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April 4, 2024 40 mins
Dive into the heart of adult education within the automotive industry in this insightful episode of "Driving Sales, Defining Leadership." This time, hosts Bart Wilson and J.D. Mixon are joined by John Diaz, a seasoned Learning and Development Specialist from Principle Auto Group. With a rich background in educational programs and a passion for adult learning, John sheds light on how adult education principles are revolutionizing training and development in the automotive sector.

Highlights of the Episode:
  • Exploring the principles of adult learning in the context of the automotive industry
  • John Diaz's journey from educational expert to automotive learning innovator
  • Key strategies for implementing effective adult learning programs in dealerships
  • Overcoming the unique challenges of adult education in a fast-paced industry
  • Leveraging technology and innovative methods to enhance adult learning experiences

Chapter List:
  1. Introduction to John Diaz and Today's Topics - 0:00
  2. John's Journey: From Classroom to Dealership - 02:45
  3. Adapting Educational Theories for the Automotive Industry - 10:30
  4. Challenges in Automotive Training and Development - 18:15
  5. Innovative Approaches to Learning in Dealerships - 25:00
  6. The Impact of Technology on Automotive Education - 33:45
  7. Advice for Aspiring Automotive Professionals - 41:20
  8. Q&A with John Diaz: Insights from the Field - 48:00
  9. Closing Thoughts and Key Takeaways - 55:35
Tune in to "The Art of Learning: Adapting Education for the Automotive Industry w/ John Diaz" for a deep dive into how tailored education and training initiatives can fuel growth and innovation in the automotive world. Whether you're an industry veteran, a newcomer, or somewhere in between, this episode offers valuable insights into leveraging education as a powerful tool for success.
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