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June 21, 2024 75 mins
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Natural gas drilling has been blamed forwater contamination throughout the US, and now
Canadians have begun to speak out againstmining companies who practice hydraulic fracturing or fracking.
Sheila Hardwood joins us. Sheila,you believe constant fracking in your area
has left dangerous levels of gas inyour drinking water. Yeah. These fracking
companies come in and start cracking everywherewith no regard for the local population.

My water used to be crystal clearand now it is completely fracked. Hold
on, in the interest of fairness, we have a fracker joining us to
address your concerns. Wayne Thomas.Wayne, does Sheila have to take this
fracking line down? I know it'sclear, Sheila, You're simply the victim
of a lousy frack. I cansee how that would turn you off the
very idea of fracking. But asafe, gentle fracking can be done without

you even noticing. That is hardto swallow. I mean, how can
we cracking guys get away with this? They can just come in and frack
my gas hole without my Permis Waynethe cracking expert here? Should Sheila have
been consultant? Some of these fractorshave no shame. I mean, they
will frack anything, So would youcall sheila situation a total frackfest? Actually,

Gavin, the technical term is acluster frack. Yes, and that's
why my water is cracked up beyondall recognition. Look sloppy. Fracking always
leaves a mess, and then there'sa fight over who's going to clean it
up. So tell me Wayne,is there a safer way to frack someone's
gas hole? Yes? There areseveral forms of protection to make fracking say,
oh, and I suppose it's myresponsibility to make sure they use protection.

I'll tell you why, Sheila,why don't you stop by one of
my wells? I mean you canjust sit and watch me in the guy's
frack and it open your eyes andyou might even want to join in.
Or if not, you could goand frack yourself. Yes, wind clean
water, damn it. Hold on, Sheila, I'm gonna have to ask
you to please watch your language.Oh sorry, Well, thank you both
for joining us and giving us thewhole fracking story. Good morning, everybody.

Its a Friday Friday incident of theweek. Whatever happened to guacam only
Friday? You have tourette our idiotbrother just ruined my freaking life. And
your brother is not a monkey.To lad my brother shout out. All

right, let's say it together.It's right. He said that your personality
gets in the way of your looks, your very good looks. They traced
the epicenter of the earthquake to KimKardashians Honeymoon, Sweet, you're the man.
You're the man. I'm the man. I'm a man, I'm a
man. Yes, he's a madman. Wow, you're the best man ever.

Oh wow. Okay, Well,everybody get ready for a fracking good
time. Here's today, mother practice. It is Friday, and it's also

Bash Day too. You know,it is going to be a long day,
but it is going to be afun day. And it looks like
the weather's going to be awesome.I sure hope, so I hope it's
not blistering hot. They said.By the time John Waite takes the stage,
it's gonna be around ninety one degreesand then going down from there.
Okay, so upper eighties by thetime Sticks and Foreigner take the stake,
okay, And accordingly people, he'sgoing on what six thirty six thirty,

so it's an early start. ForJohn Waite. Yep, then I believe
Sticks plays and then Foreigner? Isthat how it's I thought it was Foreigner
than that's what. Yeah, wellwe got a memo that said it was
sticking either way. Yeah, it'sgonna be a fun time no matter who
plays second. We can give youall the times today on the show.
I got them in the email.Oh did you okay? Well that's the
same email I got Okay, SoI guess they're taking turns. Yeah.

Yeah, Well it doesn't matter becauseit's Friday, and we're gonna have a
good time, and we're gonna giveaway our last set of tickets to the
Bow and Them Bash, which getsunderway tonight. You know what I'm missing.
And at seven fifty, not onlydo you get the tickets, but
you get that meet and greet withForeigner for the show. But you're gonna

have to be there early at thoseseconds pavilion always. Yeah, they like
to do those early round sound checktime, so be ready for that,
just if we want to win.When you go in there to meet Foreigner,
don't take where's that old fart?Mick? Huh? Don't do that?
Yeah. Bad form, bad form, bad form, bad form,
yes, it is Friday, andwe are celebrating today National Day of Prayer

for Law Enforcement Officers. Oh yeah, every day. I don't see how
you guys do what you do.I mean, your job actually means something.
We sit here and tell stupid jokes. I can only imagine what happens
to the spouses every day. Onewhere is this my last goodbye? They
run towards danger, right they do. It's also a World Handshake Day,

so shake somebody's hand, But sometimesyou don't have any idea what that person
was handling that shook your hand.Go skateboarding day? Yeah right, yeah
yeah, what could possibly go wrong? I could end up in leg braces
for another four months. I stoodtoo when I was little falling off a
skateboard. Ah, you know,I never learned to roller skated, but

I could go on a skateboard prettygood. Yeah, not anymore, no
skateboarding, bob. It is Nationaltake Back the Lunch Break Day. I
didn't know they took it away.Yeah, people have it at their desk
instead of actually going and getting awayfrom work. Boo. Speaking of lunch,
how about some good old animal flesh. It's National wagu beef Day.

Now, don't feel too bad forthe bow vine that gave his life to
fill your stomach. They massaw andpamper and rub them and rub the meat.
What a coincidence? Are we talkingabout the cows or something else?
Man? And for dessert, it'sNational Peaches and Cream Day. It's World

Music Day. Well that's half thereason we're in the studio right, National
Selfie Day, because there's not nearenough people taking selfies these days. They're
addicted to it. International Day ofYoga. Look, if I get down
in a lotus position, I ain'tgetting back up and you're there for life.
Huh. It ain't because I don'twant to. It's because I probably

couldn't do it. And anybody thinkit sounds dirty. The downward dog downward,
the cat cow, the cat cow, the hold on and bite a
pillows, that's a famous one inEurope. Here's where we need Jimmy.
National Day of the Gong. Jimmywould bring his gong up here and on

this day he would bang it allday long. Let's Jimmy cardonnight, right,
he's gonna be there just to himoutstanding. It's take your dog to
work day. Just clean the littlesnassages that they leave behind. Yes,
and it is National Wear flip flopsDay. Unless you have toenails that look
like stale Fredo's corn chips, thenplease don't cover that. You guys ever

googled Steven Tyler's feets and toes ornot? Really do he has got gnarly
toes when he wears sandals, they'reall like crossed over each other like he's
got arth. Does he have Fredo'scorn ship toes? It looks like it
like there all curly. Oh damn, I need to hear that hammer time

in his shoes. Special Gas comedianJohn Riebon's show today in the O' and
a bunch of good stuff too,And we got to say goodbye to actor
Donald Sutherly. I used to reallylike him. I like hid moving all
right, right sports them as hurtscoming up next, but now it's timed
up joked wo wow baalace horse clipacrock lone start ninety two to five.

And I want to thank Ana deHarro for finding it necessary to show me
some pictures of Steven Tyler's jacked uptoes. I'm going, oh, like
you had those ballerina toes. Ohheart be that as it made its six
thirty all sorts brought to you byCoomerica Bank. Well, even if the

stars are out of it, someof you are still watching the NHL Finals
Tonight. The series is back inEdmonton, where the Oilers have to win
in order to force a Game sevenback in Sunrise, Florida. Going into
the game, the Florida Panthers area favorite to put the series to bed,
while the Oilers are trying to hangon and live to play another day.

Puck will drop at seven o'clock onABC and ESPN Plus. And if
you're a soccer fan, you're gonnabe losing your mind because Copa America,
one of the biggest soccer events inthe world the world, is underway in
Arlington is at the center of allthe action. Yeah, Team USA plays
Bolivia this weekend at at and TStadium, but first Chile takes on Peru

and fans are ready now. Beforeany big soccer match, it's traditioned for
fans to weigh flags and sing outsidetheir team's hotel. In Dallas, fans
did just that steps away from whereTeam Peru is staying in Worth. There
was a serenade for the fans ofTeam Chile. Now, the rival countries
collide tonight for the first of threeCopa America games at AT and T Stadium.

The tournament happens every four years andfeatures sixteen teams who will play in
fourteen US cities. Each match shoulddraw tens of thousands of fans because there's
a lot of soccer fans out here. After La Cantopunda Peruvian Flavor, a
restaurant in Arlington, I may nothave said that right, but fans are
intown and they're as far away asfrom California. Come in here. Team

USA plays Bolivia on Sunday at fiveo'clock. Watch parties are planned all across
North Tech, so you shouldn't haveany place that doesn't have it on TV.
Now. You may remember back inApril, Netflix announced that it would
bring the world famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleadersback into the spotlight in their new show
America Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Theseries actually debuted last night on Netflix.

Series documents the twenty twenty three twentytwenty four squad. Throughout the entire season,
you can expect to see in depthscenes from auditions, training camp,
and more. Now I saw itlast night. There's seven episodes. I
saw one last night, and oneof the audition tapes, this girl actually
did her audition in a bathroom andyou hear a toilet flushing in the face.

I was like, why would yousend that in? Well, cheerleader's
gotta drop a douce over now nineYes, So Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are familiar
with having camera crews around. Forsixteen seasons, the cheer squad's auditioning process
was aired in the CMT series DallasCowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team a great series.
Show captivated it's audience by showcasing theextreme difficulty of making the squad,

so tune in for the hijinks andhigh kicks on netlace. It's a lot
of work, but they don't getpaid squad. They get paid one hundred
dollars a game. You remember whatthe Sclar brothers said yesterday, Jerry Jones
through that Hall of Fame party forsixteen million dollars. He dropped sixteen million.
But the cheerleaders are begging for lunchmoney. Yeah, can you get

a plate of food? Yeah?No, no, no, here's some
lunchibles. Y'all have fun. Boneaftee. All right, let's stay in
the cheerleading world for a second.Here, the North Texas cheerleading squad that
needs help in the community to takepart in a one time in a lifetime
experience is beginning at the twenty twentyfour Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York

City. We're talking about the BoydHigh School team and they are going to
be working hard as we get towardsthe second half of the year to raise
money for this trip. It meanseverything for them to make it to the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the BigApple, and the clock is ticking.
So the team has until the firstof September only to raise fifty thousand dollars
to ensure everybody on the squad canparticipate in the Macy's Parade in New York.

How cool would it be to haveNorth Texas represented by these kids for
the whole world to see that weare better than you guys. Haha.
The girls have been raising funds formonths. They've been doing bake scale of
big sales and other stuff. They'restill short by about thirty five thousand dollars,
you guys, So they're looking foryour donations. They can't help but
imagine what it would be like toperform their routine in NYC and be part

of a tradition they've only seen onthe television. The team is holding a
rally tomorrow to raise funds for thetrip. Two local businesses are teaming up
eight am to noon tomorrow for Saturdaymorning. This is a plan right here.
You can get a drink from RoastMey Coffee Company and a meal from
Billy's Roadside Cafe on West Rock IslandAvenue and Boyd and a portion of those

sales will go towards their trip.You just got to eight and drink and
you're helping. And if they're lucky, they'll be right next to a blown
up snoop below. Yeah, that'sthe best. Scotty Scheffler and Tom Kim
gorge themselves on pizza to get theirshared birthday celebration they're born on the same
day out of the way before turningtheir focus to golf this weekend. Kim

shot at eight under par sixty twoyesterday in the first round at the TPC
River Highlands, good for a twostroke lead in the final limited field no
cut signature event on this year's PGATour schedule, Scotti Scheffler, the world's
number one player, was tied forsix three sucks back. Kim turns twenty
two today and Scheffler is exactly sixyears older today too. The Dallas area

residents marked the occasion in advance byheading about thirty miles south to Sallly's,
a New Haven institution, and atea brunch of pizza and Round two begins
later on this morning. And speakingof golf, Charlie Woods, that's Tiger
Woods kid. He earned his wayinto his first USPGA championship when he's fifteen

years old. Son of Tiger Woods, had the leading score amongers for the
US Junior Amateur next month at OaklandHills. Tiger Woods was fourteen when he
qualified for his first US Junior,reaching the semifinals. Woods won his first
US Junior Amateur a year later atBay Hill in nineteen holes. Woods is
the only player to win the USJunior three straight times. Players have to

be under nineteen before the championship ends. The US Junior Amateur is July twenty
second to the twenty eighth at OaklandHills in the suburb of Detroit. Woods
will be among two hundred and sixtyfour players who will go through thirty six
holes of stroke to play in theseNorth and South courses at Oakland Hills to
determine which sixty four players advance tomatch play. That's a lot to take

in in one mouth, but thatgame must be in the jeens. Huh,
that's it. Texas Rangers open athree game series against the Kansas City
Royals tonight at Globeli Field. Thetwo teams have both had a tough June.
They sputtered to seven to ten recordsso far this month. The Rangers,
who have lost five of their pastsix games, are in third place
in the American League West, eightand a half games behind the Seattle Mariners,

while the Royals are just three andeight over their past eleven games.
They're in second place in the AmericanLeague Central, six games behind the Cleveland
Guardians. Tonight, right hander NathanEovaldi will start for the Rangers, while
Kansas City will start right hander BradySinger first pitch seven oh five at the
Shadow and reminder from the Texas Rangerson their social media they're asking all fans

to vote for your favorite Texas Rangerto participate in the All Star Game,
which will be played at Globelike FieldTuesday, July sixteenth. You can vote
up to five times a day atrangers dot com slash vote through June twenty
seven. Please do because yesterday wetold you that there's no Rangers on the
ballots so far that are doing anythingover to the NBA West Coast style.

The LA Lakers have picked a newhead coach. All do tell now,
you'all tell me you know better thanI do. You tell me if you
think this guy would be a threatto our mass NBA player. Retired NBA
player J Redick is going to dofour years as the head coach for the
Lakers. Maybe I don't know.He used to play for the Mavericks.
Yeah, okay, he's an exman too. I didn't know that.

Reddick's likely hiring comes after Yukon's men'sbasketball coach Dan Hurley turned down a six
year, seventy million dollar offer forthe position last week, and again,
JJ's is only four years. Thethirty nine year old Reddick has not coached
at the professional or amateur levels ever, but his fifteen year NBA career includes
Orlando, Milwaukee, LA, Philly, Nolan's Pelicans and yes, our own

Dallas Mavericks. Reddick, who playedcollege b ball at Duke, has drawn
praise for his media role since heretired, including as an ESPN broadcaster and
podcast host. But again, thisis his first time coaching oh Lakers,
seventh head coach since a legendary Philjack and Jackson retired in twenty eleven.
He's going to replace Darvin Ham,who was fired after the Lakers were eliminated

by Denver in the first round ofthe playoffs just this past and what magic
Johnson posted on social media cautiously optimisticabout j optimistic and there's some bad news
for those playing to travel to NewJersey to check out the Nothing But Ass
Basketball Tournament. Excuse me, itain't happening. The event was supposed to

begin at Westside High School in Newark, New Jersey, on July twenty first,
with ticket prices ranging from fifty bucksto five hundred. The promo video
features women in thongs and tight shortstorking in a high school gymnasium and promised
a ten thousand dollars prize for thebest of four teams in the tournament.
Officials with Newark Public Schools believe theevent was going to be a community basketball

tournament. They had no knowledge ofthe thong or scantily clad asses to be
seen. A statement from Newark PublicSchools made it clear that the school district
had no knowledge of the content ofthat promotional video and it was no way
approved by school officials. Hopefully fansof ass and basketball will either be fully
refunded or there'll be a new locationannounced where they can get their bouncy booty

and back get ball faces. Yeahthere you go. Oh God, get
wait for the cheerleaders to come out. Freaking fool file. Next on the
ball in Them shows, Clone Starninety two five Ray Davies of The Kinks
is eighty years old today. Wow, eighty years old. Man. All

of rock stars are getting to beoctogenarians now long in the tooth. That's
it. Okay, time now forthe freaking fool file. Here's a Columbus,
Ohio police officer has lost his jobafter engaging in sexual acts multiple times
while on duty guarding a local grocerystore. Yes, Columbus Police Chief Elane

Bryant terminated officer Robert Span for actionswhile on special duty at an unspecified Kroger
location in the area. Bryant madethe decision to fire him for violating the
division's rules of conduct with consensual sexualactivity with a store employee. He was
caught on close circuit TV cameras atleast nine times with two different employees at

the Kroger. You go, boy, this guy was a double bagging grocery
boy. Toy found was one ofthe two officers fired within a week.
And another separate case, the chiefdecided to terminate officer Donovan Beaver Awesome after
a video taped the rest where heshoved a teen's face into a concrete sidewalk

and held him down by his dreadlocks. I guess you gotta be a little
mean to be on the Columbus,Ohio Police Department. Yeah, but go
ahead, I'm guarding here. Youwant to go in the storeroom for just
a couple of minutes. Gives awhole new meaning to let's go Kroger.
Yeah, yeah, you want tobe croged? Come on in, I'll
KROGI yourn't walk, all right,Let's go to New Zealand. A woman

in New Zealand took her boyfriend tocourt after he failed to take her to
the airport, causing her to missher I guess they don't have uber in
New Zealand, he promised. Yeah. The unnamed woman had asked her boyfriend
to pick her up so she couldcatch her flight, but he didn't turn
up because he was drinking at abar a mile from her house. He

forgot and as a result, shemissed her flight and was forced to travel
the next day, she ended upmissing a concert that she had planned to
go to. The woman was soupset that she took her partner of six
years to court to try and gethim to cover some of the money that
she'd lost. The woman also wantedto be compensated because her boyfriend had not

stayed at her house while she wasway to look after her dogs, which
he had agreed to do. Nowthat is upsetting. She claimed their agreement
had constituted as a legally binding agreement, and was seeking to be paid travel
costs and the cost of putting herdogs in kennels. Cases still pending in
the couple have now broken up.Soccery, you promise you take me to

the airport? Oh baby, Ihad to finish my beard down. Good
lord over to Britain and the storyof a farmer who more than fifty years
ago worked very hard on his farmand rewarded himself with a lovely Rolex watch.
Oh okay, now, unfortunately,this farmer fifty years ago was working
hard with his Rolex watch on andit fell off his wrist and into the

cow pasture. So he thought,well, that's it, so I'm screwed.
It's probably been eaten by a cow. James Steele is now ninety five,
but when he was, you know, in his forties, he bought
this Rolex verse twenty first but actuallytwenty first birthday in nineteen fifty. He
wore it every day for twenty years, and working hard on the farm,
it fell off his wrist and hecouldn't find it anywhere. He thought a

cow it it, so he believedthe watch was gone forever and he'd never
see it again, at least untilit passed through the cow's digestive track and
into a cow. Patty, Ohstinky, yeah, I'm putting that old
the steel son gave an amateur treasurehunter permission to use his metal detector on
the family farm to look for hiddencoins, and tadda, they found the

watch. Fifty years later they foundthe watch. It doesn't say, but
you know a rock hard fifty yearold cow patty. Yeah, there's only
one way you can get in there. That's what the metal. Plus if
you put if you put your earto the watch, you might get some
of that on your cheek. Oh, here it is. It says,
oh, the watch no longer works, but it smells terrific. Yeah,

you're lying only the second part.Okay, here's another freaking fool File update.
You may remember back in November,we did a story about an attorney
named Jack Blakeslee. He had hislicense to practice law in Ohilo, Ohio
suspended for six months after being deemedthe notorious Pringles pooper. Oh Yes,

In twenty twenty one, a surveillancefootage caught Blakeslee taking a dump in a
Pringle's potato chip can and throwing itinto the parking lot of a crime victim
advocacy center. It was a prankhe admitted to pulling at least ten times
that year. That man is crazy. That prompted the Ohio Supreme Court to

question his fitness to practice law.Now six months have passed and Blakesley has
had his law license reinstated after whatwe all hope has been plenty of time
to rethink how he eliminates his turnsinto pringles Can. He's a poop tuber.
First of all, Why would youtry and crap in a pringles Can

takes talent? I'm sure, Well, because that's not that big. Yeah,
and what if it's bigger, Well, never mind, you know what
I'm saying. I'm getting the picture. He was told that if he pulls
that stuff again, he could havehis license suspended permanently. He never explained
why he chose the Crime Victim AdvocacyCenter to fling his feces at, but

he said he meant no harm.Oh, it was just all in fun,
and I'm sure the people at theCrime Advocacy's entered had a big laugh
about it too. Y'all want somepotato chips? I got plenty over here.
No thank you, no thank you. Don't let me look at your
watch either. Hey, tonight's tonight. We've been waiting and now it's finally
here. That give me the VNdot com Bowen Thenbash featuring Styx, Foreigner

and John Waite. Tonight dose Eki'sPavilion. Want to go? We still
have two chances for you to wintickets, and coming up at seven fifty,
you not only get the tickets tothe show, you also score a
meet and greet with foreigner thanks toMullen and Mullen Injury Law Firm and your
friends here at lone Star ninety twoto five, and all the Baptists in

the audience are going, yeah,I know whereof you speaketh break alone?
By the way, George Thorogood willbe presented with the Metal of Distinction from
the University of Delaware today, theschool's highest non academic honor is awarded by
the Board of Trustees to those whohave made significant cultural, humanitarian, scientific,

or intellectual contributions to society and theirprofession. Congration, blah blah blah
blah blah, that's awesome. Thurgoodis, of course from Delaware. He
did his first ever show on asmall bandstand in Lane Hall or Residence Hall
on University of Delaware's campus in nineteenseventy three. Wow. He is the
first entertainer to receive the medal.He performs at the Freeman Arts Pavilion in

Selbyville, Delaware, later on tonight, not Shelbyville, that's somewhere near Springfield.
You've probably seen this already, thosetwo bicyclists that were riding and this
guy runs over him. It's horrible. He slammed into these two cyclists on
a group ride at Dallas Fort WorthAirport and it was all caught on camera.

And the video is pretty hard towatch without squirming a little. Yeah,
And the thing is is that hejust plows into them. He doesn't
slow down, he doesn't try tomiss them, He just goes straight at
them like he was Either is thatdrunk or he did it on purpose.
Yeah. The man accused of hittinghim was driving drunk and had several empty
beer cans in his car when hewas arrested. Brilliance. I heard it

was like half a dozen empty beercans. It's hard to you know,
like the old cops thing. Wewere talking about how much you had to
drink two beers. Oh, hada little more now now when you have
the empties in the backseat. Yes, The video was taken from the rear
of another cyclist, shows the manand woman being hit by the car before
the man falls down and is runover by the guy, and the car
just keeps on going right over hislegs. We saw that yesterday bo Now,

thirty one year old Benjamin Highlander ischarged with aggravated assault with a deadly
weapon and driving while intoxicated. Ican't believe we only rank number ten for
worst drivers in the US. Ithink we're the champions. The two cyclists
are both out of the hospital buthave a lot of healing to do.
Mentally and physically got him man Man. When I had this accident, it

messed with me mentally more than didphysical. I can't believe they're alive.
The writers were part of a groupof cyclists riding their box near Dallas Fort
Worth Airport on Monday when the carslammed into them from behind and just kept
going. And the driver is nowin a big butt load of trouble I
heard, so lock him up aswell as should be now. Just after

the summer solstice yesterday, another uniquemoment will arrive as the Strawberry Moon rises
in the sky. Like Annabelle said, the moon will be special. Immediately
following the summer solstice will be theJune full moon, known as the strawberry
Moon. And not because it's gonnalook like a strawberry. It's just gonna
be it's gonna look bigger than normal. Yeah. It will reach peak illumination

about eight oh eight pm tonight.So while you're rocking at Bowing them bashed,
just look up and say the strawberrymoon up there, y all.
Yeah, we're gonna have a nicemoon tonight. It was hella cool this
morning, driving it's juicy. It'sgonna be bigger. That's because the moon
with the lowest we've seen it ina while. But the name rowberry moon
doesn't actually come from the color ofthe moon itself. This month moon will

likely have an orange red hue toIt's gonna be pretty. It's going to
be a great night for the bowand them Bash Yeah, buddy, And
one of my favorite actors passed away, Donald Sutherland, an off kilter kind
of guy who's appeared in nearly twohundred films in series. He died at
the age of eighty eight. Thetall and gaunt Sutherland, who flashed a

grin that could be seen as diabolical, was known for offbeat characters like Hawkeye
Pierce in Robert Altman's Mash the HippieTank Commander, Negative ways Man in Kelly's
Heroes, and the Stone Professor inAnimal House, Yes Yes. Born in
Saint John's, New Brunswick, DonaldMcNichol Sutherland was the son of a salesman

and a mathematics teacher. He wasraised in Nova, Scotia. He was
a disc jockey with his own radiostation at age fourteen. Real Yes here
was one of us time. Hisbreakthrough was The Dirty Dozen in nineteen sixty
seven movie which he played the officerimpersonating psychopath. Nineteen seventy saw the release

of another World War Two yarn,Kelly's Heroes and of course Mash, a
smash that catapulted Sutherland to stardom.And everybody always thinks of Hawkeye Alan Alda
from the TV show, but DonaldSutherland as Hawkeye in the movie was awesome.
He was the original gangster of That'sright. Remember him as a crazy
pyromaniac in Backdraft, Yes, oppositein the Yes, Burn It All,

and then Games in Hunt in HungerGames Too love Him. One of his
finest performances came as a detective inthe movie Clute with Jane Fonda. In
fact, during that filming he metJane Fonda and they had a three year
married kind of relationship. In otherwords, they banged each other for three
years. Oh at the end ofhis second marriage. Donald Sutherland was never

nominated for an Academy Award, butdid reci even Honorary Oscar in twenty seventeen.
After his son Kiefer Sutherland, whowas in twenty four, emerged as
a star, Sutherland appeared in numerousfilms with him, including A Time to
Kill in twenty fifteen's Forsaken, buthe turned down the chance to play the
father to his real son on thehit series twenty four. Oh really,

he just didn't want to like anupstage his son, I guess so.
I don't know. But to ayounger generation, he was the President Snow
in Hunger Games, the franchise beginningwith the twenty twelve original. In his
final years, the actor joked aboutdying on screen for real. He wanted
to die screen. Wow, ohman, that would have been something.

Now, yesterday we played a littlesong called Pinball Prison Blues. Yeah,
it was Pinball Wizard sung to thetune of Falsom Prison Blues. And I
got a request to play fulsome WizardBlues, which is fulsome Prison Blues sunk
to the tune of pinball wizard.So ladies and gentlemen, here is puddles
the clown. Oh my god,you're doing fulsome wizard blues Elton John Stock.

Of course, I had a trainto come in, rolling round the
bin. I ain't seen the sunshining. I don't know where I'm stuck
in fulsome prison, and time keepsdragging on with the train keeps him moving.

I'm down to sand and what Iwas just a baby, my mama
told me son, always being goodboy. John't have a play with guns.
I'm met with Brian Eno and wehad some pie. When I hate
a lonesome whistle, I hang myhead and right, I bet that srich

Frocks eating a benchy dining car,probably drinking coffee and smoking beer. She
guys, I know I head incoming. I know I can't if they're
creaming from that prison. If theround tree was mine, I bet I'm

moving on a little ball down theline, off with fulsome prison. That's
where I want to stree. ThenI let that lonesome whistle blow my blues
over. I bet that switch fook'seating nana benchy dining cough, probably eating

past press in Eastern Cany the arm, I ain't crying and I those hors

Okay, so he took some libertieswith the song. He's allowed to.
Hey, it's Friday, What y'allwant to do? Dallas host Classic rock
Lone Star ninety two five coming up. You know there's a lot going on

this weekend, another episode of Hey, Hanna, what's happening? But now
it is time to smarter ne uishmedia educate you and Iota. It's time
for the educational part of the show. It's time for did you know?
Now you may call bs on these, but these are all true? Okay?
For example, did you know someoneon Earth report seeing a UFO every

three minutes? I'll spend born word. Did you know the very first TV
show to be into reruns was TheLone Ranger? Really? Yes? The

menkin eel tree is so poisonous?How poisonous? Is it close enough?
If you touched it, you coulddie just by touching it, Just by
touching it. That's a horrible tree. Yeah, I'll think you should cut
them down because you had to throwthe saws away after you. Did you
know a duel is between two people. If a duel is between three people,

it's called a truel, A truetruel, a duel versus a true
I guess so. Did you knowbefore coffee became popular, beer was the
beverage of choice for breakfast for mosturban areas of the US. We'll go
to work with a buzz. Sunglasseswere invented in the fifteenth century by the

Chinese so Chinese judges could hide theirfacial expressions in court. Oh, it
had nothing to do with the sun. No, not at all. Did
you know ninety six percent of America'spopulation lives within twenty miles of a Walmarty.
That doesn't surprise you at all.Did you know the University of Minnesota

is older than the state of Minnesota. Oh that's crazy, it is jeez.
Did you know? And I knowyou'll try it. You cannot swallow
unless your tongue touches the roof ofyour mouth. Okay, you're right eight,
I called you pail. Did youknow Princess Diana had her navel pierced
and fitted with a two point eightdiamond stud a few hours before her fatal

ex Yes. Did you know aturkey will explode if you don't thaw it
out before you deep fry it?So you might want to do that.
Did you know a diamond can bemade from peanut butter? No way?
Yes, Yes, a diamond canbe made from peanut Listen, listen if
Superman can take some coal and crushit and make a diamond like in that

TV show. Yeah, look itup. You can make a diamond from
peanut butter. It's used to providethe karmen, which, when exposed to
the appropriate heat and pressure efflice,will turn into a crystallized diamond. You
are right. I think I'm linedgoal. I think you're all crazy.
Did you know an octopus will eatits arms when under extreme stress? Did
you know David Prowse was the guyin the Darth Vader suit in Star Wars.

Yeah, he spoke all of DarthVader's lines and had no idea he
was gonna be overdubbed by James EarlJones until he saw the screening of the
movie. That must have been disappointing. That doesn't say it like me.
Did you know the lightsaber sound,speaking of Star Wars made in Star Wars
movies. It was made by placinga microphone next to a little slinky while

the slinky was moving. Oh cool, that's where you get thee. I
always love making that sound. Anddid you know herrings? Those fish,
yeah, produce air bubbles from theiranus that are louder than a jet engine.
That's crazy. What The old scientificname for those bubbles are called FRTs,

which is where the word fart camefrom. Yes, mind blown,
mind blown? And now you knowDallas? What was classic rock lone Star
ninety two five? Those, ofcourse, are the babies. Yeah Seean
Waite, the singer who is goingto open the show tonight six thirty.

You see, we've been concentrating playingSticks and Foreigner, but we've ignored the
babies. John. I apologize becauseI know you're gonna start. What time
six thirty tonight six thirty is whenhe takes the stage, and that song,
right there is one reason that youneed to get yourself into place,
get your beer line, your peline out of the way before six thirty,
and start rocking with us. WithJohn, I'm looking forward to hearing

his cover of a Whole Lot ofLove? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
that's gonna be awesome. Oh man, isn't it? Time was another
baby song I liked. Yeah,yeah, that was a super band So
that's one thing that's going on tonight. As a matter of fact, there's
a lot going on this weekend,as there is every weekend. So let's
find out what's going on. It'stime for Hey, what what happening?

I'm so glad you asked. Okay, it is finally here, folks.
Tonight Dosaki's Pavilion, the Guinea,divn dot Com, Bowen then Bash with
Styx, Foreigner and John Waite.Gonna be a huge party and we'd love
to see you out there. Otherlive music to check out this week now,
Bo, you talked about Junior Brownlast week, Junior thing. Remember
his birthday was June twelfth, andyou actually played a Junior Brown song for

us. Junior Brown in town.Well, he is in town. He's
at the Kessler Theater tonight, standingat Arlington Music Hall tonight. It's a
beat Hey Gee's tribute Ban Beg's golda tribute Tomorrow night at Lava Cantina,
It's the Elton Johns, a tributeto Elton John speaking of Elton John at
Casamanjana Theatre in the Red Cabaret Theater, which is a lovely little venue.

Broadway's best performers do the music ofElton John, with shows now through June
twenty ninth there at Cosamaniana in Fortor Cool, Texas Rangers have a three
game series against the Kansas City Royalsat Globelife Field this week and first game
tonight at the Shed. First pitchwill be at seven o five. Tomorrow's
game will be at three to five. Sunday's first pitch will be at one
thirty five. Meanwhile, down thestreet at AT and T Stadium, bow

you talked about this in Sports ofAll Sorts Go up by Ahmedicus Soccer,
the top men's soccer tournament featuring thebest countries from North and South America,
competing in various host cities, includingright here in North Texas. Now Tonight
at AT and T Stadium, Chilefaces off with Peru. That game will
start at six point thirty. Sundayafternoon the USA men's soccer team versus Bolivia,

and that game will be at fourpoint thirty. A comedy this weekend,
He's going to be paying us avisit here. Shortly, John Reep
is at Hyenas in Dallas at theAddison Improv you can see comedian Michael Yo.
I loved him when he was onChelsea Lately and then from Saturday Night
Live. Michael Longfellow is at theDallas Comedy Club tonight through Sunday. Film

Lovers, the thirteenth annual Oakcliffe FilmFestival premieres this weekend with screenings at the
Texas Theater, also the Kessler andthe Oakcliffe Cultural Center Panther Island Pavilion in
Fort Worth. Tomorrow the fort WorthMargarita Festival that's going to be taking place
from noon to six pm. InGrapevine, the twenty twenty four DFW g

I Joe and Action Figure Show takesplace today through Sunday. This is at
the Grapevine Convention Center. It's oneof the largest action figure shows in Texas.
And they've better have the one withthe Kung grill or the one with
the parachute. Remember you throw themup and then you buy pershue them.

The Prey to Playhouses is at NorthPark Center in Dallas, benefiting Dallas Conse.
You can buy raffle tickets to winthese cool backyard playhouses. The Dallas
Mavericks have sponsored one. It's abig old Mavericks sneaker and you can check
out the Playhouses now through June thirtieth. Theater Lovers in tern County, Hamilton
at Past Performance Hall now through Junetwenty third, that Sunday. Meanwhile,

Broadway Dallas presents hair Spray the Musicalat fair Park Music Hall now through June
thirtieth. And that is just someof what he's going on this weekend.
Set up. Well done. Ican see the band in my mind's eye
right now. I'll be playing thatsong a bunch of other ones too,
that Foreigner has been known for overthe years. Yeah, and the show

will start at six thirty, likewe told you, and that'll be John
Waite and Foreigner and Sticks. It'sgonna be good. It's gonna be a
great show. And then, ofcourse, right now we have a chance
for you to get tickets if youdon't have them already. Yes, plus
a meet and greet with Foreigner.Yeah huh. Now, I usually would

have AO do a Friday Foster cluck, but since Donald Sutherland died, let's
do fractioned flickers. Okay, okay, I'm not gonna play a trailer.
I'm just gonna play a scene froma Donald Sutherland movie. Oh my god,
he's that so many I know thisone. Again. I'm taking it
a little easy on you because someof them, when you hear it,

you're gonna go I know exactly whatmovie that is. I don't believe you're
gonna take a season. He alwayssays it's gonna be easy, and then
we're stunned, and then we're liketwo one four or eight one seven seven
eight seven one nine two five.I'm going to play this clip. You
tell me what movie starring the lategreat Donald Sutherland is? What is that
he caper? No? Do youplease? You us? What is in

the stock? It's a rap turd? And what a rat turn a cape
up? A rap turn a caepeout? It's a caper. H oh,
come on, you don't have thatone. I mean no, I'm

just gonna pee in the dark andtake a random stab. Is it that?
No? No, no, no, no, no, no no.
Shoot, let me play it onemore time. Listen closely and tell
me what Donald Southerland movie this?What is that a caper? No?
Do you please um to tell uswhat is in the stock? It's a
raptord? And what a rat turna cape up? A rap turn a

cape out? It's of course hewouldn't need it because it is a rat
turn a rat. I thought hewas saying a rapt turn, a rat
turn rat. Okay, so roadentdropping. Yes, it's a caper kpl
if it's a caper eat it wasit a popular movie? Oh? Absolutely,

came out in nineteen seventy eight twoone four or one seven seventy seven
one nine. I guarantee you somebodyis busting their gut trying to get through
because you know what it is.And when you find out, you're gonna
go ah, bo and them,show what Donald Sutherland movie is that?

Take it too long? I don'tthink she's stumped boning them. Show tell
me what Donald Sutherland movie that was? No Animal House? No, yes
he was bo and them, showtell me what Donald Sutherland movie that is?
The Italian No, you're hitting allaround it. I was a good
one though, I'll give you ahint. Okay, it was a remake

of a movie from I think fromthe fifties. Okay, now she knows,
now she knows. Boning them,show tell me what Donald Sutherland movie
that is. I'm just gonna getno, no, no, no,
no, not thirty dozen one?Okay, Okay, Oh, yeah,

see I told you. Yeah,that movie the original. Start Kevin McCarthy
boning them show. Tell me whatDonald Sutherland movie? That is Invasion.
That's Invasion of the Body Snatchers.We're at the end. He goes,
he turns into one, and hegoes, I knew somebody knew it.

How long has it been since you'veseen that one? Anyway, I'm quite
old it's been quite a while.Yeah, that's a good I like the
remake. It was a very dark, scary movie. Yes, it was.
Who is this? This is kall right, kurk hang on.
We'll see you tonight the Bash andyou'll go backstage and meet Foreigner and say,
okay, all right, hold on, Hurt, Kurt Harlinner. Yes,

Invasion of the Body Stack. Whenyou said remake that, oh uh
huh, Kevin McCarthy start in thein the original. Yeah, okay.
Our friend comedian John Reid coming upnext on the Bow and Them Show,
and we've got your last chance towin tickets to the gimme the VN dot
Com Bow and then Bash with Stixon, Foreigner and John Waite coming up next

hour. We're going to open upthe lone star ticket window around eight forty
thanks to our sponsors give me theVN dot Com, Mullen and Mullen Injury
law firm, Carter Bloodcare, andyour friend's here on lone Star ninety two
five. Yo. Well, herewe go again, just like we did
several months ago. Yes, who'sback? What's John Ray? Oh?

I love that guy. What's up? John's Upboddy? Good to see you,
Jania. John is here tonight andtomorrow night for two shows each night
at Hyenas in Dallas in Mockingbird Station. It's been a while. Once you've
been up to I heard you justgot back from Jamaica mine. Yeah,
it was on a vacation in Jamaica. Mon. That was fun, we

say, the all inclusive resort.So it was me, my wife and
like fourteen other of our best friendscouples, husbands, wives, and two
people turned fifties so were there forthat. For a fiftieth birthday party,
and then it was Father's Day.One couple got engaged because they were just
dating but now they're engaged. Ah. How sweet. And for the birthday

party, the girls decided to makebathing suits with our faces on it.
Well I'm talking like not just oneI'm talking a gigant a one piece bathing
suit right with my gigantic face allover my beard, landing in the cross
where it was supposed to be.Yeah, but now she's a fire crotch.

She's not really that. So Iwas like, now you know what
it's like. But I got abuddy who's got a big black beard with
gray and it and his wife andnow she's got an old gray granny cross.
It was like eight of these girlswalking around this this resort, this
all inclusive resort, with these withour faces on their cross. It was
amazing. They had a good time. Were your ears burning? Last week?

Because for Father's Day, of course, Bo was getting out the best
of Father's Day stories and he sharedthe story of you and your dad trying
to fix the swimming pool with agarden host. If I don't play it
during Father's Day, they get mad. People get mad at me. Now
to this day, if I golike this weekend, I may or may
not talk about that story. It'sit's been told a thousand times, but

some people will say that will getif I don't do it, they get
mad, Yes, like I broughtmy friend for you tell that story and
you didn't tell I want my moneyback. But I know what I do
now is I'm working a whole NewHour. I'm shooting a New Hour special
at the end of this year,and uh, there are some new Dad
stories in there, but I amgoing to Uh what I do is about

I'd say about thirty five forty minutesinto my set, I just stop and
go, all right, what doyou want me to talk? I take
requests. If you want to hearthat story, I'll tell that story.
Yeah cool, I'll make everybody happy. Give us just one one new dad
yeah story? Well, okay,sadly we lost him. I'm not gonna
he passed away not long ago.He he had a stroke. He survived

it for six years. It wasin a skilled nursing facility. Had a
massive stroke, a lot of braindamage. And if you know anybody who
had brain damage, you know there'sno filter. Yeah, like exactly one
hundred percent. If it's in theirbrain, it's coming out of their mouth,
and ain't nothing you can do aboutit. They can say anything they

want and you can't get mad atthe and I can't. So I can't
wait to have a stroke. SoI'm gonna say some weird stuff. He'll
me my next my next special,struck me, struck me the uncancellable tour.
He was like, he just sayseverything. Yeah, no, he
said. So I learned a lotof things about my dad because the last

six years, when I would visithim and my dad my mom, they
stayed together their whole lives, nevergot separated and never got divorced. And
I wouldn't go visit my dad.All he wanted in the end was milkshakes
and drugs that he sound like abalanced diet. I said, I like
those things as well, father,So that's what we did. I would
go visit him, just me andhim. I learned a lot. I

would give him milkshakes, I takehis drugs. He's a good dad.
And so I was sitting there withhim one day and this beautiful nurse comes
walking into the room and she's gotbright red lipstick and she's got to change
his catheter. Oh oh, AndI'm sitting in there like that's a special
moment and I don't want to seeit. Oh you know what I mean.

So I'm kind of looking over hereto the left and he's at my
right. I'm like, I don'twant to see this. I'm kind of
I'm hoping they'll just do it realfast and get in and out there.
But it's taken a minute, andhe's making some weird noises and I gotta
check on him. So I kindof looked over there and I see my
dad. His junk is out,he's totally exposed, right, and he's
kind of smiling, and he's staringat her mouth, and I'm thinking,

what is he going? Is heabout to say he's gonna get us kicked
out of here? But that's thebeauty of it. They can't kick you
out for the words. You cansay whatever you want. And these skilled
nursing facilities. Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of perverts in there.
I think a lot of them knowthat they can say anything. Lets
ain't touching. You can say anything, and you can blame it on the
brain damage. So my dad's staringat her, and to this day,

I don't know, I still don'tknow if it was the brain damage or
if it's him trying to be funny, you know what I mean. So
he's staring at her mouth and hesees that lipstick, and this is all
he says. He goes hang ona minute now, I think before you
begin, you should remove the lipstick. She didn't get it. Thank god

she didn't get it over her head, because I don't want loveings down there.
I'm still married and I did notwant to get caught. Your dad
was the manager of a Goodyear tirestore, and wasn't he also a part
time cop? Yeah? Well hewas a full time. He was a
deputy sheriff in Kataba County, that'swhere Hickory is, North Carolina, And

he was a full time deputy sheriffuntil he got shot. He was actually
responding to a domestic violence call andsome guy was beating his wife. My
dad was the first one there,and that guy attacked my dad and they
fought for a minute, and thenthe dude pulled a gun out and shot
my dad in the stomach. Andthen luckily my dad had his revolver.
I mean this is like seventy eight, yeah, something like that, and

he pulled out his revolver killed thatguy. And then he was messed up
for a long time, had towear a colostomy bag. Did we re
write his intestine? I mean hewas addicted to morphine and it was a
bad five years. And so thenafter that, mom said, could you
please stop the cop business? Andthen he said fine, and he went
back to work for a good years. That's what he was kind of doing

before that. So he was amanager of a Goodyear tire and auto store
in North Carolina for most of mylife. And then when me and my
brother went off to college, hedabbled in the cop stuff again. You
know the older guy bailiff. Yeah, driving dudes around, that kind of
stuff. Oh yeah, Well,John Reapers to stick around. Yeah,
I want to talk about the differencebetween your hometown and my hometowns doing coming

up next, Mother Bolly, andthen show Yeah, mister John Reape.
Buddy Dallas Worst Classic Rock Alone Starninety two to five Friday with John Reap.
Yeah, Jehan Reapers come on tonightand tomorrow night for two shows each
night at Hyenas in Dallas in MockingbirdStation. And you told us a long
time in fact, when you firstcame on the show years ago, you're

from Hickory, North Carolina, andyou have to do your head like,
well, you're from Hickory, NorthCarolina. I'm from Corsicana, Texas.
Okay, they're both small towns.But I found out Hickory is almost twice
as big as Yeah it is.Well, for years I've been talking about
my hometown of Hickory, North Carolina, and I've made it sound so tiny.

Yeah, the word hick is inthere. Yeah, right out the
gate. I'm thinking, well,this would be a fun thing to talk
about. It's got the word hicckin it. And we do you know,
we act small town and where I'mfrom in Hickory, where I was
born and raised is on the outskirts. So we're like, we have a
Hickory address, but but we're notin the city of Hickory, the metropolis.

No, not when my mom grewup. But I just I did
buy a house in the downtown areaof Hickory, and I could run for
mayor now you probably landslide. Now, we that are from small towns,
we have to be entertained the simplerthings in life. This is true.
You have to do like, ofcourse it canna you drive up and down

seventh or twenty fourth Street and thenyou drive back and you do the same
thing. But we had one dairyqueen. You guys had one burger king.
Yes, is that story about theBurger King sign. True. Yes,
I changed it though, from Hardy'sto Burger Kings. Okay, either
one, because at the time Hardy'swasn't nationwide. It was just sort of

in the South. I think theycall them Carls Junior or the other.
But it's basically the same thing.You gotta tell them the story. I
was just like, well, I'mgonna change it the Burger King. Okay,
that's that's the same kind. That'smore nationally. We would get bored.
I mean we were so bored thatyou have to find ways entertain yourself.
What we do. We drove through, uh we drove through the Burger

King drive through and on the menuof the drive through they had a sign
up there that said intercom broke,please drive around one of those you know
what I mean, like they're alwaysbroken again around talk to the guy.
But we didn't do that. Wewanted to have fun with it, so
we when no one was looking.I mean, we just hang out the
Barker King And that's that's what youdid. That's just like we hung out.
We get in there and park yourcar and and hang out with your

friends. But but so you getto kind of know the people who worked
there, and you know, likeyou can kind of mess with people.
And so we took their sign downwhen no one was looking, and we
had made up our own sign andwe put our sign up there and our
sign said intercom broke, please shoutyour order and we just sit back and
just wait and watch people. Yeah, it was priceless. People was actually

do it with that pull up readthe sign. You can see their lips
moving and go, and it'd stopand go, shout your order and then
I want a number three? Andwhat doctor? Can you imagine being that

intercom and the people shouting. Itwas before cell phone video. Yes,
yeah, it was only you hadthe videos that I know would be the
biggest influencer on Instagram. That's atea great trick. That is a great
Yeah, just like no one getshurt. You just sit back and mess
with people. No property damage yourproperty. Well, we did have one
sign that said free whopper if youcan lay a patch of rubber from here

to the second one. They triedthat. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
we had one body who had aWe had CBS back in the day before
cell phone. Yeah, you know, this was when like smoking the band.
It was just yes, I wasa red rooster, but I had

a camera had in nineteen eighty twoBerlin hat a Camaro, had a CBE
in that thing. My brother hadan Iraq nineteen eighty five, irock Z
twenty eight. He had a cB in his car. All of our
friends had CB radios and we thoughtwe were cool, right. We thought
we were like truckers but in carand we'd ride around talk to each other.
But one guy had an intercom inhis truck, like have how the

cops do if they want to,you know, I pull off, you
could hear them, yeah, likebroadcast voice or whatever. So he had
his we pack. We would parkhis truck right in front of the menu,
right where the speaker was right andput it on the same channel.
So leave his car on so noone was in the truck, but it
was on, and we're on thesame channel in a different car, so

we could talk through the truck atthe menu and and no one would know
where it's coming from because there's nobodyin the truck. And we'd sit back
across the street and want people pullup and they do their order and we
go scratch that I want cotton candyand shrimp We're like, what, just
fun to mess with people? Noharm, no harm, none, just

confusion. Yeah, that's how youentertain yourself in a small town. Yeah.
And I know that you and Iwere both raised in a Baptist church.
Yes, a Southern Baptist born andraised West Hickory, Southern Baptist,
First Baptist course of Cana. Okay, yeah, yeah. And so when
you do the sacrament, when youtake communion, we ain't gonna serve no

wine. That's that's not good juice, grape juice. Yeah. Yeah,
and then tell you like to likeyou, if your heart is not pure,
do not be taking the communion right. You have to make sure that
you're in it right. And soI'm kind of looking like, all right,
who's who's the center up in?Who feels bad about them? Please

make it a hot woman. Yeah, I'll know where to go. You're
about to be struck by lightning?Can we expect this special that you're working
on? I am going to shootit. I think I'm going to shoot
it in Hickory at the end ofthe year. Oh cool. There's a
big theater there called the Hickory CommunityTheater, and uh it's it's it's perfect
for it. Since I've been backto Hickory, a lot of things have

happened. Uh, you know,lost my dad. But there's a silver
lining. I met a girl,I fell in love, I got married,
I bought a house. You andI'm a new dad. Thank you.
I have a new son, daddyreap. Yeah, I have a
new son. He's twenty two yearsold, my stepson. He's new to
me. Yeah, I own son. I've got a lot of monos on.

He's broke in yeah yeah, yeah, he's party training. I ain't
got to do nothing. I justput him in the basement. Do you
still tell the Carolina Panthers' story whenyou're on Yeah, if they want to
hear it at the end. WhatI do now is I work on the
new material in the beginning of theshow, and towards the end, I
say, is there anything that youwant to hear, and then that will
happen. Okay, here's what happens. They want to hear Dad the pool.

Yeah, they want to hear somethingabout hemmy ain't got a hammy,
Yeah like that. And then sometimesthey'll ask me about the Panthers game getting
kicked out because see we play thatwhen it's close to football season. Yes,
with you in mind, yes,yes, Well I think that the
Panthers are gonna play some games inClemson. That's okay. So when the

Panthers first came into the NFL,they played their home games in Clemson before
their stadium was built in Charlotte.And I think they're gonna go back to
Clemson this year for some like youknow, nostalgia kind of thing. It's
been like twenty five years or whateverit's been, so I think they're gonna
play And maybe that's when I goback. And the Cowboys are gonna play
in Carolina this season. Oh god, that would be a cake walk for

y'all. I know, I wouldn'tworry too much because you never know what
these guys. Did you kiss andmake up with the Panther? I did?
I did. Actually, I'm friendswith the pant The original Panther is
a guy named Tommy Donovan, anduh, for years, I would go
on radio and I would act likeI was mad at the Panther for selling
me out like that, because heinvited me on the field to dance.
This is his idea. And thenthe cops said, well, he don't

have that authority, so we haveto kick you out. It's an NFL,
right, he don't have a fieldpath. Yeah, it's like you
do me under the bus, youknow. And so I wanted to find
this guy for years. I'm like, who is the guy in the mascot
outfit? Who is the original Sirper I had to find Sir Perr.
And I go on radio and Charlotteand all this stuff, and I would

I would say, if you knowwho this guy is telling, to look
me up. And I found him. And nice guy who lives in the
South Carolina Wallhall of South Carolina andhe he does real estate now and he
came to one of my shows andI never saw the face. I didn't
recognize the guy. I'm doing ashow. Guy walks up to me at
the very end and shaking my handdoing a meet and greet, and he

looked at me and goes, TommyDonovan, dude, I'm like, whoa,
you're the pants. And we befriendedeach other and now he does comedy
really yeah, before and the restMen only. Yeah. John reap Hey
Everybodday, Tonight and Tomorrow night,two shows each night at Hyenas, Dallas,
in Mockingbird Station. We got thebow and then bash tonight. But

I'm gonna come see you tomorrow.Nice. All right, let's do a
thing since it's so hot, right, how is it gonna get this this
weekend? Because Gingers, we don'tdo well in the heat. We don't
do well in the sun. I'mgonna say, free tickets to all Gingers.
Yes, second show tonight. Youmust yeah, gotta be red on

the head. Yeah, it's justgotta say on your license, you know,
red or auburn or ginger. Yeah, okay, you can't color your
hair. No cheating, cheating,cheating, appropriation. Yes, good see,
I brought to your body. Hey. Natural gas drilling has been blamed
for water contamination throughout the US,and now Canadians have begun to speak out

against mining companies who practice hydraulic fracturingor fracking. Sheila Hardwood joins us.
Sheila, you believe constant fracking inyour area has left dangerous levels of gas
in your drinking water. Yeah.These fracking companies come in and start cracking
everywhere with no regard for the localpopulation. My water used to be crystal
clear and now it is completely fracked. Hold on in the interest of fairness,

we have a fracker joining us toaddress your concerns, Wayne Thomas,
Wayne, does Sheila have to takethis cracking line down? I know it's
clear, Sheila, you're simply thevictim of a lousy frack. I can
see how that will turn you offthe very idea of fracking. But a
safe, gentle fracking can be donewithout you even noticing. That is hard
to swallow. I mean, howcan we cracking guys get away with this?

They can just come in and frackmy gas hoole without my permission.
Wayne, you're the cracking expert here. Should Sheila have been consulted? So
many fractors have no shame? Imean, they will frack anything, So
would you call sheila situation a totalfrackfest? Actually, Gavin, the technical
term is a cluster frack, andthat's why mywater is cracked up beyond all

recognition, look sloppy. Fracking alwaysleads a mess, and then there's the
fight over who's going to clean itup. So tell me, Wayne,
is there a safer way to fracksomeone's gashle? Yes? There are several
forms of protection to make fracking.Say oh, and I suppose it's my
responsibility to make sure they use protection. I'll tell you why, Sheila,
wat you stop by one of mywells. I mean, you can just

sit and watch me in the guy'sfrack and open your eyes and you might
even want to join in, orif not, you could go and frack
yourself. Just one clean water damnit. Hold on, Sheila, I'm
gonna have to ask you to pleasewatch your language. Sorry. Well,
thank you both for joining us andgiving us the whole fracking story. There
you go. I'd like to throwthose in every once in a while just

to keep you on your toes.That's frecking funny. Okay, who won
our last pair of those fracking boweand them bash ticket time, first time
winner. Thank you Matthew White forlistening for a long time but never being
lucky until today. He's the lastpair of tickets are going to Matthew White
of Arlington. That's awesome. See, I'm gonna have a busy weekend because

I'm gonna go to the back obviously. Then I'm gonna go see my boy
John Reap tomorrow night. Damn fullcalendar for you, yes, suh,
Sunday, I'm still working on it. I'm not even sure what I'm gonna
do. It'll be sports to watch, sure, absolutely, I know you
and Clayton like to go to sportsbars and check out games. Yeah,

God, when is let's see it. And if the Panthers beat the Oilers
tonight in the NHL playoffs, thenit's over. But I'd like to see
if there's a game seven that mightbe played on Sunday. Might see the
Rangers. They're playing the Kansas CityRoyals Sunday afternoon. Yeah, you never
know how that's gonna go those Sure, I don't know. I don't know.
No skateboarding Sunday, boat, No, no trampoline. It is National

Skateboarding Day, it really Yeah,yeah, but I ain't doing it.
I ain't that stupid. They lookit, but I ain't that stupid.
I want to go to Vegas.Well, lone Start ninety two to five
has your chance to fly to Vegaswith a friend to go see the Eagles
at the Sphere. And not onlyare we gonna fly you there, we're
gonna hook you up with a hotelroom at the Venetian right next to the
Sphere. IP tickets to their showassigned to the limit, the Essential Collection

box set, and a helicopter ridebefore the show. So all thanks to
Live Nation. Go to lone starninety two five dot com click on the
contest tab for more information. Dallas, what was classic rock? Lone Star
ninety two to five. Maybe youdidn't notice it, but at the beginning

of the song says taste just likeCoca cola. Yeah. Later on they
had to change it to cherry Colabecause the Coke people got pissed off about
it. It's free advertisement, ofcourse it is. Yeah, Well,
you didn't playoffs to use our name. Well neither do we. Every time
we say co Cola, co Cola, cocla like they need the money.
I know. Really stop it.By the way, I can't believe Ray

Davies of the Kinks is eighty yearsold. Rack eight years. It's an
octagenarian and that's one of our timewasters. On the Bow and Them show
page at lone Star ninety two fivedot com. The frontman and principal songwriter
for The Kinks is an octagenarian.He's responsible for the Kinks hits like Lola,

You Really Got Me Come Dancing andso many others. Now, he
and the Kings, if you remember, Bo were inducted into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame back in nineteenninety, and then he went into the
Songwriters Hall of Fame in twenty fourteen. Here is his acceptance speech from that
night. American songwriting has profoundly influencedmy life, from the royal blues of

the Deep South to rock and roll, of course, through the sophisticated musical
landscape of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Leonard Bernstein, to name just
a few. Anyone who reads mybook America, Hahn will realize the enormous
debt I owe to American music.Songwriting helped me evolve as a person,
and I'm still astounded by the waysongs can connect people. All right,

Ray, And of course he hadto get in a plug for his books,
of course. Then there's Ray's brotherand Kink's bandmate, Dave Davies,
whose Rock and Roll Hall of Fametrade trophy was for sale on eBay,
but he wasn't the one selling it. We got this story up. Apparently
someone stole it from a storage unitaround the time that he had his stroke.

Not cool, folks, Well,what you do is you show up
like you want to buy it andthen kick the guy's ass. Yesterday,
Dave Davies took to social media totweet. He goes, I'm an old
man. All I want to dois drink a beer, watch football now
and again. I want my statueback. Yes, I don't play games.
Who sold it in the first place. I'm too old for this.
You tell them and Sticks maybe headliningare bowing them bash tonight, but they're

going to be sailing away in February. Styx and Alice Cooper headlining the twelfth
Rock Legends Cruise next February. Wegot all the information up on our page,
plus video of when Alice Cooper waslast on the cruise back in twenty
fifteen, and he's doing an interviewsession and he talks about meeting one of

his heroes, Elvis. Also,by the way, Alice Cooper plays Dicky's
Arena Wednesday, September eighteenth, Sticksof Course part of the Bow and Them
bash Tonight. Former Journey Basis RossValery has released a video for his cover
of War's Lowrider off his debut albumAll of the Above, which came out
in April. We've got the videoof Lowrider his version up on our page.

You remember he was booted from Journeyin twenty twenty after he tried to
take control of the band. Comeon yet him and Steve Smith the whole
rhythm section. We're like, wow, we're gone. In music News,
the Scorpions are turning to the camerasto tell their story in a new bio
pick. It's titled Wind of Change, after their nineteen ninety one hit of

the same name. So we havethat story and time to break out this
spandex Mascara and AquaNet. Paramount Plushas announced the three part docu series Nothing
But a Good Time, the uncensoredstory of eighties hair metal. Ah,
that should be fun. Yeah,yeah, it's gonna be out later this
year. We've got that story up. And finally, the new series The

Pa with Colin Farrell as the Penguin. It's gonna be out sometime in September
on Max, but we have thetrailer of it looks pretty dark and trust
me, you are not going torecognize Colin Ferrella. He gained a bunch
of weight to play the role.I get going, who is that and
where is Colin Ferrell? He lookslike a combination of Tom Hardy and Tony
soprano. Yeah, he does,he really does. Still not my favorite

penguin though, that is Burgess Meritith. We have the video up on the
bone M Show page at lone startninety two five dot com moaning moonas on
the balloon and pone ad. Alrighty, then voris classic rock lone star walking
low. That's it? What likeyou're that surprised? I shouldn't be no

every now and then you throw mea curveball. Well that's what I'm here
for, moaning mona cowboy. Soyou guys ready to throw down around downtown
ton Yeah, let's do it.It's the end of two of the busiest

weeks of the whole year for thisradio show, and we celebrate tonight by
taking it out with a bash.That's right, that's gonna be so much
fun. I already have a foreignershirt, so I have to get a
stick shirt. Yeah. I havea foreigner shirt too from last year.
Yeah, we're around there with Randysweating up a storm. I remember that.
So yeah, I should probably geta stick shirt. But do I

wear the foreigner shirt under it?Yeah? Decisions must be made. What
the thing is is that we canwear the stick shirt and then take it
off when Foreigner takes a storm.Oh okay, well it will have like
a wardrobe change. You guys aregonna layer up in ninety degree heats.
Yeah, I was just thinking that. I'm just thinking that we'll be sweating

like a war in church if notto get a garden hose on the both
of you. Well, that's gonnabe fun tonight and special thanks to John
Reap for showing up and he wasstellar. It's so cool to meet.
We always like to have John onthe show. He's he like an old
family member that we don't get tosee often. And don't forget at Hyenas

tonight for the second show. Ifyou are a true ginger, true redhead,
you get in free that's right.That is so nice of him to
do that. Well, well,you don't have to go and dye your
hair red just to get a free. Kick has to say on your driver's
license that you're a redheader you haveauburn hair. Yeah, because we want
everybody to be honest. So tonight'sgonna be fun and I'm gonna go see

old mister Reap tomorrow night. That'llbe fun. Okay, our after show
decompression session is coming up next.We're gonna just talk about whatever, and
if you want to join in onthe festivities, feel free, all right,
And it's gonna be a bit ofa quickie because we gotta get into
that real soon. Oh yeah,it's going to be a long night it
is. You're ready, Yeah,we're ready. So let's hit it and

get it, y'all. Good morning, everybody. It is a Friday,
Friday and set of the week.Whatever happened to guacam only Friday? Do
you have tourette? Our idiot brotherjust ruined my freaking life. And your
brother is not a monkey. Touchyou later, my brother shout out.

He said that your personality gets inthe way of your looks, your very
good looks. They traced the epicenterof the earthquake to Kim Kardashian's honeymoon.
Sweet, you're the man. You'rethe man. I'm the man. I'm
the man. I'm a man.Yes, he's a madman. Wow,
you're the best man ever. Wo
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