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September 7, 2021 3 min
E11-HealthFirst - Breastfeeding
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E11-HealthFirst - Breastfeeding
HealhFirst Network
216 South 3rd Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
(800) 246-5743

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Justine is a public relations and education specialist for health first network in Wausau, Wisconsin, as well as in other counties in North Central Wisconsin, what programs you guys are working on her with a program to do it is between outreach program or top what is Topl about top is a great program that we currently have implemented into the six grade curriculum at Adams Friendship area school district that we go in for one hour each week with different groups of students and we are able to provide curriculum lessons and then in addition to that we do a community service learning component that is part of this curriculum as well. Top is an evidence-based curriculum. There are different components to an indifferent fidelity requirements to make sure that this program is working to the best of its ability where some of the effects of the top program. The top program is really great for the students. There is a community service learning component so and that they are building ties to their community and we found that through doing that these students feel more of a responsibility to their community by having that tie, they are less likely to engage in behavior that is detrimental to their community. In addition to that the curriculum has three different components to it. So there is a connecting with others component of building my skills and learning about myself, so through those three different areas that are able to as it sounds, build their skills so there are things such as relieving stress and emotional intelligence. There is a social emotional learning component to this. So there are so many things that are going into this so that the students are able to learn about themselves connect with others connect with their community. So by building all these things we are scaffolding and building these students up to create self-confidence and by doing that it really has long-term positive effects on their health and on all the different realms of their health. So, not just health and the way often we think about it a physical health but there is an emotional health is a social health and so on and so forth that comes with this curriculum are the ties we made to the community. The tither being made to the community through community service learning which is a component of the top program or teen outreach program so community service learning projects could include a wide variety of things we often do projects with the students within the classroom. Since we are part of the school day where we may be. Create letters that we send then to an assisted living home or we have created things such as fleece blankets that we've donated to the assisted living home down there. We have created dog treats cat toys for humane societies. There's a lot of different ways that this can go. But as long as we have that tie to the community and something that can benefit the community members as the main thing that were looking for and then as part of that. We want the students to feel the glow and that comes right from the Wyman or top curriculum. And that's the big piece of it. So with the community service learning project. Those students are choosing what they want to do so. This isn't something that we tell them that you're gonna be doing this project or that project. It's something that they have a tie into and that they have communicated that they would like to do and that helps them really build that tie versus being told what to do because as we know that usually doesn't work with students or anybody. Anybody that that matter
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