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April 28, 2023 51 mins
Pain is a PAIN in our lives. But what if there was an evidence-based, surgery-free, and medicine-free pain reduction method that can revolutionize the way we treat pain? Join us for this Aging GreatFULLy power-hour of enightYOUment as we welcome Rick Olderman, MSPT, CPT – otherwise known as the “Pain Detective!”

Rick Olderman is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist who has thought-provoking insights on fixing pain, and he uses a holistic yet evidence-based strategy to solve the body’s pain mysteries. Beyond his 25 years of expertise, Rick’s approach is well known throughout the USA by providing individuals with solutions to reduce or eliminate pain in their bodies.

Rick has written the popular Fixing You® series of books — found on — to help people with chronic pain or injuries. Rick is on a mission to show people how to live completely pain-free without the need for medication. In a study about chronic pain conducted in 2018, it was found that out of 5 Americans, 1 is experiencing chronic pain. Pain is such a joy stealer from the best life has to offer. But medicine and surgeries can be really expensive, and sometimes, they don’t necessarily work. Some people end up living in pain their whole lives.

But Rick brings novel detective perspectives to this issue and shares the many different types of acute and chronic pain we can experience in life, as well as surprising potential culprits and even solutions to kick your pain to the curb. He is dedicated to helping people truly understand why they are having pain and then providing insightful remedies. But he wants us all to know that the pain we experience is actually acting as a messenger to alert us to take notice – and that pain is a signal that something is wrong.

His most recent book, Solving the Pain Puzzle: Cases from 25 Years as a Physical Therapist, takes a deep dive into assessing and troubleshooting pain as well as offering readers practices and modalities to live more pain free. Solving the Pain Puzzle is now available on Amazon at

As one of the top professionals in the U.S. when it comes to understanding recurring injuries and chronic musculoskeletal pain, Rick has also created downloadable video home programs to help people solve pain from head to toe. These programs include his pioneering approach that has helped solve hundreds of cases of chronic pain at his clinic for the last 10 years. Rick wants to enhance quality of life by helping people fix their pain once and for all. To preview a few chapters of Rick’s new book, Solving the Pain Puzzle, visit his website,, where you can order his books, find his home programs, access his blog as well as a variety of other free materials.

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