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January 21, 2024 6 mins
Making 2024 The Year You Become a Successful Forex Trader  Podcast: Signup For my Forex Masterclass Find out more about Blueberry Markets – Click Here Find out more about my Online Video Forex Course Book a Call with Andrew or one of his team now #532: Making 2024 The Year You Become a Successful Forex Trader In this video: 00:26 – Why you need to make this year your trading year. 01:28 – Australian employment figures crash. 02:09 – Give yourself plenty of time and seek help. 03:33 – Joining a community and start on a demo account. 04:32 – Start with the basics. 05:18 – Trade through Blueberry Markets. 05:35 – Attend my Masterclass and book a call with us. How are you going to ensure that 2024 is the year that you become a successful and profitable trader? Let's talk about that and more. Right now, Hey there, Traders! Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 532. Why you need to make this year your trading year. It is all about 2024. How are you going to make this year, the year that you become a successful trader with no doubts at all? This is the year for you to do it. How are you going to do that? Well, have a look around the world and I'm going to show you why you need to do it first. You know, you have a look at what's happening around the world with cost of everything, inflation rates. You know, look at how much it costs to book a flight. Look at how much good quality food cost these days and how many people are out there. Cannot afford good meat, good vegetables. And so therefore, they're living on really poor, low nutritious food because that's all they can afford and sugary drinks and things like that. You know, it's everywhere. Look around your town. How many shops in your local town do you see either closed or boarded up, you know, going out of business and people can't afford to pay staff. People aren't going to restaurants. Australian employment figures crash. There's all these kind of issues going on out there and, you know, look at just yesterday from Australia, across the ditch in Australia, their monthly employment figures, they were expected to have 15,000 jobs created. That result came out as -65,000 jobs. So look at the job losses going on around the world. So put all that together and everything else that's happened over the last few years and the craziness that's going on in the world. And, you know, you realize you're kind of on your own. You're fighting for yourself. So event doesn't give you motivation to go. You know, this year I'm going to learn how to trade. Then I can't help you. Give yourself plenty of time and seek help. So let's start sensibly. Let's give ourselves time. While it's not absolutely critical, you see, when I get people come to me and they go, Andrew, I want to give up my job, you know, in two months time, and I want to become a full time trader or I've got, you know, like $500 and I want to make, you know, like $10,000 a month type of thing. You know, I get these crazy questions all the time. You know, those people aren't real. Now, the important thing is, is with anything that you're learning to do is to seek help from people that are successful in that field and also to start slow. Don't rush. Do the groundwork properly. If you've ever done any form of painting inside your house, let's say the preparation is the boring but important work putting the paint on at the end, the last coat of paint, which makes it all look nice and shiny. Yeah, that's the easy bit, but unless you do the preparation first, the rest of it is going to fail. So trading is exactly the same. So while we're not under this and, you know, massive pressure of needing to have to make money today, you know, for most people around the world, the world's still surviving just while we're at that stage. Use this kind of lower pressure time and say to yourself, I'm going to dedicate this year to learning how to do this properly.
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