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June 4, 2024 71 mins
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Oh yeah, we gotta start theshow with this oldie but a goodie.
Here we go, coming up.All right, hold on now, all
right, there we go. Soundfamiliar. Oh yeah, a show was
born in the fifties about a familyso white. The re runs will last

forever, so you can watch theshow every night. Leave it to Beaver
in the morning, Beaver, everyday of the week. Beaver. Hey,
Wally, how come you little brothersa geek war does squat for a

living, but you wears pearls everyday when they wanna make whoopee? Well,
guess who gets in the way.Leave it to beaver in the bedroom,
Beaver all through the place. Beaver. Gosh, lumpy. The beaver

is always in your face. Now, we can't stand Eddie Haskell. He's
always telling those lies. When heenters the kitchen, he says, missus
cleaver, g look nice. Leaveit to beaver on the cable. Beaver

on the uh F. Beaver.You can't avoid it. Beavers like taxes
and death. It's always in themorning, Beaver all through the night.
Let shoot the beaver. Okay,that has a different meaning, as you

all know. Shoot the beaver.Oh mind, So anybody want to guess
why I head start showing that it'sthe anniversary of when the Beaver No close
Beaver Day. Jerry Mathers, whoplayed the Beaver, turned seventy six.
Oh what, he's seventy seventy six. He'll always be a kid to me,
though, even seeing him as anadult is kind of bizarre. Yeah,

it really is, because you know, some of us, myself included,
don't age very well. So muchbetter than that beaver. See again,
you can take that anyway you wantit. What are they talking about,
old burn? They done gone straightto Beavers. Yeah, to Beaver's
birthday. Birthday. On the veryfirst break of the show. In the

headline, Roberts ages better than Beaverfilm at eleven. Well, that would
depend on the Beaver. Now whathave I got myself in? You started
it? I know, I know, it's all my fault. I started
it. Yesterday is a toy box. Tuesday. Got some goodies planned for

you, some birthdays to talk about. We just did Jerry Mathers of the
Beaver's birthday. But I have acouple of them. One of the guys's
coming to town. One is anactor that you all know that's from here
who turns ninety years old night,Holy ninety years still kick? It actually
turned ninety over the weekend. Yes, he's still kicking. That's for hand.

And we'll get into some other goodies. Of course, we got tickets
to see Deep Purple with Yes.Let's show is August nineteenth at Dickey's Arena.
That's at seven fifty. You'll haveto identify a toy commercial course since
it's toy Box. Tuesday eight fortytwo Biggas Too, Bow and Them Bash
starring Styx, Foreigner and John Waite. Friday, June twenty first, at
doset Key's Pavilion. But now let'ssee what we're celebrating today. Okay,

what are we celebrating? Here wego. I don't know if we're really
celebrating. We're just acknowledging. Butyeah, it is National Hug your Cat
Day. Oh I do it everyday? H yeah, yeah, Miss
City arranged. Oh no, sheloves me. If I had one,
I would, but I don't,so I won't. Okay, well I'll
hug my cat. Do you dothat? It is National Shopping Cart Day?

Why June fourth, nineteen thirty seven. An advertisement appear in the Oklahoma
City Advisor newspaper with a headline thatincluded the phrases it's do it's sensational.
No more baskets to carry. Whatwas happening was Sylvan and Goldman was debuting
the first shopping cart ever. Ohwow, at his Standard stores located in
the Oklahoma City area. I amso glad they invented shopping carts. Those

are amazing. Yeah, we pushedthe Oklahoma City thunder right out your playoffs.
A shopping car and a shopping cart. I tried to pop a wheelie
with my Walmart shopping cart yesterday.The new shopping carts will not let you
do that. No, no,no, no, they break because you're
not the only one that has probablytried and hurt themselves and calls to clean

up on Aisle four. It's nationalspeaking a clean, National clean beauty Day.
Aw yeah, but a little dirtygoes along back to that. I
ain't talking about grime either. Goa little stank on it. It is
National Safe Day. It's to promoteguns safety. Oh okay, not if
you have a safe that you lockyour guns in. It's National Old Maid's

Day. Oh don't look at me, I'm looking at you. Here for
the single and childless women over theusual age of marriage. I'm not saying
that they're quick to quit grinning anddrop their linen, but you never know.
Ain't got an old card game too? Yes, old man, it
was fun. It's also National CognacDay. Yeah, that might help with
the dropping the linen thing. Andit is also National Cheese Day. I

do like some cheese, but alwaysgood in moderation. Otherwise, if you
eat too much cheese, you mayfind yourself with constipation or is the Chinese
call it hung child? Hung child? So we'll get ready for sports of
all sorts. Larry Allen, numberseventy three of the Cowboys offensive line,

passed away. And I have acouple of funny stories about Larry Allen that
I heard from Moose and some otherpeople. As the Cowboys are so young,
I want to know what happened.Did he have a heart attack?
Was it something in Mexico like thecarbon monoxide poisoning? What happened? He
was on vacation with his family inMexico and just healed over. What a

way to go. Mmmm. Solet's do our morning stretch. Are we
ready? Yeah? This is kindof a tradition on this show. Good
book. Good morning to everyone wantsyou on Facebook. Hay doing money?
Well, I hope you're doing okay, because if you're not, I'm gonna
give you one of these show Timetim That song kind of makes you jicky

at the ends, hadn't had mccafveyat Flipping Out Dallas was classic garget.
His six thirty and his time forsports of all sorts brought to you by
the Will Height Law Firm. Injurylawyers. Go to Will heightwins dot com.
Yeah, you probably already heard bynow. Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro
Football Hall of Famer Larry Allen hasdied while on vacation with his family in

Mexico. He was only fifty twoyears all heartbreaking War number seventy three.
Allen was a second round pick forthe Cowboys out of Noma State in the
nineteen ninety four NFL Draft. Heplayed offensive guard and then tackle for the
Cowboys from nineteen ninety four to twothousand and five and was right widely regarded

as one of the best offensive linemenof all time. In fact, he
played every position on the offensive lineon each side, every position except center.
Yes, not many alignman do that. He was a member of the
Super Bowl thirty winning team and wasa seven time First team All Pro.
Allen was also named to the Cowboys'Ring of Honor, as well as the
NFL's nineteen nineties All Decade Team,two thousands All Decade Team, and the

NFL one hundredth Anniversary All Time Team. He was a first ballot Hall of
Famer in twenty thirteen. Everybody onthe team loved this guy, and as
you can imagine, several of histeammates posted tributes to him yesterday all over
social media. EMMITTT. Smith wasdoing a tearful goodbye enough you saw that.
I saw him. But the guyshe played with also allied to Jack

within. They liked to mess.They called him odd job. Now why
is that? Well, not onlybecause he played everywhere on the offensive line,
he was an odd job, butbecause his eyes kind of went up
and he looked like that character fromthe James Bond movie Goldfinger. Yes,
called him out of love. MarkTuina was relentless on him, and Larry's

head kind of came to a smallpoint, and so Mark Tuine used to
call him bullet out of love.Out of love, sir, And he
was at Moose told me this.He would say, just because you got
a head like a bullet don't makeyou a hot shot. So it's fun
to remember, Larry. I don'tlike that, but I tell you a

great loss for anybody who is aCowboy fan family. Yes, Minnesota Vikings
wide receiver Justin Jefferson is officially inthe money. Yesterday, the Vikings made
Jefferson the highest paid non quarterback inNFL history with a four year, one
D and forty million dollar deal.Now included in that deal is eighty eight

point seventy five million, which ispayable upon the deal signing. In an
Instagram post, Justin Jefferson called thedeal something he's been waiting for since I
was a little kid. He said, so, what do you thin I
think Ceedee Lamb is gonna say it'sa new deal and he's gonna throw that
in Jerry's face. Now. Iwas reading in the New York Times this
morning bow where they say that they'revery close to signing a deal Ceedee Lamb

and Jerry Jones, and it maybe worth thirty five million dollars a yearly.
Okay, not a bad deal,not the highest paid one, but
still money. Look, CD,take it. Let's get ready for the
season. Please take the money.All right, let's stay on football,
but let's switch to women's flag football. Sound fine. I didn't know there

was such a thing, But wehave an athlete here in town that is
notoriously referred to as the Tom Bradyof flag football. It is a lady
and she is a teacher in theCarrollton Farmers Branch isd She just got the
gig as quarterback for the USA Flagfootball squad at International Flag Football then the

tournament this summer. Vanita Crouch isher name. Yeah, what a gal.
She lives in Carrollton. He teachhis pe of course at Lava Lita
Elementary and Carrollton and will be thestarting quarterback and team captain for the US
at the IFAF Flag Football World Championshipsthis August. Miss Crouch, who again

is known as the Tom Brady offlag football, was named to the twelve
athlete roster for USA Football's US Women'sFlag football national team, and the forty
three year old has been on theteam for seven year excuse me eight years
later, it girl. Yeah,that's a good little career in football.
But before finding flag football through aGoogle search. She kicked asket basketball for
four seasons at SMU. Way toGo Girl. More than twenty five countries

are going to compete in the tournamentthis August. It's going to take place
in Finland, and since twenty sixteen, she's helped lead the team to a
twenty five and one record, winninggold at the eighteen and twenty one Championships.
Way to Go Venida will be room. Yesterday, the ballot for the
twenty twenty five College Football Hall ofFame was revealed. The ballot features seven

Football Bowl Subdivision candidates, thirty fourdivisional coaches, and one hundred and one
divisional players. At the top ofthe notable list of names our coaches Nick
Saban and Urban Meyer, along withplayers Aaron Donald from the Rams, mark
Ingram who used to run the ballfor the Saints, Michael Strahan from the
Giants. Yeah, and men tietail really, Manti Taylor, the guy

with the invisible girlfriend. Yeah,he was catfish. That's pretty much all
he's known for. Maybe that's whyand he's eligible for the College Football Hall
of Fame with a big catfish rightnext to the game, Well, it
probably will be poor guy. Hey, it was a disappointing night for Rangers
fans at Globbly Field last night.Detroit's catcher Jake Rogers, who by the

way, lives in Frisco, homeredtwice, including a tie breaking drive in
the eighth inning, lifting Detroit overour Texas Rangers two to one last night.
Two teams face off again tonight atGlobe Blive Field. First pitch seven
oh five. You can catch itif you can't go to the game on
of course. Ballet Sports Southwest firstthree weeks of the WNBA season have not
been kind to Caitlin Clark and theIndiana Fever as the team has started two

nine and Clark has been subjected tovarious encore hits that have had an impact
on her game. What just happened? Yeah, I know, and it's
probably affecting her psyche as well,because man, these girls are jealous and
caddy, aren't they They're only twowins in nine lossuits. Yeah, but
you know what, they were theworst team in the WNBA, which is

why they had first pick in thedraft, right, so, and one
player, Luca will tell you oneplayer could not make a team. But
the WNBA didn't do any favors whenmaking the Fevers schedule to capitalize on Caitlin
Clark's college success. The Fever areyou ready for this? They've played eleven
games in twenty days since the startof the season, while the defending champion
Las Vegas Aces have only played sixgames in that time span. Fortunately,

Caitlyn Clark and the Fever five Ionly get a break this week as they
have four days off before their nextgame on Friday night. Now, be
nice to Kitlin. Yeah, don'tknock it down. Yeah, I forgot
to tell you guys, since we'reall following Caitlin Clark's career. Now,
I dropped fifteen bucks at Kroger theother day and I picked up a fan
mag about her. It's in myRandy room in there if you guys want

to check it out. It's areally great story. It is hours of
reading about Kaitlin Clark, all rightonward. Over the past seven years,
the number of outdoor public park pickleballcourts in major cities has skyrocketed. You
want to take a guess, probablysix and fifty percent. Does not surprise

me. Kickle ball and now,believe it or not, Pickleball's Conference USA
now has an official pickle Sucker Punchpickles punch. Yeah, it doesn't sound
good, but I trust Anna.One of the bosses at Sucker Punch,
Kim Coleman, chimed in about thepartnership. We pride ourselves on clean products

to hydrate and prevent cramps for athletes. Coleman said, our pickles are just
like the Conference USA athletes and fansthe best in the world. What a
politician, please, I mean,what did you expect her to say?
Right, yeah, exactly? Pickball? Okay, all right, catching on.
I still haven't played yet and won'tbe for a while. Then there's

Philadelphia Phillies reliever Matt Straham. Heis having the best season of his career
after quitting fantasy football. You see, Shream was a fantasy football junkie like
a lot of people, but he'salso an avid hunter and during one bow
hunting trip last off season, hetracked this one deer for sixty hours.

While in a tree stand, hegot an alert to set his fantasy football
lineup, so he took out hisphone and submitted the lineup. That's when
the deer decided to appear in frontof his stand. Right in front of
his stand and Herdstraham, putting thephone away and the deer ran off.

He decided right then and there toquit the game. He still owns his
fantasy team, but he's left aclubhouse attendant to control his lineups. Lost
to deer. Didn't you right?Get ready? Because the freaking fool file
is next on the Poe in Themshow Dallas Horse Classic Rock lone Star ninety
two five, A Little Something fromthe Old Toy Box Here on a Toy

Box Tuesday. But now it's sixforty five and time for the freaking fool
file. I don't know what thisfreaking fool was thinking. He's a Catholic
priest. This Catholic priest has reportedlybeen able to kip his job despite shocking
parishioners by telling them on a serviceon Good Friday that Jesus died with an

erection. What yes? Father ThomasMcHale, a priest serving in Our Blessed
Lady Immaculate Church in concept Durham,England, is said to have made the
claim during a sermon on Good Friday, of all the times, to bring
it up on Good Friday, duringtwo days before Eastern one of the holiest

of holy days, Yes, thefifty three year old priest told up to
one hundred shock parishioners that blood rushingto Christ's lower body as a result of
being crucified would have caused that bone. Well, it is a medical fact
that since exphyxiation can cause blood torush to that special place upon death.

But on Good Friday during a preEastern church service, that I know,
why did he bring it up?Yeah, you know some priests, well
all priests, they are not ableto partake in pleasures of the flesh,
so maybe that was on his mind. But his sermon prompted to complaint to
his diocese by everybody that was atchurch, that I think. However,

the Times report that while the complaintwas upheld by the diocese following an investigation,
the priest is expected to remain thereand will not be disciplined. Wow.
Oh, I'm sure somebody yelled athis ass for that. That's just
stupid. Some of his congregations saythey will never come to that church again,
and some of them say they're notgoing to be Catholic anymore. They're

going to become Episcopalian from now on, which is like Catholic light if you
know what I mean, yeah,clascid Catholic. Really, why would you
make something like that. That's whythe autoeronica exphyxiation. But you don't bring
that up during a church service onyour Good Friday. Why God, he

should have at least been suspended orsomething. Yeah, there's a no basis
need to know, basis should havebeen flogged, I would imagine. Well,
here's a story out of Florida,Florida, Florida man caught spray painting
a wall in Saint Petersburg was arrestedon vandalism charges, but had a get
out of jail free card, orso he thought. Police say. Thirty

three year old Ryan Howard was arrestedSaturday night and they found him carrying a
bag full of spray paint cans.They asked for his name and his ID,
but he kept his mouth shut anddid not respond, so officers placed
him in the back of a patrolcard. Once inside the car, he
finally spoke up and told him hisname is mister Monopoly and his birthday is

four, twenty sixty nine, andthen he took out a get out of
jail free card from a Monopoly callI'm serious, and he handed it to
the officer, demanding for police tolet him go. Surprise, it did
not work. I didn't think so. Mister Monopoly was not allowed to use
his get out of jail free card, and police eventually learned his real name

and his birthdate. He was chargedwith criminal mischief, resisting an officer,
and providing police a fake name.He was told he was going directly to
jail. Do not maas, goand do not collect to guy, brother
Bow, I got a story foryou that I think is going to make
you feel a little bit better aboutyour own mishap. Oh really a lot
of you know. The Bow isstill kind of beating himself up after blowing

out both knees trying to puddle jumpa couple months ago. Imagine being thirty
five years old and busting your femurby coughing coughing. The femur is the
strongest bone in the body. Howdo you cough into a broken femur scenario?
You must have bad bone. I'vecoughed before, but I've never coughed
that hard to break your leg,To break your strongest bone in your body,

thirty five year old man in Chinahe allegedly managed to do this by
doing something that has nothing to dowith running, walking, or anything that
has to do with the legs.A thirty five year old man referred to
only as mister Yee can say thatagain, who suffered a fractured femur during
a coughing fit. That's unusual consideringthat many, he says ranged typically suffer
femur fractures as a result of serioustrauma, like a car wreck or falling

from a really large height. MisterYee told doctors that he felt a sharp
pain after a strong coughing fit,but he brushed it off as a cramp,
and it was only after walking becamedifficult because of the pain that he
decided to go and look for adoctor. The fact that the broken thigh
bone was from a simple cough prompteddoctors to look a little bit deeper into

a bone density test, yielding troublingresults. Yee's bone density was equivalent to
that of an eighty year old man, which is unusual for a thirty five
year old. He didn't suffer fromany bone illnesses. Doctors concluded that he
had incredibly fragile bones as a resultof overdoing it with his love for coca
cola. Oh yeah, he admittedthat he drank about twenty Coca cola is

a day moderation people, twenty dude, My god, can you imagine the
farts that he would have alone thatapparently prevented his body from absorbing calcium properly,
thus affecting his bone density. Andhe coughed himself to a broken female.
Lucky he did yet, gallstones orkidney stones with all that cocoonara?
Oh yeah right, oh yeah,no, listen that Reverend Billy Wurtz about

kidney stones must yes, yes,okay. A group of hitmen in China
have been jailed after repeatedly trying tosubcontract a job to each other because none
of them wanted to do the job. Businessman named Tan hired a hit man
to take out his company's competitor foraround two hundred and eighty two thousand dollars,

but the hitman hired another hitman todo the job, offering one hundred
and forty one thousand dollars. Thatman hired another hit man, who hired
another hit man, who hired anotherhit man. Why didn't they want the
job? I don't know. Iguess they're not that good. A hitman.
Everybody's farming out work nowadays. Aplan crumbled when the final hitman met
with the guy that was supposed tobe the victim named Wee at a cafe

and proposed faking his death. Hesaid, look, he should fake your
death. If someone wants you dead. There's a contract put out on your
life, and I don't want tokill you. They're sitting there having coffee.
All six men, the five hitmenand ten were convicted of attempted murder
by the court following a trial thatlasted three years because it was so confusing,

Tan, who hired the original hitman, was sentenced to five years
in prison, while Z, thefirst hit man, was sentenced to three
years and six months. All theother hitmen got three years a piece.
I don't want to do it,You do it. I don't want to
do it. I'll give it toso and so and so. Okay,
all right. I don't know ifit was conscience or if the money wasn't

enough. Yeah, but it tookthree years for the case to get settled.
Good. Uh, all right,gonna pull something out of toy box.
Yeah, coming up. You know, it's been fifty years in smoke
on the Water and Deep Purple isready to celebrate with you August nineteenth at
Dickey's Arena and Fort Worth. Wantto go to the show, but don't
want to spend the dough, asBoat likes to say. Listening for your

chance to win coming up next hourat seven fifty. Since it is a
toy box Tuesday bo as a toyyou need to identify right here on the
bow and then show on Dallas SportsWorst Classic Rock lone Star ninety two to
five Dallas Fort Wors Classic Rock loneStar ninety two five Heart To Annabelle saw
for the first time. I believeyou hadn't seen Heart Open to I always

wanted to, just never got aroundto it. And finally they were here
at Lucas Oil Live on a Fridaynight, not a school night. Yeah,
so I got to see him.Awesome show. By the way,
my t shirt has all those Europeandates that they canceled. Oh well,
By the way, tomorrow is askUs Stuff Day. I'm sure you've got
a question you can challenge us with. I'll call the Asking Stuff Hotline two

one four eight six six eighty sixhundred. You'll leave your question there.
We play it on the air,and yes for those tickets to see Deep
Purple. And yes, tomorrow wewill be playing Choose Your News. And
there is a theme this time.I know it's on my calendar. She
keeps up with it better than Ido, knowing when there's a theme and
when there's not a theme. SoCarley asking stuff outline two one four eighty

six six eighty six hundred. Todayis the birthday of a guy who you
may know from the Deadpool movies.He was also in clover Field. I
think that was his first movie.Okay, yeah, yeah, he's been
in studio with us, Yes,and this was the first time he was
in the studio. Actor TJ.Miller love him, I love TV,
who, of course did the voiceof one of the mucus balls in the

Musenex commercials. He turns forty threetoday. He's been in here several times,
and so we thought we'd play thefirst time TJ. Miller was here.
Well, look who's here? Sayhello to TJ Miller, TJ and
Dustin Chafin, Like these drawers arechasing my buck. No, s,

you're on the show too. You'reon the show in Texas. Yeah,
you went to school here didn't it? Ld Bell and Trinity High School get
on walking h B. Didn't hejust say what's that smell? Ld Bell?
Now? TJ, I told youthis earlier. I would have watched
you on Silicon Valley, but noDish Network took HBO away. Yeah,

come on, Dick, that wassuch a good condish, but they can't
take it. I got to askyou this because I didn't know this about
you. Were you really one ofthe big talking balls of mucus and the
musen Ex commercial? Really? Hegoes talking flimball lady right now? Ball

right? See, that's that's abadge of honor to say I was a
flamball and a musin X commercial.Yeah, I thought it was when I
asked him, you know what madeyou think of me? Because they reach
touched me directly and they go,oh, you know, you're really funny.
There's this pause when I goes,he kind of sound like you're sick.

I'm finally that for the money?Yeah, there you go. You've
done a lot of movies. Howhow fun was it to be in Deadpool
with Ryan Reynolds. That was alot of fun. The first one especially
was great because we didn't know whatwas going to happen with it. We
didn't know if it was going tobe successful, if people were gonna like
it, or what the deal wasgoing to be. And it was great.
He's really funny, he's a reallyquick improviser. And the fact that
people just love that movie was soso it was a badass movie. Yeah,

yeah, really really good. Anduh and then Deadpool too. We're
all worried is it not going tobe as funny? I thought it was
everybody as funny. I kind ofdid differently enough. But we're giving people
the stuff. But sometimes people cometo my shows and they sort of say,
I don't know, there's something aboutthey're kind of waiting. Sometimes I
get hecklers more often than not.Actually, I guess they look like somebody

you want to yell at. Ijust have that look and that sound where
people like he's sick. Get him. Hopefully somebody will come up to Hyenas
and fort Worth and I say,you were the Flamball and the Muse exactly
right. Okay, Now I assumeyou've played Vegas before. I have you,
Steve. Steve just got back performingin Vegas's where'd you perform? Because

I performed at the Playboy Club,which I don't think is there anymore.
I was at the Grinding downtown Okay, Yeah, it was actually awesome,
dude. And is that that hasa huge venue and then a smaller really
great. I've just heard that thevenue is there for comedy at the MGM.
Grand are a mazed. Yeah,that's pretty cool, man, that's
pretty cool. But there was aguy in downtown Vegas that for twenty dollars

you could kick him in the balls. What as hard as twenty dollars you
could on the street, That's whathe was saying. Yeah, yeah,
that's that what makes you do it? I spent eighty dollars trying to make
him double over anyway, He's ironcrossed. You know. They say once
you do it, once you doit, though, man, because like

I wanted to put like, youknow, they like dude, Steve,
and I'm like, no, man, Like, what if I kicked him
in it? Actually? Do youthink he's wearing a cup or you think
it was free balling. I thinkit was free balling. You think he
was serious? Listen, there's afetish. There are guys that that love
to be kicked in the nuts.He had money, like he like people

would. And I watched him onceand I was like, man, I
can't watch them, and was hesort of afterwards each time? Now he
just was an iron clad He probablyliked it. He probably got Yeah.
I mean you know what that what'sfunny is that that's an example of your
it's hurt so good? Yeah,off of it right exactly. Nice callback,

Nice recall because I didn't remember whatI just played to see. You're
gonna see callbacks like that and maulhumor. You've done a lot of movies,
you do a lot of voice overwork. AKA right now, Yeah,
happening. But you should if youever get tired of being t J.
Miller, you can change your nameto the character in How to Train

Your Dragon and be tough Nut Thorston. Well, that was actually the name
of the guy that was taking kicksto the balls Boom. That sounds like
a wrestler or porn star's name orsomebody who likes you to get kicked in
the ball. I don't know eitherway. You're making money down Las Vegas.
PJ. Miller. Good to finallymeet you, man, It's going

to be so great. Good tomeet you, and it's really fun it's
a two man show. Dustin's areally famous headliner in New York City and
he came down here AND's doing mea favor. So it's two headliners for
the price of one. One's local, the other one's a yo call yo.
Both of us will be offering twentydollars kicks to the pant leg no
hip bottle shoes, kick me inthe back of the calf for forty five

buys. That's the Dallas style.Thank you guys. I did the Booing
Them show Dallas Horrors, Classic RockClone Star ninety two five, The Big
Empty kind of like this show onSummer cap We have something, yes,
but maybe it's a little maybe it'sa lot a lot of funny. Be

that as it may. Coming uphere in about a half an hour,
we're gonna give away tickets to seeDeep Purple with Yes. That is August
nineteenth at Dicky's Arena. Since it'sToy Box Tuesday, I do have a
toy commercial and it's almost too easy, No, almost almost too easy.
Can you tell us what year thetoys from. I think it's from the

seventies. Oh, okay, boy, toy, girl, toy either one
toy unisex toy. It wasn't asex toy, but it was to there
you go, There you go.Okay, here's a toy box Tuesday request
from rad School in good standing,Ray Watson. He says, welcome back
to the studio. I was onvacation all last week. This week,

in fact, Friday, June seventhwould be the one hundred and seventh birthday
of Dean Martin. Oh wow,it little room, buddy, room well,
and he wants to hear Dean Martinand Jerry Lewis doing Blow Me a
Kiss. So he hadn't played itin a while. There the power Many,

No need to save that for Valentine'sDay. Ballafort's classic rock lone Star
ninety two five Electric Lady Lamb.I still play that album every so often.
Good, that's all right, that'sgonna be a great show too.
At Dicky's Arena. Stevie Winwood onkeyboards on the Voodoo Child Blues, the

long version of that. Oh yeah, little teenage Stevie Winwood on there young
boy, yep tomorrow Ask his StuffDay. If you've got a question,
called the Ask a Stuff Hotline twoone four eight six, six eighty six
hundred and we'll play choose your news. There is a theme now, I
got something out of the toy boks. This guy just turned ninety years old.

Who is it? If you're notsure, you have to google the
guy. His name is Pat Boom. He went to college with my mother
and you at it was called NorthTexas State back then. Pat Boone turned
ninety and yes, we've had himon the show before, Hey, Bo

and Jim. It's Pat Boone,the man who's been to the center of
the Earth where the lizard monsters withthe fake backs on him live, and
has been to our state fair too. As a matter of fact. Yes,
yeah, listen, that was sucha great experience doing that at the
state fair grounds and driving a newx Ke. I had just taken possession

of oh wor did and Margaret toa play? That's that some local some
of the extras were doing and makinga great Rogers and Hammerstein film. Yeah,
but the problem is Pat and Margaretbroke your heart. M m m
well in the film. Yeah,well, I yeah, I don't mean

in real life, but in thefilms he did. You know, I
knew her then only I mean shewas just getting started and I'd had a
little bit of a head start onher, and we were both very young,
but I knew her as Anne MargaretOlson, or I should say Margaret
Ann Olson. I think. Oh, she was off a farm in Illinois,

and twentieth century Fox was trying tomake her into the next sex kitten
in the movies, and she wasdoing her best to live up to that.
Bobby Darren was in the film,and of course he was hip and
cool, and that they two ofthem, and they'd be doing a hip
talk like you like wow, daddy, oh yeah, daddy old. Well,
who is the other The other woman? Was that Pamela Tiffin? Is

that who that was? Yes,Emela Tiffin. Yeah. But I just
let Anne Margaret know that I sawthe girl from Oklahoma, the kid off
the farm and a sex queen.It didn't register with me. But she
was just like a neighborhood girl thatI enjoyed and uh, and so we
got along great. And because shemarried Roger eventually and to this day we're

still good friends. That's great.Well, she she still looks good,
and you know, so do you. Pat. I don't know what you
pickle yourself in, but you lookgood. Well. I work out.
I played tennis I as well asgolf, and I have always eaten,
eaten, yeah, eating or eating. Well, then then if you were
to go to this year's State Fair, you would probably have your system in

shock because of all the new friedstuff they have. Oh yeah, we
live for I mean fried ice cream, fried pickles. Oh, this year
it's fried jello, fried jello.Yes, I know that's what we said,
fried jello. There's some things theyshould leave alone. Yeah, the
fried beer a couple of years agowas the one that made me go,

okay, all right, you've gonepast what a normal gastric person might have
to do. You know, Pat, you've been in a number of movies,
and you've had some appearances on TV, but not a lot. Why
having done a lot of TV?Well, I did several TV shows and
series, and I had the badluck several times of starting syndicated shows.

I mean, you know, Ihad the Pat bou Chevy Showroom years ago,
number one in the ratings. WhenI was in college and then you
don't know this probably, but whenI was in school at North Texas State,
I came in and auditioned at wFAA that they had a studio band

and singer then and the singer wentoff to New York and they were auditioning
for some young guy to be asinger on that station. And I went
in and auditioned, and they said, well the guy. The station manager
at the time said a nice kid, but no thanks. I said,
can you tell me what did Inot do that you want? And he

said, well, you don't singloud enough. I said, well,
I can sing louder. But itwas too late, so I did not
get on there. WFAA, that'sall right. You got to sing two
D Fruity live on Network TV,as I remember. Not long after that,
yeah, yeah, long. Abouta year and a half after that,
I was having hit record after hitrecord, and it was all rock

and roll for a while. ButI was just greatly, greatly blessed all
along the way, and maybe toodiverse or eclectic for my own good because
I wound up recording country and popand rock and roll. Wait a minute,
what about the heavy metal album onthe Water? Yeah, and the
Trinity Broadcasting Network said, oh,Pat Boon has turned to the dark side.

Oh my god, it did.Really. I had let them know
ahead of time. I'd done analbum of heavy metal music. But don't
worry, I'd gone over every lyricwith a fine toothcomb, even Stairway to
Heaven. Yeah. But see,they just didn't get the joke. That
was the problem, especially when youwere wearing the leathers. Yeah. And
you know, I got such akick out of it. I really did,

because I knew that the dust wouldsettle and I'd get to explain what
I was doing and that the musicwas really good music, big band jazz.
And we did. About two monthsafter my show was taken off TBN,
we went back on TBN and wehad a whole two hours devoted to

discussing this whole thing. And outfront of TBN, we're about seventy hogs
and bikes, motorcycles and plenty ofChristian bikers in the audience, and we
were talking about how quick we wereto judge other people by the appearance.
I hadn't had any regard for heavymetal or the guys who performed it.

I didn't know any of them,and I didn't like the music. Yeah,
but the thought of Pat Boone doinga heavy metal album, I thought
it was great. Well, itturned out to be a big, big
success. Every time I make anappearance anywhere. Usually the sound guys say,
I got your heavy metal album,man of that dude, so hey,
let me ask you this question.When's the Pat Boone hip hop rap

album coming out? You know what? In an album I did? You?
I know that you're singing that facetiously, but in an album I did,
and I'll send it to if youwant. I'd like to of of
R and B classics in which Inot only do the songs, the hits
with them of rhythm and blues hitslike Tears of a Clown with Smokey Robinson

and We Are Family with Sister Sledge, earth Wind and fire Way of the
World, do it with them.Can't help myself with the poor dogs,
and I do. Papa's got abrand new bag with the godfather himself,
James Brown him. See, that'sthat's not that much of a stretch.
I would expect something like that thatthat would be good for you to do
it. I did a rap songin that album, oh man with cool

Mode. Oh I didn't know thisabout Pat Boone. I got to get
a copy of this. If youever come to town again, maybe we'll
go out to dinner at the Palmrestaurant again and let me know where to
send that album. I want youto to hear the R and B classics.
I want you to hear me singingwith the with the Godfather himself,

James Brown got it out right.Get down, Get down. Thanks Pat
Din, you talk to you asalways good to talk to you, especially
the cops. Ballas what was classicrock A lone star ninety two five.
By the way, his name ispronounced Bill A Square. If you're in

Corsicana, you say that Bella Squorealbum playing a while ago, I would
have no earthly idea who they weretalking about. Yes, you would,
because you hang out with Billy.You know my song Everybody Won't You by
Bill A Squore Es? I thinkyou mean I said what I said?
By God? Okay, we havetickets to see Deep Purple with Yes,

that is August nineteenth at Dickey's Arena. Hell yeah. And since this toy
box Tuesday, sometimes I like todo a toy commercial, which is what
we're gonna do now. Number tocall two one four or eight one seven
seven eighty seven five. I mayhave to play this twice, but it's
really pretty easy. Okay, yousay it's easy, but then I find
it difficult. Well, it's atoy all of you know about, okay,

and it's for guys or girl.Alrighty, No, it's not a
chatty Kathy, it's for guys orgirls. Listen and tell me what this
toy is. Watch it's it's coffy, uffy, fuzzy. All you do
is trace colored with special pencils andcut out in my bake in the oven.

Between watching minutes, you look atthat a drinking it's coffy. You
can make decorations, tags, jewelry, anything you want. There's a he's
no shit for everyone. Jenny madethis group day decoration with their Glow in
the Dark n we. All shedid was traced, had cut, then

Mom pumped it into the oven andin just minutes, wow, like it
cooled into a hard plastic and thatglows in the darkness. Jenny can make
just about anything she can trace,and there are other ex sets available to
each sold separately. The Glow inthe Dark s e Urse comes with everything
you see here. Okay, Okay, Annabel got it right off the bath.

Love this game, damn. Andit wasn't really a game, it
was a toy. It was atoy. It wasn't a game. Very
arts and crassy. Yeah, it'sfor you know, it's a rainy day
outside. I want to go outlate. No, why don't you play
with this? Yeah? This alwaysreverse the name, So unless you can

understand backwards talk, then you wouldn'tget it. Two one four are eight
one seven seven? Five? Okay, let's say there were some hints in
there too, Yeah, there werewere a couple of hints. Damn thought
I had that one. Did yousee what her answer was? I couldn't
read it. Oh, okay,look what it is. Oh, don't

say it out loud. I'm notall right. Let's see if anybody knows
what it is? Hello, Voeand them? Show what toy was that?
Shrinkys is absolutely right an right offthe bat. Good job, Shrinky
Dinks? Did you ever play withShrinky Dinks when you were a kid?

Who's that in there? Is thatyour husband? Yeah? Yeah? Will
you two have a good time?Make it a date nights on August nineteenth,
because you're going to see deep purpleand yes Iah. Okay, who
is the happy couple? First ofall, what is your name? Girl?
Oh? Sarah? And what's it? What's your husband, name Shrinky

Dank and name thank you dang.Only if it's cold, only if if
it's real cold outside. Okay,hang on, darling, because we'll hook
you up with your tickets. Wegot to get some information from you.
Okay, thank you, all right, you're welcome. You did all the
work. Coming up, another interviewfrom a guy that I've been a fan
of for a long long time.Only had a chance to talk to him

once, but it was a goodone, all right. It's coming up
with the ball of them, y'all, and to give me the ben dot
com bo and then Bash is shavingup to be quite the party rascule.
Shelley Aldridge, Roberts, Diane Marshall, they're gonna be there. What about
you? Coming up at eight forty, We're going to open up that lone
Star ticket window for your chance towin tickets to see Stix and Foreigner Friday,
June twenty first at dose Aki's Pavilion. So keep it locked into Dallas

fort Worth's classic crop Lone Star ninetytwo five. I cannot hear this song
and not think of Eddie Murphy fortyeight hours sitting in this jail cell with
his headphones on what red foot outof red That's a real good way to
get shanked in jail. Yeah,singing bad? All right? Ask us

stuff day tomorrow if you ask astuff hotline where you can leave your question
two on four eight six six eightysix hundred. That is tomorrow, which
is Wednesday. And a week fromtomorrow, this guy is coming to town.
He's going to be at the MajesticTheater. It's on a Wednesday.
It is a school night. Sorry, Bo, because I know how much
you love this guy. And hewill turn seventy six later this month.

I'm talking about Todd Rudgren. Jimmyand I had only one chance to interview
him, but we're going to tryand correct that real soon. Here's our
interview with Todd Runggren. Good morning, Todd Ruggin. Wait a minute,
where is it still morning out there? We'll see you're living on island time,
which is different from mainland time.Oh oh okay, I get it.
Hey, mister t How you doing? Are you doing? I'm pretty

good. I saw your place inHawaii when you were on live from Darrel's
house, Only it wasn't live fromDarrel's house. It was lied from Todd
Ruggin's in Hawaii exactly a lot ofpeople have seen my house. I meet
people like in airports and stuff,and the only thing they know about me
is I haven't seen that particular episodeof Darryl's House. We have a friend
that lives out there. I don'tknow how close what island he lives on

from you, Kevin von Eric.He was a wrestler here years ago.
So if you need a good cagematch, I can put you in touch.
Dying for that to happen. Wetalked to you about it, I
think six years ago when you werehere at the House of Blues. Yeah,
that's right, and you were doingthe one man show. Was I
still doing that six years ago?Well, we don't even know if it's

six years. When you get ourage, it kind of runs together all
at once, you know. Yeah, it's good. Years turned into decades
before you know. No. Irecently saw you with Ringo Stars All Star
Band. Looked like that was fun. It was fun. In fact,
it was about six years worth offun. And now, at least for
me, it's over. You know, continues on. But after six years

of playing the same set night afternight, finally I've retired from that.
How many times can you do bangon the drum all day before you want
to do a different one with Ringo? Well you know it's sometimes they don't
want to do it the first time. But now we return to Yotopia.
Yeah, do you ever find akeyboard player? We did. As a

matter of fact, it was alittle scary because we were thinking, maybe
this is like our spinal tap moment. Anyone we put in the keyboard spot
is going to blow up at somepoint. Hey died in a very serious
blow up accident. He did.He suffocated on vomit, head on vomit,

only it was someone else's vomit exactly. Utopia went through all kinds of
changes. They went from proud rockand you did some sort of jazzy material
and even kind of beatleish music.Well, yeah, we have this tendency
sometimes to be kind of anti establishment, I guess. And we did a

song that was supposed to be forthe soundtrack for the movie Roadie. It
was starring meat Love, and Iproduced a couple of songs for Alice Cooper
for that, and we and Utopiathe band played on those songs, and
so they said, oh, doyou guys want to contribute a song the
soundtrack, and what was happening atthe time was like you remember the Knack,
Oh yeah, I know, myMamma is yourn. Yeah. Everyone

was into this what they thought wasthe new thing, which was power pop,
which was going back to like asimpler pop songs, stripped down sounds
and bands and stuff. So wesaid, let's attribute the original power pop
band, the Beatles. So wedid a song called I Just Want to
Touch You, which was kind oflike I want to hold your hands,
and they wouldn't put it on thesoundtrack because they thought the Beatles would sue

them because the Beatles were notorious forsuing people. So we said, okay,
that's the best way to promote ourrecord. We're going to do a
whole Beatle record now and help theBeatles sue us, because any kind of
publicity is good publicity. They say, exactly, ink and zinc in this
business. By the way, Iassume you still play Open My Eyes,
which is one of my favorite NASsongs I have done. Yeah, I

have done that. I do likemaybe four or five different kinds of shows.
It you know, could appear inone of them, but not in
some of the other ones. Well, but I bring that up because I
don't know if you've heard. I'msure you got a check for it.
But the Bengals did a great versionof it. Oh wow, Well,
you know, I'm gonna go findout how much money I made. Get

that money, Todd, get thatmoney right now, give me that bangle
bangle check bangle bling. Do youplay the overture the Mountaintop Sunrise? Do
you play that? Yeah, that'llbe part of Well, that's integral to
the you know, to the wholeraw things that it's called Mountaintop and Sunrise.
That's the first thing that we playthere, which is from the original

movie To the Center of the Earthwhere the fake dinosaurs from Lizards were made
to fight pat movie. Yeah,where they pasted you know, fins on
tobacco lizards and stuff like that.You know, are you gonna have those
peacock eyelids that you had on theMidnight special years ago? Oh? That
was that was a one off.What Well. I used to have a

you know, a guy who didmy makeup and costumes, and he would
never tell me what he was goingto do. I would just sit in
a chair and he would do itsurprise, surprise, Todd. Here's what
you look like. You're surprised.Yeah, we were. Everybody was surprised,
you know, because the label thoughtI was coming out of the closet
or something like that during the midnightspecial. But the advantage was it made

me really big in Japan because Japaneselove that kind of makeup and stuff.
Yes, you know, it's likekabuki. Being from Philly. Do you
give a rats ask whether the Eagleswon the Super Bowl or not? Because
do we hate it? You hatethat? Yeah, because we're cowboys.
Well, the point is you weren'teven in it to have us in the
heart one more time. You broughtit up. I know it's my fault.

I brought it up. Yeah,I get with the program. Everybody
hates the Patriots, all right,Oh that's it. No, that was
a great excuse for us too.The shots every time. Thanks Todd,
Toddy, talk to you man,Thanks you guys, Bye bye, Oh
Todd, why do you have tocome on a Wednesday night? Damn?

Why didn't he call you? Ohyeah, that's right, said all right,
if we play on a Wednesday night, Bowl dude, thanks for playing
naz lone star. That was thatwas the first time I heard Todd Runggren,
And I think I was. Itwas the first time I got really,
really really high. I mean,you know, damn where am I

was playing that album? Yes,Todd Runggren, who will be here a
week from tomorrow and he turned seventysix this month? All right now,
later this week, as a matterof fact, on Friday, it will
be Pat say Jack's last day onWheel of Fortune. Yeah, byes Pat.
The episode was taped in April,but it's gonna air this Friday,

June seventh. That will be PatSajack's last show. He's kind of cranky
over the last year. Have younoticed that on the show? He gets
really snappy with people. Yeah,but then you get something right in the
butt, you know, you getsomething like the dumb answers seemed to get
to him. Exactly a good thinghe's retiring. Well. One time Pat

Sajack and Vanna came to Dallas FortWorth and they did a live show that
was take this Trust SeeU Theater Ithink is what it's called now. But
we got to get Pat Sajack tocuss for us. Oh no, you
didn't, Yes, oh yes wedid. Because we were talking about episodes
of Wheel of Fortune. If thatever happened, Well, here's what happened.

You ever had to do an editon the show, like somebody cussed
when they hit bankrupt or something.We have, Yeah, occasionally words slip
We have one slip out recently,probably somebody in Dallas here. Yeah,
I mean it was, it was. It was a benign We're like mother
faster. Yeah, you'll you'll takethat out? Want you No. I

don't know if it's true or not, but somebody said that you own some
radio stations. I actually do owna couple of stations in Maryland, where
we live actually most of the year. Well, you know, if we
ever find ourselves on the job,we're gonna call slip jackle By. We
see from your shop now we're live. I own two very small and very

low paying. I might add.Oh, I thought it'd be perfect for
well, Pat, it's great tomeet. Well. I was afraid you
guys are gonna read me into itall but time Pat and sage Jack,
and let's tell it turned out.I can say I made Pat say Jack

cuss multiple times. Pat, canI solve the puzzle? Yeah? Oh
gosh, yeah, I know youknow, his longest tenured game show host
in the history of Telion. Iactually was at a taping of his late

night talk show. Remember when hehad that. Oh that was a long
time. Oh it tanked, butmy ex fiance and I went to go
taping of that. Yeah, awesome. Well, looks like Mother Nature is
going to pitch another bitch. Whenis this going to lighten up here?
I have no earthly idea pretty soon. It looks like it's moving eastward.
I'm watching Fox TV here. Wehave another chance this afternoon. Well,

hopefully you guys that were out ofpower have got power. Now, got
some juice in your currents. Butafter storms left hundreds of thousands without power
here, many were left with arefrigerator with spoiled food. Yeah, a
lot of people now. Grocery costsare at an all time high. Having
food go bad could cost a lossfor those already struggling with storm damage and

overall type budget. However, thereis a way to recoup some of that
lost money. Up to five hundreddollars. Homeowners and renters insurance could cover
the cost of spoil food during poweroutages. Check your policies for words like
refrigerated property, food endorsement, oradditional living expenses. When filing a claim,

you should make a list of spoiledfood and estimated costs. Provide pictures
of the spoil food and any receivedyou can find to support your food costs.
Depending on your insurance, you maystill need to pay a deductible.
However, some insurance companies waive itduring special circumstances like power going out.
You can also try to file aclaim with your utility company, but you

may not have much low you knowhow they are. Yeah. Hey,
it's long been accepted that Pepsi isCoca Cola's main rival in the soda biz,
but that truth has just been overturned. The cola wars are now a
three horse race because now, afternearly one hundred and forty years in the

industry, Doctor Pepper is tied withPepsi for second place in sales among carbonated
soft drinks. I'm so happy aboutthis, Dr Pepper. It's a spot
that Pepsi is held nearly every yearfor the past four decades. According to
stats from Beveridge Digest, Coca Colastill number one, but Doctor Pepper is
nipping at their heels. You knowwhat's great? Do you ever try to

freeze the dr pepper and eat it? Oh? Yeah, And I'm gonna
make me one tomorrow just thinking aboutit. And there a Dodor Pepper museum
down the road in Dublin, Dublin, Texas. That's near Waco. Right,
yeah, and they use they useactual cane sugar when they make their
doctor not such dead. I ain'tgot a problem with that at all.

Very nice. Well, we're whatjust a few days away from the official
start of summer, right, isn'tit like second week in June or something?
Is day one, June twentieth?Okay, will Summer is not just
about beaches and pools and swimming andsun tansy people. It's also the season
for kidney stones. Spell. Wewere just talking about that. Yeah.
Researchers are warning that one in tenAmericans will develop a kidney stone during the

summer months due to not being sufficientlyhydrated. Drink your water. Kidney stones
are hard mineral deposits that form inthe kidneys, and they hurt like a
bit, yes, they and theycan cause quite the obstruction. I understand.
It's worse than the feeling of givingbirths. Oh man. Listen,
ask Reverend Billy Wurtz he had kidneystones for a lot. He said it
was the worst pain he'd ever failed. Women. It's worse than childbirth.

Oh really, women when they saythat it must be bad. And women
have a higher threshold of pain thanmen too, so that he's really saying
something. People are to higher riskof getting him in the summer when it's
hot and they don't drink enough water. That is, Experts say the beginning
of summer, like the month ofJune, is especially common time to develop
kidney stones because their bodies haven't quiteadapted to the warmer weather yet. The

best way to avoid kidney stones again, drink plenty of water, especially with
citrus that also helps, and avoiddrinking too much coffee and alcohol. Texas,
do you think you can handle that? Well, unless you want a
kidney stone, you might want tocome bit you tried. Okay? Do
you know who actor Zachary Kino is. Yeah? He plays Spock on the

latest Star Trek movies. Yeah.Well, he has been banned from a
Toronto restaurant after flipping out over howlong he had to wait to get a
table. Apparently he's caught the douchebagof hood it's called Eatery Mannita headed to
social media to call out the start, claiming that Kinto yelled at the staff
because he wasn't seated quickly enough fora birthday lunch. They wrote, Zachary

Kino an amazing spot, but aterrible customer. Restaurant claims he made their
host cry and everyone else uncomfortable.Sources tell TMZ that Zach mcinto won't be
allowed back at the restaurant until heapologizes, which ain't gonna happen. It
ain't gonna happen. Yeah, no, mind meld this time around, Buddy

talk about being off the deep endof Florida. Woman who was caught banging
a guy on a public pier inNaples, Florida dived into the water and
attempted to get away from cops whoare trying to arrest her. The escape
didn't do a twenty year old AlyssaRazzo much good, though she was picked
up by the beach Patrol as soonas she made a neked ass to shore.

The Naples Police Department received multiple reportsabout men and a woman banging each
other behind this historic pel piers Lockegateabout four point thirty pm during the busy
Memorial Day weekend. The two scrambledto put on their clothes, and Rizzo
moved to the edge of the heerand jumped in, despite officers commands to
stay where you are. He wascompletely naked when police arrived at the scene.

And you know, it just makesme think, tired of this happening
to you? I'm under arrest.Oh what we're doing? The ded on
a public peer, then jumping intothe water and trying to escape again.
Well not anymore thanks to hotels.Hotels, how do they work. It's
a building with rooms, and thoserooms have beds in them, so you
can do what you do in thoserooms instead of in random public places.

So no more doing it in astranger's car. That's right, Yes,
everybody's talking about it. We're ona crowded bus, correct, Yes,
a hotel is the perfect place toWe're on the roof of a combination KFC
and Taco Bell. Huh wow,you're pretty naughty. Huh hey, what
are you doing later? You wantto meet at a hotel? Hotels the
perfect place to get it on.Book your room today. Here's another reading

of the Urban Dictionary with Morgan Freeman. Today's definition is cram damn lam jam
verb, the female equivalent of theblock used in a sentence that chick is
the single girl's pubic enemy number one. She'd even clam jam a lesbian and

not a good way. Here's anotherreading of the Urban Dictionary with Morgan Freeman.
Today's definition is high lingual h Ig H l I N g u
A l now the belief that whenhigh you can speak two or more languages.
Used in a sentence. Dude,this weed will make you high lingual.

The Indica makes you from Dominica,and the Sativa from Geneva. Past
the blunt, there we going.Morgan Freeman turned eighty seven over the weekend,
so I just thought i'd throw thatin there. Dude, he was
in town for something this weekend too. I saw a little blurb about it
in social media somewhere. What washe doing here? Something TV? Shooting

something? But he was in theCowtown area over the weekend. Voice of
God, my, oh my,Paul Nanty within an inch of his life,
who want our tickets to go tothe bow? And then bag oh
man, he's a great dude,and he's all the way out in trades
Day's Country, Canton, Texas.Oh yeah, never want a damn thing

on a radio station ever fair andkimberl congratulation. My parents used to take
me and my brother to that firstMonday and yeah all the time. Oh,
let's go. And of course wewere bored as hell, you know,
because we were just Okay, there'sa bunch of stuff people are selling
and I don't need any of it. All the things we hated as kids
now we enjoy. Yeah, shipshop, see how it comes full zergo.

Yeah, all right, ask goodstuff day tomorrow, Caley, ask
you stuff hotline, leave us agood question to one for eight six six
eighty six hundred. And of coursewe got those deep purple and yes tickets
and we will play Choose Your Newsfor them, don't you know. Lone
Star ninety two to five presents theiHeartRadio album release party for bon Jovi's new
album Forever. It's gonna be outthis Friday, the same day that Pat

Sajak says goodbye to coincidence. Ithink not you're broken up? Yeah,
it's coming up Friday night at sevenright here on lone Star, presented by
Hulu. Listen to an exclusive interviewwith John bon Jovi, plus music off
the new album, happening Friday nightat seven right here on Dallas for Ward's
classic rock lone Star ninety two tofive. Hold that note? Actual,

Hold that note? Do you turnblue? He likes to do that.
I don't have any problem with it. Just boys going to catch his breath
someday. Breath control, brief control. I have no controls on this show.
Today, We're just gonna let itrun willy nilly. But tomorrow is
ask us stuff Day. So hopeyou guys got some questions lined up.
We got a stack already been comingin last few days, do we now?

Yeah, but keep them coming.When we got room for yours two
Collie ash your tough hotline two onefour eight six six eighty six hundred.
Now let's find out what we've gotin the way of time wasteds for you.
Oh yeah, you are absolutely gonnawant to go to lone Start ninety
two five dot com and check outthe Bow and Them show page. Because
Carlos Santana has some new music inthe works, So we're gonna release an

album pretty soon called Sentient with MichaelJackson, Miles Davis, Smokey Robinson and
Daryl from Run DYNC. And I'mvery very grateful, you know, I'm
very grateful to be seventy seven,I think and relevant. You know,
it's important to stay relevant with theyoungsters to day. I thank god seventy

Yeah. Well, he'll turn seventyseven on July twenty. Yeah, we're
supposed to have an interview with himhere real soon, yes, because he
is coming to town. He'll playDicky's Arena in Fort Worth on August fifteenth.
Now, there's no word on whenthis new album, Sentient is going
to be released, but we maybe able to hear some of that new
music it comes to town. Hey, the Police have released Thing's demo of

King of Pain ahead of next month'srelease of their Synchronicity fortieth anniversary box set.
We have that demo up and ofcourse the original. I will have
to say that I like the finishedproduct much better than the demo. The
demo has a lot of a likea drum machine real, so it sounds
really bad. It's painful to listento King of Pain. It is painful

to listen to King of How wouldyou do that? I don't know,
but you know they're trying to hypeup this Synchronicity box set, which is
going to be out by the wayon July twenty six. Nothing like a
crappy version of a great song tohype your synchronicity. Well, if you
want to hear it, we've gotit up for you. Also, Police
guitarist Andy Summers is going to releasea new album, Vertiginous Canyons. That's

happening on June twenty first, theDay of the Bone then Bash. The
first single, Into the Blue isout now and we have that up.
Rod Stewart was in Croatia last Friday, and not for a concert, for
the wedding of his son Liam.Oh that's right. I saw the picture.
Oh my gosh, the pictures areincredible. But he took one of
the pictures down, so we hadthe picture from the family. But there

was a picture of Rod standing atthe bar with his youngest son, Alistair,
and he like totally drops trow andthe caption is how to embarrass your
youngest son, Rod Stewart dropped troutat the bar. Yes, yeah,
Oh, we can't find the picture, Anne and I searched high and low.
It looks like it's been taken downeverything. I saw it yesterday and

I so wanted to share it.So if you find it, just know
that we've got the picture from thewedding. Oh, the Safer family pictures
are up on our page. Maybeand it's just maybe she just had a
squishy dream. We saw the dropdrought picture before. He said, Oh
my god, what have I done? Ye? Get it off? Get
it off? Well, you knowI own a pair of signed Rod Stewart.

They're hanging in my garage, soI'm a huge Rod Stewart band.
They soon I'm not telling that meansyes, did you say huge Rod Stewart?
Huge Rod Okay fan. By theway, if you want to see
Rod Stewart in concert, His residencyat Caesar's Palace in Vegas will resume on

July twenty fourth. From July throughAugust, Robin Trouer, I know you're
a big fan. Bo. Hehas canceled his US tour, which was
going to take place in September onOctober, and it's because of health issues.
He took to social media to sayhe's going to have to have some
major surgery. We have that postup. Trouer, who is seventy nine
still plans to perform next February onthe Rock Legends Crew. So fingers crossed

prayers for Robin Trouer. And inother music news, Richie Blackmore, who
left Deep Purple back in nineteen seventyfive, opening up about why he left
Deep Purple. Apparently he was boredwith their music. Oh really, yeah,
that's what he says. We've gotthat interview up and of course we've
got more Deep Purple. If you'renot bored of their music. We have
tickets up for grabs tomorrow morning atseven fifty for their show August nineteen at

Dickie's Arena. And finally, ifyou have ever wished that you could hear
your dog talk to you when youtake them to the vet, just to
hear what they have to say aboutyour veterinarian, check out this Veterinary Clinics
TikTok of a Golden Retriever's day atthe vet. And just know that after
hearing this dog talk, it's goldenRetriever, beautiful golden retriever. I want

to adopt this dog all wanted tocome home with me. I'm getting so
emost of you have every animal onthe planet that's cute in your room.
We have the video up on thebow and them show page at lone start
ninety two to five dot com.Come on, give us that big scream
at the end, Come on here, come what thanks Gatty you never let

us gout, Helium, Getty,Helium Geddy. There were a lot of
radio stations that wouldn't play Rush justbecause of Geddy's voice, because of his
shrill Yeah, Jesus, that wasThat was my program director in New Orleans.
Of course he was a freaking idiotto begin How many idiots have you
worked for? About? Oh,but but there's still a few scattered all

around here. Oh, there goesone down the hall. Now nobody,
but they're scattered hither, thither andyawn. They know who they are.
That's the problem. They don't knowthat they're idiots. That's the worst kind
of idiot, not knowing you're anidiot. Yeah, that's a dangerous idiot
right there. Yeah, that's adangerous idiot that will do something idiotic just

to prove to you that he's notan idiot. Like, I don't like
Geddy Lee's voice, so I'm notgoing to play Rush. Oh the same
guy would not play ac DC.I worked at a top forty radio station
and they would not play Debbie Gibson'sShake Your Love because they said it sounded
like it belonged in a titty bar, shake your Luve. My God,
well it was called shake of themost rated pop songs. God, whatever

happened to her? She is givesshe didn't want to be Debbie. Yeah,
yes, okay, still out it, still at it, so are
we except for the pretty part.Okay, So tomorrow is ask his Stuff
Day, give us some good questions. We'll also do another installment of Drumfreaking

Bonder. Yes, and we'll playthe game you Love to Hate. Choose
your news for those tickets to seeDeep Purple and yes, and yes there
is a theme. It's gonna tellyou what it is. That's okay.
Now, well you have no choicebecause I ain't sticking around here till tomorrow,
Yoe. Coming up next is ourafter show decompression session. Who knows

what we'll talk about. We don'teven know. In fact, once we
get going, we don't even knowwhere it's going. It just goes.
We just blather. Yes, that'slike blabbing at a rather rapid pace.
Yea rather showering. Yeah, okay, so you're lathering and blabbering. Oh
that slating great word, isn't ita great word? See, we make

them up. We don't like words. We just make up our own words.
Then we're gonna do what we want. So I got a question,
call you ask yourself hotline two andfour eight six six eighty six hundred or
after it. Show decompressionation is comingup and we'll see you tomorrow on the
show. Enough show, I kapeIt twenty The datch Bitches
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