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February 16, 2021 56 mins
“My soul is my tool every single day. It's my North star, my compass, my guiding light.”

Mark Brand is one of Vancouver's most recognized and celebrated entrepreneurs, a master at bridging the best from for-profit and non-profit worlds to accelerate social change and gather people and their resources to build and unite communities that engage in tough conversations. He truly knows the art of taking the ordinary in people and situations and turning them into extraordinary possibilities.
He is a chef, DJ, social entrepreneur, Owner of Save on Meats in Vancouver, founder of a Better Life Foundation, part of the United Nations Catalyst Team and former Professor of Innovation at USC.

In this interview
• Is success based on mastery or expertise?
• Just ‘us’: Contextual connection to container as your daily purpose
• Get to the simple things: every day is a check-in.
“We're all complicit. I'm yelling about how ridiculous things are, not about whose fault it is”

• Engage your feelings to know what you care about: If you don't know what you care about, you can't stand up for it.
o What were you sent here to do?
o Why does it matter?
o Notice all the ways that you're unfeeling to reduce your anxiety.
o What is your way to feel and care again?
• The difference between addiction and devotion

“Devotion is service, and addiction is consumption and exposure”

A preview of Mark’s upcoming book: How do you get started making a difference and unequivocally change your life?
• What do you care about? And Why?
• How much time do you actually have for it?
• What is a skill that you can bring to the table?
• Where can you bring this?

“Once you look at how much time to give to what you truly care about, you start caring about everything.”

Mark Brand
Instagram: Mark.Brand
Mark as Played

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