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December 12, 2023 13 mins
He's freah off of a CMA wish, Grammy Nomiation and not to mention, having the BEST YEAR EVER, Jelly Roll stops by to talk how different life has become for him and how he needs to manage 2024 better than 2023.
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It's cool because the last time Italked to this guy was gosh, almost
a week ago to the day,and he was just just a guy with
a few number one songs taking overthe world. Since then, we are
talking to the CMA Best New Artists, New Artists of the Year, and
not only that Grammy nomination. Yes, yes, baby, the Grammy nominated

dog. That's the crazy part thatto me is like, you know,
man, it's just it's happened withinthirty six hours of winning the CMA New
Artist of the Year award, rightafter my first extremely like genuinely viral moment,
you know what I mean. It'sjust crazy, man, just unreal.
Uh, take me through what thatnomination means to you, because we

have seen this literally, like,who's this jelly Roll? Yeah, I'd
love to check him out to now. I mean, it feels like you're
at the top of the musical world. I can't even paint you in the
genre because you're, like we said, you're all over the place. So
what does this Grammy nomination mean toyou? On top of everything you've witnessed
of yourself over the last couple ofyears. You know, man, there's

I was talking to somebody about this. My wife, actually, she didn't
fully get it. She was like, you know, I know the Grammys
are a big deal. She's like, but why does it mean so much
to an artist? And I waslike, the moment you become a Grammy
nominee or an award, a GrammyAward winner, but even a nominee,
that is now the biggest title youcan have, Like you know, like
when you're a prince. One dayyou can be a king, and once

you're a king, there's no biggertitle. They just call you king such
and such like right now, it'slike, this is the three time CMT
Award winner, New Artists of theYear, CMA Award winning, But the
moment you become Grammy nominated, everytime somebody introduces me, from now on,
we'll go this is the Grammy nominatedartist Recording artist Jelly row. I
thought about how big Taylor Swift is, right, she's the new Michael Jackson.

And they put a picture of herup that first Chief game that she
was at and it said the twentytime Grammy Award winning Taylor Swift or twenty
time Grammy Award winner or however manytimes she's won a Grammy and to me,
that just shows you the power ofwhat that means to have your name
associated with the Grammys. Has itset in? Have you let it set
in yet? Denominations? Yeah?Man, I mean, dude, just

you know, it's unreal. Ihaven't. I'm nervous, like it's such
a big thing. You're just like, what can go wrong between now and
then? Like the little negative pirateon my shoulders, just like immediately gat
me in my feelings about what thisis. You know, take me back
to CMA night. I feel likeyou're a guy even though, let me

tell you, ninety five percent ofthat room picked you. Not that other
people didn't deserve it, but youare talented and you're a hell of a
guy. You care about everybody youcome in contact with. That type of
stuff matters, right, So whenit came to that moment when you gave
your speech, obviously crazy viral.I mean I see people quoting it.

It's got to be one of themost quoted speeches in the history of the
CMA Awards because literally you log intoInstagram, especially the windshield did the rearview
thing, which I've heard you sayin interviews before. It's unreal. Man,
was any of that planned or wereyou able just to go? I
just went no. I didn't thinkI was gonna win. I thought Zach
Bryan or Parker McCullum had it,especially with the year Zach Bryan's had,

yep, and uh, Parker's mybuddy, so all pun nintended when I
say he's had a hell of ayear or two, you know what I
mean, hell of a year.So it's like for me, I just
I didn't think i'd win. Sowhen they called my name, I was
walking up there and I was like, I mean, I'll never forget it.
I was looking at that screen andthere's inside Baseball, y'all know this.

But I look up at the screenin front of me and it goes
fifty nine, fifty eight, fiftyseven, and I'm like, I gotta
say something, like I got sixtyseconds here to really say something, and
I need to say it. Butit connected. It did. Man,
it was unreal. I could nothave expected me to come out of that
Awards show with so many viral storylines. I think they somebody told me we

had a company do the analytic impressionson it, like where they can see
every retweet. How many it gotand every repost and like, like into
the nerd stuff that like eighty millionviews or something like they think one in
every three adults in America this week. You could be like, hey,
have you heard of a jelly rollGrather. They'd be like, I've just
seen that speech of his. Youknow what I mean? Yeah? You.
And it's funny because even my grandmawas like that jelly roll fella is

a friend of yours. He wona big award. I was like,
yeah, Grandma, jelly rolls ofman. Uh, take me through through
the rest of the year for younow, because obviously we're about to talk
about another big song for you withLaney that is on its way to doing
some big things. But what doyou have the rest of the year?
Man? You know, I stillgot a bunch of shows. I'm still
doing shug. I'm flying out ofhere tonight to do a show in San

Antonio right after I get off stayedin San Antonio, I'll fla straight to
La so I will have hit Nashville, Texas and California before I go to
sleep. And I'll do a showin Arizona on Wednesday and then make my
way back home and then be homefor Thanksgiving. We're just working, dude.
It's it's non stop with us.We're on the constant go. Knowing
how amazing twenty twenty three has beenfor you, is any part of you

obviously you talk, You've been vocalabout I got unplugged. You boys got
unplugged for a little while. Uhare you already trying to manage your schedule
in twenty four? Yeah? Todo And I'm going to say to do
less, but I don't mean thatin like a disrespect, you know what
I mean, but like to makesure you're managing your schedule because you hit
red hot so fast you really couldn't. Yeah. Yeah, I've got to
take some time for myself. Man, I gotta start saying no, especially

spend more time with my family.And I'm looking at it in twenty twenty
four and I'm gonna unplug from thephone here right in the middle of December
and kind of got a month offbefore I got to really get back into
it again, So it'd be good. That month will do me a lot
of good. Another moment that wentviral and it has since been corrected,
but dropping the CMA Award, Ohdude, the thing that people that.
First of all, what was yourimmediate reaction? I was like, man,

it was crazy, dude. Listenwhen I dropped that award. You
could hear it was in the mediaroom, so everybody's out running around,
and then I dropped the award andyou could have heard a fly fall,
you know what I mean. Iwas just instantly like, whoa, you
know what I mean? Just crazy. But what but people don't understand is
it didn't even have your name onit. It technically wasn't your award,
right, it's a stand in.Yeah. It was like, yeah,

I didn't know that. Though Ididn't know anything. I just knew they
handed me one. So I waslike, oh god, I get my
award. Tonighters I gotta expect this. I didn't see if they had my
name or nothing. But I wasjust like, that's cool. I got
an award and I was handing itto everybody anyways because you've got one.
But they're way heavier than they looklike they are. Absolutely they're crazy heavy.
So I was like, man,this is I want people to feel.
It's like it's name Gurvy and h. Then I dropped it and I

was like, I cannot believe Iblew this, dude. I cannot believe.
How would I of all people,you know, why me? You
know what I'm saying, Why couldit have been Luke Comb's You know,
there's so many other people back herethat would have been way smoother. They
would have dropped it. Uh.In that moment you were talking about the
post show, there's like a bigpress. I don't know what they call
those, but like just it's abunch of people in one room and on

on on one of the biggest momentsof your career so far and maybe your
life. You're just accepted this award, but still on that stage, you
gave credit to Laney Wilson. Youknow, you're talking about where your song
is on the chart right now withthe Entertainer of the Year Landy Wilson.
Knowing that this year has brought youand Laney closer, especially with working together
on the single. What did itmean for you to see her outshine?

I mean not that she didn't deserveit, but I mean she beat out
some pretty massive names that have donesome pretty big things over the lessons.
Did I read that she was thefirst woman to get it in a decade.
I would believe it. I don'tknow for such just man, what
does that say about women's country musicand where it's at right now and Laney
being at the forefront of that,you know what I mean? I think
that it's really cool what's happening.And Laney, Man, this is how

I describe this business to people.I am willing to work the hours and
do the stuff that most people inthis town are not willing to do.
Right. Yeah, Laney's willing todo what I won't do, you know
what I mean, like the stuff, and I'm like, no way,
I'm waking up and doing that.Laney's like I'm in you know, I
mean, nobody works harder than her. I thought I was bragging, but
I was like, Laney, dude, I only spent seventy days home last

year, which I've only spent fortydays home this year. And she goes
she looks at me and goes,ooh, you had it good. I
was like what she was like sixteensixteen nights she slept in her own bed
last year in twenty twenty two,you know what I mean? Like,
people do not understand the work ethicthat Lanney has. Man, she is
one of the hardest working people I'veever seen in my entire life. So

to see her get publicly rewarded forthat and her positivity, like her message
is just so pure and so genuine, you know what I mean. Like,
it's just you know, just peace. It's he'll billy stuff. It's
hill billy hippi shit, it's loveeverybody, everybody be loved kind of stuff.
Come one, come all, exceptall. It's just it's a great
look for country music that Laney Wilson'son top of the game. Knowing the

night that you just had, followedby the Grammy news, knowing the night
that Laney just had. How muchmore special? Now is it for this
song to go number one? Foryou? And save me? Dude?
It's man. First of all,this song has so many layers of a
story that make it special. Bubba. I wrote this with a guy I've

known since high school. Neither oneof us were published writers. We were
just two dudes in a studio witha guitar and wrote this song. So
for us to have this moment,it's crazy. Moving forward. The next
level is when we had to goand list somebody to produce it. I
called Zach Krowell, a dude thatI bought a beat from in eighteen years
ago for seventy bucks or fifty bucksor something, you know what I mean.

Who's now been a part of thirtynumber ones. So it's like the
layers of this and then Laney andher year and then my year, and
the song is nominated for a Grammy. The hands of history will never be
able to take that back, youknow what I mean. If everything goes
belly up for me in the nextfive years and I never win another award
or get nominated, and I youknow what I mean, everybody just turns

cold on jelly roll. They'll nevertake away from me that I was nominated
for a Grammy in twenty twenty three. You know, it's crazy, that's
how much this means to me.This is it when it comes to twenty
twenty four. Are you a guythat's in competition with yourself regularly? Like
I just put this out so likewithitsitt Chapel, right, great album?

Do you have to outdo yourself onthe next one? Yeah, because I'm
the only person I'm competing against.I'm not out here fighting against anybody else,
you know what I mean. I'mnot out here chasing against anybody else
or I'm just one hundred percent outhere going to You know, I'm trying
to be a better version of myself. I'm trying to beat the old jelly
roll bub I'm trying to put outa better song and save me. That's
what I'm writing against when I'm inthe room. I'm not trying to write

a song better than another artist.So with that, I have a second
part of that question, but Iwant to ask first with save me.
Once it is run and it's runits course, which is the type of
song the list forever? Right?Do you know what's next? Are you
going to focus on a new projectafter that? Oh? As far as
like radio singles go, and howdo I like to share the Yeah,

no, well I don't know.I'm talking to the label because I'm gonna
let them do whatever they want todo because I trust them. I love
Halfway to Hell. I know it'sa little unconditioned, untraditional for country radio,
but so is every song Jether Rolesever had on country radio. So
I love Halfway to Hell. Ilove the tempo and I love the energy
of it. So I kind ofhope that's my next single. I know
what goes up live incredibly, Likewhen you see Halfway to Hell live,

it goes. Let me ask youthis. Then the second part of that,
the question about outdoing yourself. Doyou know where you're going with a
new album yet? Are you lettingthis breathe? Like? Oh no,
No, I've been writing, dude. I'm probably forty fifty songs in Man,
this new album. I'm gonna putout a lot of music in twenty
three, four, twenty four,twenty four. I'm put out a lot
of music in twenty four. Yeah, it's all blending together now. I
look to tell you. I'm like, tell, where are we so being

in competition with yourself? How doyou outdo yourself? In twenty four?
I just want to write better songs, man, It's like anything else,
dude. I mean the more Iwrite, the better I get. I'm
understanding it more. That's the musicside, but more important, I want
to spend more time with my daughterin twenty four, it's the other.
I gotta be a better father nextyear. I was very absent this year,

so I got to learn how tobalance this thing a little better.
Does she understand that? I meanshe's older, she's fifteen, but they
understand, but don't understand. Theyunderstand better when they're seven because they don't
understand. Yeah, but when theydo understand and they understand that, you
know, there ain't no excuse,you know what I mean. And obviously,
the last thing I want to askyou, coming off of what was
a massive year for you and evenbuilding up to going into twenty twenty three,

have you been able to make justa ridiculous purchase like you have this
adult money now that maybe because letme tell you something might I'll be straight
up. My adult money is somethingI couldn't have when I was a kid.
I bought wrestling championship belts. That'sawesome. I got the video games.
Like I am with adult money,I am not the guy to role

model nobody. So what are purchasesyou've been able to buy that You're like,
this is ridiculous, but I cando it. Someth'm gonna my adult
money. Sneakers? I bought abunch of sneakers. Why you always send
me with a different pair of sneakerson when I'm on carpets and stuff?
But did y'all see the clip ofme and my wife pulling up in that
Lincoln with the kissing doorts mine.Oh really yeah? The doors before awards
season. Yeah, no, Ihad it made for the awards because last

year I pulled up in that redCadillac, which is mine. So I
was like, man, I wantto do a Lincoln next year, sixty
four. I'm not gonna get onefor next year though, y'all can't afford
a new car every Cmas. Butbut that's that's uh. That was probably
my real crazy, Like you know, like when you got enough money to
just go buy an old school caryou'll drive five times a year. It's

getting ridiculous, dude, I knowyou're I can't tell you how we've We
will never forget the first time theybrought you in and they're like, oh
we got this jelly row. God, dude, the world is sat Nate
lunch in front of y'all spot rightthere at all there. That was great.
You couldn't do it now without gettingbothered. I'll tell you that crazy
living a good life will probably loveyou, brother man
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