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February 10, 2023 38 mins
In this special Valentine’s episode, we’re talking all things love welcoming the one and only CUPID himself! Celebrate this love-centered holiday and join the Aging GreatFULLy fun as Cupid answers some age-old questions – "What’s love got to do with it? DOES love really make the world go ‘round? IS all we really need is love?"

Tune in to find out and discover the method to Cupid’s madness when it comes to matchmaking! You won’t believe some of the stories he has to share, including his first love match from way back when and some of his most creative and challenging couplings! It's a fun-filled hour to remind we’re never too old to enjoy our childlike imagination OR for love!

Discover the history of Valentines and this bow-wielding cherub, how he brings people together, some of the obstacles when it comes to love and even his advice for those still waiting on their special someone. But most of all, Cupid shares what LOVE really is to him and how we each can celebrate the existing love we embody. I even ask Cupid if he has a special love flame!!

It’s an Aging GreatFULLy feel-good love palooza that it certain to bring smiles and ramp up your love meter. While we’re having too much fun sharing Cupid’s wisdom, Aging Rebels will appreciate some of the genuine takeaways in this entertaining Valentine’s episode, including the importance of patience, compassion and understanding when it comes to love!

Starring as Cupid is the very talented Jessica Kalei Sheffield, an 11 year Naval Intelligence veteran whose experiences are incredibly wide ranging: From working as a NASA Educator, to living on three different continents and two Aircraft Carriers, to producing 25+ hours of a radio drama, co-directing two animated productions, facilitating the liquidation of a 1.5 million GBP literary agency estate, and becoming a published author while on deployment, there isn't much that she considers “overwhelming.”

Known as Lieutenant Commander, Nerd of All Trades, Resident Polymath of Akira the Don’s Meaningwave Autonomous Zone, and Hostess of Bellinimation and Cinema Aficiona, Jess has been telling, writing, acting, and facilitating stories for over 20 years. Now adding CEO to her many titles, she runs Metanoia Creative LLC, a consulting and production company for large and small companies looking for assistance, guidance, or a keen perception on their projects. Her creative works including books and free-to-listen audio dramas can be found on where you can learn more and reach out to her!

May you carry love in your hearts this Valentine’s and beyond Aging Rebels, thank you for being part of our love-centered fun! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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