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April 7, 2024 9 mins
Betsy Lovett, Director of Business Development, and Kellie DeMuth, Program Coordinator, talk about Senior Star a program at Dublin Retirement Village talk about awareness for Parkinson's. 
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Well, you have to face it. Eventually, we all get older and
then we have those decisions to make, not just about our own selves,
but our parents and grandparents. Whatdo you do? Yeah, and on
top of that, if there isa health issue, something like Parkinson's,
you really have to think about thecare that you're receiving or your loved one
is receiving. So we're really happyto have Senior Star, a company that

has a presence here in central Ohio, in with us today to talk a
little bit about what they're doing withcommunity outreach and particularly Parkinson's Awareness Month.
Betsy love It, director of businessdevelopment for Senior Star at Dublin Retirement Village
in Harrison on Fifth and Kelly dmoutham I saying that correctly. Damuth d
Muth d Muth, who is programcoordinator at Harrison on Fifth, thank you

ladies for being in with us onthis Sunday afternoon. Thank you for having
us. That was like, yeah, age, now, thank you for
having us. What an important conversation. And you guys have to know in
your line of work that you're doinga world of good because it can be
a scary place with aging and forgetfulnessand Parkinson's and all of that, and

you kind of offer that branch forpeople. We really do. Parkinson's disease
is the second most common neurological diseasein the world. Oh wow. And
every six minute, someone in theUS is diagnosed with a disease with Parkinson's
and so we're seeing it more andmore families who are calling us for resources,

who need our support, and soit's very important. So let's talk
a little bit about what we knowabout Parkinson's because not everyone is as familiar.
What are the some of the signs, What are some of the things
we need to look out for andsee if we are battling it or a
loved one is sure the disease,Really it complicates those just those daily activities,

so things like eating, sleeping,so we're having more of a struggle
sleeping at night, walking, soyour mobility is being affected. So really,
those things that we do all thetime, Parkinson's disease robs us.
So it makes it harder for usto do those daily activities. When I

think of Parkinson's, I think ofpeople shaking. Yeah, same, And
is that the extreme case of it? Does it start minor and then it
gets bigger. Sure, it's that'struly. One of the symptoms of the
disease is tremors. But it does. It affects everyone really differently, got
it. So how is Senior StarKelly able to respond and support those with

Parkinson Because I think if you guys, it's like locations, right, So
I think this is an introduction toour audience about all the different types of
things you can do beyond just residents. From what I understand. Sure,
So Senior Star has long been offeringParkinson's programming as part of daily life.
We do extend it to everyone,outsider community. Everybody public is welcome to

come in. In fact, welove we love it when people come sample
our classes and come on in outsidecommunity members. It makes things so wonderful
for us too that we can reachso many people on a daily basis.
We have programs at both places,so both Dublin Retirement Village and Harrison on
Fifth have similar programming like rock Steadyboxing, which I believe Betsy, you

can speak a little bit more tothat. Sure, yeah, that's my
favorite. So exercise really is thekey. It's one of the best medicines
to combat the symptoms of Parkinson's.So we are always looking for new programs
that we can do. So,like Kelly said, rock Steady Boxings are
our newest program and it is anon contact boxing scene where you come and

you literally put boxing gloves on andyou are punching a heavy bag and we
work on your strength, your adurance, your range of motion and truly
it's a way that our residents peoplefrom the community can come together and they
feel like they're there for each otherand they can we have fun and we

laugh. It's a great workout.So that's we offer our Rock City box
scene at Harrison on Fifth that's onWednesdays at ten thirty, and then we
also have that at Dublin Retirement Villageon Tuesdays at two o'clock. You can't
drive down the road anymore without seeinga retirement center retirement village. What separates

your location? What separates Senior Starfrom other facilities or other villages that you
make it inviting because a lot ofpeople fear what they consider a nursing home
and you want to get away fromthat stigma. So what separates We truly
meet people where they are and wewant people to feel when they're walking into

our community, whether they have Parkinson'sor whether they might have a different form
a different disease, or they justdon't want to take care of their home
anymore, that we just we listento their story, We meet them where
they are, and we respect them. We provide them with the resources that

they need, and just come alongthe side of them in their journey and
help them live their best life.I love the community outreach aspect of what
we're talking about. I know mostour focuses on what you guys are doing
for Parkinson's Awareness Month today and someof your classes, but what does that
community outreach look like beyond the residentsas we were talking about earlier. So

in terms of community outreach this monthin particular, we're doing a lot of
great things because we do have Parkinson'sAwareness Day coming up that it's going to
be on April eleventh. That beingsaid, we have a big event open
to the public from three to fourpm on the eleventh, that's a Thursday.
We'll have things there as fundraising,that kind of thing. We love

to give back. We love tohost different parties, so we have many
different fundraising opportunities for the month.That being said, that we would like
to invite the public to come onin and sample one of our classes.
So not just our rock study boxingoffered once a week at each community,
we also have what do we have, let's see single out for PD that's

on Wednesdays at one pm. It'sa great program done at Harrison fifth we
have a strength and stretch class everyFriday at eleven am, which is also
fabulous. We have Why are strengthtraining so important to those with parkinson Well,
as we lose ability to control ourmuscle fibers, we need to make

sure that muscle memory is back inand we keep those connections alive and strengthened.
So exercise helps delay the disease,right, and that's a proven fact.
It's a proven fact. So wehave exercise at least once a day,
not just for Parkinson's, but wedo invite everybody to come in for

those I think it's interesting because itcan really be a next chapter in someone's
life. You know, my momlived be gosh, she was just a
week or two, a couple ofweeks away from ninety three, and the
longer she lived, all of herfriends had already gone before her. So
when you do come into a retirementvillage. You're starting a next chapter where

you are meeting new friends and it'slike a resurgence of your own personal life
again. We feel that, wefeel that really hard. And I can
speak to that because I love mycommunity and we are a family, and
that, I think is what setsSenior Star apart from everything else we do
with love, and you can feelit the minute you walk in our communities.
You feel it, you see it, and you're part of a family

we love to support. Nobody shouldbe walking alone at any age, especially
as we get older, and especiallywith Parkinson's in this area. One of
the things, Betsy that I noticedis that you guys are very holistic about
how you're treating those who reside withyou with Parkinson's. And also, you
know the fundraising part. I wantedto explain that a little more. What

is the fundraising part of this?Sure, the fundraising, So whether it's
the happy hour or different crafts,just whatever we're going to be doing throughout
April. All the fundraising money thatwe receive, one hundred percent goes towards
the Parkinson's Foundation, so we workclosely with them. They're wonderful. They

have a local chapter here close byto Columbus. They help with resources,
they help. We're going to bea part of the Columbus the Moving Day
Walk, which Kelly had mentioned.It's on April twenty eighth and it starts
at eleven o'clock, so we're allgonna come together and walk together it's called

the Moving Day and help encourage oneanother. We can hear the music.
We're up against a break. Thebest way for people to reach out and
get more information is what go toour website, so www dot Seniorstar dot
com, slash Hairson on fifth orif you can check out Dublin as well.
Right, please also call a phonenumber six one four seven two one

three seven sixty six or Dublin isgoing to be six one four four four
one four zero four eight. Ladies, Thank you for all you're doing for
Parkinson's throughout our central Ohio community.This is what matters on six' ten WTV in
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