Arbitrary Advice

Arbitrary Advice

Hey! My name is B. I’m just a crazy zillenial rambling on. Talks + humor with advice in there some where. I’m available through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or email me at I’m trying to help others while going on a journey of bravery for myself. I hope you enjoy! New episodes every Sunday at midnight! Available anywhere you listen!


March 5, 2024 45 mins

This week felt like I was having a sleep over! I talked about first kisses, bad dates, got REAL, and so much more! Check it out!  . #newepisode #arbitraryadvice  #titanmediacollective  #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #newpodcast #podcastlife #apple #applepodcasts #spotify #spotifypodcast #solopodcaster #new #episode #enjoy #awesome #talk #comedy #random  #notifications #instagram #psa #checkitout  #podcastrecommendation #february #...

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This episode I talk about my goals for 2024, catch you up on my personal life, talk about my Gilmore Girls obsession and so much more!!! Check it out and share with your friends!
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May 31, 2023 14 mins

The name just felt right because this episode I’m just chilling talking all ARBITRARY and whatnot. Hope you enjoy another episode of my rambles! Love you guys!  

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April 30, 2023 20 mins

This episodes’ hot topics are words I dont like, a genius and possibly terrible idea I came up with, a couple of my unpopular opinions, and I have a story time to finish us out. You’ll see why this title is so clever if you listen ;) . Remember to leave a review! It really helps me out! Socials:

Insta: arbitraryadvice

Twitter: AdviceArbitrary

Find me at !

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March 31, 2023 86 mins

Hey guys! We got a good one this week! We talked about the infamous Murdaugh Murders, the Hailey + Selena drama, and just about everything else! 

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February 27, 2023 18 mins

This week I give some advice on the best hand soap ever, discuss further wanting to be a standup comedian because we went to see Michael Blaustein, give my unpopular opinion on the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight, talk about comfort podcasts, and WAY more! This episode’s promos are for: You Don’t Want To Know Podcast and Man Bites Dog Podcast. You can find them both at ! 

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January 31, 2023 19 mins
This week I talk about those annoying podcast marketers, That 90s Show, Bleus training, and so much more! I also shared my current favorite mouthwash to use and feel the need to leave a link to it:   It’s the best stuff I’ve found so far (not sponsored)! I hope y’all know how much you mean to me and know that I appreciate and love everyone who listens! 
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December 28, 2022 22 mins

This week I throwback to Episode 3 and add to my first tattoo story, a couple of my weaknesses, and Bleu’s first Christmas with MANY interjections from the Hubby! Enjoy! 

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December 12, 2022 17 mins

This week I talk about my Spotify Wrapped, how I want to make crumpets, give an IPhone tip that may change your life, and much more! Enjoy!

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November 27, 2022 18 mins
I HAVE MISSED YOU! This week I talk about some wedding advice we received, the latest iPhone update, and SO MUCH MORE! Also, my HUSBAND chimes in a few times. Promo: Two Beards Please + Confessions of Retail
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July 31, 2022 17 mins
Hey guys! This week I explain why I was a little MIA, talk about how my sister crushed my dreams, tell you how this lady wanted to SCRAP, and way more! . . Promos: HeroKerrey: Website ( Twitter (, Insta (, Tiktok (, Youtube (, Youtube VODs (
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June 23, 2022 10 mins
This week I introduce you to our new puppy Bleu, trigger warning: talk about death + claustrophobia, call parents out, talk about the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, & more! Hope you enjoy!
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June 7, 2022 10 mins
This week I talk about how Paco and I are welcoming a puppy into our family soon, talk about how the ocean deeply scares me, discuss the importance of self-care, and talk about foley acting! Enjoy!
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May 25, 2022 16 mins
This week I talk about creepy ads, how I hate it when the shower curtain touches me, how I think I’m losing my hearing, Titan streamers, AND MORE!
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May 11, 2022 11 mins
This week I discuss my wedding jitters/unpopular opinions, talk about my opinions on the Depp vs Heard Case, and more! Enjoy!
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May 2, 2022 11 mins
This week I talk about a psychic in Walmart on summer vacation, my imagination as a child, the Easter Duck, and more!
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April 11, 2022 11 mins
This week I talk about my take on through thick or thin and how I don’t get it, building confidence, and how crazy people are when they cheat.
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April 5, 2022 11 mins
This week I talk about Gucci, give a small wedding update, and get deep about some stuff going on in my life. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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March 28, 2022 16 mins
This week I talk about the Oscars Smack, how I need to go back to English class, give the podcast rec of the century, and more! . Promo: Two Beards Please
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March 21, 2022 19 mins
This week Paco joins me for a couple fun debate topics I found, I give a life tip for the bathroom, and you get to hear his cat noises and more! Enjoy!
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