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April 21, 2024 9 mins
View my Monthly & Weekly Chart Trades Podcast: Signup For my Forex Masterclass Find out more about Blueberry Markets – Click Here Find out more about my Online Video Forex Course Book a Call with Andrew or one of his team now Click Here to Watch Prop Firm Masterclass #544: View my Monthly & Weekly Chart Trades In this video: 00:33 – Great feedback about our latest videos. 00:58 – A look at my MN1 and W1 chart trades. 05:00 – GER40 Index trade.   07:23 – Trade through Blueberry Markets. 07:46 – Attend my Masterclass, Prop Firm webinar and book a call with us.     08:40 – Email me directly, like, share and subscribe. In this week's video and podcast, I'm going to share with you two trades that I've taken, one on the monthly chart, one on the weekly chart. One's a reversal, one's a continuation, one's a forex trade, one's a non forex market. Let's get into that and share those trades right now. Hey there, traders! It's Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach for video and podcast number 544. Great feedback about our latest videos. Loving the feedback that we're getting regarding the changes that we've made here and by showing you trades and just helping people to understand what the market's doing and to understand how we trade here in Forex Trading Coach don't forget we always promote very low risk per trade high reward to risk and the strategy works across all timeframe, charts and all different markets. A look at my MN1 and W1 chart trades. Now today's a great example of that. I'm going to run through two trades for you, the NZD/USD on a monthly chart and the German 40 index on a weekly chart. So let's jump straight onto the charts here and you can see the two trades on the cover, the first one here is a monthly chart trade that's just hit the profit target this week. This is the NZD/USD Monthly chart. So going back here, this is the monthly chart. So this is the candle here that closed in February for the January candle sets January of 2024. And we decided to take the trade heading into the first February when the January candle closed. And you can see in here my trade was not actually filled until the 20th because I take limit orders. So I'm looking to take a sell trade after this candle has closed, but I'm only looking at taking the sell trade If the price first retrace is now, I don't need to be sitting there waiting for 20 days for the price to retrace. On the 1st of February, I put my orders in. If within the first candle in this case, the one month the price retrace is to my entry level. Fantastic and then takes me on a sell limit looking for the price to then fall. Now you can see in here that the market opened on this candle at 0.6110 and my entry level was 0.6162, so some 52 pips higher. And you can see that the price pull back up here got me filled as my entry level and the stop loss was fine. It remained in the market and then the price fell away. By the end of February we were into some good profit. You can see the advantage of entering back up here using limit orders. By the close of the month we were already up 92 pips roughly. And then what happened going into the month of March? The price then came back up, tested that same level. Notice how it stopped at the same level. We're still safe. And by the completion of March, we then ended up being around about 188 pips up and then the profit target was hit down here on the 15th of March, 15th of April, just a few days ago at 0.5905. So a few things to notice there. One were at before the right number of 0.5900, but also using the way that we trade with our entry and exit levels, we had a great profit target. Now if you look at rough numbers, looking at the without calculating these exact but there's roughly our entry level, our stop loss was at 0.6222, which is in a roundabout here and that was 60 pips, 65 pips and our profit target was in 0.5, which was then in around about there, 257 pips.
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