That Naturopathic Podcast

That Naturopathic Podcast

Your doctor tells you “you’re normal, you’re fine,” or “this medication will solve the problem.” But, there’s a problem with the solution, because you don’t feel “fine” and part of you knows that there must be another way to look at “the problem”. Your health deserves a 2nd opinion. Join Dr. David Miller, Dr. Michelle Pobega, and other ND’s with the smarts and hearts to help you rethink medicine and take informed action on your health.


October 4, 2022 38 min
Today we discuss all things FIBER.

Not all fibers are the same, and these distinct categories will impact their role in the body. Learn tips to get a variety of fiber into your diet, and what types of fiber may be best for you based on your symptoms.
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Join Dr. Dave and Dr. Michelle as they discuss 3 telltale signs on the skin that point to insulin resistance.
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When it comes to hands on examination, the Gut Gangsta knows whats up.

In this quick, practitioner focused episode, Dr. Dave shares his knowledge on using percussion as an assessment tool for the abdomen. It can be performed in a more deliberate manner than its traditional use
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Join Dr. Dave and Dr. Michelle as they discuss the ins and outs of a major mineral- ZINC.

The zinc specifics covered in this episode:

- Functions within the body
- Recommended dosages for supplementation
- factors that impact absorption
- Signs and symptoms of deficiency
- How zinc impacts the function of hormones in the body

Book mentioned in this episode- “The Mineral Fix: How to Optimize Your Mineral Intake for Energy, Longevity, ...
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Coffee enemas and you! We're here with Dr. Lori Bouchard this week to bust all the myths, demystify the practice, and remove any stigma on doing coffee enemas.

There are just too many benefits including;
- Fighting and preventing cancer
- Eliminating parasites
- MASSIVE boost to your liver function

So grab a cup of coffee and learn all the ins and outs of coffee enemas today! WARNING: DO NOT USE REGULAR COFFEE!!

Dr. Lori Bouchard...
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Taking iron supplements has been becoming so popular that you probably already know someone who's tried them... but did you know that taking iron the wrong way can have serious negative side effects!?

Learn how to properly navigate this supplement, get the most out of your iron, and avoid the sharp side of this "double edged sword"
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This week we talk to Dr. Erin TeWinkel ND about her practice not only helping regular naturopathic patients, but also helping their teens develop healthier mindsets and practices early in life!

She discusses the importance of understanding #neurodiversity and how to stay connected with your teen to help them through their own growth.

As well as, several of the major struggles that teens deal with today, and who they're really goi...
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Today we chat with our friend Dr. Seth Yates ND! He is pioneering a series of assesment programs dedicated to reducing the amount of general health advice required during the first few consultations between a patient and naturopath. "Able Health" is making naturopathic medicine more accessible to all. It can send custom physical rehabilitation and exercise videos as well as recommend supplements, diets and even remind you t...
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In this episode we discuss #autoimmune conditions, specifically with #digestion and the #thyroid , plus 2 straight to the point, go-to #remedies every Naturopath should know! When Homeopathy is such a great tool in the Naturopathic toolbox we always want to dive a little deeper into some of the solutions we've found as practicing NDs.
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Apple Cider Vinegar, Prunes, Ginger, Lemons, & Collagen/Bone Broth. These 5 foods are some of the most accessible and the most effective at helping you "treat" your body!

These foods will:
- Help revitalize your body, wake up your digestive system, and stimulate detoxification
- Fight osteoporosis and stop your body from leeching calcium from its own bones
- Regulate blood sugars and prevent + soften stones
- Ease i...
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We're finally diving into INFLAMMATION in this episode of TNP! Join us as we break down the basic, intermediate, and advanced tactics we've learned for healing and dealing with inflammation.
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These two tests will save you YEARS struggling to find out what's going on with your body. Many other illnesses are caused or even disguised by poor glucose and insulin levels. On top of that a majority of doctors aren't even testing these levels properly. 😳
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June 14, 2022 39 min
As medicine evolves so do we and so do our treatments. In this episode we tackle trouble sleeping, bloating, and PMS!

We talk about how the treatments and understanding around these issues has evolved and what that means for you as a Naturopath or as a patient of a Naturopath. As well as our experiences with different remedies and their effects!
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This episode is all about the visceral connections in your body, how chronic pain can be linked to your gut, and how to understand certain feelings / irritations within the visceral area of the body.

In this #ClinicalBite Dr. David Miller ND tells you his experience and advice when feeling the abdomen of a patient. Along with the various other organs that mysteriously seem to keep showing a connection is his patients and practice!
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Dr. Marillea Yu is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a focus on Environmental Medicine and an interest in Autoimmune Disease. She strongly believes in educating and advocating for her patients and raising awareness on not only the effects of environmental toxicants and pollution on the health of our generation and those to follow, but the solutions that we have available to us when we are focused on our health and wellbeing as a commun...
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Do you have the guts to seek out a naturopath? We discuss the main reason patients seek out naturopathic medicine, balancing treatment with recovery time, soothing before treatment, and one of the rare remedies that works almost across the board!
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One "little" detail can be a HUGE piece of the puzzle when it comes to your health. When you ignore the tiny intuitions, or overlook past living situations, you might miss the finer details about why your body feels the way it does.

You wouldn't believe how many different stressors there are within your lifetime that can affect your gastrointestinal system and many other bodily functions. When you start to look at your a...
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We talk solutions synthesized from clinical, cutting edge, and even ancient chinese tradition with Dr. Asia Muhammad ND! In this episode, learn the incredibly simple ways to combat, and prevent fatty liver.

@Dr.AsiaMuhammad is the go to girl for discussing fatty liver. She has a passion for learning and constantly making new connections in her field. We were very excited to have her on and pick her brain about the human body, an...
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We undoubtably know that the massive amount of tech we're surrounded with is affecting us but where does that end and how could it be potentially harming us? We're not advising you make a tinfoil hat anytime soon but we want to explore the possible areas where we could move away from our tech in order to live healthier, fuller lives.
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Dr. Paul Hrkal ND has a special interest in neurological health, chronic pain and brain injuries. His clinical passion is treating and helping people recover from concussions. This week we talk about THE most common neurological disorder as well as our experiences and insights helping patients after they've received a concussion.

In an effort to make his care more accessible Dr Paul has developed the Concussion Fix program which...
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