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October 23, 2023 14 mins
Liney Wilson has always been one of our favorite guests. It's no surprise, she leads the pack with CMA nominatons, including ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. Lainey shares teh excitment and you'll never guess how she celebrated early chart success.

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Listen. Listen. First of all, I don't even know how much time
we have with you, so it'sfine. Uh let me tell you as
special as that moment like, wehave been nominated and lost the last uh
two Cmas and the last two ACMshows in the radio categories, So to

win and to have somebody who wethink extremely highly would be the person to
call and tell us made that evenmore special than I already was. So
thank you for sharing that moment withus. I'm so glad that I was
the one that was able to call. Oh my gosh, we cry emotional.
Yeah, we cried so hard.Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna text

you the video because as soon aswe got off you, I'm talking like
I love it ugly crime. Listen. First of all, we haven't caught
up in a while. How doesLady Will go from we talked a whole
ten Yere town. How does LandyWilson in a handful of years go from
I think I've heard of her beforetoo. You can't go through a TV

station or through a radio station andnot know who you are. Now,
that is crazy, it does.It seems like kind of overnight and I
think for some folks, they probablydo think it is overnight. But August
of this year was mark twelve yearsfor me of being in this town.
And the truth is that the workdidn't start for me when I moved here.
It started at nine years old andI'm thirty one. How are you

feeling about success? Like have yougotten used to it yet? Or no?
Oh, I'm getting used to it. I could get really used to
success. It's a lot better thanthe other. No, it does feel
good, and I will say asmuch as of a whirlwind as it's been,
because it has been a crazy,crazy two years. I do feel

like I'm right where I'm supposed tobe, and I feel like there's more
with that from kind of thing.I'm like, I'm ready. I'm tired,
but I'm ready. How do youkeep yourself a priority? Because I
know you've talked about, you know, staying healthy recently and taking care of
yourself. How do you find timeto perfect example, already share details today

like Hey, I just got tostep away for a little bit. How
how do you keep yourself a priority? You have to carve out the time
period it has to be on yourcalendar. You can't just be like like
I've got a day off, youknow, here or whatever. Like,
you have to be very aware ofit, very conscious of it. Any

opportunity I have to call my family, call my sister, call my nephews,
have them facetiming and humble me realquick, you know, like anything
I can do like that that makesme feel like me without the world watching,
you know. I mean, evenif that means going for a ride

on on my land that I justgot here in Nashville and going out in
the woods and getting eat up bychiggers, like you, just find the
time and do it. Listen.I took my son four wheeling over the
weekend and I'm still scratching my legs. So I feel you on that.
Dude. If you see me downhere scratching my knees, you know what's
going on? Well, you seeyou just you just purchased some land.

What's that lake? Are we talkinga farm of rants or just you know
you're gonna figure it out later.It does have a pasture. I don't
have any horses on it yet.Yeah, I got me some some acres
and I'm loving it. I Mean, I'm not there a whole lot,
but it is. It is cool. Knowing that it's still here even if
I'm not. You know, listen, if this radio thing goes belly up,

I'm just gonna I can like mowthe lawn or something like that.
You just holler at me, allright, come on, we're gonna get
you training the horses. You don'twant that either. A guy that's as
big as a horse wouldn't be ridingone. I'm just saying, whatever,
Uh, the success you've had andwe talk, it's not anything that's like
easily easy to get used to.But when it comes to a number one

song, I'd imagine there was aday You're like, I'll take top one
hundred. I don't even need one. Just give me in the top one
hundred, dude. This is thisis actually really funny, but uh,
with things a man ought to know. When we charted, I called my
friend Dallas Wilson and I said Icharted, and he thought, I said

I charted, and he was like, you want I said, I charted.
I charted, And then he calledhis sister. It was like a
game of telephone. He said,Laney charted, and she said she's shard.
It just kept going on and onand on and on. But that's
one of my funny charting stories.That's so good. So we're talking the

success obviously a Watermelon Moonshine. Isit tough to hold a song higher than
others? You know what I mean? Like, obviously your first number one
is always going to be special.Is it tough to look back and be
like this one definitely meant more thanthe others have so far. I think
they've all kind of served their purposein a different kind of way. I

think Watermelon Moonshine has kind of servedthe purpose of taking people back home.
And the truth is, I'm onthe road so much right now. It's
nice being able to get up thereduring this season of my life and kind
of sing about something that makes mefeel at home. I feel like Heart
like a Truck was kind of oneof those anthems that kind of got me
through some hard It's really crazy,like some of the hard times I was

dealing with in my personal life whilethat song was doing its thing. They
all serve a purpose. I trulybelieve that, even if they never see
the light of the day. Everysong that you write gets you to that
next one. Obviously, you don'tget to enjoy the journey as much as

as you'd like to do your scheduleand always, you know, writing when
you can, recording, probably evenfewer than do you know what's next?
Have we already heard what's next?For you? We're getting back in the
studio. We're gonna be cutting somemore music. The truth is, I
think I was already working on mynext record before Bellbum Country Ever even came

out. So always working on newmusic. But I was a songwriter before
I was an artist, and sothat is that's what my one true love
is, creating songs, and sothat's what I'm gonna be focusing on here
really really soon. So hopefully newmusic will be coming out next year.
And hey, if it was upto me, we'd be dropping a song

every day. Listen, if youDM it to me, I can be
playing it by tomorrow. After Iknow what I might, I might be
like, oops, sorry, guys, listen. The funny thing is I'll
get in trouble, not you,But I would do it for lady.
Right, do you do you knowwhat direction you want to go with the
next album? Like do you thinkwhen you think title? Because obviously the

songs make the album, But doyou ever think title, because I mean,
bell Bottom Country. You could reallywork your way up a country outfit.
You could do bell Bottom Country andthe next song is like turtle Neck
two step or something. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna whoop
you too. Actually, that's crazyyou say that, because that was gonna
be the name of the next record, Turtle Neck Tuesday. Crazy. The

truth is, I think the nameof the record will kind of just find
itself. So but we we createdthe term bell Bottom Country back in twenty
seventeen when I signed up my publishingdeal and somebody was kind of referring to
the way that I dress and alsokind of the sound of my music and
said, it's like, it's kindof like bell Bottom Country, and a

little light went off in our headand that was it. We were like,
this is gonna kind of like helpus figure out what things look like
and what things sound like. Andso it kind of just made sense to
call that sophomore record build Bottom Country. But the next record, I think
it's going to show a different sideof me. It's definitely going to show
growth. I think I've grown awhole lot as a singer, songwriter and

just as a person in the pastyear, two years, So you're going
to be able to see that asyou experience more life and you are seeing
the success which every success, everyrise to from the ashes, has to
start. What's falling on your face? Right, And we've all fallen on
our face and got up, andI'm sure you have before we ever knew

your name. But the comeback hasbeen phenomenal for Lanny Wilson. But as
that happens, you're going to findmore stories to tell. Is it going
to get tougher as we continue tolearn who Lannie Wilson is? Is it
going to get tougher for you todig deeper and become more vulnerable than you
already have? No, To behonest, I think well, I would

say it's just hard in general tobe vulnerable and like really be vulnerable.
You can like pretend you're kind ofvulnerable, but uh, I feel like
I'm getting a little a little morebrave with that. I feel like at
this point in my career, I'mnot having to be like as much of
like I'm Landy Wilson from Basking losingInna from a town of two hundred people

and thought I got to die bailBottom country. I feel like for a
really long time it was it waskind of trying. I was trying to
set that foundation that way people couldremember me. Now I do feel like
a little bit of a weight haskind of been lifted. It makes me
feel like, Okay, now I'veaccumulated some fans, and I wouldn't be

doing them right if I wouldn't openingup and talking about struggles in my life.
And you know, I mean,of course, you tell all your
business. You ain't got none.I ain't gonna tell everybody everything, but
I want to do it in away that makes people feel like they're not
alone. We're gonna fast forward tothe CMA nominations up because I mean,

it's really the l CMAS, theLaney Country Music Association Awards, now right,
You're like, you know, listen, I'm laying the cheese on thick.
Okay. Is it nuts to seeyour name on some of the biggest
categories that exist in country music?Yes, and especially when I'm competing against

myself. There are a few categorieswhere me and Hardy are competing with me
and Jelly. It's just like it'scrazy, And especially the Entertainer of the
Year thing, I fink I gotsome big o's, she used to feel.
But the truth is we have.We literally had a club tour top

of this year. We played stadiumswith Lukecolmb's. We're on the road with
Hardy right now. We have playedevery kind of air and festival you can
think of. In between we playedRed Rocks. We have played a gazillion
shows, so we've been doing someentertaining. How excited are you to And
first of all, good look beforewe move on, good luck at the

CMA Awards. Everybody loves Landy Wilson. So I think you'll do You'll do
fine, which turns out Tay andI will be there. So if you
need help carrying trophies, holler atus all right. Well, you know
they don't actually give you the trophythe day of. They wait like six
or so months and you get itin the mail. That bothers me.
They doing us dirty. They're doingus dirty. You know what, I'm

gonna hand make you some and justcarry him in myself. Uh, you're
we recently what that trophy looked like. It would be horrible because my I'm
not like good at man's stuff,so like I can't build things. I
can't you if we were all strandedout somewhere, you would be more helpful

in us surviving than I would bewhen it when it comes to touring you,
your name is on some pretty impressivedates, including this Morgan Wallen uh
Stadium tour. We just heard you'reon a select few of those dates.
Knowing that Morgan is and I'm nottaking away because there is not much hotter
name than Landy Wilson country music rightnow. But to know that a guy

like Morgan, who is literally rewritingyou know how a country music career goes.
What does that mean? To beable to hop on the road and
possibly end up collaborating together at somepoint, It's awesome. I love him.
I've known him for a long time. But I went on the road
with him and Hardy in twenty nineteenand we were playing like a thousand cap

rooms. I mean like it waswe were playing clubs and it was just
me and my guitar, and thenHardy was next and then Morgan. And
I remember then being like, Ijust know it. This dude is he's
gonna do something that we have neverseen and he's doing it. And I
knew he would there's just something aboutthe guy, you know, there's just

something about him. You're just like, you can't help but love Morgan want
And it is a movement. AndI'll tell you what I think what him
and Luke Colmbs both have done forcountry music. I mean, it's crazy
to see how cool country music is, like becoming again. It should have
never not been cool, but itdoes feel like it's a part of like

a pop culture movement right now.And I'm proud to be a part of
it too. A lot of peopleare saying, like, it feels like
nineties country again, right. Itfeels huge, It feels it feels like
the shows are getting bigger, thecrowds are getting bigger. Yeah, I
think I think, looking back onit years from now, be like I
was a part of that right there, not even a part of a leader

in it. Lady Wilson, we'recarrying the torch. Let's go. Hey,
we know you are type for time. And my god, we talked
to you at nine thirty this morningand you're still sitting roughly in the same
seat you were then. And guesswhat I got. I got here at
eight fifteen. Yeah, mhm.Dedication, deddication but it is funny that

my day started with y'all and it'skind of ending. We all too well.
We appreciate you, and again I'mfrom the bottom of both of our
hearts. That was that was Itwas even more special because we got to
share with you, so thank youfor that earlier. I love y'all and
I'm very proud for y'all. Thankyou. We love you girl. We'll
catch up so
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