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November 21, 2022 56 mins
In this early Thanksgiving release Aging GreatFULLy power-hour, every listener is invited to Find Your Mini Pumpkin! Join us, as everything turns up gourd in this inspirational audible Pumpkin Palooza! Welcoming special guest, Victoria Short, author of Find Your Mini Pumpkin: Life Lessons to Live with Purpose, Victoria encourages everyone towards living more joyfully authentic through the lens of gratitude.
From novel inspirations to made up words, you’ll enjoy the wisdom and wide-ranging advice Victoria offers for every life chapter, reminding us all that, as the old adage states, grateful people are happier people.
Victoria is a retired English Teacher and dedicated student of life. In her teaching career, she taught thousands of students and mentored many young educators. Through the lens of literature and decades of classroom interaction, she developed a philosophy of looking at the world with a curious and discerning eye. In addition to her teaching career and academic achievement, Victoria earned a B.A. in English from Lafayette College and an M.A. in education from Harvard University. She also served in the U.S. Army as a military intelligence officer.
Victoria now brings her message from the classroom to the greater world, from how to invest in your own self-care, to seeking out new authentic life experiences, Find Your Mini Pumpkin is a uniquely written collection of witty and honest guidance for life’s amazing and unpredictable road. Readers will bask in thought-provoking stories for every lesson, chock-full of a lot of the wisdom gained, gleaned and shared with her students over the years.
Victoria compels us to strengthen our relationship network by listening closely, the importance of a positive attitude, being present, tips for managing disappointment, practicing mindfulness and echoes a gentle reminder to be kind toward your perceived shortcomings and trusting your own intuition. From life wisdom to thoughts on growing older, it’s an encouraging hour from beginning to end as we look to mini-pumpkins and find inspiring opportunities and sage wisdom from surprising places.
For this special season and our many seasons of life, Victoria invites everyone to find his or her own unique Mini Pumpkin through a meaningful object, person or even a thought or idea, to serve as a talisman of wonder and representation of all that is wonderful. After listening, one thing is certain, Aging Rebels will never again see just a gourd ole’ pumpkin the same, because we’ve squashed that visual to one of marvel and inspiration. It will compel all to Find Your Mini Pumpkin!
To learn more about Victoria Short, subscribe to her newsletter or purchase her book, Find Your Mini Pumpkin, also available on Amazon, visit her at
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