBowl and then Bash on Friday with
sticks Foreigner and of course John Waite. Speaking of sticks, James J.

Y Young's about to give his call. That's coming up next on the Bowl
and Them show. Does that kindof sound like the same drum track that
he used on his other stuff that'sthe same mix. Yeah, you're doing
that on purpose, no symbols,nothing, you have. Phil Collins like
to have his drums sounding so damnloud that he had a guy cut a

piece out of the back of eachone so that when you hit it,
the sound doesn't go down. Thesound comes right out at your face.
Drums all right, Well, whetheryou care or not, and I'm sure
you do. We got this showcoming up Friday, the Bowe and Them
Bash, starring John Waite, Who'sgonna open the show. Then you'll hear
from Foreigner. Then the star ofthe show sticks Yep. Stix is going

to be the headliner. And we'vegot Jayy on the phone from Styx.
What's up, jay Y? Goodmorning, Good morning. Have you been
my friend? It's been a whilesince we had young. In fact,
Styx is going to be playing forour Bow and Them Bash And this is
like what the third fourth time.You know, if the Bash was a
bar, Styx would be the houseband. But we always love having you

guys come to town. Well,we've always had lots of fun in the
great state of Texas and hanging outwith you guys. Well, at least
you'll be coming after all these badstorms we've had. Man, we've been
getting dumped on by mother nature lately. Well she's a vengeful female, yes,

and you know how women are.So you guys have a new member
in the band. What is yourbass player's name? Your new bass player
last name is Gowan, which isthe same as the keyboard players at this
point, and that's Lawrence is theolder brother and Terry is the younger brother

who's now is our baseball? Okay, are they really related? Are you
just saying that because they're in theband they're brothers. No, they are
brothers and they're both from Canada,so we don't hear much about them.
But we have our spies up there. And Lawrence just worked out great that
we had. We did a showwhere he was opening act for us,
and we wow, we'd like to, you know, if we ever need
a keyboard player, he'd be theguy. And he's more than the guy.

And then there's when we needed anew bass player. His brother was
recommended and it's a family affair.Do any of you ever yell out hey
Dallan and see them both look around. See he's going to do it.
Now I'll go do that now.Yeah, Okay, STEXX has been together
Jayy for fifty two years now,and you have said in past interviews that

they're going to have to scrape youoff the stage, that you want to
just continue playing. Do you stillfeel that way? To me, it's
a magical moment to be up theredoing something that I've loved to do since
I saw I was presently play guitarwhen I was very very young, and

uh, and then saw Jimmy Hendrixplay five times Wow and many others.
So uh, I just there's there'ssomething about the energy of being on that
stage and having fans and friends outthere, and and everybody's just able to
forget their troubles or we're here tonightand we're gonna we're going to celebrate being
alive in this great country of ours. Well, as long as we're above

ground, it's always a good day, that's true. I heard that you
started learning Beatles songs on your guitar. Is that how you first learned to
play? Well, everyone in myfamily was started on piano. That was
kind of a tradition, and myand my aunt was a church of organization
read like like nothing to my dad, couldn't couldn't do it, but he

had hear something and he could hecould just bash it out on the piano.
So I come from a family thatknows how to read music if they
want to work at it, orare they going to just kind of kind
of wing it, which is whatrock bands generally do. So you know,
I've gotten away from your precise question. But I love being on stage
and I love playing guitar. AndI'm standing to Todd Suckerman, who has

been our drummer now for the lastperiod of time, and he's in the
last ten years. He was votednumber one and the Modern Drummer magazine Reader's
Bowl. So we've got home runhitters at every position. So he use
a baseball phrase. Well, wehad a listener ask a question. Has
a rock band ever had a songthat was a big hit but they hated

it? Is there any songs thatyou guys play that you're really sick of
playing live? Well most of themwe have stopped playing. So well that's
how that's how you solve the problem. Yeah, do you remember when you
first realized that you guys had hitit big? What was that moment like

for you? Well, when you'veworked really hard at something for a decade
or two. That's about how whereI was the whole thing. And I'm
in mid to late twenties when GrandIllusion came out in nineteen seventy seven.
We've been making records since nineteen seventytwo. Five years into it. We

sold on our seventh record, wesold seven million capies love the album and
of our seventh album. So amI superstitious about the number seven? Hell?
Yeah, Well for some people it'sa lucky number. For some well,
it depends on when you're throwing dicein Vegas in is life, I

suppose. And you know, oneday, one day, maybe in the
distant future, the jerk offs atthe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will
finally pull their heads out of theircollective ascids. Oh we forgot sticks.
We might nominate in two Does thatpiss you off when every year goes by
and you don't even get nominated?Well, I've done a whole lot of

investigating on the on the down lowabout you know, who gets the vote,
who doesn't get to vote? Andthe deck is stacked against bands like
a Reo Speedwagon, Kansas Sticks.The deck is stacked against us because it's
all Northeasterners that are that are votingvoting on it. Yeah, but still
what have they got against you?Go? Oh, at least we got

Mary J. Blish in time.Geez. Well, it's it's a crazy
world out there. And whether Iget whether I whether these one hundred people
who get to vote on this teethfit to put sticks in there. It's
not the end of my world,the end of my day, at the

end of my life, and Idon't need them to proceed doing what I
love best. So let them dowhat they want to do. If it
makes them happy. We'll bitch foryou. It stops being important to me.
Well, as long as the check'sclear, I guess everything's okay.
Sticks. Part of Boeing Them Bashon Friday, Dose Pavilion Jayuy. Always

great to talk to you, man, Thanks for calling my pleasure. That
always sounds like the gladiators marching thecoliseum to do battle. Yay blades,
bows absolutely onward sticks. These starsof boeing Them Bash Friday nights. Foreigner
is also on the bill, andthose of you that win at seven point

fifty you get to do a meetand greet with Foreigner. We got more
tickets at eight forty and the ticketwindow. But all you have to do
is dial. If you win theseseven fifty tickets, you got a wake
fuck. And today is special becauseit's Wednesday, and that means it's choose
your news. Time to play shoesyour news. This is where I have

four headlines here from past issues ofthe Weekly World News. One of them
is a lah find the fake headlineand you get to win the tickets to
bow and them bash with sticks Foreignerand of course John Waite going to open
the show. And as I toldyou, there is no theme this time.

We had a theme last time wedid this. So the number to
call two one four or eight oneseven seven eight seven one nine two five
you find the fake headline and you'llwin the bash tickets. Okay, okay,
listen and learn. Is the fakeheadline? Headline number one. There's
a party going on at the RedPlanet. Empty beer cans and old mattress

found on Mars. We now kindof know two things. Mankind is not
alone in the universe, and someoneor something is having a damn good time
up there, says NASA analyst.The marsh Rover photographed the incredible site on
the planet surface, but scientists haveno explanation. It's not a trick of
light or shadow. It's jenuous.So that's what happened to my old college

room. Now there you go,damn? Or is it headline? Number
two? Woman finally cleans her housefor the first time and finds she hadn't
seen her husband in four months.And there he is. Oh, I
pulled off a blanket on the couch, and there was the man I thought
had run out on me, sayswyoming wife. Husband admits he'd been avoiding

his spouse after the couple got intoa huge fight and quit speaking to each
other. I'd go to work andcome home and she never knew it,
he says. Or is it headlinNumber three? African cannibal chief opens up
sushi restaurant that serves human flegoo.The butt roll is a crowd pleaser.

After studying with Japanese sushi masters foryears, several claimed culinary artist returns to
his home country of Angola to practicepreparation of human meat instead of fish for
sushi customers. I get all thebodies I need from medical schools and my
friends in the funeral business. There'sall aligned out the door, hard pass
on that? Or is it?Headline Number four? Bizarre diet shocks Doctors.

Twelve year old boy is allergic toall food and survives on sugar water
and mucus from his nose. Nasty. It's revolting, horrible and disgusting,
but it's true, says one ofthe doctors, trying to find a way
to render conventional foods safe for theschool kid who suffers from an extremely rare
allergy. He's able to get someof the calories he needs from sugar water

through an IV but the rest canonly come from his own snot okay,
so one of those is fake?Which one is it? Is it?
Headline number one? There's a partygoing on at the Red Planet, empty
beer cans and old mattress has foundon Mars. Number two woman finally cleans
her house for the first time.Husband she hadn't seen in four months is

finally found. Number three. Africancannibal chef opens up sushi restaurant that serves
human flesh Or is it Number four? Bizarre diet shocks doctors? Twelve year
old boy is allergic to all foodand survives on sugar water and mucus.
From his nose. Good? Whatdo you think? Anna? But I
want to say it's this one.You're gonna say it's that one. Which
one do you think it is?I know you're the one that's right,

You're the one that's right. Sorry, bo all right two one four eight
one seven seven eight seven one five. Let's see if anybody knows the answer
the hair Oh you had to answer. I think our phones are locked No,

look, our phones are locked out. How did this happen? I
don't know. Maybe it was thedude from Mars it did it? Mars?
Oh, the beer can dude,the beer can dude. Guys that
discovered the party going on? Locked. I don't know what's happening. But

uh yeah, I just tried themover here, try them over here.
Let me see. Well that workedwith jayywhile ago. Yeah. Oh oh
man. Maybe it's because you havethem email and the first email that we
get with the correct answer will win. Okay, all right about that?
Yeah, give them your email,give them your email address, Anna darro

at iHeartRadio dot com and iHeartMedia.Sorry, all right, iHeartMedia dot com.
Anna d e h a r oat iHeartMedia dot com. Yeah,
and the first email that I getwith the right answer will win and will
announce the winner and knows what itwas because she's the one that guess.
Yeah, Oh, I hate thatour phone. Oh, our phone's jacked

up, and let me give mytool kit out? Will the machine?
You better tell them they better fixit my uh tomorrow. I was gonna
try a hammer on it first,and then I'll put a note down the
hall. Yeah, why don't youpour acid all over it? Yeah,
pick a number, any number,and the first person with the correct answer
will win the tickets and the meetand greet with foreigner. And that's the

only fair way to do it.Yeah. Yeah, Coming up another installment
of Traffic and Bondage with Linda LadyDallas four Worst Classic Rock lone Star ninety
two five. Once again, weapologize for the phone situation. One.

You didn't know it was going toblow up today, Yeah, but apparently
it did. Uh, But weshould have it fixed because you know,
we got more stuff to give awayhere. We did get a winner.
Danny Yates was the first email withthe correct answer, and it was number
two, number two. The womanfinally cleans her house for the first time

in months and finds her husband.She hadn't seen very funny ball. That
was my favorite story. Funny.Okay, we have a couple of ask
a stuff question and I want toanswer him now because it's about the blood
drive that we just did. Here'sthe first one. Good morning. I
have a two part question. Whoseidea was it to start the blood drive?

And have you ever run out ofBlood Drive T shirt? That's my
question? Have a great day?Well, the answer is no, I
don't think we've ever run out ofblood Drive T shirts. Se we run
out of sizes like a size thirty, but we've never run out of all
of the T shirts. First bigboy sizes left this year and that's it.
The first blood drive was actually doneat the station I used to work

at Q one O two, butI didn't get there until nineteen eighty two.
And the first blood drive they didwas nineteen seventy six. Wow,
that as yes, do you rememberwhen you did it in nineteen eighty eight?
And then there was a huge concertat the convention center. That was
when we were giving away free LenyardSkinner ticket uh huh to everyone who donated.

And so there were some people thatwould lie because, for instance,
you can't donate if you're drunk,yep, and some of you drink real
early in the morning. And youcan't donate if you have a tattoo.
You just recently got a tattoo,and of course they would lie about it,
so we had to throw a lotof it away. And one guy
had his one hundred pound girlfriend donatetwice so he could get two pair of

tickets. What happened to her fordouble donating? She passed out and we
could not wake her up. Ohmy god, Yes, that's what happened.
Oh wow, I didn't know that. Here's another one about the blood
drive. I was just curious howmuch pints? How many pints of blood
did y'all cleft last week. I'mso glad y'all do that. I think

we got close to six hundred,right, yeah, film like that on
Saturday. And by the way,thank you both. I love you both
very much for coming out and joiningme Saturday at NFM for the final day
of the blood drive. On Saturday, our grand told us for the week,
we're just north of five hundred andtwenty donors. Okay, that's cool,
all right, all right. PompStar justin Timberlake was arrested on Long

Island and charged with driving while intalks that care aw Man Wow. Video
from Hampton's dot com shows Timberlake's suvcruising down a sag Harbor street shortly before
his arrest. He told officers hehad one martini before getting into a car
to follow his friends through their Hampton'slodging. Now, first of all,
that is the wrong answer, becauseanyone who has ever watched an episode of

cops will tell you that the standardanswer when a cop ask you how much
you had to drink tonight, what'sthe standard answer to two beers? Yeah,
two beer. I just had twobeers. This is a couple,
even though they were a gallon ofpeace. He pleaded not guilty and was
released without baillies. Back in courton July twenty sixth. Two beers,
that's the standard answer that they alway, because three beers sounds like too

much and one beer. They're notgonna believe you. Do you remember what
Macaroni grill when they would give youall that wine and they would ask you
how many glasses of wine you had? You always said too, we had
too. Another one, speaking ofd w I's a man with prior convictions
of dwis facing criminal charges again afterpolice saying he fatally struck a pedestrian in

Dallas and drove to his job withsome of the victim's body parts. Oh
yes, still in his car.This is such a horrible story. Thirty
one year old Juan Morgan Munos wasdriving northbound in a white two thousand and
one BMW in the eighteen hundred blockof Story Lane when he ran over a
pedestrian. After fleeing the scene ofthe crash without helping the pedestrian or calling

nine one one, Munos drove tohis job on West Northwest Highway waited thirty
minutes before calling the police. DallasPolice said when officers questioned him, they
noticed his speech was slurred, hiseyes were glassy, and he smelled like
alcohol. Yeah, but he onlyhad two beers. During the investigation,
officers said they observed his BMW,found a hole in the front passenger windshield,

blood, an entire arm in thefront passengers saw and more body matter
all over the seat. This isjust so wow. My god, who
insisted that he only had one shotof patrol in the afternoon did not pass
any field sobriety tests and was arrested. The shot was in a bucket of
parenth. My gosh, disgusting.Well, this is a story that I

wanted to follow up on from justa day or two ago on here.
I'm a parent, so this oneespecially pisses me off. You guys,
remember the fort Worth bank robber whocouldn't find a babysitter. Yes, right,
I had to bring his kid withhim. Okay, Well he's been
cuffed and he's been stuffed, andI hope he never gets parent responsibilities again.
At least he is. Forty fouryear old Ronnie Newman arrested in Miller
Mineral Wells on Monday by members ofthe FEDS and the Cowtown Police. The

First Convenience Bank branch inside Walmart AndersonBoulevard and FTW was wrapped on the sixth
of this month. The FBI saysthe suspect walked to the bank teller with
a child in a shopping car yesyeah, and gave them a note demanding
cash. After getting an undisclosed amountof money, he took off carrying the
kid. FBI Dallas released a photowith the suspect and leading many tips from

the public, they managed to comehim and stuff him on Monday. If
he could have waited until the childwas at least in high school, maybe
he could have driven down his getaway. Yeah, we go after he got
his driver license. Then there's theplain old woman who went on a racist
tirade against some Indian women. Well, she pleaded guilty to four state hate

crime charges in connection to that incident, which happened two years ago. I
remember seeing the video. Fifty nineyear old Esmurelda Upton was convicted of three
misdemeanor charges on a misdemeanor charge formaking a terroristic threat. The Collin County
District Attorney said each charge included theTexas Hate Crime Enhancement. Upon she realized
that three women of South Asian descentthreatened a fourth one, she pushed one

of them. Videos from the victimsshow that miss Upton was saying a barrage
of racial slurs toward a group ofwomen outside of the Sixty Vines restaurant off
Dallas Parkway. Been there many times. She was sentenced to two years of
community super vision probation in forty daysof confinement in the Collin County Jail for
each case. Good you let youralligate a mouth overload, jahummingbird as you

did. Netflix announced yesterday that itwill open two permanent fan experience locations next
year. The first two locations willbe in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania,
and in Dallas at the Galleria rightacross the street. It's going to be
where that Belk was yesay. NetflixHouse will be a year round experience where

fans can quote step beyond the screento enjoy their favorite shows and movies.
Cool. It's based on previous NetflixLive experience for Bridgerton Money, High Stranger
Things in Squid Game. The streamingmedia company says it chose the locations because
they're part of a popular shopping centerthat have heavy foot traffic. That's gonna
be cool. So we now havemovie theaters in Dallas that are owned by

Sony Pictures Entertainment and also by Netflix. Interesting, and last summer was the
second hottest on the books in Texas. But yesterday's monthly more Borda meeting,
the CEO of Urkott said the thegrid is prepared and should hold up.
Well. We certainly hope so heardthat before. We certainly hope like hell

it does or is going to feellike hell around here exactly. You know
how hot it gets? All right? Coming up, we got some more
ditties we're gonna play for you nexton the Bowl and Them show. Dallas
Hors's classic rock lom Star ninety twoto five. That was Dicky Betts's song.
And I can't believe Dicky Betts diedthis year. Yeah, passed away
at the age of eighty. Hada rough, rough life, rough struggle

with addiction, yes he did,but he still had his chops all this
time. Yeah, I'm sure youtear up a less Paul absolutely. Now.
I think it was last week orweek before. A guy who's been
on this show a few times,Steve Oh, you know crazy? Oh
my god, is there anyone crazierthan that man? The boy is out

of his damn mind. And Iwas gonna play our interview with Steve Oh,
but we didn't get time at theblood driving stuff, so I promise
I'll play it next Tuesday. ButSteve O from Jackass, he just got
a new tattoo, Yes he did. He got his first face tattoo thanks
to post Malone. And if anyonecalls him dick Face, they can blame

post Malone because he drew a bigslong. It's a tattoo of a big
slong right above his right eyebrow,dripping pea. Yes, why you think
it's peek? I sure hope itis. Oh I know why he's doing
it. He wants to make theladies hot. Oh, that'll do it.
It will do it. It lookslike he got drunk, he fell

asleep and post malone drew the tattoowith a sharpie. But it's actual,
real tattoo. And you know,we have done a bunch of stories about
criminals with facial tattoos and that's howthey get identified. Yeah, hello,
ask on, Well, there isa solution, Contenson, criminals. You
always getting arrested because your face tattoshows up on surveillance videos. Let me

erase the face with ben He's facetatow Removal Service. My selection of sandpaper,
cheese graters, and industrial scrapers willaggressively rub bible phrases and animal tattoes
right off your kisser, sometimes evenwithout causing massive bleeding. Just gonna be
ten percent of your loots or I'mgonna call it cops, capiche. Then
He's facett thow Removal Service. Findme on Facebook Facebook By the way,

since Willy May has passed away,I got to play this one more time.
Does that smell I smelled? Didthat you? Yeah? That's my
new cologne. Papa is called Brute. Brute, should call it brutal.
Well, for your information, WillieMays whears it. That's why he's looking.
We got that center Veda. Ialways remember that picture of Willie may

Is making that over the head catchwhile he's running toward the outfield. Yeah,
he said it wasn't the catch thatwas important though. He said it
was him being able to throw theball into the end. Yes, he
had such a strong arm he couldthrow from center field all the way almost
to home play. Yep, bam, it is right. Fox Ford just

showed the catch. Yeah, howcool. Number twenty four San Francisco Johnson.
Now, during the COVID nineteen pandemic, do you remember when mysterious monoliths
like the one in two thousand andone in space? Yes, yes,
yes, we're popping up all overthe country. Well, this time one
has reappeared in the Nevada Desert thisweek. On Monday, the Las Vegas

Police Department shared photos of that monolithnear the gas Peak hiking trail over the
weekend, and of course the agencywonderfull how did it get up there,
because there's no footprints, like itwas just dropped. Similar in November twenty
twenty, monoliths began appearing across theUS and around the world. The structures
were placed without anyone noticing, andtheir origins are still a miss. So

I guess here I go. Aliens. You think it's alien. No,
it's a social media prank, youthink so. Yeah, I'm a social
media prankster, dally, somebody's goingto a lot of trouble to do it.
They sure are. It's still coolthough. Hey, we do have
more chance to win tickets to giveme the end dot combo and then bash
with Jeff k He's got a chancefor you this afternoon around four forty five.

And yes, I'm sure the phoneswill be fixed by this tickets disease
six burner John Waite this right handdose Eki's pavilion thanks to Mullen and Mullen
Injury Law Firm, Carter Bloodgare andyour friends. Here a lone star ninety
two to five lone star ninety twofive. I've got some good news.
Oh yeah, you told me.Oh, Annabelle just told me that the

phones are fixed. Yes, Ilove the What happened? Do we know?
So somebody forwarded the calls from ourstudio to their own personal number answer
them and forgot to switch it back. Why it hadn't happened in four years?

Well that's the okay, all right, So now we know what the
problem was. Yes, but wewill have phone service tomorrow for you to
win more Bash tickets, and weapologize at and t for all the cusswords
that we were throwing at you offthe air. And by the way,
the request lines are now officially workingagain, so if you want to call
us now or during the after show, that's just fine. Or are you

or are call tomorrow when we're givingaway more Bash tacks. Now, since
we didn't give away the eight fortytickets, we should give away two pair
of tickets tomorrow. B bit,all right, that's cool? Okay,
So special winnings tomorrow. It's sevenfifty. You've got meet and Greek for
foreigner attached to your tickets. We'regoing to make you work for it.
Yes, two pairs of tickets togive away, not just one. So

tomorrow is going to be a bigbash day birthday. By the way,
do you realize tomorrow is the firstday of summer. Yes, it's officially
the first day of summer, thelongest day of the year as far as
sunlight. I started celebrating last nightby spraying bugs on my front porch.
Well, you're probably gonna have tobuy some more hot shot or raid or
whatever you got, because they're gonnabe coming es. Basically, those damn

mosquito can't stand them. Hey,time wasters. I know it's a holiday
for a lot of people, Juneteenth, but you know, well we've got
some time wasters for you. Ofcourse we didn't take the day off.
Oh no, the show must goon. Go to the Bow and Them
show at lone Star ninety two fivedot com and check this out. So
Bo, you mentioned yesterday how StevieNicks had put the kid bosh on a
whole Fleetwood mac reunion. Yes,she said, without Christine mcviee, it's

just not the same, not gonnahappen. Well, now, Stevie Nicks
is hinting at a new album,a new solo album in her future.
She says that at the end ofthe pandemic she started to write again,
and she's got these great songs thatshe wants to share. So she's gonna
go into the studio after her Europeantour wraps up July nineteenth in Amsterdam,

so she's gonna have some new music, but not any from Fleetwood Mac.
No. But you know what,during her solo concert she does perform a
lot of Fleetwood Mac songs. Soit's awesome expect her to do it.
And she always pays tribute to ChristineMcVie. She has all these great pictures
of them through the years up onthe big screen. So if you want
to read that story with her interviewwith Mojo Magazine, we've got that up.

Paul McCartney, he turned eighty twoyesterday and with that comes news that
is handwritten draft for the Beatles nineteensixty eight song Birthday is on the auction
block and it comes complete with chordstructures for John Lennon and George Harrison.
It was drafted on September eighteenth,nineteen sixty eight, and it's all on

the back of an Apple Studio recordingsheet from Abbey Road Studios. Now the
auction is open online. We've gotall that information. Of course, it's
going to cost you. I thinkthe starting bid, the minimum bid is
twenty five thousand dollars. There'll beabout ten times that, I guess.
Yeah, they're expecting it to goon a rel over two on ritual beatles
here, or people that just putit on their credit card and pay it

off for the rest of their life. And just like YouTube did last year,
the Eagles have added more shows totheir Las Vegas residency at the Sphere.
The residency will get underway on Septembertwentieth, and they're gonna have dates
all the way through November ninth.All that information up on our page.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist MikeCampbell weighing in on the country tribute to
Tom Petty. That album Petty Countrythat we told you about yesterday. It's
going to come out on Friday,and Mike Campbell did this interview, so
we've got the link to the interviewup. Plus Dirk Bentley's cover of American

Girl, which is pretty special becausehe used one of Tom's actual Rickenbacker guitars
in the video. Dirks, ohMan, it's a great song. Finally,
Erascuel John Cunningham let me know aboutthis video of a kid who is
a rock star in the making.Check out this little boy as he belts
out at the top of his lungs, we will rock you by Queen.

We have this video up on thebone and them show page at lone Star
ninety two five dot com Dallas PlasticRock lone Star ninety two five. Open
the window and let us jump.No just kidding, No more high jumps.
I know, I know, anytime, anytime I even say the word

jump, I get a little nervous. You know, do you up?
Yeah? My hole is grabbing thisseat right now just thinking about what I
get it up off the ground.You know you're not the only one when
we think of jumping. We bothget nervous now too, see, yeah,
because if it can happen to me, it can happen to put that

mojo on us now, Okay,And you want to say what you just
told us while that song was playing, Yeah yeah, about my dance,
about your little dance root yeah,and jump first came out. I choreographed
a whole dance number. And itwasn't for some dance class or production or
anything, just for me. Youjust wanted to do it because it got

good. How old were you?Oh my god, I don't even remember
when that song? When did that? Oh yeah, I was an adult.
I should have known that, yeahexactly. But I also it made
up a song to the rhythmics,Here comes the rain again, you made
up a dance, Here comes yesto jump, and here comes Why do

I remember that? I would liketo see that, not in this lifetime.
There's no video. Huh no,thank good? Yeah, just like
I'm glad there's no video of memessing up, like I didn't say that.
Oh god, we have that onloop. Oh good, you would
if you had it, you gotit. I do have a plaque up
where you fell, though, ohDan, like a little granite stone monument.

This date, March sixteenth of twentytwenty four, Bo roberts jumped from
this height. Bo Robertson did thestupidest thing he's ever done to himself.
I believe we're going to turn thatinto a National Historic site. We've applied,
haven't we. Well, it's itwas right next to the parking lot
of the old Million Dollar Saloon,so it's already a historic true because in

fact, that's how the EMTs foundme. We can't find you, I
said, tell him he's leaning upagainst the wall looking at the million dollar
saloon. Oh we know where Yeah, you're exactly. I don't know where
that is. We know where itis, yes, yes, yes,
okay, no of this damn foolishness. Tomorrow is fun with music day.
Oh and I haven't even told youthis. The Scholar brothers are going to

be here awesome, The Sclar brothersare going to be here outstanding. And
yes, our phones are working.So we will do another seven fifty giveaway
for the bash tickets and you'll beable to go to a meet and greet
with Foreigner before the show. Yesee, whatever happened until in next is
our after show decompression session where wejust sit here and flap our gums and

if anybody can't come up with anything, then we'll say, okay, we're
gone. We're not food, butwe always have to flap our gums about
something. And you just mentioned food. I'm thinking about that myself too.
Yeah, I'm hungry. All right. Then we'll see you tomorrow there show
enough show, and we'll see youon the after show coming up next night.
All right,
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