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November 9, 2020 71 mins
“There’s no free ride. You have to work for it”

“Know the impact your work has on others and have fun doing what you do.”

“You’re always trying to outdo your greatest accomplishment”

Michael Jacobs was the top master welder and instructor for the US government, responsible for the welding of the US Navy's most expensive and powerful nuclear submarines when he retired. Mike's absolute precision and mastery was essential for the safety of submarine, cruise and the ability to safely deploy these multibillion dollar machines. “Welding is one of the few vocations that's a true art form,” Mike says. His journey to mastery started when he ran away from home in his youth to join a circus in San Francisco, and led to an adventurous life that we can get to learn more about in this podcast. Be ready to take action in your own life with this story of challenge and determination.

In this interview, 3 habits that helped Mike succeed:

• Get out of bed. It really is that simple!
• Find the one thing you’re good at and look for opportunities to excel at it.
• Seek mentors that can teach you how to be the best you can be.

“So what if you messed up and made a mistake.
Just do something better because you can.”


What makes you good at what you do: Color outside the edges!

“Don’t let other people limit how you look at the world. You’re only a failure if you tell yourself you are one.”


Contentment as a way to spiritual well-being.

“Without having something to take care of your spiritual wellbeing you’re going to be a bell without a clangger”

“You don’t have to be the hardest worker. You just need to do it a little better.”

“Life is fun! Never quit trying new stuff!”

Until soon! Be curious, be inspired, simplify the way…Maria
Mark as Played

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