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August 1, 2023 226 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most prolific and brutal killers in US history and a guy who got his moniker The Scorecard Killer from a macabre list of nicknames he had for his many victims; this episode is all about Randy Kraft. Joining me on this episode is comedian Ger Staunton; international comedy powerhouse and fellow Mayo man :) Ger and I discuss these heinous crimes and what drives someone to commit such horrific sexual attacks on so many young men. Kraft operated in the prolific serial killer atmosphere of the 70s and 80s where it seemed all bets were off for catching murderers. There is estimates of up to 70 victims that Kraft cruelly dispatched but he was only found guilty for very few of these; and we discuss the ones we know about here. Acknowledgment to Murder, Murder, Murder (dot) com and Dennis McDougal author of Angel of Darkness for the nitty gritty on this one. Not a whole lot else online on this fella but both of these sources nail it pretty well. If you want to find Ger online he is @gerstaunton on Instagram ( and Twitter ( or listen to his podcast with Martin Angolo called 'Canary in a Comedy Goldmine' which you can find here ___________________________ If you want to follow TCG on social platforms including the TCG Guilded Server; watch video versions of the livestream podcast and documentaries; or even join in on live chats about current events; get notifications of tickets you can buy to upcoming live stage shows or any other way to connect with me; all the available links, info and instructions you can find by clicking this link If you want to throw a few bucks up the internet to support the show on Patreon you can get exclusive Patreon-Only content; all seasons of ad-free episodes; exclusive access to live chats and private social media like Instagram and Guilded and a whole load of other stuff click here where you can get all this from just $2 per month subscription or an annual one-time payment with a month free! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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