Connecting the Journey

Connecting the Journey

Join podcast host and CEO Gabe Abshire as he takes a deep dive into a new entrepreneur's journey to success.


May 2, 2024 27 mins
At the time of this episodes release, Zach has since been promoted from Operations Manager to CEO of National Settlement Services. 

Started in 1988, National Settlement Services has been a cornerstone of excellence in Northern Virginia's title industry for generations. Now, with Zach as CEO, the company's legacy enters a new chapter.

Zach shares his journey of growth, learning, and leadership development. He reflects on the values in...
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Chris Sears' is no stranger to perseverance. As a teenager, he faced a pivotal moment of truth, realizing the path he was on wasn't the one he wanted. He faced adversity head-on, turning moments of challenge into opportunities for growth. Hear his story on resilience, determination, and fortitude that propelled him the path for him to become President of JPAR, helping expand the organization from 300 to 1200 agents and steering age...
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With a proven track record in real estate innovation, Sajag Patel's transition from Keller Williams to Utility Concierge as Chief Revenue Officer marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to simplify home service setups for movers nationwide.

Get to know Sajag's journey, his "Why" and future plans for Utility Concierge.
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Late 2023, Utility Concierge proudly welcomed their first president in the company's history, Jason Lindwall! Jason is a distinguished leader with a wealth of experience in global operations and technology, and he is ready to steer Utility Concierge through its next phase of growth and innovation! Get to know Jason and his journey and as he sits with Gabe Abshire, Utility Concierge Founder and CEO.

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February 28, 2024 39 mins
A true Dallas Fort Worth native, Debra's journey has taken her from the heart of Texas, graduating from UNT, to boardrooms and companies around the world. Having spent a large part of her career at EY, she is an advising expert for high growth companies and entreprenuers alike - leaving her mark on the corporate landscape.

Post-college, Debra faced challenges that shaped her into who she is today. Auditing for major corporations, sh...
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Gabe chats with Michael Osborne, owner of MJ Real Estate Group - Keller Williams. With 25 years in North Texas, Mike is a real estate expert, specializing in the Denton market and Lake Cities community. From his Kentucky and Midwest upbringing to transitioning from stockbroker to real estate, Michael shares insights on adapting in life and how that translated to help him adapt to a changing market. Discover the stories and insight ...
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January 19, 2024 44 mins
On this special episode of Connecting the Journey, we are joined by a longtime friend and renowned Real Estate Coach, Brian Moses!

Brian Moses has sold more than 3,500 homes in his career, and has been ranked the #2 franchise agent in the world! In his best month, Brian recorded more than 60 sales and generated over $400,000 in commission income. (Yes…you read that correctly, in a single month!)

Today, Brian is a sought after Real Es...
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December 13, 2023 46 mins
"You're going to learn so much more in life from your mistakes than you're going to learn from your victories."

In today's episode, HomeSmart's Chief Business Development Officer, Carol Perry, shares her incredible journey growing up in Newport Beach, to shaping Arizona's real estate world. From college days at Southern Methodist University working for title and mortgage companies to owning a small business, Carol's leadership at Ho...
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November 28, 2023 40 mins
"I'm a razor blade, I'm not a swiss army knife. I focus in on one thing- once I find out how to do it well, I repeat it as often as possible." Insurance expert John Tankersley's journey is a testament to the power of focus and specialization in the world of sales. In the conversation with Utility Concierge CEO Gabe Abshire, listen in to hear how John's pursuit of mastering his skills led him to create "", tai...
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November 14, 2023 25 mins
In this episode of Connecting the Journey, Gabe sits with Bob Stallings - a trailblazer whose roots stretch from the charming small towns of West Virginia to the cityscape of Dallas.

Last year, Bob took a courageous leap of faith and transitioned from a successful career in the grocery industry, where he had climbed the professional ladder since the age of 17, to the ever-evolving world of real estate.

Listen in on Bob's journey to b...
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October 9, 2023 55 mins
"I think independence leads to an entrepreneurial spirit."

Join us on this episode of Connecting the Journey as we introduce Howard Ashkinos, a native New Yorker raised in Texas where he found his entrepreneurial spirit. Howard's captivating life story is marked by personal growth and professional evolution. After a heartfelt reunion with his father in New York, his journey led him from advertising to youth baseball coaching and soo...
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February 11, 2021 50 mins
"If this is the worst it's ever been, I have nothing to compare it to..."

Nick Good picked an interesting time to try to make his own way in the real estate business - the housing market crash of 2008. Lessons he learned along the way have helped shape the way he and The Good Home Team thinks about selling real estate. What happens to a young, hungry agent when eight deals fall apart in a month?

Learn more about Nick at thegoodhome...
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January 14, 2021 41 mins
"Rock bottom is a great foundation."

The tough times prepare you for the good times. That's a lesson that Greg Cunningham has learned through his life: getting in trouble growing up, going to the military, spending too much time and too much money during his early years as a realtor, to finally leading a team and finding that precious work/life balance that everyone strives for. Find out how a bet on himself when he could barely a...
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January 7, 2021 31 mins
Denton Aguam has had many pivot points in his career: from college baseball player to real estate agent to leading a team. Along the way, he's found how to shift his thinking about running a business. What are the three things he considers most important?

Learn more about Denton at

Learn more about Gabe and the podcast at
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Your rank doesn't matter if you don't have the respect of the people that work with you.

That's just one of the many lessons that Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR Real Estate, learned during his time in the military. How important is grit in the workplace? Find out on this new episode of Connecting the Journey!

Learn more about Mark and JPAR at

Learn more about Gabe and the podcast at
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What does an employee look for in a leader? Chris Harden knows both sides of that equation, going from a realtor to leading his own team with RE/MAX. What did he learn along the way? What made him want to put together The Chris Harden Team? What has he learned from the pandemic?

Learn more about Chris and The Chris Harden Team at

Learn more about Gabe and the...
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For more than a decade, Andy Tuttle has watched the real estate business go through all sorts of changes. But the pandemic and lockdown was something that really turned the industry on its head. What has he learned during this past year? When was he most terrified? How did slicing open his hand teach him to be a better salesperson?

Learn more about Andy Tuttle and The Tuttle Group at

Learn more about Gabe and t...
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The journey to success is a winding road, with ups, downs, and sidetracks all along the way. No one knows that better than J.P. Piccinini, whose life was uprooted as a child in Italy and moved to the town of Wichita Falls in North Texas. How did he go from starting a new life in America to founding one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the country? It was anything but a straight shot to success.

Learn more about JP...
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