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March 10, 2024 5 mins
Forex Trading's Preflight Check: Building Your Plan  Podcast: Signup For my Forex Masterclass Find out more about Blueberry Markets – Click Here Find out more about my Online Video Forex Course Book a Call with Andrew or one of his team now Click Here to Watch Prop Firm Masterclass #539:Forex Trading's Preflight Check: Building Your Plan In this video: 00:34 – Heading off for a flight and carrying out my checks. 02:01 – You need a trading plan. 03:00 – Put in the time to ensure a good outcome with your trading. 03:45 – The market does not have even trading conditions. 04:42 – Trade through Blueberry Markets. 05:06 – Attend my Masterclass, Prop Firm webinar and book a call with us. Today, I'm going to discuss the importance of learning to plan properly, planning your training, See now exactly what you're doing, whether you're flying a helicopter like behind me here, or if you're trading the forex market, you have to plan properly. Otherwise, you plan to fail. Let's get into that a more right that. Hey there, Traders! Andrew here, at the Forex Trading Coach, a video and podcast number 539. Heading off for a flight and carrying out my checks. As you can see, I'm out at the hanger. I'm heading off tomorrow morning. Quite early on a flight, quite a long flight, probably about a three and a half hour return flight. And so as a result of that, I'm spending some time here today when there's no pressure and I'm going through my entire preflight and doing all my checks. I've got my my flight plans here. I've got my airports where I'm going to inside here. I've covered everything I need to know in terms of the cockpit. I've got a huge manual here. It's about 800 pages that's just specific to this machine. And on that, I have to know all that. Of course, long before today. But you know, you've got to keep updated on that. I've been through the machine here. I've checked through and, you know, engines and oils and up on the rotor blades there. I've checked everything. All my preflight checks and the tail here, everything is checked. My fuels good is clean. It's all on board. I know exactly what I've got. I know where I'm going. I know my radio calls. I'm discharging my headsets up. So that's ready. I've got a spare batteries. I've got my iPad. I've got my phone. I've got everything I need to know to do the flight properly, safely, and, you know, to get a good outcome and enjoyable experience for everybody on board and to know what's going to you know, we're going to get there safely and just have a great day. You need a trading plan. So me doing this is no different to me trading. You know, I've got my plan and this is what I want to stress to you, that I just see so many people that don't have a plan, don't know what they're doing. You wouldn't believe the number of emails that I get saying, Look, I've been trading for six months and I go back and I go, Great, Well, you've obviously got a problem because you're contacting me. So. So what are you doing? And they go, I'm just putting on, you know, one lot on this trade and I'm trading, you know, different times of the day. They trading. They don't know what they're trading. They see something all that, let's say a daily chart that's telling a buy on an hourly chart. They're saying sell. They don't know what to do. There's no light, there's no money management, there's no risk management. There's no no, no strategy at all. They don't know why they're doing what they're doing. They just know they want to trade forex. And because they're probably seen it's really good and seen something on YouTube or somewhere. Put in the time to ensure a good outcome with your trading. And that becomes the problem is that people don't put enough preparation time into learning the skill that they want to be good at. And you know, it's like anything is like flying this thing. There is nothing that beats flying.
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