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May 21, 2020 54 mins
Do you ever wonder where authors of personal development books go for help themselves?
Kelly Notaras is one of the go-to women for these authors, and she says,

“Practice making practice a habit. Make a practice of your spiritual connection to something larger than you. This to me needs to be a main priority.”

As author, book editor and founder of KN literary arts, an editorial book studio specializing in self-help, personal growth, and spirituality, Kelly is a really tough editor personally invested in every sentence and a master at making the ordinary story into an extraordinary book!

With the elegance and mastery of someone who can lead you into curating more than just your next book, Kelly speaks to those of us who have a yearning to be in direct connection with life in a way that goes beyond our everyday routine. She shares with us the passion of her own experience, reminding us how important this yearning is.

“If I had had more time, I would've written you a shorter letter.” ~ Blaise Pascal

In this episode you’ll hear about: “Nine Out of Ten Rule”

· Check with yourself and make sure the things you’re doing are things that make your eyes light up. More often than not, those are the things that bring you joy and make your life feel the way you want it to feel.

Push yourself into the discomfort that will ultimately liberate you from what you don't want to spend your time on.

· Be the editor of your life: Make your life flow more in the way that you like to live your life. Your behaviors are in reflection of your values. Be willing to lean into the discomfort of learning something new.

· Be willing to bend your rules: It's really important to be flexible in all of your habits. Notice the place where you might be holding on really tightly to a habit that actually ends up doing the opposite of what you'd hoped for or not getting the outcome you desired.

· Be in alignment in service of what you love: You have a compass available at all times in your own body where you can test out your choices with your physical sensations. Practice revising and reviewing again and again.


“The princess and the pea”

There's a little pea within us; it's rolling around deep inside and we don't know what it is. It's everyone's personal responsibility to those in our lives and to ourselves to go looking for what that is. Because if we don't, and we don't do it as a daily upkeep or even an hourly upkeep, sometimes we end up mistreating people or projecting whatever discomfort we’re trying to avoid.

Until next time! Be curious, be inspired, simplify the way…

Kelly Notaras
Mark as Played

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