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Ken Lee is the founder of ”The Way of Energy”. An integration of all the Science, Religious, and Spiritual technologies he has studied over the last 40 years as part of his quest for spiritual truth. He made a request to the Boundless, “Teach me, show me the truth” he opened himself to receive all the Boundless as to offer, which led him on a path of endless discoveries. Beginning with different denominations in Christianity, to the creative principles of WICCA, through Quantum Physics to 10,000-year-old Aztec plant medicines that open doorways to other dimensions, to “Know” to the fullest extent of the word with Kabbalah and Scientology, and to flow with the Energy fields of Reiki and sound waves of the primordial Ohm. Although his training is not complete, it continues as he begins sharing this technology with the world in order to help others live life on purpose.... Show More

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