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May 13, 2024 30 mins

Lisa Kroehler is the CEO and Co-owner of IDW Window and Roof Cleaning LLC, a company specializing in window and exterior softwash cleaning of residential and commercial properties. Since college, she has worked in various media fields, including as a newspaper writer, magazine editor, television producer, news anchor, and news director. Lisa has been married for 38 years, and their story of overcoming nearly a million dollars in debt as farmers to owning and operating a seven-figure business inspires small business owners.

Having been a writer since age 10, Lisa co-authored Illuminate: Difference Makers Shining Through Their Stories Volume 2 by Michelle Prince. She enjoys being interviewed by various media, including podcasts, and speaking to women and small business owners. She shares how her faith in God has changed and guided her life and encourages people to step out in faith to make a difference in people’s lives.

In this episode…

In life, we are bound to encounter challenges that can seem impossible. These hardships can be so overwhelming that they push us to the brink of giving up on our goals and aspirations. However, it is crucial to understand that we can transform these dark moments into beacons of hope for ourselves and those around us.

Lisa Kroehler, a woman of strong faith, shares her inspiring story, transcending various realms, including media, farming, business, and the unforgettable power of faith. She candidly discusses her decision to leave a successful media career behind and venture into the unknown world of pig farming. Despite facing almost a million dollars in debt, Lisa's unwavering faith and resilience enabled her to overcome her struggles and become a successful business owner. From a life-changing Caribbean cruise to surviving a widowmaker heart attack, Lisa's journey reinforces her belief in the power of faith and its ability to guide individuals toward success and personal fulfillment.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince welcomes Lisa Kroehler, CEO and Co-owner of IDW Window and Roof Cleaning LLC, to discuss the power of faith. Lisa talks about her upcoming book Never Say Never, overcoming obstacles by trusting God, their entrepreneurial journey starting IDW, advice for spouses working together, and the value of having faith in God. 

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