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January 13, 2020 4 mins
When kratom research produced hundreds of scientific papers reporting results of studies, kratom starts moving into mainstream publications like kratom and pain that have been published, but these research studies simply haven’t found enough robust scientific evidence to prove that kratom for pain can safely and effectively treat cancer. Research on maeng da kratom is still ongoing though, with hundreds of scientists investigating the potential of speciosa in cancer and other diseases as part of The International Cannabinoid Research Society. And in 2017 the popular scientific journal Nature published a supplement of review articles about various aspects of kratom. It’s free to access. Internet claims that there is solid “proof” that cannabis or kratom can alleviate pain and anxiety is highly misleading to patients and their families, and builds a false picture of the state of kratom research at  in this area. Virtually all the university research into kratom and pain management so far has been done in the lab. This is because virtually all the scientific research investigating whether maeng da kratom can treat chronic pain has been done , according to, using pain symptoms in the lab or mice. Because humans are much more complex, these studies showing kratom effects on anxiety don’t necessarily hold true for people. That’s why so many promising kratom results reported in  sadly don’t translate into safe or effective treatments when tested in humans. So far, the best results from lab studies have come from using a combination of highly purified extract found in kratom plants that counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. But university researchers have also found positive results using man-made kratom for pain, such as a molecule called JWH-133. There have been intriguing results from lab experiments looking at a number of different symptoms, including depression, weight loss and energy. But the take-home message is that different kratom strains seem to have different effects on various people, so they are far from being a ‘universal’ treatment.   There are youtube videos online claiming that people have been completely cured of chronic pain with kratom Despite what these sources may claim, according to the site , it’s impossible to tell whether these patients have been ‘cured’ by kratom because There is usually no information about their medical diagnosis, stage of disease, what kratom for pain treatments they had, or the chemical make-up of their treatment. These videos also only publish the “success stories”, and don’t share how many people who used kratom had no benefit, or worse, were potentially harmed. Robust university scientific studies describe the detail of  kratom experiments reported on and share the results – positive or negative. This is vital for working out whether a potential kratom based opiate treatment is truly safe and effective, or not. And publishing this data allows doctors around the world to judge the information for themselves and use kratom for the benefit and safety of their patients. This is the standard to which all pain treatments are held, and it’s one that kratom should be held to, too
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