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January 31, 2024 362 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most notorious men in modern history; a dude whose simple and crazy face is synonymous with manipulation, mind control and murder; whose idea of family will have you thinking twice about complaining about going home for thanksgiving this year; this time we are chatting about the one and only Charlie Manson. This is a revisited episode on this topic with about 10 years in between; I wanted to give the fantastic source material a fresh outlook and using my more modernised and thorough process and higher quality treatment in the new TCG regime. Not only that but new revelations in the case itself; new media, documentaries and information about Charlie and his family members; recent prisoner releases and even a new book called Chaos written by Tom O'Neill have been released in the mean time.  We discuss Charlies rotten upbringing and his almost ubiquitous incarceration up until the age of 20 for various crimes and the psychological toll this must have taken on his psyche. This semi-permanent incarceration would also give ample opportunity to practice his innate and effective ability for persuasion and manipulation; as well as condition him to do 'what ever it takes' to get the job done. Charlie was a cultural figurehead of the 1960s hippy movement, and some say he was the bell that rang out in its last dying days to signal the end of the Free Love era. His notorious family, which at one time included famous rock stars and celebrities, were a raggle taggle gaggle of drug addled ne'erdowells whom Charlie gathered up through emotional manipulation. This crowd of crusties eventually became responsible for the deaths of 9 people in a murder spree that shook the US and Hollywood elite in particular.  Great conversations in this one with Danny and Micky and we chat about everything from how Charlie learned to meddle with minds; to the allusions by experts that he, among others in the movement, was a government agent working to destroy the cultural resistance in California to maintain status quo and military complex supremacy in the face of an escalating war. There are also rumours and conjecture that the acid and drugs the family consumed and distributed were 'military grade' and their motives and image were anything but authentic. Good times! :) Its good to be back, thanks for your patience and enjoy the show :) You can watch/listen to the video version of this episode on the Patreon Only feed that now integrates with Spotify. Just click this link and link your accounts and get Patreon Only content direct to your Spotify app! Joining me on this episode are comedians Danny O'Brien and Micky Bartlett. You can find them both here: Danny can be found on his website and he is literally touring all over the world all of the time so no matter where you are, you'll be most likely able to catch him live someplace! Keep up to date with his whereabouts on his social media such as IG and he is @dobcomedy everywhere else. Danny is touring all over Ireland and the UK for 2024 with his new show 'Sweet Child O Brien' so get tickets before they are gone! Micky can usually be found at the bar in the middle of a crowd of people having the craic; but if you want to find him for professional reasons he is @mickybartlett on all social media and specifically Instagram and the same of similar on the others. Micky is currently at the Perth Comedy Festival so you can also possibly see him anywhere in the world, and it is a treat to se the man in his personal glory, go check it out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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