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March 10, 2021 47 mins
“What is the gift you bring, that if it is not expressed, is lost to the world?
Remind yourself of the gift you bring, everyday!” ~ Gail Larsen

Once in a while we come across teachers that transcend their title and dare to take us beyond the map of what we can imagine!

Gail Larsen is an exceptional, fierce and compassionate woman who is one of the most sought out coaches for the world's top speakers, business executives, entrepreneurs, community and social change leaders, healers, and life coaches who want to want to have great impact in the world through the power of effective communication and transformational speaking.

Gail is the first woman to be awarded the Tennessee Small Businessman of the Year Award from the US Small Business Administration, the founder of Real Speaking® and the award-winning author of “Transformational Speaking: If You Want To Change The World, Tell A Better Story.”

In this episode you’ll hear about:
Authentic Presence.
It's not about a “comfort zone,” it's about your “home zone.” How do you get home within yourself with a sense of how you are showing up in the moment, what you're discovering and what you'd like to reveal? When you are in your authentic presence you can invite that from others.

Your Medicine.
An inner knowing when you fully embody the message that you're here to bring to the world.
The practice of embodiment is a lot longer than learning something in your head. You don't achieve mastery in anything by learning something in your head that you don’t embody.

Self-knowledge of where you fit and where your joy and service are. You can show up in joy when it's the right match. Without alignment, you're just heading off on a path that isn't your highest expression.

“How is the world speaking to you? Don’t ignore it because it's not Verbal.”

What if? Change your question.
• Find your question and see how your life unfolds. If you don't like how your life is unfolding, notice the question you’re answering to and change your question.
• Instead of focusing on the past or what no longer works - What if? Put your imagination to work around the world you want and watch what happens.

What is the overarching story that holds it all?
Recognize we have this tender, shared humanity, no matter what position you hold.

“We see the world in a way no one else does. What is the story your life has prepared you to foretell?”

Until next time! Be curious, be inspired, simplify the way…

Gail Larsen
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