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November 5, 2021 54 mins
“I’m the co-worker of the Divine himself, who called me to do this.” ~ Joy Solomon

Joy Solomon is an unselfish man who has dedicated his life — day in and day out — to be in service of others. He is the kind of man who has had radical, life changing impacts on those left behind and on the fringes of the world that you and I are so blessed to enjoy.

We sometimes call people like Joy angels, saints, saviors, good Samaritans. I believe he is a master of genuine altruism, giving up everything he worked for in his life to empower academically gifted children from poor fishermen families in coastal India who aspire for higher education.

Joy Solomon leads a charitable organization called Coastal Brains. As the son of a fisherman himself, he had the good fortune to have his education sponsored by an Englishman he met by chance in his childhood. With impeccable effort he went on to earn his master’s degree in Biotechnology, finishing first in his class and working overseas for many years. But that was before he heard the call to something different and of a higher purpose, and he was drawn back to train and guide children like him from isolated fishing communities along India's Kerala coast, so that they can become the medical doctors, engineers, scientists, pilots, captains, and professors of the future and be of service to their villages and the larger world.

“The time given for me is to make one step at a time. That is the time available to me, and I make that step and the next step. The time I can’t control is in the future.” ~ Joy Solomon

In this episode:

“The only thing I had to do was just obey that this is my inner call.” ~ Joy Solomon


•Listen to your inner calling and follow it
•Accept the time you have and take little steps without any pressure or hurry
•Collaborate with something greater than yourself and enjoy doing so

Trust the Divine Plan

•Accept your limitations and commit to the guidance of a higher power
•Allow things to be done with a little help of some “friends”
•Understanding the “plan” takes being involved and when looking back connect the dots


“Gratitude is a quality and a gift. In other words, if you're faithful with smaller things, you will be faithful with bigger things.” ~ Joy Solomon


•Have the right attitude. “Yes, it would be nice…Thank you”
•Gratitude and love are linked when someone is grateful is an expression of love
•Be grateful for smaller things, then you will learn to receive and be grateful for bigger things.

•Stay true with yourself about your situation
•Only give what you can give in this moment
•Practice saying ‘no’ without losing your quality of love

“I believe for every human being, there is a purpose on this earth. Realizing that purpose or living to that purpose is important. I realized this [service to others] is the purpose of my life. And I just love doing that.” ~ Joy Solomon


“When I am happy and free, only then can I think of others to be happy and free.” ~ Joy Solomon

Basic Goodness

•Love the child in you and engage others more playfully
•Wish for all beings to be happy and free, including yourself - “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”
•When you get something good, share it!

“Heaven is not a place out there in the universe or a place where you will go after death. It’s a state of your life. When you are like a child you are happy and free – you’re in heaven.” ~ Joy Solomon

Until next time, be curious, be inspired and simplify the way…

Joy Solomon
Mark as Played

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