Legally Blunt

Legally Blunt

A little bit basic and a little bit rock and roll. Hannah & Jonny are as different as two people can possibly be and proof that opposites do attract! But they do agree on the important stuff - family, friends and all things food-related!


February 22, 2024 31 mins

-DID YOU KNOW: The secret meaning behind cottoneye joe?

-AFAF: She thinks her husband is a cold-blooded killer...but we're on his side

-DR. GOOGLE IS IN: top searched medical questions

-The best British slang for getting really drunk 

-Jonny probably wouldn't qualify for this new dating app...would you?

-What did you start saying as a joke...but now you can't stop?

-WHAT TO WATCH: The Lohanaissance continues


Mark as Played

*Special shoutout to Travis Kelce for all the screaming in this episode*

-FART OR NO FART: The most intense debate Hannah and Jonny ever had

-AFAF: Is it ok to cry if your team loses a game?

-Ever noticed how inappropriate charcuterie board lingo is?

-What's Appening: Do you love or hate this new iphone feature?

-A listener has a very...interesting valentine for us.

-FACEBOOK FINDS: another fight, about sourdough this time.


Mark as Played

-Would you risk uncurable hiccups for a billion dollars?

-RENT FREE: Drake's Dong & Hannah's Little Balls Explode

-What's Appening: Would you buy an Apple Vision Pro?

-The GROSSEST Asking For A Friend we've ever had

-Craziest thing you've ever returned or seen someone return?

-The Empire Strips Back!

-New Tim Hortons drinks have Hannah ROLLING (or trying at least)

-Get CRUNK and find inner peace with this upcoming album


Mark as Played

-Stuff we want to GIVE YOU

-What's the best cracker? The debate turns into a WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT

-WHAT TO WATCH: A man named Daniel and a Kid named Sundance


-AFAF: I kicked my husband out for a prank. Did I overreact?

-What's Appening: New emojis are making us hungry and thirsty

-The BEST typo of all time came from a Pizza Hut in Ontario

-Checking in on our 2024 predictions

-BASIC BUPDATE: We go right to...

Mark as Played

-Have you heard of "Palworld"? ...It's Pokemon with guns and it's crazy

-RANKDICULOUS: Top 5 Instruments of all time? Hannah's got a hot take.

-SCIENCE CORNER: Playing music for your cheese changes the taste?!

-Making phrases sound MORE MASCULINE, MUY GUY!

-This woman's name seems normal until you find out what her work email is...

-Hannah went to Glow in the Dark kickboxing then kicked Jonny's a$$ on the show


Mark as Played

-Hannah shares her snacks with us and the word Gala loses all meaning

-She also couldn't stop laughing at her own joke and you have to hear how bad it was

-BASIC BUPDATE: A famous Ugg gift story turns Jonny into Sam Elliott

-The new hottest tourism spot for aliens is: KENTUCKY?

-AFAF: "I lost 73 lbs, and now a guy who rejected me when I was overweight asked me out...Should I do it?"

-A rumoured new Disney attraction is giving ...

Mark as Played

-MAIL CALL: Hannah and Jonny talk asparagus, fairy romance, and people DM-ing Hannah about crushing on Jonny

-SURPRISE SERENADE: The Barenaked Lazies - One Week (Since New Years)

-Craziest thing you've ever seen? Someone got naked in a fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop

-Jonny's fiance destroyed something because it was keeping her up all night...then Hannah calls her a B*tch?!

-100 year old predictions for 2024

-AFAF: My kids are g...

Mark as Played


-FLORIDA OHIO OR CHATHAM: Arrested twice for assault with a board

-FOOD NEWS: Burger King Brazil really does deserve a crown 

-Jonny tripped a baby and he's ready to admit why

-Listener Carrie wants to share some childhood trauma too

-RIP Mickey Mouse's reputation

-The Karens are FREE! There's a new number 1 complainer

-How to edit pics like Taylor Swift

-The Holiday foods you've been living off of for weeks


Mark as Played
December 22, 2023 28 mins

With special guests... Matt, Layne, and SANTA!

Mark as Played

-SCIENCE CORNER: Can you hear the difference between hot and cold water?

-Jonny makes an offensive innuendo while talking about homemade food...and Hannah didn't even NOTICE.

-WHAT TO WATCH: Wonka deceiving it's way to the top, and Hannah is now a HUGE Marvel fan.

-The best place to wrap gifts inspired by a local hero

-A man in his car is going to scream at you until you feel empowered

-Our 2024 predictions!

-What is your dre...

Mark as Played

-Hannah gives Jonny the best birthday present EVER!!

-Surprise Serenade: Jonny sings a Taylor Swift song about how fun it is to get older

-Poorly describing xmas movies, can you guess what these classics are?

-Is this person a Good samaritan or a thief?

-LCBO's most popular drinks of 2023

-WHAT is this children's choir singing?!

-BASIC BUPDATE: A new spin on White Claw + McDonalds

-This broken trumpet makes us want a hotdog ...

Mark as Played

-HOLIDAY HOOKUP IS BACK: Paying people's bills and stepping in goose poop

-The best audio Jonny has ever played on the show according to Hannah

-SCIENCE CORNER: Why is there more baby-making during the holidays?

-Is this movie about love ACTUALLY the most toxic movie ever?

-AFAF: Would you be hurt if your partner asked you to "leave them alone" as their b-day gift?

-How do you eat your candy cane? Hannah's method is psychopath...

Mark as Played

-Did you see the Big Beaver Moon? Here's what it means.

-AFAF 1: Breaking Up Before Getting Engaged...Is this guy Scrooging??

-Most Hated TV Characters of all Time

-Hannah had the Most Basic Spotify Wrapped of all time, Jonny had the weirdest.

-WHAT'S APPENING: The police are warning you to turn off this feature

-Some anonymous In-law drama gets Jonny in trouble with his fiance

-A turf war in the bathroom ranking community


Mark as Played

-MAIL CALL: We got a letter from BUBLY about Jonny's conspiracy theory?!

-BASIC BUPDON'T: Hannah's holiday hit list

-Have you seen videos of Enrique Iglesias on tour? Somebody should check on him.

-AFAF: Should I have to pay for my friend's drinks since I'm getting mine for free?

-Good news that will change the way you eat forever

-Sexiest Bald Men of the Year is RIGGED

-SCIENCE CORNER: Wtf is a Globster?

-Toxic Tuesday: A c...

Mark as Played

*RENT FREE: The Crown is Back + Fist Fights in US Senate?!

*AFAF: "My Gf invited her ex to stay over"

*Soft Nut Season is a real problem in the UK

*Jonny overshares big time while discussing eHarmony's new ad campaign

*WHAT TO WATCH: Chris Pratt needs to be stopped and Netflix is gaslighting reality fans


*A Bubly conspiracy that goes all the way to the top (Michael Buble)

*Instagram is ...

Mark as Played

-Jonny won't be welcome at Disney World (or in Hamilton) after this

-AFAF: "Am I just being ungrateful or is this the worst gift ever?"


-The Holiday Goop Guide Is Back And As Wild As Ever

-WHAT TO WATCH: The New Zelda Movie could be rated R??

-Return To Stars Hollow!!

-FYI: Stealing Your Own Car & Spice Bus Jumping The Gordie Howe Bridge

-What's Appening: Never Leave anyone On Read...

Mark as Played

-You ever had an awkward text to the wrong person? Jonny got into some trouble doing that...

-What's Appening: Bringing Back Thick colorful computers?!

-Vomit Corner: When You Get Pee Instead of a milkshake

-Wither Report: A Very 90s Wedding feat. Accidental illegal drugs

-Real Ghost Stories of Windsor-Essex with Hannah doing mouth sounds

-BASIC BUPDATE: It's TiiIIIIIiiime (for holiday drinks)

-The Florida Man Games!! What wo...

Mark as Played

-Is The Monster Mash a banger or nah?

-AFAF: Is Trophy Wife Offensive?

-The WitherBeat: Law And Order is coming to Canada!

-New Challenge for your B-Hole: Pepper X

-Hannah And Jonny Meld Minds

-SCIENCE CORNER: The asteroid that will get us all rich

-Canadian Slang that just sounds dirty

-WHAT TO WATCH: Love is Blind & The Cult of Taylor

-Are You A Better Rapper than a Six Year Old?

-Is eating 4 dozen oysters a red flag...

Mark as Played
Mark as Played

-Hannah is a wine-tasting champ, Jonny needs more than just the tip

-What's Appening: Would You Drive An Apple iCar

-AFAF: Hall Pass Double Standard 

-Taco Debates and Conspiracies

-What To Expect When A Giant Pig Attacks

-Toronto VS. London VS. Windsor

-Drama In The Secret Group Chat: Kardashian Edition

-FYI: Watch Out for Deer, Look At All Those Chickens, & Suck It University of Winnipeg!

-What To Watch: A New Elvis M...

Mark as Played

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