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June 20, 2024 73 mins
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Remember what summer used to be likewhen you were a kid, How Grandpa
would pull out the old mini bikeand take all the kids for joy ride
around the lawn. He forgot howthe throttle used to stick on hot days.
For just as Grandpa was about topick up his second rider, the
bike lurch road, dodging chickens andpreschoolers. Is it wheely uncontrollably down a
logging road and under the interstate,eventually crashing the defence of a neighboring farm

and interrupting the greasing of a bullname thunder. Pepperhead Farms remembers our perforated
wedgie buns looked just like Grandpa didthe day they pried his curled up,
manure covered carcass off the horn ofthe angry beast, moist and chewy,
ridged in crispy and oozing with alayer of raspberry goodness. So the next
time you think about summer and twotons of raw beef, think about Pepperhead

Farms. Because Pepperhead Farms dismembers sneezingfrom the poll the chain caught my shoe
string or hit the center bar onmy bicycle and almost lost my bearings.
I love summer, good old summertime. I got sunburned on the soles

of my feet, A lot ofsand where the sun don't shine, sun
burned at the beach, in painthe whole darn night. So much skin
peeled off my back. You canmake a set of Stampson night. I
love summer, good old summer time. I got sunburned all the soule's my

feet, A lot of sand wherethe sun don't shot, pudding on a
cold, wet bathing suit. Mosquitoesand bees and ticks, and you collie
on the beach and tighten of shotsin the area. Something's crawling at the
foot of my sleeping bag, andsleaming marshmallows in my head, dropping roll,

caught a baseball with my face.Potato salad in the sun, sal
Manila steps up to the plate.Lsteria gets the run. Oh. I
love summer, good old summertime.I got sunburned on the soles of my

feet, A lot of sand wherethe sun don't shine. I got sunburned
at the back of my throat,A lot of sand where the sun corner
shine. Well, there you go, there you go. Yes, today

is the first day of summer.The Summer Solstice, which occurs when the
sun is in its highest position inthe sky, will officially occur today at
three fifty this afternoon. It isthe earliest summer Solstice has arrived since June
twentieth, seventeen ninety six. Mygosh, George Washington was president then.

Damn, dial, I don't knowwhat Mother Nature trying to pull you up,
but I'm just letting you know.It is also National Daylight Appreciation Day
for the reason I just gave you. Yeah, it's the longest day of
the year. Yes it is.It's also American Eagle Day because on the

Great Seal of the US you'll finda bald eagle, which appeared there on
this date in seventeen eighty two,when the sea bearing its image became official.
They learned something here. Yes weare. It is also Cuckoo Warning
Day. Okay, what's that forcrazy people? Yeah? I thought it
meant to watch out for those crazyfools who are around us every day.

But here's the thing. If youhear a cuckoo on the first day of
summer, it's gonna be a wetsummer and it will rain a lot.
Oh, It's kind of like GroundhogDay. So like a cuckoo bird,
Yeah, a cuckoo ber, nota cuckoo person or a cuckoo clock.
I don't think that counts right.National Dump the Pump Day, it's with
me. When you're supposed to takepublic transportation instead of driving yourself to save

fuel. Oh, however, yougot to watch out for those crazy cuckoo
fools we just warned you about becausethey take public transportation. Due, boy
do they Yeah, and always tellwhen they're talking to themselves. Don't answer
back. It's National Smoothie Day,National ice Cream Soda Day, and National
Vanilla Milkshake Day. Come on,it looks like dairy Queen and Smoothie King

are gonna be busy. Yeah,New Identity Day. Don't answer anybody who
calls you by your name. Makeup a name for yourself. So today
I'm officially going to be Doodoo puckWay. Why do do puck because he's
the name of a jazz musician along time ago. Really, I thought
Doodoo Puckway. I'm sure Doodoo wasa nickname, but I don't know why

they started calling him Doo doooing.I'm writing these down. Okay, you
got one for yourself. Yeah,you'll call me dumb ass, numb ass,
hey, dumb ass mare. Sometimeswe do anyway. Yes, it
is National Seashiell Day. Gotta headdown to Galveston for that, but they're
getting a lot of rain for thattropical storm. International Surfing Day. Might

as well surf while you're down therelooking for the yells. And it's plain
Yogurt Day. If you're gonna eatyogurt, you guy have something in it.
In case you didn't know. Yogurtis an active living culture, unlike
the neighborhood in Corsicana that I grewup. So we are almost a Friday.
It is fun with music Day andI've got a good little mash up

for you. Sports of all sortsis next. And when do you hear
what I found out about Willie Mays? Because we found out that Willy Mays
died yesterday the freaking Full File,which is always bizarre. Then it'll be
mash up time and it's a mashup perfect for boeing them bashed tomorrow.
And we have special guests coming inthis morning. Yes, the Sclar brothers.

You see, they're twins. They'vebeen around forever. Yes, they're
guy. They're at Hyenas in Dallastonight only, so they want to come
in and talk about that. Whichit takes a special kind of comedian to
have two comedians doing the same thingon stage at the same time. Well,
they've been doing it because they're identicaltwins. They're yeah, so good
a special I mean they know whenone talks and one's gonna yeah. Is

that amazing? Yes, it is. And two chances for you to win
them bowe and them bash tickets.They'll be seven fifteen and also at eight
forty in the ticket window. Sevenfifty includes foreigner meet and greet. Oh
that's right, I forgot about that. Well, we're gonna make you work
for it now, you know wewe had a problem with the phones yesterday.

Oh it's mixed now. Oh oh, I know, but we That
means we have an extra pair oftickets that we may give away between now
and Friday. Yeah. Yeah,we were thinking double dipping at eight forty
today. It will take like thetenth and eleventh collar whatever Annabelle picks.
Yeah, yeah too, that soundsgood to me, And that will include
the meet and gree Right, wemake you work for that one. Here,

you go alrighty, it is thattime. Let's do the morning Summer.
It's finally here. You guys,you've lived around here for a while.
You know you're going be a hotzombig. I'll tell you all right

ready, because here we go.It's I'm the Dallas Fors Classic Rockelowne Star
ninety two five. It is sixthirty and it is time for sports of
all sorts, brought to you byKomerica Bank. Okay, here's something that
I forgot to mention yesterday because wegot so busy. Yesterday was the twenty
fifth anniversary of the Stars winning theirfirst and only Stanley Cup who June nineteenth,

nineteen ninety nine, in triple overtime. Brett Hall scored the winning game
goal. And of course this wasin Buffalo, so they were he was
in the crees, no goal,blah blah blah. That was when the
Stars used to play at Reunion Real, yeah, Madonna, And that's when
we denned the cup, yes,yes, over Vinnie Paul's house. And

yesterday, you know, we foundout that Willie Mays died. I found
out some things. I sat onthe computer because I used to love Willy
Mays. They called him to sayhey, kid, because sometimes he wouldn't
remember his teammate's name. They gosay Willie, he goes hey, that's
finely say and he made many appearanceson television through a friendship with Donna Reed.

He was able to appear on TheDonna Reed Show three different times.
Here's one of them. This ispretty cool. Willie Hi, Hi,
Jack, Dona Hi? Really,oh fine, it's nice to see you.
What are your folks on the town. Well, Alex came for a
conference the Forbes Foundation, and thenwe came along from vacation. You really

had a great year last year onehundred and twelve barb oh could have had
on twenty two d DDP D dDP if Don Trysdale didn't pitch. Okay,
all right, all right, that'spretty good. Look at him,
little TV star. Let's see.That was in nineteen sixty six. Also
that same year, he was onBewitch. Listen to this, Hey,

Sam, say, hey, Willie? I did fine? Just fine?
Say isn't it Willie Mays? Ofcourse she's my favorite. Naturally she's her
mother's daughter. What's she doing here? Oh? Darren? Really? I
mean he's a the way he hitshome runs. What else? Excuse me,

See, I think it's by timefor me to pop out to the
ballpark. He sure is. Shejust like Samantha, was a warlot.
Yeah, he was also on What'sMy Line? I'll play that later,
But he was in the Peanuts comicstrip a lot. In fact, the

plot of the Star Trek Deep Spacenine episode in the Cards aired in nineteen
ninety seven. The story was setin twenty three seventy three, centers on
the son of Captain Cisco, whois a baseball officionado, attempting to obtain
a gift for his father, avintage nineteen fifty one Willie May's rookie card

us. Speaking of baseball, onecollege team is about to make history,
with the Tennessee Volunteers and My TexasA and m Aggie's reaching the Men's College
World Series Final yesterday. Each teamcrossed an uncharted territory. Neither program has
ever won the competition, so oneside is about to triumph with a first
while the other will remain winless.The Volunteers made the final as number one

seed, most recently knocking out numbereight Florida State. The number three Aggies
eliminated the Florida Gators, who wererunner ups last year. These are the
dates for the three games. Gameone is Saturday at five point thirty.
Game two will be Sunday at noonin Game three will be Monday at five
o'clock. The final will be heldat Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, Nebraska.
Just like last year, the finalis a best two out of three

series, so the first team toget two wins claims the trophy. Giga
Maggis, come on, well,your Texas Rangers avoided a sweep last night,
had the shed as Leote Taveras hita tie breaking two run homer in
the seventh inning, and the Rangersbeat Mets five to three to end New
York seven game winning streak. SlumpingTexas center fielder didn't even start the game
but entered on defense at the topof the seventh. He had only five

hits in fifty nine at bats hislast eighteen games until the homer to right
center field off reliever Drew Smith lastnight. Now, with the win,
the ragining World Series champion Rangers endeda five game losing streak and avoided being
swept in consecutive series. There arestill nine games, though nine games behind
American League West leading Seattle, whichtook all three games against the Rangers last

weekend. The Rangers have the dayoff today before facing off with the Kansas
City Royals for a three game seriesat Global I Field. Game one of
that series tomorrow night, starting atseven oh five. Now, this weekend,
bo we could see the return ofthree times Cy Young Award winner right
hander Max Schertzer, who had offseason back surgery and has been dealing with
a nerve issue in his right arm. He could possibly make his season debut

this weekend against Kansas City. Sowe shall see, right Dan, the
bet thing to happen to a guywho throws a ball for a living?
My goodness, all right, morebaseball stuff. Starting next week, all
Triple A Minor League baseball games willuse the automated ball Strike Challenge system,

something the umpires do not want atall. It sounds painful. I don't
want to wear a cup before I'mgonna get close to that. This system
involves the umpire calling balls and strikesin the usual old school way, but
it allows batters to challenge the call. So when there's a challenge, the
umpire gets a ruling from the electronicsystem. Major League Baseball says that everyone,

including fans, prefers this challenge systemto relying totally on robot umps.
There was also some talk that thischallenge system might end up in the big
leagues as early as the twenty twentysixth season. We shall see. They're
just gonna test it out with theminor leagues, right, Yeah, yes,
so got to get the bugs workedout. First two matches into the
Peter Uchin era and FC Dallas haswon two in a row. Yeah.

Facing Minnesota United FC for the secondtime this month, Saturday's match went very
differently than it did at the beginningof June. The one to one draw
in Saint Paul, Minnesota sparked theend of Nico Estevez tenure for FC Dallas.
They fired him. Led by PeterMusa, FC Dallas defeated Minnesota United
five to three at Toyota Stadium,Moosa. Snagged a hat trick to increase

the season goal out put to eight. It was FC dallas his first five
gold game since they beat Austin FCon the road five to three in twenty
twenty one. FC Dallas improves totwenty points on the season. They'll hit
the road Saturday to take on theSeattle Sounders and new Dallas Mavericks. Governor
Patrick Dumont, part of the twofamilies with casino ties that brought the club

late last year, says the timingis uncertain for when legalized gambling might come
to Texas. That is what theywant, ye. Dumont also says the
timing does it matter as it relatesto prospects for a new arena that would
include a casino resort, because hisfamily and that of a widow Las Vegas
Sands Corporation founder Shelton Adelson, arecommitted to Dallas long term, or that's

what they say, because the rumorfloating around We said this before that if
Texas Governor Gray Abbott doesn't make casinogambling legal here, voters don't vote it
in. The new owners will threatento move the Mavericks to Las Vegas if
they don't get what going on.Oh man, no, they just can't.
That this can't happen after we gotso far in the playoffs. Mark

Cuban, outspoken with a hands onapproach on his nearly twenty four years as
owner, is the alternate governor.Now, Cuban still attends just about every
game and sits close to the Dallasbench every time he's there. Cowboys legend
Michael Irvin is sharing some heartbreaking familynews. His wife of thirty four years,
Sandy, is suffering from early onsetAlzheimer's disease. The Hall of Fame

wide receiver and Cowboys Ring of Honormember made the announce it's spent earlier this
week at his new sports bar,Playmakers eighty eight, located in the Colony.
It's right my top golf off onetwin of both. I step over
that. According to Clarence Hill Juniorthe fort Worth Star Telegram, the fifty
eight year old Michael Irvin told patronsduring a soft opening of the restaurant Monday
night that his wife, Sandy,has been dealing with the disease for five

or six years. She now hastrouble walking and speaking. Michael Irvin has
reportedly brought in a round the clockliving caretaker to assist, but will not
entertain the notion of moving her toa care facility. Michael Irvin told the
fort Worth Star Telegram, if anyonehas earned the right to stay in her
house, my wife has, hemet Sandy in college at the University of

Miami. They've been together since nineteeneighty five, married for thirty four years.
By the way, the chef atPlaymakers eighty eight worked at a restaurant
that serves Sandy's favorite chicken wings,so Michael Irvin hired him away for his
new play. Oh cool, thatsounds real good. It's close to my
house. I gotta go by thereand see that play. I'm always looking
for new places to go. Yeah, there you go, all right.

If you love to swing a setof golf clubs and hitting a hole in
one is one of the most wonderfulthings that can happen to you as a
golf player, but especially in Japan, it's a terrifying thing. If you're
an insurance underwriter. I know whatyou're gonna do. I know this story.
This is so funny. Like overin Japan. If a lucky shot
like that happens, and the averagegolfer has one in twelve and a half

thousand chances of hitting a hole inone, pros have a chance one in
twenty five hundred. They're not particularlygreat adds, but they're high enough to
prompt many Japanese golfers to take outhole in one insurance policy. Yes,
I've heard of this. And whathappens is they get a hole in one,
they drop a whole crap load ofmoney to celebrate. Yeah, they
have to throw a party. Theone that hits the hole in one has

to throw a party and is prettyexpensive to do. Yeah. Yeah,
So the insurance companies get freaked outand they see that as a risk that
they have to mitigate. It's customaryfor whoever makes this lucky lucky shot to
throw a big celebration that can costup to ten thousand American I can't imagine
what it translates in over on theother side of the world. That kind
of pricing and more expensive activity.Yeah, that makes the insurance policy people

really nervous. Now, golfers cantake out special insurance policies for about sixty
five bucks a year just in caseyou get lucky. Yeah it's not a
fortune, but still sixty five bucksa year in case you make a hole
in one and you have to fendten thousand dollars for a party, that's
it. Are you doing good hands? And you won't be able to find
the party because the streets have noname what you did? Sorry, Oh

Robert. The freaking Full File isnext on the bow and them hole that's
why the taxi can't find you.Oh Dallas Forwards Classic rock a lone Star
ninety two to five coming up.It's gonna be mashup time, buddy.
But now it's time for the freakingFull File, which is, of course
one of my favorite parts of theshow. Here's a young Australian woman who

was horrified. Horrified, I tellyou to discover her boyfriend has a secret
fetish. Now, look, differentstrokes for different folks. But we've talked
about this fetish before and not asingle one of us can understand it.
He loves to dress up and actlike a baby. She has no idea

how to proceed with the relationship.I can make a suggestion, Yeah it
the bricks. The creeped out womansaid she found things like pacifiers and empty
baby bottles around his apartment. Shesaid, I originally thought he was cheating
on me with someone who had achild. I think I'd prefer that instead
of this. Yeah, me too. While hundreds were immediately revolted, one

provided an explanation for the man's strangebehavior and said, it might not be
as gross as it seemed. Said, it's known as infantilism, and those
are into it are known as little's. Some folks who really dig it,
and we said this before, oftenpee and crapping their diapers because it gives
them a thrill and the other personhas to change the diper. They are

not right in the head. Again, hit the bricks, girl. We're
not gonna make it as a society, are we. Most of the time
it's sex related, but others useit as a trauma based safe space,
according to people who notice stuff.Many were confused about the logistics of the
fetish and slammed the man's behavior astotally disgusting. So far, the woman

hasn't decided yet if she's gonna stayin the relationship with him or not leave.
It's your business. Yeah, butI'd say, once again, hit
the damn bricks and get as faraway as you can. Relationships should be
easy, yeah, not hard.Not Yeah, you're fixing to have sex
and a guy walks in and adiaper sucking on a baby bottle. I

don't think changing a baby's diaper isbad. Can you imagine changing a full
grown man's? Oh? Yeah,yeah, I'll be single. That's grown
adult ter. Okay, here's yourstory. Out of Florida, Florida.
Lakeland, Florida's Chastity Gardner has beenarrested after police responded to an alleged shooting
that occurred at the McDonald's drive throughwhere she was working. The altercation was

caught on video and appears to showwhat happened after her customer felt that they
received an incorrect order. Police saythe dispute escalated when miss Gardner threw a
drink at the customers in the caras they were trying to leave. Then
the customers got out, went tothe window and threw drinks back at Chastity
Gardener. From there, she allegedlyup the antie by bringing a gun to

a colafi. Now, on onehand, the customers should have politely asked
Gardner would she please make the orderright? On the other hand, did
she think i'd better take my gunto work just in case I'm jerk off
bitches about this order being wrong,I'll shoot Video from outside the restaurant shows
her exiting the McDonald's, heading tothe car, and allegedly firing the weapon

to the people in the car.Someone was clearly not loving that. Yeah,
exactly, just crazy. Calm down, everybody, just take a deep
breath. If you'd have gone inthere and said, would you please make
this right? I didn't order pickleson my burger, Okay, then it
might have been heavy. She couldhave kept her her gun in her pocket,

she could have kept it holstered.None of this would have happened.
Piece is a wonderful weapon too.But here's another story of people who turned
into giant dumbasses when they had agun in their possession, this time in
Michigan. This man who accidentally shothimself in the leg while holstering his gun
in a Kroger parking lot. Thishappened just a little while ago, has
not been arrested for that act.However, another man who picked up the

gun and ran off with it,well, he was cuffed and stuffed up.
In Michigan. Deputies responded to reportsof his shooting and found a twenty
eight year old man with a selfinflicted gunshot wound to his ooh, to
his five out and he said hewas trying to holster his gun dure,
which he owned legally, but heaccidentally pulled the trigger and filed a single

shot into his leg. It's calleda safety yeah, my god mole.
Months later, another man came over, snatched up the gun off the ground,
and ran off with it before thecops could get there. So the
wounded man he was off to thehospital with a non life threatening injury.
Deputy searched for the other man,who took his firearm away. A couple
hours later, the police received atip and they heard about a man fitting

that description running through backyards and theyfinally caught him and once they had him
in custody, the man admitted,yes, I took the gun and then
I hit it behind a tractor supplystore where, yeah, where little kids
could find it. For God's sakes. It turns out the man as an
ex con. He was arrested forviolating his parole then also for possessing a
firearm as a felon, and hewas a dumbass. No, you can't

do that when you're on parole.Ye. Let's be smart people. Okay,
here's another one of those that's gonnamake you a notorious not safe for
work. Florida based Instagram user knownas the raw Meat Project God has sparked
health concerns by embarking on a dailydiet of raw bull testicles, claiming it's

for science and to boost his testosteronelevel. Yeah whatever, Yes, y'all
ever seen those things? Raw purpleveins now down here, we call them
mountain oisters, But at least wecook a lot. With over one hundred
and fifty thousand followers, this guyhas shared videos of him consuming what he

calls ball burgers because he puts theblue bull balls between two Hamburger buns.
By then he's seen on the videowashing them down with cups of blood.
Where he gets the blood is somethingI don't really care. This guy's crazy.
Despite being seven days into this project, the content creator plans to continue

until he becomes unwell, describing thetaste akin to a scallop sitting in a
ground beef for six days. Mmmwhatever, delicious. No, he's crazy.
However, experts strongly worn against eatingany form of raw meat, much
less bull testicles, to the riskof bacterial contamination, which could lead to

severe illness and even death. Yes, yeah, so, maybe we need
to thin the herd from this guyand let him just go right ahead eat
his ball burgers and we won't haveto do another story about him natural selection,
Yeah yeah, yeh. Then theHerd nice knowing you, sir.
All right, mash up time comingup on the bow with them shows and

we are counting the days, hoursand the minutes to this year is give
me the Ben dot Com Bow andthen Bash featuring Sticks, Foreigner and John
Wake. The show is tomorrow atDosequ's Pavilion and next hour. Not only
do we have your tickets, wealso are going to hook you up with
a meet and greet with Foreigner beforethe show. So thanks to Mullen and
Mullen Injury Law Firm and your friendshere at Dallas fort Worth's Classic Rock lone

Star ninety two to five? Dallas, What's Classic Rock lone Star ninety two
to five? You know Stix isgonna be doing that song tomorrow night at
the Bowl and then Bash won't haveDennis de Young thing. Oh no,
he wishes he was there? Ohno, how are we going to get
through the night? Jay would stabhim if he ever walked out on the
stage. But it's mash up timeand we got tickets to the Bash to

give away at seven fifty, sohmmm, how could we mash up come
sail away. Uh oh, listenand find out. Once I rose above
the noise and confusion, just toget a glimpse beyond this lousion, I

was sorry ever higher Bada fe toher. Though my eyes could see A
still was a blind man, thoughmy mind could think I still wasn't mad
man. I hear the voice thiswind and dreaming. I can hear themside

I'm board, I'm the captain,So climb ball. We'll search for tomorrow
on every show and ultry lord outtidecay real mescer rating mess with the reason

my charade is see man on theseason. It never claimed to be lessen.
It's showing means that I don't know. On the story, we see
your moving emotion to us about himlike a ship on the ocean. A

senecal for wins a fortune, butI hear the most suicide will you happing
for? So the story goals somehowwe beside I'm a pone of boat,

but we are trying the start wecan to care. Very shall be read,
sir, Let y'all agree, don'ttry no fool get the ring of

any tells my fad the same tome. The sun on the hot this
is what Day said. Day said, tell me not let me let y'all

area, don't back no foot,come said away, come side away,
say come send away, come sideaway, come say lass very see.

Yes, it worked, it totally. Worre you Good morning, Dallas fors
Classic Rock lone Star ninety two five. Did any of you watch the Tony
Awards on Sunday? Yeah? Ididn't either, But I bring that up
because the second time wasn't the charmfor Pete Townshend. As The Broadway revival

of The Who's Tommy came up shortSunday night at the Tony Awards, which
are presented to Broadway productions and performances. It was nominated for Best Revival of
a Musical, but lost to MerrilyWe Roll Along. Yes that's the one
that has Harry Potter in it.Yeah he's in it and Jonathan Groth Now.

The original Tommy production in nineteen ninetythree won five awards, including Best
Original Score for Pete Townsend. Townshendwas in New York for Sunday ceremony.
He was strumming out the opening chordson acoustic guitar to the rest of the
cast performance of Pinball Wizard like hedid in March on The Tonight Show when
the new production premiered on Broadway.And since it's fun with music day now,

oh raise your come on, you'allheard this before. What if Pinball
Wizard was done to the tune ofFolesome Prison Bruised by Johnny Cash, it
would go luck this Ever since Iwas a young boy, I played the
silver ball. I'm so hoed downthe bride. I must have played them

all, but I ain't seen nothinglike him in any amusement hall left delf,
dumb and blond kid sure plays themain pin ball. He stands there,
a lot of statue become part ofthe machine, heeling all the bumpers,

always played clean. He plays byintuition. The digit calendar's fall that
death, dumb and blind chid.Heure plays a mean pin ball. How
do you think he does it?Oh? Hell, I don't know what.

What makes him so good? Whythat boy is a pinball whizard?
Well, by god, there's gonnabe a tourists. That pinball Wizard got
such a supple wrist, don't it. Yep yep, yep, yep yep.
I thought that I was the balladtable king, But I just handed

my pinball ground to him, evenon my favorite table. He can be
eat my best, his disciples leadingme in and he just does the rest.
He ain't got no destructions, can'thear, no buzzes and veils,

don't see no lots of Fleshian playsby sense of smell always gets the replay.
I've never seen him fall. Thatdeaf, dumb and blind kid sure
plays a mean pin ball. Iruined another song, Oh Well, Dallas

Forwards Classic rock lone Star ninety twoto five Snap Along. By the way,
the surviving members of Queen are aboutto be swimming in money. Queen's
music catalog, along with other rights, is apparently in the process of being
sold to Sony Music. Sony isputting up a pretty penny too, reportedly

offering over one billion dollars for thewhole package. Brian May and Roger Taylor
ain't gonna have to do anything unlessthey want to. Now, Sony isn't
getting everything. However, one bigthing Sony isn't getting they won't be making
any money off live performances of Queen'smusic. Those rights are still being held

by founding members Brian May and RogerTaylor. Who still tour with singer Adam
Lambert, and he does a verygood replacement for Freddie Mercury. Adam Lambert,
he does. He's not the firstguy to try and stand in front
of that band and do it,but I think by far he has killed
it the best. Remember they hadAxel Rose and Paul Rogers. I remember,

no, But Adam Lambert looks likehe could be Freddie Mercury's twins.
He's more theatrical, you know,he's got that experience. The deal is
expected to close in the coming weeks. Speaking, coming coming up, we
have tickets to Bow and then Bashtomorrow and it will have something to do
with fun with music. And it'snot just the tickets. It's a meet

and greet with foreigner before the showtomorrow. No, yes, okay.
We mentioned a couple of weeks agothat it is National Clean your Aquarium Month.
Oh god, I'm in trouble now. Do you have an aquarium fifty
five gallon? And dam I'm buildinga lego diorama inside of it. Oh

that's cool, man, because Imean cleaning out the aquarium is nasty.
It is nasty. Stinks. Well, it's fun with music day and guess
what you've got a song about it? Short floating, upside child and groom,

just coloring the screen up Gee countsthe plastic plant and the world there
spells on durs. You know it'ssilent time to clean. You're a claria
clean, You're a claria war whereI don't want to stick my hand in.

I don't want to start the buckall around. There wasn't the garden
Cathy turns out around the bottom.They were purple when I got them.
Now they're white, palely running anda very weary. In the fish stop

stop, I said, you gotto see as that the fish stop,
the stop stand. See the stockI left the fish stop. You know,

stand stands very stops. Take anythingworse? Oh, how about that?

It works? It's funny. Howabout a couple of summer songs here
for the first day of summer?Yeah, coming up now on the Bull
and Them show Dallas Forwards, ClassicRock lone Star ninety two to five.
A couple of summer songs for you. The Boys of Summer, which usually
refers to baseball and our boys orsummer aren't doing good. Well they won
last night? Yeah, okay,all right? And summer nights from Van

Halen. In fact, former VanHalen bassist Michael Anthony seventy years old today.
Yeah, he is looking good.He is now playing with Sammy Hagar
and he'll be here August twenty second, SECI's Pavilion. Yees the buddy,
Okay, coming up the score Brothers. Yeah, I've seen them many times
on the tube. But now let'sgive away some tickets to the Bow and

them bash tomorrow night. And withthe theme in summer and being fun with
music day, I'm going to playthe opening theme to a movie that has
the words summer in the title.I'm thinking. I'm thinking two one four
or eight one seven seven eight sevenone nine two five. Call me when
you know what movie this is.Yeah, in that tybone neck it is

the iPhone Daga doing a summer.Yes, I'm gonna need it. I

might tell you who the star was. It'll give it away. Damn it.
Wait a minute, let me chiveanybody, No, go on them,
show what movie is that with theword summer in the title, the
long summer No summer, no,no, no this one no no no,

no, no. Okay, goon them, show what movie is
that with the words summer in thetitle is not the right answer. Boning
them, Show what movie is thatwith the word summer in the title?
What is it? Is there onecrazy summer? No? No, no,
no, I know you know this. Yeah, I know that you

know this. We're kicking ourselves thatyou know this. I know, I
got it. Now, bone them, Show tell me what movie that is
with summer in the title Summer School. That was a good movie, though.
Here you go, bone them,Show what movie is that with summer

in the title. Summer Breathes isthe song, but that's not the name
of the movie. Bone then,show I know you know what movie that
is? What is it? Yes? I do blue haw white man,
I appreciate your calling. Boning them, Show I know you know what movie

that is? What is it?Endless summer? Endless summer? No?
I know you know that's the headfoing them. Show tell me what movie
that is? I know you knowit. I know what you did last
summer. That's that's go on rightthere? Who starring and Hayes, Jennifer

Love Hewitt, Freddy Brinch Jr.And Sarah Michelle Galler and not all of
them get killed? Damn it?Now, who is this Oh my name's
Danny. AhR. Danny. Hangon, we got tickets for the Bash,
and you're gonna go to the meetand greet for Foreigner. You're gonna
meet for Danny. So hold on, Danny, Yeah, hang on,
we're gonna hook you up. Okay, where you go, Danny? Yeah,

buddy, all right, boy,bowing them Bash tickets to give away
next hour and we'll open up thelone Star ticket window at eight forty and
giveaway not one, but two pairsof tickets. Since the phone system didn't
work yes day, us, JeffK will have your shot at tickets at
four forty five this afternoon. Andspeak of Jeff. Go to his page
at lone Star ninety two five dotcom and here is interview with Stick's keyboard

is Lawrence Gowan. It's the giveme the Van dot com bow and then
bashed with Sti's Foreigner tomorrow. Thanksto give Me the Van dot com.
Mullen and Mullen Injury Law Firm,Carter Bloodcare and your friends here at lone
Star ninety two five. Oh howsweet it is to have these guys here.
Please welcome the brothers for the job. Thank you. Let's go okay,

so happy to be here. Randyyep, and Jason. See,
at least you guys don't dress upa lot. Why would we never do
that? That would just terrify,That would kill me inside. Like if
I if I'm out and I'm wearinga shirt that's even in the same genre
as Jade I used to go home. Yes, that's the end. Now,

when you were little, did yourmom dress you up alive? When
we were in the movie The Shining, those dress us in two tiny dresses
a hallway full of blood. No, we never dressed alike. Our parents
never. They knew. They justknew. They were like, you guys,
don't want to do this. Comeon, your better, You're better
than this. Yeah, you cool, very very very cool. Now,

did you guys ever switch roles anddate the other one's girlfriend or take a
test for Yeah, my god,I didn't even want to take my own
test. If I had then takehis test, I don't know what you're
doing. I have no idea sittingthere're so god to switch on one.
Well, you cannot switch on youcan't, You absolutely can't. What are
the perks of being identical twins?Then? Well, when we go on

the road and do comedy. Weget to split the money. That's no
that they allow us to split.No, it's it is fun to try
and create something larger than the twoof us, larger than one individual person
on stage. Because there really aren'ta lot of comedy teams out there anymore.
They're really are They're really In thesixty seventies, there were. It
was all comedy teams. It wasMartin and Lewis, it was U,

Peach and Chong, mothers, brothers, brothers and uh and our mom always
loved the Smothers Brother's best love themmore than us. I love that show.
Yeah, it was great. Soteams, teams kind of were the
way kind. And then you know, through recent times, there haven't been
many teams that don't have music intheir act. Like I love Tenacious D.
We know those guys. Those guysare great, but those are all

their bands essentially because they play music. We do not do music. It's
a rare thing to see it.It's fun to do something that doesn't really
exist that much out there. Sowe love that. Well, Like I
say, at least you look differentfrom each other too. I can tell
who is who you know. Peopleoften ask us. Uh, what how
do you tell you to a part? And I say it's easy. Jay's

the one in glasses and I'm theone in a good marriage. Why would
I? Why would I? Whywould I? Why would I roast in
this early? That's not true.We're both in shaky marriage. That's guys
to a marriage. God bless it. The brothers. All right, hyenas
in Dallas at Mockingbird Station, seveno'clock tonight only. Yeah, then you

head to Houston. We're gonna throwout the first pitch at the Astros game.
Oh wow, Well it's the firstpitch in the fourth inning they need
down there in Houston, which isreally gonna be fun. I can't bounce.
We can't bounce it. I justI got them. Carlie ray Jepson,
you can't. She threw it behindher. I'm like, how'd you
throw up behind you? He dida fIF through it at that point he

was only a quarter. Yeah.Now, you guys have been in a
lot of TV shows. In fact, you were in one of my favorites.
It's always Sonny. In Philadelphia,you were the marathon DJ. Oh
yeah, for the dance contest theywanted. So we were supposed to audition
for that against each other, likeit was just for one DJ. And
as we grew up in Saint Louison there was like a morning zoo in

Saint Louis that we j c Corkoranin the morning. Yeah, wonderful dude,
and like that was what we grewup and we're liked, this needs
to be a morning zoo. Like, let's figure out who these guys are.
It's that we call them the Qcrew. He started just whipping up
this thing of like we gave ourcharacters' names Fat Michael and Squirrely d the

most right, the most morning zooeything ever. And so we come into
the casting person. We're like,I know we're supposed to audition separately,
but can you just can we justshow you that this thing that we've been
doing as we've been prepared, Andto her credit, she was like,
yeah, show it to me.Of course we got time. So we
do it, and she's like,oh my god, it's like this is
gonna you're gonna get it. Ican't say that you're gonna get it,

but I'm sure they're gonna look sofun. Don't even audition individually. And
so she gave it, sent itto the guys from It's Always Son of
who we love and we know now, and they were like, oh,
yeah, this is this is whatit has to be. And then we
get on the set and you justimprovise a lot more because they have like
five cameras going so on the set, we're like, wouldn't it be funny
if one of the guys is goingthrough just a terrible divorce but he can't

drop the DJ voice the whole time. It's just like that's all it is.
Like sometimes I go in the closetjust smell our old dresses. I
can't tell you the last time Ididn't shower with Motel soap. And we
just start doing that and they're lovingit, and it's so much. He's

going through a messy divorce. Itwas just all that stuff and they would
love that. We would just tossit in and they it was great on
that show. It seems like thecast does a bunch of blow and then
just kind of makes up most ofit. No, they're just they really
are number one. They're amazing actors. People don't realize that they met it.
Like we're like in like an actingtheater town. Like in the Northeast.

They're all really really wonderful actors,and they created a style on this
show like where they cross talk andthey talk over each other, which fits
very well with our style. Ifyou come see this do comedy, you'll
see that, Like our style isthis sort of overlapping beastie boys kind of
style where we criss cross over eachother. But it still makes sense.
Yes, yes, because sometimes whenthat happens with two comics on stage,

they go different directions and you're talkingabout two different things right in or it's
it's hard to understand. But likewith us, we're constantly listening as we're
talking, and that fit in withwhat was going on on that ship.
It was just a great, superfun crossing. Yes, but I don't
hear you guys stepping on each otherat all. Is that a twin thing
of what Probably a little bit,a little bit, but I think it's

just it was really just paying attentionto It's like if you've ever driven a
manual car, you get really goodat the clutch and the gas. You
millennials can't. We used to go, I mean, Jay and I had
this job. You got to explainthe job we got hired to drive an
m R two Spider as Toyota Spiderconvertible from LA from New York to LA

to New York Country cross country andthey said, you know, and you're
gonna do bits and comedy along theway, and it's a big chunk of
money. And we wanted and neededthe job, and so like, have
you ever driven stick before? Neitherof us had, were like, yes,
we so we learned how to drivestick on this drive across the country.
And like I remember in Phoenix,I was like trying to get off

the highway and I went from likefifth to first. Oh god, it
sounded like I murdered a puppy.Yeah, it was like what did I
do to this core are? Butwe learned how to drive on that thing,
and we and it was a greatexperience for us because you know,
economy, it's like our comedy.You press down on the clutch, you
pressing on the gas like someone's comingforward to another person's going this way.
It's very it's like a dance.It's very musical. You weave, yeah,

very well, that's cue. That'sit. That's it, thank you,
Okay. These clar brothers Hyena's MockingbirdStation in Dallas tonight. Only stick
around. We got some more totalk about. It still great to have
you guys. I'm so happy tobe here. Lone Star ninety two to
five. No hail, it ain'tyou. These Glar brothers are here.
Yeah, hyenas in Dallas and MockingbirdStation seven o'clock tonight. Only you guys

sometimes host different things, different TVshows. Yeah, and I just saw
you. You guys hosted Critics ChoiceReal TV Awards, which was awards ceremony
for reality TV. Yeah. Ididn't even know that existed, but we
did a couple of years ago,and then they asked us to come back
and do it this year and itwas funny. Thank you. We had
so much fun. It's all ournew reality shows we want to see.

We want to see like a cannibalversion of Top Chef hosted by Army hosted
by Army Hammer. How about uh, let's see what else we want to
do? A show called Divorced atFirst Sight? Okay, marit it first
meet a divorce court. If theyend up falling in love by the end
of the show, they get kickedoff the show. And it's hosted by

Ben affleck, guys, Marriage ishard. Marriage is hard. You know
there's a show called milf manor youknow, yes, that is the dumbest
thing I think I've ever. Sowe want to pitch a show called dilfh
Dungeon which every day is Father's Day. Every day is father Daddy's Day,
Daddy's Dungeon. You could repurse theGame of Throne set. I mean Elpaso

Riberiro was there, you know,from the Fresh Prince of bel Air.
We're like, okay, we knowyou're on the Fresh Prince of bel Air.
This is an award show. Shouldwe be worried that you're gonna come
up and slap us? Are yougonna have the will Smith? And you
come up and it was great.The whole show was really really fun to
do. And you know, forus, we were like taking shots at
these people. You're in a roomfull of narcissists, all these like reality

stars who think they're like talented,but really they're just like the famous,
and it was us just taking shotsat them the whole time. It felt
really really good as identical twins whowould win in a cage match, the
Sclar Brothers or the Property Brothers,the property. I would bet on the
property brothers to beat us and thenredesign the cage as a walk in closet.

That's how good these guys are.They're actually great guys. They're so
nice. They're like the nicest dudes. We've done like bits with them.
They are really the nicest guys.They're like Harry Connor. They look like
Harry Connic junior. If Harry conJr. What to do with the backsplash?
Oh yeah, I want to pitchone more show? You know,
Love is blind? Y? Yes, I want to pitch Love is Deaf.

Well, that's every marriage that noone listens to anyone anymore because after
a while, the guy knows howto pretend he's listening when he's trying to
watch the game. That's right,honey, Yeah, oh yeah, yeah
yeah. Speaking of games, youguys have been on ESPN a lot.
Yeah. Did you feel sorry forus when the Mavericks lost? I am
still dvring. I didn't know thatthey lost. Boiler. I first of

all, great time to be aDallas sports fan. The stars are really
good. The you're the world championsin baseball, and I know Bruce bo
She's going to take this year offbecause that's what he does every other year
already has already has. But look, you guys are world champions in baseball.
You almost the Stars really almost wonthe Stanley Cup. They got Stanley
Cup, and then the Mass playedgreat, so incredible. I feel I

do want to do a somewhat ofa someone should do a wellness check on
Kyrie Irving. I don't want himto walk off the face of the earth.
You know how he believe. Butyou know, it's like, look,
you got this great core, yougot Luca, who's a star forever.
It's really really exciting for Dallas fans. Randy and I and we love
we did we shot something in thewhere they play Airlines Arena American Airlines Arena,

and I love that arena. It'sjust cool. It's in downtown.
It's beautiful. Is that you guysare in a good spot right now.
As people who travel the country,we know many cities like we'll go to
Cleveland and they're like, we're neverwinning anything. Do you make fun of
any of our teams, Jason?Do we? I don't think we make
fun of any of yourn the Cowboys. I noticed you didn't mention the cowboys,

all the cowboys that so far theyare Jerry j Jerry Jones spent sixteen
million dollars on his own Hall ofFame party for him six and like the
I Meanwhile, the cheerleaders are like, can we get lunch? Is that?
Is that possible? Lunchables? Yeah? Exactly. The Dallas couple,

the Dallas couple of cheerleaders were attheir height when they were on the show
love Boat, you know what Imean. They'd be on love Boat and
You're just like, that's where you'remaking your money. And now they're just
like, we can we part carsfor an extra couple of bucks? It's
insane. Jerry Jones. Jerry's he'sfixed to have to open up his wallet
because Dak wants a buttload of money, and so does CD lamb what they

going to do? By the way, you sounded like Jerry got on Lake
Grapevine. Get it out there withJeannie Charlotte. I want you to make
that happen. Jerry Junior, where'sJerry Junior? Jerry Junior is like coming
up with products and stuff that he'strying to sell. It's good. Stephen
Jones just waiting and the wings goingwon't be long now, that's right,

that's right. Who knows. Butthey're they're good in the regular season.
If you just forget about that.There's even a playoffs, forget it.
Or every time you play the ArizonaCardinals. Do you guys ever get asked
to be guests on podcast or Iknow you do radio shows? Yeah,
yeah, all the time. Wehave two podcasts. We have one called
Dumb People Town where we break downthe dumbest stories, usually from Florida.

We have, you know those storieswe're like, love this guy tries to
rob a house with his cat.Good idea that's always going to listen to.
That's a good pet to trust.Were the woman who drove her kids
around on the top of her carin an inflatable pool that wasn't tied down
into anything because I guess she wantedto be Mom of the year. Florida

crazy. It's unbelievable down there,and some of it we understand as they
release their police blotterers and other statesdon't. But still, like you're you
look at Florida and you're like,wow, this is really we I mean,
we used to do every year,and we'd do it because we'd do
it live when we do Sketch Festup in San Francisco, we would do
like, these are the things thathospitals reported that were extracted from different parts

of people, Like we did,right, It's like, what are this
shampoo bottle? Is like I slippedthe shower? Did you? You didn't?
And it's amazing. Yes, theguy who put a wire in his
Yes, oh my god. Andyou're like, why sounding. Isn't that

called sounding? Do something better?Sound exactly? Are you working on any
other television projects? Yeah, we'reactually developing right now. I mean,

it's such an early stage. Canwe even talk about it? So we
got approached to possibly reboot the oldshow My Two Dads, but with us.
So you remember My Two Dads?Do you remember what it was?
It was a show where two guysslept with the same woman, different and
they were friends, but then thewoman sort of disappeared from the lives.

But she got pregnant, she hada kid, and then she dies and
their friends and their friend who's ajudge, is like, you have to
take care of this kid, bothof you because they didn't have DNA test
back in the eighties. So they'relike, you got we don't know who
the dad is. You gotta doit. Well. That show doesn't work
today because you can just test theDNA and be like, hey, it's
your kid. She said it right. But now it's like you can test
it. But the only way theshow works now is with identical twins.

We have the exact same DNA andso yes, so they're like, boom,
there's the loophole on the show andthey and they're like, we think
you guys would be a fun thatwould be a very fun show. If
like, because a lot of ourmaterial are so our material right now is
about parenting because we have teenage kids. It's never been harder to parent teenage
kids. We get it. Solike that stuff is I have two teenage
daughters. So so you hear God, Dad, I get trolled. It's

like what I say, it waslike living with two teenagers. You said
it was like living with your twoworst Internet trolls. Living with them,
Dad, you can't block them,you can't meet them. I was like,
imagine getting trolled all day long bysomeone and then having to drive that
person a gymnastics That's just horrible,terrif be there dons of eye rolls.

So many ie rolls, and sojust that notion, that idea of like
two dudes who like just haven't hada kid in their life suddenly like a
fifteen year old girl or fourteen yearold girls dropped into their laps and now
they have to deal with it.Let the hilarity begin. Game So sad
and gentlemen, these brothers. Onenight only tonight at Hyenas and Mockingbird Station.

Show is at seven o'clock and thenyou're off back on the road again.
The city needs to laugh. Therewould have been Game six tonight.
We're not even gonna think about that, sans do comedy tonight. You forget
about it. One of the bestclubs in the country. You have one
of the best clubs in the countryhere in your city. Come support it.
Well, you guys, please comeback to the show. All this
has been funar brother My Body show. Yeah, that's what I call a

variation on a theme Summertime Blues byBlue Cheer. Yeah. The album was
called vincebros Erupt Him. I don'tknow why I remember that. Is that
vinceppas vincebros Erupt Them. I'm sodumb, I've been saying Vince bus for
a lot. You know, Igot to see them bow and just five
six years ago I see him.Yeah, one original member or something like

that, but Dicky Peterson was theoriginal member and he just passed away.
Why does that album sound like HarryPotter Spell? It does kind of does.
And then of course Summertime Blues bythe Who. Okay, we had
two winners for tickets to the Bowland then bash tomorrow night. Who pray
tell where are they the lovely MorganWall She's in Fort Worth. Jerry Singleton

is a cross country truck driver andjust nailed it. So he's planning on
turning around coming back this way tomorrow. Congrats to both of you. Okay,
I was talking earlier about some thing, you know, because when Willie
Mays died, I just sat downat the computer and said, well,
let me see what else Willy Mayswas into. And you know we told
you we played the clips. Hewas on the Donna Reed show, The

Dating Game, and we had thatclip from Bewitched. He was also on
a TV show called What's My Line? It ran first from nineteen fifty to
nineteen sixty six, then it wasrevamped and ran from nineteen sixty eight to
nineteen seventy five. It was aTV show, a game show where these

contestants would come in sign their name, and the panel of celebrities had to
figure out what they did for aliving, and if they couldn't figure it
out, then that person got abunch of money or something. And they
had a segment called I think itwas the Mystery Guest where the panelists were
blindfolded and the mystery guest came inand answered yes or no questions and you
had to figure out who it was. Well, this was nineteen sixty eight,

right after the show came back,and Willie Mays was the guest.
He was the Mystery Guest. Ithink the panel was Arlene Dall, Nipsey
Russell's Soupy Sales, and somebody else. But here is and you can tell
that the crowd knows who it isas soon as he walks out by the
way they're clapping. So here isthe one and only Willie Mays on What's

My Line? And now it's timefor our mystery guests. On What's My
Line? Panel of the blindfolds inplace. Okay, Mystery challenger, would
you enter and sign in? Please? They loved him some will and made

Wow, what an ovasion. Ohyeah, and you don't hear those kinds
very often. That was quite areception. That's somebody. Let me remind

you panel with our mystery guest,it's one eston at a time. I'm
going to give you two minutes totry to establish the identity of our mystery.
Justine will begin the questioning with ArlenWell had applause got bigger and bigger
as the other world mob. Thereis there more than one person, just
one, just one soupy sales thatI take it that you're in show business

could be No, absolutely not really. I think while while our mystery challenger
may well be in show business fromtime to time, that he is better
known for particular role of endeavor thatis somewhat outside the pure sense of the
world of show business. Okay,yeah, one of them. He doesn't

completely agree with me. I mightadd to that, Joanna, Are you
in the sports field sometimes, yes, Nipsy sometimes, Then I take it
that he also indulges in other activities. Are you in any way connected with
politics in the state of New York? No, absolutely not, he said

sometimes to sports Nipsey. But Isaid absolutely yes, Arlene. Are you
a baseball hero? Oh? Sure, yes, Oh yes, Soupy must
be. Mickey Mantle, Oh no, Joanna Barnes. Are you a National

League player? Yes? Nipsey uh. Are you a member of a A
A A team that was once basedin New York City? Yes? Oh,
Arlen Arlene Dahl knew who he was. The crowd is still applauded.

Then you know, I want mybet. You know I wanted my bet.
I knew you would ask that Igave it four tries, but you
gave me five, So I wantit? Does want will he wanted to
say, you wanted to say youwere I'm in What do you think baseball?
Yeah, baseball as a matter offact, in all them, when
we say Batman, that's what wemean. Willys On, what's my line?

Dallas for the worst Classic rock loneStar ninety two five. Why is
it that motoring always sounds dirty tome? Well, it depends on what
sense you're talking. I mean,if you're talking about, you know,
motoring down the highway in a car, or if you're talking about because there
is a difference, you know,maybe that's what I'm thinking of. B
One of them is more fun andmotoring I think is also rambling blah blah

blah blah blah blab and you can'tstop like there's not dirty, Like there's
not enough of that going on inhere. Yeah guilty, let's talk time
wasted? Yeah, okay, here'swhat we have up on the Bow and
Them show page at lone star ninetytwo to five dot com. More rock
and roll drama to tell you aboutLoo Roberts. Forget reality TV. These

rockers are more like a Mexican delenovellasoap opera. Oh that what you call
yep. The latest drama comes fromDeep Purple and former bandmate Glenn Hughes.
He was recently interviewed by Guitar InteractiveMagazine. He said he has absolutely no
interest in reuniting with Deep Purple becauseof what he says was disrespectful behavior at

the twenty sixteen Rock and Roll Hallof Fame induction ceremony, And because of
that, Hugh says he will neverspeak to those guys again. No,
I will never speak to any ofthem again, simply because they were rude.
Both Roger and Gillan were root toDavid and I very very helpful.

I didn't give up schlik, causeI knew they were rude to begin with.
I was the only sober mom there. I saw Glenn Hughes when he
played with Trap he is at thecool well. Here he adds even more
details about them being disrespectful to him. Gilan was rude to me on stage,
excepting the water when just congratulating,he looked at me in the eyes

like I didn't exist. The guyhas a problem with me, period.
I let him rum with it.I feel bad for him. I'm really
sorry about his wife. I triedto reach out to him. He doesn't
want to know. Telling you somuch drama with these rock and roll bands,
now, why can't you just hugit out and shut up and put
those feelings down below? Yeah.One thing for sure is Deep Purple did

not invite Glenn Hughes to be partof their show and Dickie's Arena. They
invited guess guess who yes to bepart of that show August nineteenth at Dickie's
Arena. Glenn Hughes, by theway, is going to come to town
September sixth to celebrate the fiftieth anniversaryof the Deep Purple album Burn. He's
a nice we've had him all.Yeah, Well that show is going to

be September sixth at the Granada Theaterin Dallas, a more intimate setting if
you will. I think it's aFriday or Saturday night. It is a
weekend. H oh, let's makethat happen. You want to tear it
up at last? Hey, don'tlook for Billy Joel to record a new
album, he says, despite releasingthat new song back in February that you
love so much, Bo, turnthe lights back on, he has no

interest in recording an album, andwhen asked by Variety if he plans to,
he said, nope. Who makesalbums anymore anyway. Plus, Billy's
sitting at home going one million,two million, yep, three million exactly.
He says. The only person makingalbums right now is Taylor Swift.
He's probably We've got the whole storyup on our page if you want to

check that out. And you mentionedthis earlier. Bo. For the past
year, Queen's been and talks tosell their music catalog to Sony Music.
Well, it looks like it's goingto be done very very soon. They're
selling it for one point two sevenbillion dollars, making it the largest music
right sale in history. That includesname and likeness rights. But one thing
they're not getting. They won't bemaking money off live performances of Queen's music.

Those rights still being held by foundingmembers Brian May and Roger Taylor.
But I hope they don't get lazy. I hope they go back on tour
again with Adam Lambert. I thinkthey love being out on the road,
you know, especially with Adam.Yeah, so we've got information on that.
And Happy seventieth birthday to Van Halen. Bassist Michael Anthony recently interviewed by
Ultimate Guitar, where he revealed thatthere's still plenty of unreleased music from Van

Halen. Yes, if ever it'sgoing to be released to we will find
out soon, according to Michael Anthony. And finally, someone called Darryl the
Snake Guy. Oh yeah, alittle girl didn't have a monster in her
bed. She had this huge snakehiding underneath her stuffed animals off her BEDMN.

They have the video up on theBow and Them show page at lone
star ninety two to five. Nono, no, no, no,
nope, Okay, one more summersong for the first day of Summer and
the summer solstice, which occurs whenthe sun is the highest position in the
sky, is not going to beofficial until today at three fifty this afternoon.

Okay, And if you listened earlierthis morning, I don't know why
you would if you had to getup the early, but it is the
earliest the summer solstice has arrived sinceJune twentieth, seventeen ninety six. That's
crazy. That was when George Washingtonwas present. Yeah, man, And
they probably didn't even know as muchabout the sun then as we do now,

like we know now that today isthe longest day of the year.
They said, damn, it's hotand it's a long day. When's the
sun going to go down? Yeah? Because we got British to kill cherry
trees to chop down. Yeah,yeah, yeah, cherry's I was going
to say, is there some sortof weird tie in with the fact that
just unearthed a zillion bottles of bottledcherries and fruits underneath George Washington's house the

other day? Kerry wine cherry wine, in the words of Tommy James and
the John Dale sweet erry wine.I don't know it's it's won't do you
any good. These facts we justlike to, you know, put them
out there just in case you.I bet you didn't know this earliest summer

soldiers and semi What do you sayyou'd like to smarten them up a smidgeon,
smartened you a smidgeon and educate youin iota. That's how I look
at it, don't you know.Okay, tomorrow is Friday, Yes,
not a day too soon, I'lltell you that. And special thanks to
these Flar brothers for coming in today. They were awesome. One one night

only tonight seven o'clock at Hyenas inDallas and Mockingbird Station. Then tomorrow an
old friend of the show, JohnReap, Redhead, he's also a Hyenas.
That's tomorrow night. I don't knowwhen the show is well. Have
to ask him if he's going todo that special that he's done in years
past where redheads get in it fora discount. He did that, Yes

he did. He announced it onthis show, a ginger discount, he
called it. Okay. Up nextis our after show decompression session where we
just sit here and talk about whateverpops into our feeble little brains. Lest
anybody has anything they want to bringup. I'm good with just spitting out
words to see where they splay.Can talk about summertime plans, well,

guess what, I ain't got nothing? No, not yet. You know
what? That works out? Justfine? Yeah, doing nothing for the
summer is also a plan, andit's a good one. It's a very
good one. I plan to getmyself moist in some pool somewhere or something
like that. That sounds good.Why that didn't sound right? You want
to go get moist with me?Watch out? Yeah, I'm come get

moist all over you. No moisture? No the hole still now? Okay?
Oh, grab the lotion out ofthe baskets. Well, or it
gets the hose again, it getsthe hose. You don't want to meet
me to get chased? Do youstay moist? This show has gone way

too far. We'll see you tomorrow. We'll see you on the f show.
Decompressionation Okay, alright, then by
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